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VW:UUTS Chapter 65 – Undying Shield

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Chapter 65 – Undying Shield
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Spirit Valley looked ghastly and scary.

I held onto my sword as I walked in front, the Mysterious Wasp buzzing around me. This wasp was very smart, it was usually very noisy, but when it comes to attacking, it would be as silent as the dead.

Mu Rong Ming Yue followed me and asked suddenly, “Fallen, did you sell that Blood Skeleton? “

I nodded.

Mu Rong Ming Yue laughed softly, “Initially I wanted to buy it as a pet for my friend who’s new to this game, but it was just too expensive.“

I was well aware that her friend was He Yi, “That would not be necessary. When one first start the game, the pet has to be good at attacking. Although the Blood Skeleton is a high quality defense pet, it’s attack is not good. Moreover, one Blood Skeleton costs 1000 gold, but a wasp is only for 10 gold, only a fool pay so much for a pet that’s so lousy at attacking. “

Mu Rong Ming Yue laughed ,” yea yea. “

Just then, Li Le’s complexion didn’t look right. A few seconds later, a Level 34 Mage charged out of the dense forest and chased after us. The mage was actually “ Superficial Indulgence” — the one who bought the Blood Skeleton!

“Superficial Indulgence” waved the demon trapping stone in his hand wildly, seemingly excited. He shouted to Li Le, “Hahaha, I’ve settled everything and got the Blood Skeleton back , Master Le! “

As ‘Superficial Indulgence ‘ was speaking, he paused and looked at me, “ Oh, Fallen Hero, you are here too? “

I nodded, and glanced at Li Le. His complexion is akin to that of a pig’s liver.

Mu Rong Ming Yue watched and smiled wider. Her body shook as she was trying hard to suppress her laughter.

‘Superficial Indulgence’ left after passing the demon trapping stone to Li Le, which he then kept in his chest. Li Le actually got guts to to bring around a demon trapping stone worth 100 thousand RMB at just Level 21,if he were to be killed and lose it to someone else, he’s going to suffer a huge loss.

A thought flashed through my mind. Actually the Blood Mercenaries could kill Li Le directly and grab the demon trapping stone. That would be another 500 gold worth of income.

However on second thought, there were certain things a gentleman do and not do . The Blood Mercenaries was a team whose value is built on our blood. We would not engage in activities that harm others.

Bypassing the zombie and the Chinese vampire regions, we entered the Blood Skeleton and the Green Skeleton training grounds, where the levels of the monsters were above 45.

From a distance, a few Blood Skeletons lurked around the grass patches.

Mu Rong Ming Yue was taken aback, “We are not going to kill these level 46 and 47 monsters… Are we? “

“Yeah we are! “

I nodded as I struck out my Weeping Fireblade with a loud ‘keng’,my gaze brimming with confidence.

“But… “Mu Rong Ming Yue was a little hesitant, “ Fallen, you are only level 39 while Ghost Valley is at level 37,the remaining ones are all more than ten levels below the monsters, how do we defeat them like this? “

I turned and replied in a deep voice, “ Easy. I’ll form a team with the Mysterious Wasp to fight against one to two Blood Skeletons while Ghost Valley will attack and serve as the MT. Pretty Mu Rong you just have to heal us. “

Mu Rong Ming Yue widened her eyes, then finally nodded, “ Then we’ll try… If we really can’t fight them, we’ll lure the monsters one by one, though the training efficiency will be lower. “

“Okay. “

I picked up my sword and went ahead while the Mysterious Wasp dived forward to lure the Blood Skeleton. The Skeleton groaned as it dragged a bronze sword and charged towards us. The sword then flew from the sky in a tilted fashion.


The bronze sword slipped past my armour . A black light glowed on my body as a mighty armour appeared ,and then disappeared again. It was a level three Ghost Armour, which was a superb defense mechanism that lessens the damage caused ,and it was also one of the things I relied on to fight the level 47 Blood Skeleton alone.


A small damage number popped up from my head.

Mu Rong Ming Yue’s beautiful eyes widened in amazement, “ wow, your defense is very strong! A level 47 monster could only take such a low level of health from you,and your total health still remained a over 800. It is too sick for a warrior to have such high level of health… “

I couldn’t help but to laugh as an even more surprising thing occurred. As I raised my sword,Vindicate and Death Blade took away 1987 health from the Blood Skeleton! The Mysterious Wasp also sallied forth and did a combo attack on it, striking it fatally in one .




The Blood Skeleton groaned loudly and died instantly.

Mu Rong Ming Yue looked stoned, it was apparent that she had been training too long with Xu Yang, who could be considered proficient, but definitely not an elite player. This resulted in her shock when she saw the attack of a top player like me.

On the other side, Ghost Valley also rushed forth and took 400 health away from the Blood Skeleton with his Blazing Thrust. Although his attack was not as strong, his job as a Death Knight was to defend and not to attack. This was shown clearly in the next moment.

The Blood Skeleton groaned and waved it’s bronze sword towards Ghost Valley ,giving him a violent attack . However, Ghost Valley did not dodge as a black shining armour appear around him. This is his stock in trade — Undying Shield!


