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ZTJ – Regarding My Absence

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really busy for the past few weeks and that has left me with very little free time, resulting in not being able to allocate any towards completing some chapters for ZTJ. I do have some chapters translated, but as stated before, editing is what takes up a large chunk of the time, with some chapters taking multiple hours of editing.

I don’t really expect to get any less busy if I’m going to be honest and that means it’s unrealistic for me to potentially spend 4+ hours on a single chapter, especially because I had always wanted to push for more than just 3 releases a week. Saying that however, there is still something I can try in order to see if translating ZTJ is still viable for me.

I have been reluctant to seek editors because the style of ZTJ is rather different from the standard webnovels that are currently being translated and I’ve also wanted to directly guide the direction of the language in order to try and match the author more closely, something that isn’t really possible for editors that won’t necessarily understand Chinese. But at this stage, I am hoping the chapters that have already been translated will make a difference, therefore I will be attempting to recruit some editors for ZTJ.

The plan as such, will be:

I will be making available an unedited chapter on something unrelated to ZTJ and this will be used as an exercise in the recruitment of editors.

I will start releasing some chapters from this weekend onwards at a fairly slow pace after some minimal editing.

I will potentially create a separate location for sharing unedited chapters so that things don’t get delayed while we wait to see if we can get any suitable editors.

The recruitment of editors will start next week and more details will be made available then, note that I do expect any editors to spend copious amounts of time on a chapter and that it would be unrealistic to expect the translation style to continue remaining the same, therefore, as long as you have a good grasp of English (and the conversion of mangled English to readable English), you will potentially be fine as an editor.
Things will be clearer once I properly start the process.

Bear with me for a little while longer,


  1. Tanaka Tomoyuki says:

    Do what you need to do, we’ll back you all the way!

    To be honest, unless you have glaring grammatical and spelling errors, I think it’s fine to leave your translations as unedited.

    • averyk says:

      That would normally be the problem with anything, first it would need to be translated; but then it would need to be worded–making it sound appealing–afterwards would come the spelling and punctuation. The first draft of anything is always the worst.

        • Lysander says:

          I’ve had writing professors that have said otherwise. I don’t agree with this guys opinion. There are many different methods of writing and different things work for different writers, I’ve heard professional novelists state that one of the most important skill in writing is to learn to “kill your babies” i.e. learning to remove/cut/edit things you think are good but are actually not in the context of the larger story, and that is part of editing. If your first draft is “set-in-stone” like he says then this wouldn’t be possible. It seems to me this man has a group of methods that work well for him, and is pushing those particular methods/concepts/ideas on others; when this may not work at all for them and may in fact hinder them.

          I find my second draft is vastly different from my first draft, and the second draft is the better for it. So this guys methods don’t work for me and in fact rub me the wrong way.

          Rant over. πŸ˜›

        • Lysander says:

          Although this deviation in methods may originate on the different paths of people who focus on novel writing vs. screenplay writing.

        • averyk says:

          I was actually speaking along the lines of a lack of substance, no descriptiveness.

          When writing my first draft ends up like a badly written summary and it takes many fixes and rewrites.

  2. chibi says:

    Yep. A separate place for unedited chapters to be read at ones own risk is fine and you aren’t the 1ΒΊ to do it (unique legend is the same, the edited chapters and unedited have quite the gap, but is still readable).
    Take care of your health!

  3. DMR says:

    Maybe you should allocate different types of editors.

    Like some translation checkers (so they’d need Chinese) and a few grammar/spelling checkers that won’t modify the story but just fix up grammar and spelling issues.

    Thanks for the hard work XD

  4. Not A Professional says:

    Hurray, info updates are always welcome!

    Somene mentioned allocating ‘positions’ to editors: this is a very good idea. Should you be in need of specifically grammatical edtitors, I’d be more than happy to help out over my summer break, and I would not be altering the format.

    I could go so far as to give recommendations on structure. Ultimately, however, that would end up back on your plate without an ‘approved’ editor with knowledge of the original chinese, which seems to be your initial concern.

  5. zhainan2157 says:

    YEESSSSSSS I was so scared about you not posting for a while and some people commented about how you dropped the series or something and it freaked me out. Good to hear from you again. No need to rush just as long as you don’t drop ZTJ then I’ll be happy.

    • zhainan2157 says:

      Are you going to go ahead and make a separate place to post unedited chapters for us readers to read at our own discretion? If you are can you tell us where?

  6. A Simple Melody says:

    I’m definitely willing to try and be an editor considering ZTJ is one of my favorite novels.

  7. byolomon says:

    I totally understand what you mean when the author’s message isn’t clearly sent out because the conversion to English is awkward. Good luck! Take your time ^^

  8. Senp@i says:

    I really like this novel as long as you don’t stop translating its very ok to release 100% edited chapter πŸ˜€

  9. magetite says:

    Cheers, I’ve been with ztj for a while, I’m in no hurry, thanks for the update, I’m glad of your work and the plan sounds sound

  10. felyndiira says:

    Guest translator for chapter 160 here. I don’t know how much time I’ll have recently (especially since I am considering taking up Jiang Ye), but I’d be happy to help out whenever I can – with translation, editing, or both.

    • Alcino says:

      Uau! Please say you will be posting Jiang Ye! I like it very much! IMHO it is on the level off ZTJ…

  11. LeTouriste says:

    Ok,Love this novel,love this translation of yours,don’t drop that;)
    I’m not english native so i can’t edit myself(not for now…)

  12. Zeth says:

    bbkgs, why don’t you take it easy and translate just one chapter per week? In that way, you’ll have plenty of time to edit it (say, half an hour daily) and maintain quality and consistency, less pressure for you and less worries I think.

    Better than drop it completely and rely on others.

    After all, I’m the kind of guy who waited month after month for one claymore manga releases…

    What do you think?

  13. York says:

    Love Ze Tian Ji, will hate to have it discontinued. I am not a pro, but wouldn’t mind editing if you need one. I have very basic Chinese knowledge, but not enough to translate. Email me if you want me try out.

  14. York says:

    I am not a pro but will love to help on editing. Let me know if you want to try out. I just love Ze Tian Ji.

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