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VW:UUTS Chapter 7 – Justice on Heaven's Behalf

Chapter 7 – Justice on Heaven’s Behalf
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: Lol… I really like the author’s semi-sarcastic way of writing. LLS coming soon 😉

The law of this world was the strong preys on the weak. It was the same with regards to this game. There would always be a strong guild that would rely on numbers to squash small teams, this was a common occurrence.

[Mad Dragon] guild was definitely the strongest guild in these three newbie village. Just with a glance, it was obvious that there was more than 20 people in the guild, and all of their levels were not that low.

Descent of the Dragon held a rusty spear in his hands, his eyes full of arrogance as he looked at the four people who were fighting against the BOSS. He dismissed them with his hands and shouted, “There are no one else here except for you four. Fuck off right now!”

Fuck off, these were such tyrannical words. He was implying that this place had already become their territory. There was no more place for other players!


“Damn you!”

The level 8 magic knight was angry beyond belief as he raised his spear and hollered, “Fuck off? Fuck YOU! What the fuck is [Mad Dragon]? What gives you the right to monopolize this training ground?”

The other level 7 warrior was also furious as he readied his sword, “At the most, we’ll just die together. Die!”

With that, he charged forward like a mad person. With a giant leap, he suddenly jumped an arch and his sword flew towards Descent of the Dragon’s neck.


Descent of the Dragon roared as he swung his spear, piercing the warrior’s body and avoiding his sword attack.

I couldn’t help but wince and shut my eyes. This [Mad Dragon]’s judgement ability was quite frightening. He was also fierce and ruthless when he attacked. He was clearly an expert gamer, the four people team was totally not his opponent.

His spear shook as Descent of the Dragon killed off the leader of the four man team. He then laughed and said, “Kill off the three others! Remember this lesson, sparing the innocent will incite a rebellion. They are not worthy of killing this BOSS!

A bunch of [Mad Dragon] players advanced together and completely annihilated the magic knight and monk in just a moment. The remaining female bard was so scared that her face turned deathly pale, as she scurried off into the mysterious forest, running away from the guild.

This girl who was around 20 years old with her terror-stricken face, ran into the bushes without hesitation, and bump into me by chance!


The female bard was so shocked that her mouth opened wide. It might be because my appearance was too frightening, after all, a skeleton wielding a sword appeared in the forest. It would be a frightening sight to see.

However, the female bard’s next reaction was unexpectedly an “Ugh!” sound escaping her lips. A dagger glowing with a green light had pierced into her chest as a level 8 assassin attacked her!

Watching the female bard slowly fell to the ground, I was still calm as before. However, as the female bard fell to the ground, the face of her attacker revealed behind her.

In that moment, the assassin’s eyes widened as he discovered me there.

“Pu! Chi!”

These two continuous attack almost used up all of the energy in my body. This assassin didn’t even had the chance to react and was killed in a flash. A fatal attack on his neck and a fatal attack on his abdomen, his weak spots was torn into shreds.


Picking up the potions that the female bard and the assassin had dropped, I continued to hide in the bushes, quietly watching the scene happening in front of me.

Even when the member in his group decreased by one, Descent of the Dragon didn’t notice it at all. All of his attention focused on the King of Praying Mantis, his face red with excitement as he laughed, “Brothers, let’s divide into teams and attack it in sequence. If you dropped a level, I will compensate it to you for 500 RMB! (USD$80.56)”

Everyone’s eyes in the [Mad Dragon] guild suddenly turned green as they swung their newbie swords and charged forward.

The drop rate in <Heaven’s End> was extremely low, and the weapon drop rate was even lower. Almost all of the [Mad Dragon]’s 20 over members wore white-tiered equipments. Not even one of them had a weapon with higher attribute.

“Sha sha sha…”

A chaotic stomping of men stepped into the grasses as a bunch of people flocked to kill of the King of Praying Mantis. Sensing the incoming danger, the BOSS suddenly turned its body. Rising both of its blades up high, it let out a sharp screech. (TLN: What does the Praying Mantis say?) It looked domineering and powerful, as if it was trying to show off his prowess as the King of Praying Mantis!