The bronze sword pierced through the… , but only to show two numbers.



I know very well when Ghost Valley simultaneously lost 312 health and gained 47 health that this was the amazing function of the Undying Shield.It could absorb some of the attack and turn it into health for the player. The fact that the level three amour can absorb 15% of the attack and turn it into health isn’t very BT. For a level ten Undying Shield,

Ghost Valley had outstanding skills, his attack was in the top 100 of the Floating Ice City, and his attack skills would definitely make him top three!

Mu Rong Ming Yue widened her mouth as she became even more stunned. “ Why are people the Blood Mercenaries all so BT… “She murmured to herself.

Du Shi San laughed softly, “ It’s okay, I’m still considered normal as compared to them!“

After completing his sentence, he shouted as he charged towards the monsters, waving his sword in a sudden attack.


The damage number rose. Mu Rong Ming Yue glanced at it and smiled, “ Yeah you’re not normal. You are worse than normal… “

Du Shi San was on the verge of tears.

Li Le stood at a distance , watching us aloofly. He had wanted to flirt with the pretty Mu Rong Ming Yue in an attempt to get her, but who knew that Mu Rong Ming Yue had encountered such situation plenty of times , therefore she was able to see through Li Le as a playboy. Li Le tried to initiate a chat with her various times, but all he received in return was her indifference as she didn’t even bother to look at him.

Catching the hint, Li Le watched us from afar as he acquired the exp. As Ghost Valley and I were strong in attack, we killed the Blood Skeletons quickly while Mu Rong Ming Yue summoned the Wasp in an attempt to train them. The Wasps had four and half stars in both attack and growth, making them the King of the attack pets at the start of the game. It was therefore no wonder that Mu Rong Ming Yue, a Mage lacking in attack, would want to train a Wasp.

After going offline to have our lunch and taking a one hour break, we went online again to continue our killing.

It was until three in the afternoon that Li Le rose to level 27,accompanied with a golden shimmer. We pulled him up by six levels, exceeding what was expected.

“Come, give us the gold we deserve? “

I turned and said to Li Le coldly. He hesitated a bit and transferred the 100 gold to me after. Mu Rong Ming Yue rose to level 36 while Ghost Valley rose to level 38,as for me, I finally passed the threshold and reached level 40!

On opening the ranking board of the Floating Ice City, I was a little shocked. After half day of hard work while others on the ranking board had been training solo efficiently,my ranking didn’t rise but dropped instead.

1. Wind Fantasy Lv. 42 Occupation: Radiant Ranger

2. Domineering Heaven Blade Lv.41 Occupation: Warrior

3. Domineering Mage God lvl 41 Occupation: Mage

4. Rainy Clouds Lv.40 Occupation: Magic Knight

5. Red Iron Tablet Lv.40 Occupation: Warrior

6. Domineering Archer God lvl 28 Occupation: Archer

7. Fallen Hero Lv.27 Occupation: Undead Swordsman

8. Domineering Warrior God lvl 39 Occupation: Warrior

9. Clearwater Lv.27 Occupation: Archer

10. Ghost Valley Lv. 38 Occupation: Death Knight


I dropped to 7th on the ranking board. I seemed to have much affinity with the number seven. Ever since the server opened, I was probably the one who remained 7th in ranking for the longest time.

Lin Yi Xin was already near level 41 yesterday. After a day of hard work, she rose to level 42, it was obvious that she was topping the chart with Domineering Heaven Blade following closely behind. In general, the Floating Ice City’s ranking board was dominated by the Domineering Family, while the girls Lin Yi Xin and Clear Water were allies. As for Ghost Valley and I, we belong to the Blood Mercenaries, our ranking on the board was not too bad for a studio that wasn’t very elite.

Mu Rong Ming Yue took out the Return Scroll. Smiling, she said, “ Remember to M me the next time you need me~”

I nodded slightly, thinking that sister Ming had actually forgot to ask for her ten gold before returning back to her city.

Du Shi San, Ghost Valley and I looked at each other and smiled, “ Let’s go back and go drinking for dinner later! “

Li Le snorted, “Pfft! “

As he was speaking, he walked into a bush nearby arrogantly. Ghost Valley shouted, “ Hey, don’t go around on your own! We won’t be responsible if you get killed! “

Li Le said with contempt, “ your master is going to collect potions, I don’t need your protection, you all can leave! “

Du Shi San laughed, “The wild bears always poop in the forest, don’t fucking step on one! “

Li Le said with lesser respect, “ wtf, that was so low class! “

At the same instant, Li Le stopped dead on his track as a blood red dagger pierced his neck, showing the damage number — 371!

Ambush ! This was the unique skill of a level 20 assassin, that is, to be able to daze his opponent for one second!

As the assassin launched his second attack, Li Le’s health was all gone. He collapsed onto the grass patch with his eyes widened as his gaze gradually became dull. A lot of his equipments appeared beside him, which included some low level Black-tier equipment and the demon trapping stone with the blood skeleton sealed within!

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