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ZTJ Chapter 152 – The Barefooted Youth; Resolved Girl

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Chapter 152 – The Barefooted Youth; Resolved Girl
Translated by: bbkgs
Edited by: bbkgs
TLCed by: bbkgs

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The Sword of Searing Heaven is a secret sword, even elders from the bluffs of the Longevity Sect do not know it, only the disciples of Li Mountain could come into contact with it.
Chen Chang Sheng has never been to Li Mountain in his entire life; why did he know this technique?
For ordinary people, this was something hard to explain, to the point where it might become a lifelong puzzle, but the personages currently within the hall knew of more events and the past than ordinary people, it didn’t take them long to remember that hundreds of years ago, in the struggle against the demon race, a certain event once happened, that event, upon the tumultuous battlefield, was not overly noteworthy, but it had extremely far-reaching consequences.

After that event, the full form of Li Shan Sword Sect’s Sword Arts were sent to White Emperor City.

“According to the agreement at that time, the Sword Secrets could only be kept within the line of the White Emperor and were strictly prohibited from being passed on to outsiders, on what basis was Chen Chang Sheng allowed to learn it?”

“That’s because Chen Chang Sheng is Her Highness’ tutor.”

“So that also works? With that type of thinking, aren’t you suggesting all students of Orthodox Academy can learn Li Shan Sword Arts from now on?”

“If Her Highness wishes as such, then it shall be; if Li Shan Sword Sect does not agree with this, then they can go and reason with His Royal Majesty, The White Emperor.”

“Disregarding the discussion on the Sword Arts; what did Chen Chang Sheng do for his Purification? How could his body strength possibly be so high? Without the use of tools or armaments, for his defence to be this difficult to breach, just what kind of extraordinary encounter did he have?”

Within the hall, a lot of gazes turned towards His Eminence’s direction, full of enquiry, they thought to themselves, could it have been some sort of secret art utilised by the Education Board?

His Eminence didn’t say anything; currently, within this world, those who possibly knew the truth behind Chen Chang Sheng’s extraordinary encounter, numbered three, with The Archbishop being one of them.

Mo Yu was also currently pondering this issue; as she had thought earlier, she knew that Luo Luo used to stay at the Hundred Herb Garden, Chen Chang Sheng must be very familiar with all the rare medicinal herbs within the garden, she also knew that Chen Chang Sheng’s master, Taoist Ji is a renowned physician on the continent that excels with refining medicine, but all of this was insufficient for explaining how Chen Chang Sheng’s body had become this incredibly strong.

Xue Xing Chuan once again thought of Zhou Du Fu, but at the next moment, shook his head, denying his speculation, this is because such a line of thought was far too preposterous and unrealistic.

The Grand Examination was one of the most important events on the continent, but for important personages, the examination’s main aim was the selection of talent, its real meaning lay in the future; therefore, they had been very placid, without the need for close observation, peacefully sitting within the Hall of Zhao Wen, with the two Archbishops of the Holy Church even arriving late.

Yet, this year’s examination had brought too many surprises and shock for them. Gou Han Shi and Tian Hai Sheng Xue had yet to enter the stage, Her Highness, Luo Luo, didn’t have any opportunity to display her strength in the first round and Zhe Xiu was still concealed upon his grassy plains; they could no longer sit firmly upon their seats.

Mo Yu stood up and said: “I want to go and see.”

Xue Xing Chuan, Xu Shi Ji and a lot of important figures in the hall followed suit, standing and leaving the Hall of Zhao Wen, heading towards the Hall of Clear Virtue, preparing to enter the Green Leaf World so that they may observe the remainder of the examination in close proximity.

With the departure of people, the hall turned empty, leaving only Mei Li Sha by himself.

This Archbishop of the Education Board, leader of the tradition faction within the Orthodoxy, slowly raised his head, gazing at the sand covered floor upon the mirror, seeming as if he was still looking at the previous youth, he remained silent and expressionless, unknown as to his mood, nor what he was currently thinking of, giving others an especially dilapidated feeling.

