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ZTJ Chapter 106 – Crossing the Divine Avenue

Note that the Proclamation of Golden Distinction was previously translated as: Honour Roll of the Golden Miracle / Honour Roll of Midas.
Also remember to check out the glossary I have created, before starting to read my translations of Ze Tian Ji, especially if you have read the previous translations of Binggo&Corp.

Chapter 106 – Crossing the Divine Avenue
Translated by: bbkgs
Edited by: bbkgs
TLCed by: bbkgs

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Due to the fervent gazes of the female students, Tang Thirty-Six had to continue maintaining his look of icy refinement, upon hearing what words were uttered, his expression deepened further, with a steely gaze directed towards the source of those words and confirming that they were uttered by a student of Temple Seminary.

Chen Chang Sheng extended an arm to block his advancement, shaking his head while doing so.

His purpose for coming to Li Palace today, was to meet Luo Luo about an important matter, he had no time for delays.

Though he couldn’t completely ignore the slights, he wasn’t about to erupt in fury over them. Anger, envy, grievances, heart-ache, sadness… all of these emotions were detrimental to health and a waste of time, and thus held little value to him.

Tang Thirty-Six gave the Temple Seminary group a cold stare before following Chen Chang Sheng onwards.

Jeering started coming from amongst Temple Seminary group, unhappy at the implications of warning from Tang’s stare, with one person exclaiming: “The truth is the truth, are we not allowed to state the truth? Orthodox Academy only restarted accepting students this year, yet you think you can oppress others like Heavenly Academy?”

Seeing Chen Chang Shen’s continued indifference, Tang Thirty-Six took a deep breath and decided to ignore the taunts, “I’ll treat it like as if I am deaf today, but after finishing our business at Li Palace, if there are still people who dare to taunt me, I’ll be dealing with them then.”

In the palace complex ahead, Temple Seminary, Li Palace College and the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green were connected by a single wall and bell tolls could be heard by all. Not long after passing Temple Seminary, they approached the entrance to Li Palace College.

Here, the two sides of the divine avenue was lined with green pagoda trees that didn’t shed leaves in Autumn, the surroundings were blanketed in a haze of green, a fitting match for the status of the school.

News of a visit from Orthodox Academy had already spread across the campuses of the three schools, resulting in an ever increasing number of people rushing out from their respective campuses and arriving at the divine avenue. Curious onlookers on both sides of the avenue gazed towards Chen Chang Sheng’s group, with the Western side being especially crowded, creating a rather impressive spectacle.

Students of Li Palace College were especially numerous, standing under the pagoda trees, staring at the group from Orthodox Academy, who were calmly advancing across the avenue. Some of the students couldn’t help but admire their actions, were it to be themselves, with how much difficulty would they be able handle the pressure of so many stares and yet maintain such a steady pace?

“Senior Su has arrived!”

This caused a slight commotion amongst the students of Li Palace College, with younger students automatically moving aside to create a pathway.

A single youth, a clergyman, with an air of quiet and refined elegance emerged from the opened path, arriving at the divine avenue.

This youthful clergyman was representative of this generation’s students for Li Palace College. His standing in this school was comparable to that of Zhuang Huan Yu at Heavenly Academy. In the recent Ivy League gathering’s second round, he was the one who achieved first place.

Achieving first place in the martial round of the Ivy League gathering was supposed to be a very prestigious achievement, yet sadly, for this year’s gathering, Luo Luo crippled Tian Hai Ya’er in the first round, while the third round was dominated by several brilliant battles. Orthodox Academy had usurped all the glory and subsequently, very little attention was paid to the results of the martial round.

Even though Su Mo Yu didn’t express any of his thoughts on the matter, he was still of the younger generation and couldn’t have been pleased with the results.

“Gou Han Shi… was actually incapable of dealing with this person?”

Having observed the ordinary looking youth on the divine avenue, he found himself confused and said: “Could it be… the Council of Divine Ordinance (Tian Ji Ge) were wrong on their evaluation of Gou Han Shi?”

