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VW:UUTS Chapter 67 – Frostmoon Rose

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Chapter 67 – Frostmoon Rose
Translated by: want2eat, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky as the ominous black clouds approached. All these signs indicated that a thunderstorm was incipient.

I carried the Weeping Fireblade as I thread quickly along the path through the forest with my Mysterious Wasp. Players who were around level 30 could be seen fighting wild beasts on both sides of the path, and they didn’t stop due to the incipient thunderstorm. Their determination to level up was inexorable.

Looking at my experience, I’m 24% through Level 40. Looks like I have to reach Level 50 quickly so that I can train my skills to Level 5, only then I would have the power to defeat a level 60 boss monster. Otherwise, forget about creating a guild. The Blood Mercenaries couldn’t be a three person group forever. We would be able to attract long-distance players such as archers, mages and support players such as priest, tacticians and bards after we establish a guild.

To create a strong guild, we would need players with various types of jobs.


Du Shi Shan sent me a message, “Lu Chen, I think it’s time for us, the Blood Mercenaries, to recruit a priest. We are all warriors, and we lack someone to heal us. It would be too difficult if we don’t have a skilled priest amongst us.”

I replied, “Do you have someone in mind?”

“I don’t at this moment, but I would just like to ask for your opinion. This priest that we are talking about, are we going to recruit a guy or a girl?”

“Is there a difference?”

“There is! I plan to invite two people, 1 female priest and 1 female mage or archer. This way, no matter if we are training or defeating boss monsters, our team won’t have any problems.”

I replied with a serious tone, “If possible, we should invite two people, one male priest and one male archer. I don’t wish to have females joining our studio, it would be too much of a risk. We are a proper and upright gaming studio, so it’s best to not muddle things up. I really want the Blood Mercenaries to be the best gaming studio in the country.”

Du Shi Shan didn’t reply. After a few minutes, he replied, “Okay, what you said makes sense. Let me find a few people first, if we really can’t find males, then I can only reluctantly choose a few girls, right? haha…”

I was a little speechless. It may be difficult to find three-legged toad, but male players are all over the streets!
(Shiro: three-legged toad may sound weird, it’s a chinese idiom)

Actually, it was all because of me. I have this unexplainable opposition against having females joining the Blood Mercenaries gaming studio. As for the reason why, even I couldn’t explain it myself.


The Reflection Hills was located deeply inside an extremely dense forest domain. Beasts and evil spirits were everywhere. It was a heaven for high-levelled players and hell for newbies.

A long tracks surrounded in wilderness led to a canyon in the distance. I took my Mysterious Wasp and walked forward, meeting a few players who were training along the way. However, as time passed and as I walked further on, the number of players decreased. When I arrived at the Reflection Hills, there were only a handful of people around.

In the forest, a female magic-race Archer pulled her bow and jumped out of the bush. She was a level 34 archer and possessed the innate abilities of the magic race – accuracy, perception and precision +5%, scouting +5%. Furthermore, the magic race had a petite and lithe built, hence they are extremely agile. They are definitely the best archers. Lin Yi Xin was also a magic race, but she had chosen a short-ranged profession and became a legendary top female warrior.

Although this magic race archer was not as pretty as Lin Yi Xin, she looked more mature and graceful. Her leather armour covered her well-developed body, revealing her curves. When she walked, carrying her bow, she looked downright magnificent. Her graceful bearing would definitely leave a deep impression in any man’s mind.

Frostmoon Rose LV. 34. Bronze-ranked Archer. Her level was considered high, at least she had the ability to train in this high-levelled area.

“Hey, don’t go any further! Hey, handsome guy!” The female archer shouted out. She had even put an emphasis especially on the words “handsome guy”.

I turned around, my frightened expression hidden behind the darkness of my hood as I replied, “Why is that so, beautiful sister?”

Frostmoon Rose looked a little distracted as she replied, “If you go further, you’ll arrive at an extremely dangerous area, the Reflection Hills. The beasts at the outskirts of Reflection Hills are already level 45. If you continued to walk further, you’ll die even if you have nine lives. Why don’t you join our party and kill some Forest Leopard here? I can share my Forest Leopard Quest with you.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Long story short, it was actually a girl who was trying to get me as her training partner.

Shaking my head, I gratefully replied, “Apologies, I didn’t come here to do quests. I’m here to pick up some herbs and go hunting. You should be able to see that I’m a hunter.”

The female archer nodded and smiled, “Alright then, you are going to the tiger’s den although you know there are vicious tigers inside. I wish you all the best!”

When I turned around, I accidentally saw a glint of viciousness in the female archer’s eyes. I felt some kind of unsettling feeling in my heart, but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was wrong. Hence, I could only wield my Weeping Fireblade and walked onward.

Who cares what kind of schemes she is plotting. Facing against me 1-on-1, how many people in the Floating Ice City could stop me?


After walking not too far away, a gush of wind suddenly blew across the forest, as the sound of howling wolves filled the air. It was truly as what the female archer had said. Two green-coloured giant wolves appeared in front of me.

[Hill Wolf]

Level: 45

I sucked in a breath. Two Level 45 monsters together, I shouldn’t feel too much pressure!

Ordering the Mysterious Wasp to attack the wolf on the left, I lifted my sword and ran towards the Hill Wolf on the right. Sliding towards the enemy, I rained two combo attacks on the Hill Wolf’s head!



[Vindicate] and [Death Blade] combo were really powerful. Even a level 45 monster quickly got its health reduced by half.


The Hill Wolf roared and slashed down its claws. I immediately retreated, yet I was still slashed a little by their claws. Immediately, I felt a searing pain on my chest as blood flowed out.


