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VW:UUTS Chapter 66 – Phony Phone

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Chapter 66 – Phony Phone
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Damn! “

The first reaction of Ghost Valley and I was to raise our sword and charge forward. It didn’t matter who killed Li Le, all that matter is that he is flouting our status as the Blood Mercenaries by killing our client during mission time!

Ahem, let’s just assume the Blood Mercenaries had some status!

A shadow moved and the person who killed Li Le appeared. His name looked familiar— Arrogant Mad Dragon, Mad Dragon’s Guild’s top assassin was actually here!


Seeing Ghost Valley and I, Mad Arrogant Dragon grabbed all the equipments and the demon trapping stone and kept them into his chest. He then smiled, “ Come and get it if you’ve got guts! “

My Mysterious Wasp rushed to my side immediately . With sting glowin chilly glow at the back of its body, it pierced through the air and flew towards Mad Arrogant Dragon.

Mad Arrogant Dragon was very calm. He reached for the glowing powder he kept with him and disappeared into the thin air, showing a typical trait of a level 30 assassin — Disappear.

Forced invisible cloaking was extremely hard to fight through, especially when we we’re only at the inchoate state without the aoe skill.



The arms of Ghost Valley and I all missed him. All that was left was Li Le’s corpse, Mad Arrogant Dragon was nowhere to be seen.

Stepping on the same ground, I spinned as the Weeping Fireblade made an arc in the air!

“Hua! “

Mad Arrogant Dragon Dodged under his invisible cloaking . Though I couldn’t see him, I could feel the disruptions caused to the wind directions clearly. At that moment my mind was very clear, and it seemed to me that my senses had never been so clear before.

Found his location!

“Death, he is in the northeast direction, 25°,quick! “

Although Ghost Valley was a little silly in real life, he was very agile in game. As I was directing him, he had already struck his spear like that of a bolt of lightning .

“Pu Chi! “

Blood squirted put into the air as the Mad Arrogant Dragon came out of his invisible mode, proving my judgement right.

“Dang, how did this happen? “

Mad Arrogant Dragon shouted in anger as he turned in an attempt to escape, but Du Shi San was already behind his back, blocking his escape with a sword. “Lad, concede defeat now! “

“ …”

I rushed past Mad Arrogant Dragon,slashing him with my sword. As an assassin’s health was very limited, Ghost Valley and I killed him with ease.

As Mad Arrogant Dragon collapsed onto the ground, the demon trapping stone appeared again. Wow the it’s rate of appearance was definitely high!

Watching the demon trapping stone lying on the green patch, none of us went to pick it up as we crowded around it.

“What now? What are we going to do with this Blood Skeleton ?”

“We get it and give it back to Master Le? “,said Ghost Valley.

I shook my head, “It wouldn’t be necessary. He lost the Blood Skeleton to the assassin himself, we’ll be busybodies if we return it to him. “

“Then what should we do? “

“Yeah,so how are we going to deal with it? “

I pondered over it and said, “ We can’t sell this Blood Skeleton openly. How about Shi San you go and sell it anonymously on the game’s trading platform? If it’s price goes above 600 gold, you can just sell it, don’t be greedy! “

Du Shi San nodded, “ok, what do we do with the money then? “

“ I’ll confiscate it and use it as funds for our studio, which is actually our food expenses! “

“Haha, no problem! “

Du Shi San had wanted keep the Blood Skeleton to train it, but my words changed his mind. Training a pet as meat shield in the beginning of the game wasn’t wise. Only Mages that were good at attacking but were constrained by their limited health will train the Blood Skeleton. As for warriors they’ll be useless.

Staring at the two corpse on the ground,Mad Arrogant Dragon and Li Le laid side by side like two good brothers. I couldn’t help but to laugh secretly. Li Le was a second generation rich kid, and Mad Arrogant Dragon‘s leader,Descent of the Dragon, was also from a wealthy background. Both groups would definitely fight endlessly. It seemed like the situation here in the Floating Ice City would be getting more interesting.


It was five in the afternoon, Du Shi San had already sold the Blood Skeleton anonymously on the trading platform after someone offered 700 gold . He then sold the 700 gold for 80 RMB while I sold 900 gold, this yielded us a total of 6950 RMB. The amount in my personal card is nearing to 100 thousand RMB.

After being transformed by ice, my reflex response in the game had been shortened to around 0.3 seconds. It was apparent that I had achieved great milestone in . Looking at the amount in my card, i couldn’t help sighing. We were all manipulated by circumstances, had I achieve such quick reflex response last year, we wouldn’t face frequent losses to Chaos Illumination, while He Yi and Ancient Sword Dreams wouldn’t leave the game in such dire straits .

Thinking of it, it might be a blessing in disguise. After the near death experience, my physique strengthened and my brain activity still remained strong, but I was unsure whether I could still be considered a human .Even since I woke up, red spots dotted my body, and I would recoil from pain under the sun. All these stopped me in my attempt to return back to Ancient Sword Dreams,but it made me work harder to build up the Blood Mercenaries. Only through this way I’m able to guard the Ancient Sword Dreams, because it was my home and where I truly belong.