In preparation of breaking through the upper stage of the Meditative Realm, he had to preserve his True Essence to use alongside medications supplied by his teacher. Due to this, he didn’t attend the third night of the Ivy League gathering at the imperial palace, missing the chance to witness the bout between Orthodox Academy and Li Shan Sect. Only obtaining accounts through his other senior students and peers.

Though he had heard a lot of accounts about what happened, he still couldn’t understand how they managed to obtain victory against Li Shan Sword Sect. Especially the youth named Chen Chang Sheng, how did he manage to go toe to toe against Gou Han Shi?

Having finally seen Chen Chang Shen in person, he could confirm that he had yet to successfully achieve Purification. Without a successful Purification, no matter how mature or learned one may be, you cannot understand the intricacies of heaven and earth, let alone develop a strong spiritual sense. Yet Gou Han Shi still couldn’t achieve victory in the end…

Therefore he could only conclude that Gou Han Shi was not as able as rumoured.

“Senior Su’s words ring true, I dare say, in the coming Grand Examination, if senior were to be suitably cautious, there shouldn’t any problem in overcoming Gou Han Shi.”

Other students of the school uttered their endorsements of this view, yet, these were all learned people, and Gou Han Shi was doubtlessly still a member of the Seven Laws of the Divine Nation and ranked second amongst their number. Having managed to leave the Proclamation of Azure Clouds and leaving his golden mark upon the clear heavens (referring to his ranking on the Proclamation of Golden Distinction), he was naturally a gifted individual. Thus, they were measured in their encouragement to Su Mo Yu.

They were not so kind, however, in regards to the people of Orthodox Academy.

“That Chen Chang Sheng can’t even successfully complete his Purification, the Ivy League gathering was probably just a fluke.”

The Li Palace College student said, while looking at Chen Chang Sheng and shaking their head.

After observing female students of the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green and some of the female students from his own school staring in adulation at the fluttering green garments of the youth from Orthodox Academy, the student churlishly added: “In my view, that Tang Thirty-Six is also nothing more than a sham.”

Su Mo Yu, lightly frowned, replying in refutation: “If I am not incorrect, the three members of Orthodox Academy who will participate in next year’s Grand Examination, will all be strong competitors. Your attitude of putting down others is not a good thing, Tang Tang is not someone you should underestimate.”

The fellow student knew of his senior’s adherence to propriety and quickly answered: “Senior’s instruction is correct.”

Su Mo Yu knew from his fellow student’s expression that he was merely being paid lip service and shook his head while stating: “At the Ivy League gathering, the Orthodox Academy being able to triumph over Li Shan Sword Sect was unexpected… but why was this? Chen Chang Sheng is obviously not as strong as Gou Han Shi, but Her Highness, Princess Luo Luo, is a pinnacle of strength, while Tang Thirty-Six is also very strong.”

“The most important point is that I trust the rankings on the Proclamation of Azure Clouds.”

Turning to look at Tang Thirty-Six, he continued: “If the Council of Divine Ordinance ranked him at thirty six, then there’s mistaking his worthiness for that ranking.”

“As strong as that may be, it still is only ranking 36th.”

The fellow student turned to Su Mo Yu and continued, pensively praiseful: “Senior is ranked at 33rd, he is still weaker than you are.”

Su Mo Yu uttered a laugh, yet did not answer.


Chen Chang Sheng was rushing to meet up with Luo Luo and reluctant to continue being delayed, thus Tang Thirty-Six could only allow the slights to fall on deaf ears in order to avoid creating a fuss, yet things in life are oft to go wry; when you wish for peace and quiet, trouble tends to find ways to catch up to you.

Though they had already reached Li Palace College, the Temple Seminary group from behind once again kicked-up a fuss.

“Some cur that can’t even complete Purification, what makes you think you’re worthy of marrying Xu You Rong!”

A loud, cracking sound accompanied the sudden stopping of Tang Thirty-Six’s step.

Chen Chang Sheng continued forwards, with not a single change to his pacing and said: “Just random barking, yet you seek to contend with them?”

Tang Thirty-Six looked towards the unturned back of Chen Chang Sheng and answered: “Obviously not, let’s just look for some rocks to smash.”

Chen Chang Sheng stopped, turned around and answered: “This divine avenue is well maintained, just like Hundred Blossom Lane, where are you going to find rocks?”

