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ZTJ Chapter 163 – A New Downpour Washes Away Dust of the Past

Chapter 163 – A New Downpour Washes Away Dust of the Past
Translated by: bbkgs
Edited by: bbkgs
TLCed by: bbkgs

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Clear water steadily flowed out from the ladle, landing within the grey flowerpot; upon being struck by the water, the green leaf continuously quivered.

Having completed the watering, His Holiness threw the ladle back into the pool, holding his hands behind him as he left the palace, as if he had just completed something very ordinary.

The soil within the pot became moistened, the green leaf that was previously slightly withered, was once again restored to its original state; its edge was no longer curled and its veins becoming all the more vivid
A drop of water, akin to a bead of dew, lightly rolled across its surface.

Many days ago, His Holiness and His Eminence had a conversation at this location. At the time, His Eminence said that maturity required rainwater to vitalise, yet at times it needed pressure, currently, that green leaf had already suffered too much pressure and perhaps, required rainwater to revitalise.

The Tower of Purging Dust is located within the Green Leaf World.

Chen Chang Sheng’s body was incredibly hot, his face was completely red, while the blood upon his clothing had long evaporated.

His presence became increasingly powerful, at the same time, that arid atmosphere within the tower also became increasingly intense.

Mo Yu stood by the window, looking at the youth who was currently enduring incredible pain, she remained expressionless, yet the hands within her sleeves were tightly clenched together.

“Is it possible to make him stop?” Prince Chen Liu discreetly glanced at her before asking.

Mo Yu remained silent, at this moment, Chen Chang Sheng was at the vital stage of initial meditation.
Not mentioning that his eyes were currently closed and he wasn’t aware of anything happening outside of his body, even if he could communicate with the outside world, he couldn’t halt the burning of Star Brilliance within his body; if he could, why would he currently be in such a perilous situation?

To interrupt this process and drag him back from the brink of death, only outside help was possible and it had to be from something exceedingly powerful, maybe even requiring a power on the level of being legendary.

In the Capital, only two people possessed this type of power, His Holiness, and Her Divine Majesty.

The problem was, Chen Chang Sheng and Orthodox Academy were coordinated emblems used by elderly members of the Orthodoxy and the tradition faction, whom were both loyal to the Imperial Chen Clan, to advance a challenge; how could Her Divine Majesty, or His Holiness, possibly intervene?

The temperature within the Tower of Purging Dust became increasingly high, while the cry of cicadas outside the tower became increasingly loud, this was a reaction from the Green Leaf World.

Chen Chang Sheng, in the end, had underestimated the danger of burning Star Brilliance, because his body’s condition was different from others.
Since the Heavenly Tomes’ descent unto the world, this continent had never seen someone with the same condition, even within the Three Thousand Scriptures of the Way, there wasn’t a similar record.
He really might just die like this, or become an idiot from suffering the high temperature.

Who could change this? Who could extinguish that formless flame that was burning within his body, lowering the temperature of this Green Leaf World?

It was at this moment, from the blue skies above, a raindrop suddenly descended.

Following this, a thousand drops, tens of thousands, a rainstorm.


An endless downpour descended from the heavens, falling upon the tower’s black eaves and the sand, falling upon Chen Chang Sheng’s body.

Apart from the sound of rain, nothing else could be heard.

Everyone looked towards the sky, staring at that torrent of rain, speechless, full of awe.

Within Mo Yu’s eyes, there was suddenly a shudder, and some signs of bewilderment.

There were no clouds, yet there was rain.

This rain was obviously something that came from outside.

One of the Archbishops of the Holy Church looked at the rain that was pouring down from the heavens, his expression constantly shifting.

As one of the six heads of the Orthodoxy, he naturally knew where this rain came from.

But as His Holiness’ confidant, he couldn’t understand, why was there this rain?

Why did the Saint interfere, and help that youth from Orthodox Academy?

Rain can wash away the dust of this world and it can also carry away warmth.

