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Website down

So. I woke up only to see this email:

Your web hosting account for shiroyukitranslations.com has been deactivated, as of 07/31/2015. (reason: missing/incorrect contact info)

(°ㅂ° ╬)

I have NO idea how that happen – I swear all my contact was correct. But long story short, the website with the flowery layout will be down at least for one day. I have to call their Account Assessment Department which will only open in 8 hours time. Please bear with me while I go to bluehost to riot.

I have currently changed my wordpress domain to shiroyukitranslations.com so that those going to shiroyukitranslations.com will not be stranded in the ocean.

‘what can go wrong; will go wrong.’ Ah How I Hate Murphy’s Law ! ~ [Rend]


  1. RWX says:

    Hey, are you on VPS or shared hosting? If you have any questions, you can drop me a line at rwxwuxiaworld(a)gmail.com. Servers are a pain in the butt! (second only to setting up ads…yeargh…)

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