We went offline in the late afternoon when it was nearing dinner hour.

I sat on a sofa in the hall of the studio, holding a pen in my hand, as I recorded down all the transactions of the Blood Mercenaries today on a notebook.

The first time we sold the Blood Skeleton, we got 1000 gold, which was then converted to 76950 RMB .

After accepting the business offer of training Li Le to level 27,we got 100 gold , making a total amount of 7600 RMB.

The second time the Blood Skeleton was sold, we got 700 gold,making a total amount of 53200 RMB.

Total income : 1337750

Expenditure: 12 fried doughs and five pies for breakfast, costing 17 RMB, lunch at a restaurant costing 287 RMB. Total expenditure : 304

Today’s net profit : 137346


I read through it once, upon acknowledgements from Du Shi San and Ghost Valley, I said, “ Since there’s no problem, let’s make a trip down to the bank to apply for a bank card for each of us. Today is the first time the blood Mercenaries is distributing salary.“

“Boss Fallen, the Blood Skeleton was actually captured by you. It shouldn’t be included in our net profit. “ said Ghost Valley.

I shook my head, “ It’s fine, it doesn’t matter how much money I have as long as it is enough to keep me going. I can’t bring them into the coffin with me anyway. “

Ghost Valley laughed and asked, “ Then how are we going to distribute the salary?”

As I had already thought of it, I told them right away, “ We’ll keep 50% of of the total profit as funds for the company, in which Shi San will be responsible for safekeeping them. The remaining profit will be split into three and distributed equally among the three of us.“

Du Shi San stared blankly before he said, “ Lu Chen, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage this way. You placed in the most effort for this studio, so logically speaking you should receive the most… “

I shook my head, “ Say no further, we are just starting our studio so I don’t really want to keep the profits for myself. Moreover being a otaku like me, I wouldn’t know where to spend the 80 thousand from the sale of the Blood Skeleton. Therefore it would be better that we split the money and send it home so that our family members know that we’re alright, and we can also be at ease when we are having fun right? “

Du Shi San and Ghost Valley nodded together.

Just then, Du Shi San saw the TC27 made from white gold in a plastic bag beside me. His eyes lighted up and asked, “Lu Chen, when did you change your phone? This phone looks so… cool, what material is it made from? It’s so heavy, it must have cost a bomb right? “

I smiled casually,” It’s a phony phone made from aluminum, why? You like it? “

“Yeah! “

“Then take it, it shall be an early birthday present from me for your 25th. “

“Haha, really? “ Du Shi San looked overjoyed as he grabbed the TC72.

I laughed, “Yeah really, just take it since it’s not very expensive, but… ahem, when the phone goes beyond repair, you can take it to the gold shop,maybe you can fetch yourself some money haha… “

Du Shi San was a little dubious as he held the TC72 like a girl he had been courting for years, not willing to let go of it.

The three of us went to the bank before dinner to settle all the transactions, and applied for a public card containing 70 thousand under my name. It was then passed to Du Shi San for safekeeping, where he would be placed in charge for all expenses of our studio. He seemed to become our finance manager as Ghost Valley kept calling him “Manager brother B”,but Du Shi San suspected that Ghost Valley was actually insulting him.

After settling everything,we went to the nearest Hunan cuisine restaurant — Home Kitchen,which was right beside the Technological University’s Freedom Residence. I went here to have a meal with Lin Yi Xin once and their food tasted quite nice.

After having our dinner, we went back to the studio to continue working.


“Shua! “

I arrived at the Floating Ice City, looking at my level, I felt an urge to train to level up.

At the very moment, a bell rang.


System announcement:” Player Wind Fantasy requested to call you, do you want to accept it? “

After confirming, Lin Yi Xin’s voice came from the other end, “Hi Lu Chen, good evening! “

I’m alerted by her oddly nice attitude. She must have something up her sleeves! “

“ Pretty Yi,just speak what’s on your mind… “

Lin Yi Xin’s bell-like laughter came from the other end, after a few seconds, she said, “Lu Chen, I saw Li Le this afternoon, his dejected look amuses me~”

“Oh, it’s good that you are happy… “

“Oh yeah, I heard that you helped him in leveling up this morning?“ Lin Yi Xin asked in a seemingly casual manner.

I replied in a deep voice, “ He didn’t recognize me, moreover the Blood Mercenaries prioritizes our customers’ needs, so it’s normal for me to help him in levelling up, cause it’s all about serving the needs of the people! “

“I think you are just serving for your needs for the RMB“,Lin Yi Xin exposed me directly.

I laughed out loud, “ Yi Yi, why are chatting with me and not training to level up? You missing me just after half a day? “

“Go and die, nobody misses you! “

Lin Yi Xin said shyly, “Okay goodbye, I’m off to train! “

After hanging up, I was rejoicing secretly. In the whole of the Floating Ice City, I think I was the only one who dared to tease the violent goddess Wind Fantasy openly.

After walking out of the Floating Ice City, I clicked onto my next stop— the Reflection Hills, where all the high level monsters lurk and abound with the five stars ingredient, Garlic!

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