[Ghost Armor showcased its powers once again. It was as if a supernatural power was protecting me. If it weren’t for this ability, this Giant Wolf’s attack would have shaved off 250 points off my health. That would have been dangerous, as the Hill Wolf’s attack speed was much faster than the Blood Skeleton. Its attack strength was also quite high, almost twice higher than the Blood Skeleton. In this situation where I didn’t have a priest with me, I must be very careful, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if I die because I made a small mistake.

Swinging my sword, I slashed twice at the Hill Wolf’s face. Then, I turned to the right and made an arch, avoiding the Hill Wolf’s sharp claws. After waiting for my normal attack cooldown to be over, I swung my sword twice again on the Hill Wolf. At the same time, I drunk a bottle of small healing potion.


The Hill Wolf howled miserably and fell, killed by my lightning-like six combo slashes. However, my health has also fallen by one-third. The Hill Wolf’s attack power was simply to frightening.

The small health potion and Undead Regeneration quickly restored my health. I raised my sword and quickly finished another Hill Wolf, together with my Mysterious Wasp. I managed to kill a level 45 beast within a minute, seemed like it was quite efficient.

The Mysterious Wasp’s health regeneration was very fast, it was at least faster than me. As long as I didn’t kill monsters non-stop, the Mysterious Wasp wouldn’t need healing. After all, a high health would result in the highest defense.

I spread my fingers and shouted at the body of the Hill Wolf, “Corpse Pillage!”

My ability showed its effect, and a green-coloured wolf leather appeared on my hands.

[Hill Wolf Leather]: Level 4 Leather.

Great! I’m going to be richer! Level 4 Leather is a compulsory item to create Lv.30 – Lv. 40 black-tier and bronze-tier equipment. The current level of the tailors are also high enough. Soon, these level 4 leather would be selling like hot cakes in the market place. That would be my golden opportunity to fatten my purse!

I love my Corpse Pillage to death, this is really my number one get-rich ability!

Storing the two pieces of Hill Wolf Leather, I continued to walk forward. The forest around me was dark and the ground was filled with monsters’ footprints. Some of the footprints were even bigger than mine!

Looking up, my eyes brightened as I saw an Undead Alliance Camp not far ahead. Inside the camp, there were 5 NPCs vacantly keeping a lookout.

Quickly rushing over, I strode forward full of energy and vigor. After all, I have already reached the level of Bone Spirit Leader amongst the Undead now. Although I am a neutral party, in the eyes of these Undead, they regard me as one of them. They would be very amiable to me!

“Oh, good day to you, honoured Sir. We didn’t know that you’ll actually grace this deserted place with your presence…”

Arriving in the camp, an Undead Assasin who was holding a dagger walked towards me and knelt, saying, “Your arrival truly made us believe that Queen Sophie has not abandoned us poor undeads. She must have sent you to us to let us know about our victory, right?”

I nodded and immediately spinned something up, “The Queen has sent me to tell all of you that the empire is about to be victorious!”


The skeletons started dancing in joy, one more excited than the other. However, there was a bearded Undead sitting inside the tent who looked unconvinced.

I took a glance and realized that this Undead old man was the highest authority in this camp, because there was a line of title floating above his head – Hill Commander. He tottered out with his staff and said, “Honoured Sir, you have seen it too. We have been surrounded by the monsters here for almost half a year. Several Undeads have been torn to shreds. We have to kill these wild wolves, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to safeguard this Undead Camp of ours!”


System Announcement: Would you like to accept the [Kill Hill Wolves] quest? (Quest Level: D)

Quest Description: Patrol the surrounding and kill at least 200 Hill Wolves, collect 40 Hill Wolves Tooth and give it to the Hill Commander as proof. You will then receive a bountiful reward!


Accepting the quest, I set forth to kill the Hill Wolves. These kind of level 45 monsters are not only perfect for levelling, it can also give me a Level 4 Leather and help me finish a quest. One stone kills three birds, this was truly the most effective way to level up.

Taking my Mysterious Wasp along and gripping my Weeping Fireblade, I cruised the hills and the edge of the forest, killing the wild wolves one by one. If I am lucky, I could get a Large Magic Stone, if I am not very lucky, I would still be able to get a Level 4 leather. This way of levelling was extremely pleasant.

In a flash, two hours has passed. There are more than 300 wolves dying by my sword, because there are around 312 wolf leathers sitting snugly in my inventory. Furthermore, there are also 14 pieces of large magic stone and 40 Hill Wolf Tooth. I have finished the quest and cleared up almost all of the wolves in the hill.

I turned around and returned to the camp. After handing over the Hill Wolf Tooth, the Old Skeleton was immediately shaken. He grasped the Hill Wolf Teeth and emotionally said, “Those heartless monsters finally gotten what they deserved. This is great! Honoured Sir, you will definitely receive bountiful rewards!”


System Announcement: You have completed the mission ‘Killing the Hills Wolf’. You are awarded with 8400 EXP and 240 Fame!


“Shua! “

Golden light shimmered as I ranked up to Level 41 successfully. I have climbed up the list to make it to top five in the Ranking Board of the Floating Ice City within four hours. Let’s continue climbing till top three!

After completing the mission, the Old Skeleton still held a sad look on his face. “ There’s a massacre going on at the Shadow Hills. It is just too cruel! The violent undead had simply forgotten the orders given by Queen Sophie as they were looking the civilians of the Shadow Hills. Young Undead, I hope that you can enter the valley and kill 100 Blood Shadow Skeletons and bring their fingers back to see me! “

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