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ZTJ Chapter 173 – [TBD]

I decided to release this section all at once because the author went wild here with his rambling, so just read it all in one go. This is before he did a change to the way he approaches fight scenes.

Release 2/7.

I’ve also decided to use a twitter account to post updates/news on the translation that will be used when the release time strays too far from schedule.
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Chapter 173 – [TBD]
Translated by: bbkgs
Edited by: bbkgs
TLCed by: bbkgs

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The temperature within the tower clearly rose and outside, the sound of cicadas could once again be heard. Those who had already experienced this before could vividly remember that this was a phenomenon caused by Chen Chang Sheng once again burning his Star Brilliance, they couldn’t help feeling very surprised.

Upon counting, this was already the third time he had performed initial meditation, this completely went against what was told in the records of cultivation.
As for Gou Han Shi, who was seeing this for the first time, he was especially shocked and speechless, he completely couldn’t understand, Chen Chang Sheng had clearly already entered the Meditation Realm, how could he possibly be able to once again perform initial meditation?

Of course, initial meditation is something very dangerous.

Though it was not fraught with life and death in the same way Ethereal Opening did, Chen Chang Sheng’s meridians were different from others, his Fated Star was also different, alongside the quantity and power level of the Star Brilliance he absorbed having many unusual attributes.
Upon being set ablaze, the inferno would sear the skies, even if he had an incredible strong body after being bathed in dragon’s blood, he still had difficulty enduring the heat, quickly entering a dangerous situation.

Due to having experienced this before and due to his opponent for this round being far too strong. Chen Chang Sheng forcefully tempered his divine sense and kept his eyes open for this process of meditation.
He stared at Gou Han Shi who was opposite, not noticing at all that his own face was already bright red and his body scalding, the sweat within his clothing immediately evaporated, leaving behind only faint remnants of salt, looking very miserable.

If nothing happened and his situation was to be the same as in the previous two initial meditations, then even if he didn’t burn to death from the horrifyingly high temperatures, his mind would still be damaged to the point of making him disabled.
Yet, since he dared to attempt this, he was obviously hoping for a certain event to happen, as with what he thought of in his match against Zhuang Huan Yu, certain events that have happened before, should logically continue to happen again, something such as rain.

A drizzling sound is the sound of rain crossing through the air. Outside of the tower, there was nothing but clear skies, yet, above the tower, a spell of rain had come, the sound was very gentle, making one want to fall asleep.

The rain fell on the short sword in Chen Chang Sheng’s hand and upon the beads of rain coming into contact with the sword’s body, they would evaporate into the air without a trace, looking at this, it would seem as if it had seeped into the blade itself.
Even greater amounts of rain fell on Chen Chang Sheng himself, soaking through his clothing, and, upon coming into contact with his skin, it would immediately evaporate, as if it had also seeped into his body.

Accompanying this sudden rain, the heat within the tower was washed away and the temperature dropped. Chen Chang Sheng’s body switched between being wet and dry, with countless waves of heat dissipating alongside the steam and his body’s temperature gradually falling.
It felt as if the wind that came was refreshing and its caressing of the face akin to a beautiful maiden’s hand, giving rise to a pleasant and joyful feeling.

The pleasantness was a physical feeling, while the joy was an acknowledgement of the consciousness.

This rain was something he had hoped for, this spell of rain proved that a lot of people didn’t want him to die, just as how he and Luo Luo had previously discussed, His Holiness was currently watching this duel.

The snow plain burned, transforming into a trickling flow, transitioning into True Essence and nourishing his body, supplying him with an even greater amount of power. He gripped the short sword and charged towards Gou Han Shi, in the process of his charge, countless tendrils of white steam trailed from his body, a scene that looked extremely bizarre.

Having taken only three steps forward, he switched to Discerning Steps, the white steam around his body suddenly congregated and then gradually dispersed, within the steam, his figure could no longer be seen.

A violent sword gust sprang up from the wall behind Gou Han Shi, within this, there was an extremely vast and overwhelming True Essence aura. The sword held in Chen Chang Sheng’s grasp also made a reappearance, silently and firmly striking towards Gou Han Shi’s back, then transforming into thousands upon thousands of swords.

