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ZTJ Chapter 177 – [TBD]

I decided to release this section all at once because the author went wild here with his rambling, so just read it all in one go. This is before he did a change to the way he approaches fight scenes.

Release 6/7.

I’ve also decided to use a twitter account to post updates/news on the translation that will be used when the release time strays too far from schedule.
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Chapter 177 – [TBD]
Translated by: bbkgs
Edited by: bbkgs
TLCed by: bbkgs

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If it wasn’t a blessing from heaven, nor a sudden reversal of fate, but was instead, a reward, then it would naturally inspire confidence, however, that confidence would only belong to Chen Chang Sheng himself.

Mo Yu would not think this; she would continue to lack any confidence in him.

Chen Chang Sheng had already given her too much surprise and created too many miracles in this year’s Grand Examination, having even achieving Ethereal Opening by just closing and opening his eyes in this fierce battle.
She still didn’t believe Chen Chang Sheng could win against Gou Han Shi, because for something like miracles, in her twenty odd years of life, she had seen far too many.
Such as the miraculous rise of Zhou Tong; such as Prince Chen Liu, who had ignored the strong objections of court officials and the royal clan alike, insisting upon attempting Ethereal Opening.
Mo Yu knew very clearly that miracles can solve some problems, but they definitely cannot solve all problems.

There is a distance in cultivation length and a difference in discipline arts, even if Chen Chang Sheng had already reached the cultivation level of Gou Han Shi, he still couldn’t bridge this kind of gap.

The three representatives of the Southern sects had remained relatively quiet from the start of the Grand Examination, this quietness was probably a form of courtesy and a sign of their confidence, confidence in the examinees who were from the South, and Gou Han Shi in particular.
Chen Chang Sheng had unexpectedly surprised everyone and suddenly achieved Ethereal Opening, causing their mental state to become tense, but in the next moment, it had returned to being calm, because they were the same as Mo Yu, they still didn’t believe that Chen Chang Sheng had much of a chance, their confidence in Gou Han Shi didn’t wane in the slightest.

Chen Chang Sheng, who had suddenly achieved Ethereal Opening, could be said to be the strongest amongst those of his age, perhaps even surpassing Xu You Rong, whom was first upon the Proclamation of Azure Clouds, but he couldn’t compare with Gou Han Shi and Qiu Shan Jun.

They might have all completed their Ethereal Opening, but even if they were equals on paper in terms of attainment upon the path of the sword and knowledge on cultivation, the sword training for disciples of Li Mountain was far too strenuous, how could Chen Chang Sheng possibly surpass them in this aspect?

The two Archbishops of the Holy Church were very quiet, partly due to shock, but mainly because of the rain that had fallen earlier. Since that spell of rain, these two heads of the Orthodoxy had spoken very little, even when the Archbishop of the Education Board, Archbishop Mei Li Sha had personally arrived, it didn’t cause much of a change to their expressions.

The rain had come from outside of the Green Leaf World, this represented His Holiness’ will.

They were His Holiness’s confidants, and in the eyes of all believers and court officials, representatives of the Orthodoxy’s new faction, that’s why they had done their utmost to repress Chen Chang Sheng.
Yet, who could have expected, His Holiness had used those few spells of rain to express his attitude towards Chen Chang Sheng, how could they possibly not be shocked?
As for the battle that was currently ongoing on the floor below, between Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi, they didn’t know what kind of attitude they should have, only feeling that after having created so many miracles, perhaps Chen Chang Sheng really does have some hope in achieving something.

The internal state of those personages by the second floor window all differed, only His Eminence, Archbishop Mei Li Sha, who had just arrived, continued to have the same expression, a peaceful expression – this elderly person had also been shocked to the point of being slightly shaken by Chen Chang Sheng’s sudden Ethereal Opening, but he didn’t react, because it had yet to end.

Xue Xing Chuan’s brow was arched increasingly high, seemingly having found something interesting.
Xu Shi Ji’s brow was locked ever tighter together, seemingly having found something especially unexpected and unpleasant.

As countless people up on the second floor had these thoughts, the battle still had to continue.