Tang Thirty-Six knew what he was referring to and couldn’t stop himself laughing after remembering the “busybody urbanites” incident that happened the other day. He shook his head several times while drawing in some deep breaths, then went to the side of Chen Chang Sheng and said: “I initially thought there wouldn’t be any more naysayers after that day.”

“What if Her Divine Majesty was to be the one saying these words, what could you do about it?”

Chen Chang Sheng patted Tang’s sides, consoling him: “… just ignore them.”

“I’m not really feeling the effects of your consoling here.” Tang Thirty-Six said, after some consideration.


After finding the lack of any reaction from the Orthodox Academy group, including the much rumoured hothead Tang Thirty-Six, the Temple Seminary group intensified their jeers: “So the people from Orthodox Academy are just a bunch of wimps.”

Chen Chang Sheng continued to ignore the taunts, Xuan Yuan Po followed his attitude, Tang Thirty-Six made himself oblivious, while Jin Yu Lu observed from the sidelines in amusement.

Tang Thirty-Six took a look at his smiling face and couldn’t continue feigning obliviousness, asking: “You’re not going to do anything?”

Jin Yu Lu answered while continuing to smile: “I’m only a doorkeeper, and the doorway to Orthodox Academy isn’t located here.”

A student of Temple Seminary decided to be more straightforward and just ran out of the crowd, crying out towards the backs of Chen Chang Sheng’s group: “Chen Chang Sheng! You stupid coward! Do you dare to have a match against me?!”

Tang Thirty-Six didn’t even bother turning around, and while shaking his head, said something in a tone that could only be heard by the others near him: “simpleton.”

“I’m sorry,” Chen Chang Sheng said, while patting Tang’s sides apologetically.

After seeing the continued lack of any reaction from the Orthodox Academy group, the Temple Seminary student snickered a few times before finally quieting down.

Following the divine avenue, Chen Chang Sheng and the others continued advancing, continually getting closer to the palace ahead and were close enough to make sight of the steps leading to the palace. The trees planted here were no longer green pagoda trees, but were evergreen trees that continued to flutter in an abundance of green, tinged with a hint of the chill of the season.

The Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green, this school wasn’t as prestigious as Li Palace College, but due to the majority of its student body being comprised of females, the Orthodoxy’s Education Board decided to provide a more central location for its campus in to avoid disturbances.

Under the evergreen trees, students of the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green observed them.

The majority of their attention was directed towards Tang Thirty-Six, though their expressions were rather ardent, they were reluctant to break modesty, flitting their gaze to the sides occasionally, adding an allusive sense of cute tenderness to their actions. Even though Tang Thirty-Six was infuriated by the earlier actions of Temple Seminary, at this moment his expression softened somewhat.

Opposite to the location of the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green, there was a quiet-looking campus comprised of several small buildings, which were unlike the other buildings of the palace complex that had imposing architectural designs. The campus conveyed a sense of beautiful serenity to the observer, this was the Li Palace guesthouse; envoys of the Southern States who were to participate in the Grand Examination were currently staying at this location.

Remembering that the groups from Li Shan Sword Sect and Holy Maiden Peak were currently staying at this campus, Chen Chang Sheng unconsciously turned his head around to take a look. Under the Cedrus trees he saw a group of young girls that were presumably disciples of Holy Maiden Peak, but there was no sight of disciples from Li Shan Sword Sect.

Li Shan Sword Sect was a branch of the Longevity Sect, while Holy Maiden Peak’s most important branch was the Nan Xi Institute (Southern Creeks Institute), more accurately, the Nan Xi Institute was of its inner circle. To have been chosen to participate in the coming Grand Examination, these young maidens were probably mainly disciples from the Nan Xi Institute and of a high level in their cultivation.

Thinking that these girls were probably fellow disciples of Xu You Rong from the same sect that had spent a considerable amount of time with her, Chen Chang Sheng was suddenly faced with an awkward situation he didn’t know how to handle. As the fiancé of Xu You Rong, would it not be customary for him to greet them?

When he looked at the disciples of the Nan Xi Institute, they were also looking at him; as fellow disciples of Xu You Rong, they were obviously curious about this youth.

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