The rainfall continued; the tip of Chen Chang Sheng’s sword became innumerable, being even denser than falling rain. The sword manoeuvre he was using, is the most powerful movement from Zhong Shan’s Sword of Rain and Wind: Turbulent Heaven and Earth.

This move was most concerned with might and form, akin to a rainstorm, desiring turbulence for heaven and earth.

Currently, it was raining within the Tower of Purging Dust.

If Chen Chang Sheng wanted to borrow this rain’s momentum, he would first have to borrow its might and form.

Innumerable gales flooded in from outside the tower to within, the windows and doors that were open on the second floor relentlessly clattered in the wind, giving out a sound that made others feel a little restless, and resembling a secluded residence that had been left vacant for many years.

The storm suddenly became even more violent and Chen Chang Sheng’s sword followed suit, gleaming in all directions, striking towards Gou Han Shi.

The most powerful movement from Zhong Shan’s Sword of Wind and Rain, coupled with the ample True Essence Chen Chang Sheng had obtained after his third undergoing of initial meditation. Even Gou Han Shi should have trouble countering it, wanting to avoid it was also exceedingly difficult.

Gou Han Shi didn’t dodge, but silently stood within the real rain and Chen Chang Sheng’s storm of swords. He calmly gripped his sword’s hilt and held it horizontally across his chest, his eyes didn’t reveal any fear, only a calmness that represented his confidence.

His sword was akin to the very last step before arriving at the peak of Li Mountain.

His person was akin to that evergreen tree of unknown species, which stood before Li Shan Sword Sect’s main entrance.

That evergreen tree had already existed on Li Mountain for hundreds of years, for many, the reason why that tree could survive was because its luck was especially good. But very few had noticed, that tree, without saying anything, without moving or swaying, had sheltered countless disciples of Li Mountain so that they need not suffer from storms.

Gou Han Shi was that very tree.

He raised his sword to meet Chen Chang Sheng’s storm of swords, his expression calm and gentle.

What he used was the Sword of Distant Deliverance.

Upon the second floor, the sound of a sigh from an Archbishop of the Holy Church could be heard: “To be able to utilise that sword art to this degree at only the Ethereal Opening realm, Li Mountain is incredible, Gou Han Shi is even more incredible.”

A sword art that can draw praise from an Archbishop of the Holy Church was obviously not something ordinary.

The storm-like sword forms from Chen Chang Sheng all fell upon empty air, not a single blade landed upon Gou Han Shi’s body.

Unknown as to if Gou Han Shi felt a natural fear against the sword in Chen Chang Sheng’s grasp, or if it was because he felt cautious of Chen Chang Sheng’s sword art, Gou Han Shi didn’t use his sword to directly counter, but had instead use an indirect method.
The sound of blades akin to the rustle of pines, surrounded his body and then spread out far away, completely blocking Chen Chang Sheng’s sword manifestations at an outer perimeter.

Rustling Pines wasn’t a sword art from Li Shan Sword Sect, but is a palm art from one of the bluffs of the Longevity Sect.
Gou Han Shi had used this palm art’s manifestation in a sword technique, the momentum was energetic and simple, having strength without needing a keen edge; Chen Chang Sheng’s sword couldn’t pose any threat to him at all.

A muffled thump could be heard.

Chen Chang Sheng’s chest had been pierced by Gou Han Shi’s blade, blood spurted out as he fell back, heavily crashing upon the stone wall and then sliding down like mud, unable to stand.

In the next moment, he got back up with much difficulty while holding onto the wall. Staring at Gou Han Shi who was opposite, he remained silent. His face was sickly pale; the confidence he had only just regained previously, rapidly disappeared.

He had never expected that Gou Han Shi’s sword would be exactly the same as the person himself; calm and far reaching, simple and free. Seemingly without any power, but being difficult to stand against.

He had burnt away a fragment of snow plain, but still didn’t have a chance of victory, then, what should he do?

He thrust out his left hand and wiped away the rain on his face, then, once again raised the sword in front of him.

On the moment his right leg landed upon the puddled water, his divine sense lit up ten fragments of snow plain at the same time. The rain that landed on his body, instantly evaporated and turned into steam.

As if the rain from the heavens above could perceive something, it instantly became even heavier.

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