Chen Chang Sheng charged towards Gou Han Shi for a third time, his steps shifting in unfathomable ways, Discerning Steps broke the rain curtain and entered the minutiae, from the realm of the stars to the solid earth, arriving before Gou Han Shi without any warning.

He slashed down with his sword; the True Essence imbued upon the blade was extremely potent, while the sound of cicadas outside of the tower suddenly intensified. The faint lightning within that raincloud in the blue sky above boomed as it descended, filled with unimaginable power.

After achieving Ethereal Opening, his ability had indeed risen considerably.

Facing this sword, Gou Han Shi continued to remain calm. There were no longer any remnants of the shock from Chen Chang Sheng’s Ethereal Opening on his plain looking face.

He gripped onto his sword of unknown worth, twisting his wrist and lightly lifting; breaking through the air, all that could be seen was the tip of his blade suddenly raising a rotund Sun, illuminating the tower’s walls.

At the fore of the blade’s edge, it was as if there really was a Sun rising.

It wasn’t a sunset that carried with it the scent of blood, neither was it an incredibly refreshing dawn, it was the fiercest, brightest and most splendid Sun of noon; a blazing Sun that was impossible to look at directly.

Gou Han Shi’s strongest is Three Blades of the Fisherman’s Song? No, as a disciple of Li Shan Sword Sect, how could he possibly only have a single boat to dwell upon in the boundless path of the sword that was akin to the sea? This move was his actual strongest sword.

Seeing the Sun upon the sword, Chen Chang Sheng’s expression became stern, but his steps did not slow in the slightest. Conversely, sounds of exclamation had come from the second floor window side, with those sounds full of shock and uncertainty.

“Golden Crow; how could this be possible?”

“The Golden Crow returns to Li Mountain, could it be, has that person returned?”

Gou Han Shi’s move was Li Shan Sword Sect’s Secret Sword of the Golden Crow, something that had been severed for hundreds of years. It was rumoured, only that legendary junior uncle of Li Mountain knew this sword art, who would have thought, that this type of powerful sword art that can incinerate the vast expanse, would actually reappear upon this world in this year’s Grand Examination.

Following the appearance of that Sun on the tip of Gou Han Shi’s sword, the heavens and earth suddenly had a change in hue.
Within the tower, it was illuminated as if it were daytime, the drizzle from above became streams of jade. Outside of the tower, the sunset upon the horizon instantly dispersed.
That Sun in the heavens above which had been sitting angled, seemingly returned to the centre of the sky, emanating countless scorching rays. The entirety of the tower, including the trees outside and the rain within, seemed to have all been set ablaze at the same time, as if they had been plated with a layer of gold.

Unquestionably, this sword was the supreme skill of Li Shan Sword Sect, its most powerful ability.

Within the same level, how could a method possibly be found to counter it?

Even if it were Orthodox Academy at its greatest time, those well learned and high levelled academy elders and teachers would not be able to find any method to counter that junior uncle of Li Mountain’s secret sword, let alone the current Chen Chang Sheng.

No one believed that Chen Chang Sheng would be able to counter this sword from Gou Han Shi.

Yet, he still gripped his sword and headed forward, quiet and concentrated, as if he couldn’t see that bright Sun in the skies above or the Sun on the tip of Gou Han Shi’s sword, neither seeing that the tower had already been covered with a layer of gold.

Upon his still tender looking face, there was an incontestable determination and surety. The personages who saw this expression, had an indescribable feeling; it seems as if he really did have a method for countering that move.

It also seems, he felt that he could easily counter it.

Gou Han Shi also saw Chen Chang Sheng’s expression, the surety between his eyes; watching that youth who was coming towards him with a swift sword in hand. Gou Han Shi even had the feeling that he could see the spirit worthy of a sovereign descending upon the world.

If it were any other time, he would immensely admire Chen Chang Sheng’s strong will and mental strength.

But this time, he was very angry.

Because Chen Chang Sheng couldn’t possibly counter this move.

Chen Chang Sheng’s attitude, was akin to an insult towards Li Shan Sword Sect and that legendary junior uncle.

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