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VW:UUTS Chapter 9 – Black Wrist Guard

Chapter 9 – Black Wrist Guard
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: LLS coming soon…in 30 min or so? Hahah well you guys should be used to my late release :X

Every skill ability costs 5 silvers to learn, and I had 24 silvers in my inventory, so I immediately learnt all the skills at once. The skills immediately appeared on my skill window. They were two active skills, one active skill was [Death Blade], the other one was [Corpse Pillage]. Both seemed to be extremely useful.

Swinging my Green Forest Blade, I murmured [Death Blade], and at once, a green light enveloped my blade!

“Pu Chi!”

There was a small trench on the ground from the aftermath of the attack. Hey, the effects of this skill was indeed quite good.

After leaving the Undead Swordsman Master, I roamed about the Frozen Mound for a while. Although I was overjoyed learning the new skills, I didn’t start trying them immediately on monsters. Instead, I went to the outskirts of the Floating Ice City, and found five Sentinel Guards camping outside. One of the Sentinel Guards who looked to be the leader, an Undead Swordsman wearing a white armour, was looking at a distance to the Floating Ice City, sighing wistfully in distress.

Yes! There’s a quest!

Chest sticking out, I walked forth and said, “Sir, may I help you?”

“Oh, Little Skeleton!”

The Sentinel Guard Leader looked at me and said, “Haven’t you seen it? The Graveyard City here is our home, yet a lot of evil spirits had come to invade us. They had actually dared to enter our territory. I suspect that we will have to fight against the Skeleton Master. We have to fight back! Little Skeleton, go forth to the surroundings of the Graveyard City in front, kill 50 Low-Ranked Skeletons and bring 10 Skeleton Fingers to me. You will then receive a huge reward!”


System Announcement: You have received the quest [Skeleton Fingers]! (Quest Level: F+)

Quest Description: Near the Graveyard City, kill 50 Low-Ranked Skeleton Soldiers and collect 10 Skeleton Fingers. Then, submit it to the Sentinel Guard Leader Falk to finish the quest.


“Dammit, how could they dare to invade my territory! They are seeking death!”

I brandished my sword, full of spirit. I had subconsciously started to think of Frozen Mound as my own territory.

The place was an abandoned graveyard, the smell of death potent everywhere around. In the forest of stone tablets, every tomb was already opened and empty as the corpses had already been summoned as an Undead. They had all turned into a member of darkness.

However, even though we were both Undeads, we were separated into different Factions. I had no idea which Faction I belonged to, but at the very least, the Undeads in front of me had already become my enemies.

Under the starlight, deathly white skeletons wander about the graveyard, groaning loudly. So this was what Ghost Call sounded like.

Skeleton Soldier with Shattered Bones – LV 12


Level 12 Skeletons. Alright, let’s try fighting it!

I made sudden big strides forward, brandishing my sword that was enveloped in a green light. With a loud sound, I hacked into the Skeleton Soldier’s shoulder. [Death Blade]!


The Skeleton Soldier trembled all over and fall over after staggering backwards. [Death Blade’s] power was indeed impressive.

I immediately followed through, my sword brandished again as I unleashed four multiple attacks on the Skeleton Soldier’s body. It didn’t have a chance to retaliate to my attacks at all. This was the power of attack rhythm. In VRMMORPGs, the most basic skill you would have to learn was getting the rhythm of attack. Once you have overpowered your opponents with your rhythm of attack, you would definitely win.

Overpowering an opponent with an attack rhythm was actually very easy. When I managed to score an attack with the Skeleton Soldier, it would lose its balance and fell to the ground. At this moment, we should not give it a chance to recover. When it was stumbling to one side, quickly add an attack to push it over. Once it couldn’t recover its stability, then it would automatically be our win.


A sharp rush of sword suddenly pierced through the Skeleton Soldier’s eyes, scoring a critical attack!


What a high damage number! This attack made the level 12 Skeleton Soldier fell to the ground with a groan, giving me 75 exp. Furthermore, a purple flame was left behind, floating in the air as it burned ablaze.

“Eh? What is this?”

I wondered amazedly as I reached out to touch the purple flame. Then, a sound suddenly rung in my ears –


System Announcement: Would you like to accept this Undead Flame?

It shouldn’t be a bad thing. I accepted it immediately!


The purple flame then entered my chest. At the same time, my whole body felt refreshed, like I had just smoked 1 kilograms of marijuana. I felt reborn.

That’s weird, there wasn’t any extra experience or special effects, was that flame just for refreshment?