“Forward, don’t be scared!”

Descent of the Dragon smiled widely and said, “Pay attention to match your positions, the attackers should attack once and retreat. The time between your attacks should be around 1.5 seconds, that should guarantee a 1 second gap in the time for the BOSS to attack. Work together to control the flow of the battle, avoid the BOSS’ attacks as much as possible!”

What a good chap, he was a specialist in this field!

Descent of the Dragon continued to boost the morale of his men, “Brothers, we the [Mad Dragon] would definitely gain fame from this. We may not become the number one guild in the whole of China, but at the very least, we would still be number one in the Zhejiang province. Humph, killing this King of Praying Mantis today is our first step for [Mad Dragon] to become the King!”

Everyone’s morals increased as their faces and necks turned red with excitement, roaring with killing intent!

“Ka Cha!”

With the BOSS’ continuous attack, a [Mad Dragon] member fell to the ground and was killed immediately. A high damage number, 421, appeared on his head. I’m afraid that number would be enough to kill any player right now.

However, a whole bunch of [Mad Dragon] players still attacked simultaneously. Swords, spears, fans, flutes, broadsword, whips and all other kinds of weapons jumbled up together. The King of Praying Mantis health was quickly depleted.


After 2 seconds, another [Mad Dragon] player died at the BOSS hands.

Descent of the Dragon supervised and directed the battle at the side, his expressions filled with uncertainty. He watched the battle situation and looked around the place at the same time, afraid that some people would come and spoil [Mad Dragon]’s ticket to fame.


In the forest, I revealed a little smile. Although Descent of the Dragon was experienced in game judgement, his biggest threat right now wasn’t the intereferance other players, but that his own guild couldn’t finish the King of Praying Mantis off.

Descent of the Dragon only the battle on the surface. He lost a player for 7% of the King of Praying Mantis’ health. If you count it that way, 25 of people would be enough to kill the BOSS. However, he forgot to notice that the BOSS recovery speed was extremely fast. Furthermore, his party would lose more people with time, and the amount of damage inflicted on the King of Praying Mantis would decrease over time. Thus, the 7% health for a player calculation would not be valid anymore.

This was easy mathematical calculations. It was a pity that Descent of the Dragon was too obsessed with capturing the BOSS, and only cared about the BOSS’s high damage output, forgetting the simplest things.

As a result, it was just as I have predicted. As the guild members kept attacking, Descent of the Dragon’s expression showed that he noticed something amiss. His eyes opened wide as he shouted, “Quick, kill it quickly!”

Then he heaved a deep breath and said, “Stop when the BOSS’ health is at it’s last thread, let me deal the last hit!”

I suddenly realized why Descent of the Dragon’s level was so high. There was a rule in the game that the person who dealt the last hit would receive 50% of the BOSS experience. Descent of the Dragon was able to organize a group of people to kill high leveled monsters. With that, it would be difficult if his name did not appear at the Level Ranking board.

“Ka Cha!”

The King of Praying Mantis “Blade Tornado” was as powerful as ever, dealing damage to over 20 people at the same time. When it still had around 10% health left, only four [Mad Dragon] players were still alive. They were three swordsman and Descent of the Dragon.

“Damn!” Descent of the Dragon spat out, as he readied his spear and advance forward himself. His cold gaze glared at the Praying Mantis as he shouted, “Bastard, go to hell!”


Descent of the Dragon’s attacking power was not that high, but his targeting skills were extremely accurate. His spear happen to pierce a small crack on the King of Praying Mantis’ outer shell and stabbed it’s flesh, hence his damage was extremely high.


Following the screams, yet another two [Mad Dragon] members died. There were only two people left.

Descent of the Dragon was glad that he did not die, and he fixed his attention to the BOSS’ last breadth of health. His gaze was fierce and ruthless, as if he wanted to swallow the BOSS whole.