A number of months ago, at the Ivy League gathering, Chen Chang Sheng had been confined within the derelict garden by Mo Yu, subsequently choosing to enter the Black Dragon Pond, these events were all known to him, he even knew that Her Divine Majesty was watching that night, he only didn’t know as to what happened after Chen Chang Sheng met that Black Dragon while underground.

From what could currently be seen, it seems the actual important event didn’t happen long ago.

Bathing in dragon’s blood and obtaining new life? The Archbishop’s face lit up with a hard to interpret smile.

That Black Dragon was actually willing to bear such a large sacrifice for you? What does she want to obtain from you?

In truth, with regards to Chen Chang Sheng’s chances of obtaining first upon the First Banner, he never did have high hopes, that declaration which stunned the entire continent was only for increasing the pressure on Chen Chang Sheng.

Only pressure, could make Chen Chang Sheng mature as quickly as possible.

Currently, he could actually see some hope from Chen Chang Sheng’s performance, though it was but a sliver and the chances were extremely low, it was still hope.

How could he not feel glad?

The Tower of Purging Dust opened, Chen Chang Sheng walked out.

In the first round, he had walked out with his right boot destroyed, this time, both his boots were destroyed.

He stood above the stone steps, barefooted, his uniform in tatters, looking akin to a little beggar.

Yet, no one actually considered him to be a little beggar, this time, everyone was truly stunned, especially once the Li Palace clergy stated that Huo Guang was severely injured and had been carried out of the Education Palace for treatment, as Su Mo Yu had.
Their feelings of shock reached some zenith; previously, only Zhe Xiu had managed to severely injure his opponent while under observation of the venerable Li Palace clergy, unexpectedly, Chen Chang Sheng has now also managed this.

The question was, how did he do it?

Guan Fei Bai was very confused, asking: “That fellow was still an ordinary person at the time of the Ivy League gathering; not many days have passed since, yet he’s become this strong?”

Gou Han Shi replied: “I’ve already said, he’s not an ordinary person.”

The shocked stares of the crowd followed him to the woodlands.

Xuan Yuan Po smiled simply as he went up to receive him.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at him as he forced out a laugh and said: “Can you give me some aid please.”

Luo Luo, who was by the side, immediately had a small change to her expression when she heard those words. Realising that he appeared fine, but had actually suffered fairly heavy injuries, to the point where even walking was a bit of a strain, she rushed to provide him some aid.

Arriving at the white poplar tree, he sat down, near Tang Thirty-Six, his brows lightly locked together, evidently in some pain.

In the tower, when he broke through the storm of fists, he had suffered 7 blows of Regiment Shattering Fist.

Even if his body was strong, it was still rather painful to bear, the blow to the right side of his chest was especially severe, no ribs were broken, but there should be fractures.

If he had used Discerning Steps, or drew his sword, he could have probably won more easily, without this much pain.
As with the decision he had instantly made at the arena, his aim wasn’t a simple duel, but first position upon the First Banner, therefore, he had to reach the final stage of the duelling and had to reserve some of his methods.

Scholartree Manor did indeed excel at teaching their young disciples, Huo Guang had the strength to place at least within the top 50 on the Proclamation of Azure Clouds, but he was too arrogant and inexperienced, perhaps prone to underestimating his opponent.

Taking some risk for his final goal is worthwhile.

“It’s over, this time I really can’t raise my head when I’m around you anymore.”

Tang Thirty-Six had sustained fairly heavy injuries in his battle against Liang Ban Hu and had been resting on the white poplar. Seeing Chen Chang Sheng that was beside him and thinking that this fellow actually managed to reach the third round, getting slightly further than he had, this inevitably caused him to be slightly annoyed, he stuffed one of the crystals in his hand into Chen Chang Sheng’s and said: “It’s only your luck being slightly better.”