I shook my head regretfully as I murmured, “Forget it…Anyway, I managed to feel refreshed.”

I continued to wander around the graveyard. This Skeleton Soldiers with Shattered Bones were regarded as low ranked monsters amongst the Undead. The Undead Flames that they left behind were a little weak. Although I did not know what benefits it would bring me, I still absorbed every single Undead Flame that was dropped. Since it would be waste to leave it alone, I should just eat everything up!

“Ka Cha!”

Another skeleton fell to the ground and dropped a Small Magic Stone. It should be able to sell for 1 silver.

Picking up the Small Magic Stone, I couldn’t help but sigh, “Only a Small Magic Stone dropped within one hour…This kind of drop rate is simply too much…”

However, my experience point had increased by a lot. It had already reached 95% at level 10. I could raise my level to level 11 after killing a few more monsters. Furthermore, I had already collected 9 Skeleton Fingers out of the 10 required ones for the quest. I should be able to finish the quest soon.

Looking at the time, It was 8.30am Beijing Time. It was already in the morning. I had unconsciously played for more than 7 hours, but the results I achieved was not that bad. It was already not bad to be able to leave the newbie village within such a short time, and I still managed to get two black-tiered equipments. At the present stage, I was probably amongst the expert players in the whole server.

Opening the Player Ranking Board, I found that there were already many players flooding the Floating Ice City. Even with my level, it did not manage to enter the top 10 rankings. Damn these people. Indeed, there were a lot of talented players hiding all over the country! Checking the Player Rankings, I was on the 12th spot in the Floating Ice City Ranking Board.  The person on the first spot was somebody called [Wind Fantasy], a level 13 warrior. What a frightening leveling speed, he must have made used of some bug!

On the other hand, the player on the second spot was someone called [Ghost Valley], and his profession was a level 11 Undead Knight. It seemed like he was the same type as me.

However, none of the top players in the Floating Ice City managed to enter into the top 10 players of the whole Chinese server. That would mean that I was not even ranked within the top 100 of the Chinese Servers. That was kinda pathetic.

However, I had already thought it through. Levels were only a small part of player’s power. There was no need to regard levels as the most important factor. A real expert player would have an extraordinary skill that would be able to kill any top leveled players in an instant, but they would rather stay hidden than be included in the top players Ranking Board.



My Green Forest Blade split through the wind. Yet another level 12 Skeleton Soldier fell to the ground and dropped a Skeleton Finger and a Small Magic Stone. Furthermore, a golden light suddenly fell onto my body as I finally rose to level 11!

After absorbing the Undead Flame, I immediately went to Frozen Mound to submit my quest. I went to the Sentinel Guard Leader Falk and gave him the 10 Skeleton Fingers.


Falk grasped the fingers and laughed out loud, “Not bad, Little Skeleton! Those dirty worms finally tasted our powers! Well done, you have safeguarded our pride as the Undead Alliance. Come and receive your reward!”


System Announcement: You have finished the quest [Skeleton Fingers]. You have received 1200 experience points, 5 fame, and the quest reward [Black Wristguard]!

I was overjoyed. An equipment for a reward, it’s my lucky day!

Pa Da!

A black coloured wrist guard appeared in my inventory. It turned out to be an equipment with extra attributes!

[Black Wristguard] (Black-Tier Equipment)

Defense: 8

Strength: +2

Required level: 10

Immediately, I equipped the wrist guard happily. My defense went to 18 points straight away. Now I should be able to qualify as a top warrior, right?

My mouth split wide open into a satisfied laugh. After equipping the wrist guard, my whole arms were covered and protected well. At least now I looked more like a normal person. In the future when my level was higher and I could equip a leg guard and a pair of shoes, with the addition of a helmet or something, nobody would probably be able to guess that I was an Undead.

After all, the path of an Undead was extremely difficult. If I did not cover my whole body with equipment, when people saw my skeleton face, pandemonium would probably break out!

After a short pause, I pulled out my pants and looked again, quietly crying inside.

Anyway, to sum up, why would my level be so far behind?

Firstly, I wasted too much time PK-ing the players in the newbie village. I also wasted too much time killing the Chief Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS. Although the BOSSes gave a lot of experience, it was nothing much.

Secondly, I had a disadvantage with my disability. My three seconds delay was still recovering, and my reaction skills were not that agile currently. It would definitely be a disadvantage when leveling.

Thirdly, I had a problem bugging me in my heart. I couldn’t help but to keep thinking of that person.


What level are you now? My lady boss, He Yi.

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