Rainwater fell upon Chen Chang Sheng’s body, coming into contact with his scorching skin, instantly evaporating into mist; at the same time, his body’s temperature also rapidly fell.

The tower’s temperature also rapidly fell, it previously seemed to be Summer, sweltering and hard to endure, after a spell of rain, it had become Autumn, the chill slowly growing.

Zhuang Huan Yu suddenly felt rather cold.

Just previously, he could hear a single cough coming down from the second floor.

He didn’t know who had coughed, but he knew that person was reminding him that he had to strike first, before the end of this rain.

Even though they weren’t sure as to what was happening to Chen Chang Sheng’s body, they couldn’t allow the chance for any surprises.

But he didn’t move.

That’s because the Autumn rain was far too grand, carving out channels upon the sand, provoking awe from within him; he didn’t dare to cross this boundary.

Yet, that didn’t matter.

Because he is Heavenly Academy’s pride and he himself was also very proud.

From the start, he had wanted to prove to the entire continent and to Her Highness that Chen Chang Sheng is inferior to himself, therefore, defeating Chen Chang Sheng when he is at his strongest, was the ideal outcome.

A spell of Autumn rain, a spell of cold.

The tower slowly became chilly.

The rainstorm gradually lightened, becoming a pitter-patter.

Chen Chang Sheng opened his eyes.

His eyes were bright, akin to beads of rain, able to clearly see the hidden visage of this world.

The sand that was dancing around his body, had already fallen; the True Essence that had been leaking out, was all gathered back into his body.

Once again experiencing initial meditation, thus, he who had successfully skipped realm levels, was currently at a pinnacle.

He raised the short sword in his hand.

A sword manifestation, akin to the Autumn rain, shrouded the entire tower, instantly arriving before Zhuang Huan Yu.

Zhong Shan’s Sword of Wind and Rain, the First Movement, Rising Flurry.

Zhuang Huan Yu’s face instantly paled.

He never could have expected, after but a short period of time, akin to having only experienced a spell of torrential rain, with Chen Chang Sheng having closed his eyes and then opened them; that Chen Chang Sheng would become this powerful.

The sword manifestation that was akin to the Autumn rain, coalesced to its utmost point; the True Essence imbued within was also powerful to an extraordinary degree.

Under the trembling state of his mind, Zhuang Huang Yu actually didn’t respond, entering a completely disadvantageous position.

That formed yet primed sword manifestation, was akin to an Autumn rain that was on the verge of falling, being only a foot away from the centre of Zhuang Huan Yu’s brows.

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter; rain on the black eaves slowly fell, striking upon the floor.

The sand had already been washed away by the rain, revealing the green slabs that were beneath.

The raindrops drummed upon the green slabs; the sounds of dripping caused the area’s atmosphere to become abnormally tense.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t continue advancing his blade.

This was his first strike after breaking through, his concentration and sword momentum were currently in peak condition; Zhuang Huan Yu, having momentarily lost his concentration, could very possibly be struck down by a single move.

But Chen Chang Sheng didn’t.

He waited for Zhuang Huan Yu to regain his senses.

That’s because when he was meditating and had closed his eyes, Zhuang Huan Yu waited for him.

Whether be it because the Autumn rain carving out channels in the sand had caused Zhuang Huan Yu to not dare to advance, or because of his pride, regardless, he had given Chen Chang Sheng a chance.

Therefore, Chen Chang Sheng had to give this chance back to him.

The Tower of Purging Dust was quiet.

“The battles of young people are indeed different,” said someone on the second floor melancholily.

For adults, in a duel as important as the Grand Examination, they definitely wouldn’t give their opponent any chance.

Only young people would do this.

Maybe it was because they had experienced comparatively little, having accrued a limited amount of dust upon their body, or perhaps it was the Autumn rain, washing away the dust upon them.
Regardless, in comparison to adults, they still believed in the concept of being fair; this was perhaps naive and childish, but it also represented a kind of vitality and self-confidence.

“You can’t beat me anymore.”

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Zhuang Huan Yu and said: “Just concede defeat.”

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