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ZTJ Chapter 166 – This Also Works

Chapter 166 – This Also Works
Translated by: bbkgs
Edited by: bbkgs
TLCed by: bbkgs

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At this type of time, to still remember the boots he had left behind, made it obvious that Chen Chang Sheng had won.

It was indeed as such.

Zhuang Huan Yu subsequently didn’t make an appearance, a clergy member of Li Palace appeared instead, announcing the match’s result.

Under the shocked gazes of the other examinees, Chen Chang Sheng carried his boots while bare footed, slowly walking down the stone steps.

At this moment, Tang Thirty-Six had already rushed to Chen Chang Sheng’s location, he supported Chen Chang Sheng while extending his hand at the same time to take hold of the boots.

Chen Chang Sheng felt a little humbled, saying: “You’re being too courteous.”

Though he said that, he didn’t refuse Tang Thirty-Six’s support, this was because he had sustained fairly heavy injuries; though he had received treatment through saintly radiance while within the tower, he was still feeling very weak.

Tang Thirty-Six sighed and said: “From now on, it seems I will only have the qualification to help carry your shoes, how can I not grasp the opportunity to gain some favour?”

This was a famous adage from the Zhou Empire.

Tang Thirty-Six was sighing, brooding, but his eyes were full of elation.

By this time, Xuan Yuan Po and Luo Luo had also arrived to greet him.

Within the Tower of Purging Dust.

Zhuang Huan Yu lay upon the stretcher, his right shoulder was slight caved-in and one side of his body was covered in blood. His pallid lips gently trembled and his hands were tightly clenched into fists.

The room on the second floor was also very quiet, the important figures were all silent, not knowing how they should evaluate this match.

The Grand Examination had already seen a lot of matches, Chen Chang Sheng and Zhuang Huan Yu were not the strongest, neither was their match the most intense.
If it were to be in terms of intensity or perhaps severity, then it had to be the silent battle between Zhe Xiu and Guan Fei Bai; again, Chen Chang Sheng and Zhuang Huan Yu’s match wasn’t the most spectacular, that belonged to the match of Li Mountain, between Qi Jian and Liang Ban Hu.

But this match was full of twists and turns; Chen Chang Sheng had actually entered initial meditation a second time, breaking Zhuang Huan Yu’s incredibly stable performance, making it extremely memorable.

Outside of the tower, the entire area was blanketed in silence, the gazes of everyone fell upon the woodlands

No one knew how Chen Chang Sheng had won, leading to a lot of speculation, making everyone feel all the more astonished.

Zhuang Huan Yu is Heavenly Academy’s pride, the strongest from the Capital’s schools; even he, couldn’t stop Chen Chang Sheng. Could it be, that His Eminence’s declaration that day at Li Palace, really would become reality? Could Chen Chang Sheng really take first place upon the First Banner in the Grand Examination?

Flowing water streamed on past. The disciples of Li Mountain that were by the streambank remained quiet for a very long time.

Guan Fei Bai stared at Chen Chang Sheng, whom was walking to the poplar tree under the support of Luo Luo, watching him sit down by the tree, and said, with much emotion: “He is worthy of his fame after all.”

“In terms of cultivation and battling, Chen Chang Sheng is not famous, neither is he famed for luck, thus, it makes him appear all the more extraordinary.”

Gou Han Shi looked at Chen Chang Sheng, whom was currently sitting against the poplar tree with his eyes closed and resting.

Gou Han Shi silently contemplated, a youth that didn’t know to cultivate or battle, using only a few short months, had managed to mature to such a stage, just how much time and effort did he put into it?
Even if it was to be described as “burning his life away”, it would be appropriate, but doing so much just for obtaining first place in the Grand Examination, is it worth it?

The silence outside of the tower was broken by the sound of coughing from the woodlands.

Chen Chang Sheng leaned against the poplar tree, coughing uncontrollably, evidently in a lot of pain. Following each cough, the sword wounds on his chest would once again split open, overflowing with blood.

Relying upon an indifference to death, he had obtained victory over Zhuang Huan Yu with much difficulty, but the price he had paid was extremely great, it was obvious that his wounds would not recover before the end of the examination.

Luo Luo helped bandage his wounds in a rather flustered manner; Tang Thirty-Six searched for medicine in their belongings as instructed by Chen Chang Sheng.