These words had a ring of truth, after all, how could Huo Guang possibly compare to Liang Ban Hu. Chen Chang Sheng laughed, but didn’t answer him, seeing Luo Luo’s small face filled with worry, he said: “I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.”

Luo Luo looked at his dirt covered feet and rushed to take out two new boots from behind her, placed it by the side, then took out a handkerchief from her sleeve.

From the look of things, it seemed she was preparing to help Chen Chang Sheng clean his feet.

Chen Chang Sheng obviously wouldn’t dare to let her do this, they weren’t in the library at Orthodox Academy, this was within His Holiness’ Green Leaf World, tens of examinees and even more venerable Li Palace clergy were currently looking in their direction. He didn’t want their fiery anger to burn him into smouldering ash; he quickly took the handkerchief.

“Your Highness, with the way he’s fighting, you might need to prepare more boots,” said Tang Thirty-Six seriously, with a hint of complaint.

Tang Thirty-Six continued: “There are another four rounds till the end, you will need at least another three pairs of boots.”

His words were intended to tease the master and disciple pair, but he couldn’t have guessed that Luo Luo would instead become happy, cheerfully saying: “May it be as you say.”

Tang Thirty-Six was baffled, before coming to realise that he had subconsciously espoused the opinion that Chen Chang Sheng could reach the end.

“There’s no need to prepare additional boots, in the coming rounds, I’ll take care not to bare my feet,” said Chen Chang Sheng without waiting for Tang Thirty-Six to explain himself, he then turned his gaze to Luo Luo and said: “You should just concede for this round.”

A master commands, a disciple obeys; Luo Luo had always listened to his words, but this time, she didn’t.


Her reply was very swift and decisive, carrying with it the hint of a young girl pouting, or perhaps what could be called “tsundere”.

“You can’t defeat him,” Chen Chang Sheng looked towards the far off Tian Hai Sheng Xue, remained silent momentarily, then said: “Not to mention, he’s also giving me a rather dangerous feeling today.”

The three people by the woodlands didn’t notice his use of the word “also”.

Tian Hai Sheng Xue was very quiet today, especially subdued, therefore the feeling he gave others was especially strange.

This was because his family background had already decided, he couldn’t be subdued.

In this year’s Grand Examination, apart from Luo Luo, his background was the grandest and most fearsome.

Not to mention, his temperament had never been associated with being subdued and quiet; a subdued person would never destroy Orthodox Academy’s front gate first thing after arriving back at the Capital from Yung Xue Pass.

Yet, he really was subdued today, from the start of the examination till now, he had remained quiet without saying anything, standing akin to an ordinary examinee within the crowd, even his expressions had remained relatively unmoved throughout.

A lot of people had noticed his silence, Chen Chang Sheng had as well, he felt that this was very dangerous.

If it could be said that the attention that wolf-tribe youth directed towards Luo Luo gave him the greatest feeling of danger, then Tian Hai Sheng Xue would have been second.

This was because both of them had the ability to defeat Luo Luo.

Especially Tian Hai Sheng Xue.

As Her Divine Majesty’s most favoured grandnephew, he didn’t remain within the Capital, passing an affluent lifestyle, but had travelled to the far away Yung Xue Pass to battle against the demon race, because he had always desired to be strong.

Then, he really had broken through the barrier of life and death on the battlefield beyond Yung Xue Pass, completing his Ethereal Opening.

In this year’s examination, he and Gou Han Shi were the two strongest.

Luo Luo knew that she wasn’t Tian Hai Sheng Xue’s equal, but she was still resolved to fight against him in the match.

Chen Chang Sheng stood up, escorting her with his gaze to the tower, his expression sombre, full of concern.

Tang Thirty-Six dug out a hard piece of bark from the white poplar, accurately striking him on the head with it and said: “You really don’t understand why Her Highness wants to participate in the examination?”

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