However, at this moment, a massive change suddenly occur!


A flash of light flashed through and the swordsman, the last member of the [Mad Dragon] guild widened his eyes with shock. He had wanted to avoid the BOSS attack, but he was attacked suddenly from his back and died. It was a fatal attack to his neck!

Descent of the Dragon froze as he discovered the ambusher turned out to be a small skeleton wielding a rusty sword and wearing a shinning armour!

“Ah? Who are you?” Descent of the Dragon hollered.

“Lei Feng!” (TLN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lei_Feng)

“What the fuck do you want?”

“Bring justice to you on heaven’s behalf!”

I smiled brightly, it was a pity that my smile looked sinister. Aih, this skeleton face really didn’t do justice on my real life’s (somewhat) handsome face.


The King of Praying Mantis slashed through the air. Descent of the Dragon noticed the incoming attack, and with a small sly smile, he avoided it. The BOSS’ attack flew right towards me instead.

“Trying to reap what other has sown?”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I slid my feet, avoiding the attack easily. At the same time, my sword struck at Descent of the Dragon’s chest!


In any case, I was still a level 7 full strength swordsman. Descent of the Dragon had not anticipated that my attack power was that high, nor had he thought that my reaction and battle judgement skills was so high leveled.

“Dammit, go to hell!”

Descent of the Dragon hollered and attacked me once more. I hurriedly dodged it, but unfortunately I still had a one second delay disadvantage. My movement speed was too slow, and I got hit.


Descent of the Dragon was stunned at this. His feet hurriedly moved out of the BOSS attacking range as he licker his lips and smiled, “That armour looks good, I shall have it.”

I also smiled, “Do you have the ability to take it?”

The two people stood with the BOSS at the centre, utilising their positioning and intercepting skills to make each other enter into the BOSS’ range of attack. Descent of the Dragon’s reaction and manipulating skills were all very good. With my one second delay disadvantage, killing him was indeed quite difficult.


Suddenly, my foot slipped and I lost my whole balance.


Descent of the Dragon acted without thinking much and charged forward, his spear charged towards me like a mad dragon.

I smiled triumphantly. Just a small mistake made you this happy? If it was the game experts on [Chaos Illumination], they would definitely not fall for this trick!


My sword blocked his spear as I jumped and kicked Descent of the Dragon hard on his shoulders. His whole body trembled as he flew at a beautiful angle, right into the Kiing of Praying Mantis’ embrace!

“Ahh! You bastard!”

Descent of the Dragon was shocked beyond compare as he hollered, “I’ll find you back, stay here if you are not a coward!”

“Ka Cha!”

The King of Praying Mantis’ fatal attack took away Descent of the Dragon’s health in a flash, even taking away his newbie spear. With an attack of 0-1, of course I wouldn’t have any interest in it.


A sword suddenly flew towards the BOSS’ lower jaw at a tricky angle, powerful as hell!

“Pu Chi!”


Indeed, my damage was quite high!

I was not that greedy. I hurriedly retreated after an attack and hid on the fork of a tree. Then, my sword flew across the air like a poisonous snake!


Yet another attack at its weak point!

In two minutes, under such a flurry of attack, the King of Praying Mantis was already right at its deathbed. Furthermore, with the defense of a black-tier armour, this Boss could never kill me with one attack. Fortunately I had brought a lot of health potions, hence I could endure its attack!


Letting out a pitiful cry, the King of Praying Mantis finally fell to its death.


System Announcement: Congratulations! You have killed the King of Praying Mantis. You have received 7000 experience points and 40 fame!



I rose two levels in one go, and became level 9. I became number one on the Newbie Village Level Rankings. As Descent of the Dragon died and lost a level back to level 8, he lost his number one position.

Looking at the ground, there was a brightly shining large magic stone with a quality of 98! Haha! I’m gonna be rich!

In addition, a sword shining with a green light laid on the ground. This was the weapon that the King of Praying Mantis had used, but it made my heart thump with excitement.

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