Xuan Yuan Po carried over a large bowl of clean water as Tang Thirty-Six finally found the medicine Chen Chang Sheng required.

Chen Chang Sheng swallowed a large quantity of medicinal pills with the water, he then wearily closed his eyes and continued to rest.

Luo Luo watched his pallid face, feeling a little unable to control her emotions, she wanted to say something, but in the end, didn’t.

Not mentioning that he might be matched against Gou Han Shi soon, right now, with Chen Chang Sheng’s current state and injuries, any of the examinees that were participating in the examination could easily strike him down.

Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything that could persuade him to stop battling.

Neither could Tang Thirty-Six and Xuan Yuan Po.

Even the Li Palace clergy inside of the tower, who had seen his injuries, couldn’t bring themselves to persuade him to withdraw from the tournament.

That’s right, it wasn’t that they couldn’t bear to watch him continue battling after suffering such heavy injuries, but instead, they couldn’t bring themselves to accept seeing him give up after enduring to this point.

Chen Chang Sheng will not cease battling, neither would the duelling phase pause due to his injuries.

The duelling continued, Gou Han Shi entered the tower and as usual, akin to the tranquillity of vitalising Spring rain; he defeated his opponent for this round, that girl from Holy Maiden Peak.

What made the group from Orthodox Academy feel all the more uneasy, was that even at this final stage, Gou Han Shi’s opponent remained uninjured.

This type of flawless control represented an absolute advantage, after Tian Hai Sheng Xue’s withdrawal from the tournament, the difference in ability between Gou Han Shi and the other examinees was vast to the point of making people feel despair.

Orthodox Academy could only place their hopes upon Zhe Xiu, who was soon to enter the stage.

The wolf-tribe youth that is listed third upon the Proclamation of Azure Clouds; according to the previous drawing of names, if he was to defeat his opponent for this round, he would then be matched against Gou Han Shi.
In truth, amongst all the examinees present, he and Luo Luo were probably the only ones that could present a degree of threat towards Gou Han Shi; Luo Luo won’t be matched against him, therefore, Zhe Xiu was the only choice.

Zhe Xiu’s opponent for this round, was a youthful officer from Star Seizer Academy.

He didn’t directly enter the tower, but instead, headed for the woodlands.

Seeing this scene, the examinees felt rather shocked, remembering that Tang Thirty-Six had previously sought Zhe Xiu, they couldn’t help being curious as to what this was about.

Zhe Xiu arrived at the woodlands, looked at Tang Thirty-Six with an expressionless face and said: “Money.”

Hearing this, Luo Luo and Xuan Yuan Po’s expressions changed; it was only now, that they believed Tang Thirty-Six’s previous words to be true.

Even Chen Chang Sheng became wide-eyed.

So it seems, the wolf-tribe youth that was renowned for being cold-blooded and solitary, really is a money-grubber?

Tang Thirty-Six felt especially provoked by this, angrily saying, in a low tone: “You even want money for this type of opponent?”

Zhe Xiu remained expressionless, looking perhaps, even a little vacant, and asked: “Why can’t I?”

“Can’t you win easily?” Tang Thirty-Six continued angrily: “If I don’t give you money, don’t tell me you won’t be able to win against that fellow?”

Zhe Xiu thought for a moment, then said: “But you want me to fight Gou Han Shi.”

Tang Thirty-Six replied: “We’ll discuss the price in the next round.”

Zhe Xiu shook his head and said: “To battle Gou Han Shi, I first have to win this match, therefore, you have to give me money.”

Tang Thirty-Six stared at him like as if he was seeing a freak; finding that Zhe Xiu didn’t have any intention of changing his mind, Tang Thirty-Six could only admit defeat, taking out a banknote from his sleeve and handing it over.

Zhe Xiu looked at the banknote, being very satisfied with the value written upon it; thus, he did a rare nod and said: “I will fight well.”

Finishing those words, he left the woodlands and headed towards the tower.

Luo Luo was wide-eyed as she stared at Tang Thirty-Six and asked: “This also works?”

Xuan Yuan Po stared at Zhe Xiu’s slightly lonely looking back, drew in a breath of cold air and said: “This also works?”

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  1. jacobpaige says:

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    If done right. . .

      • videriant says:

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    • Faust Voncleave says:

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    Can’t wait until the Archbishop, Divine Empress, or CCS himself reveals his reasons >:3

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