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VW:UUTS Chapter 64 – Professional training helpers

Chapter 64 – Professional training helpers
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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In a small restaurant in the corner of the park, there was a brand new Mercedes-Benz.

Inside the restaurant, a young man and a young woman were perspiring as they ate their meal.

Lin Yi Xin looked at the price in the menu and asked, “Lu Chen, why do think they sell their Cross Bridge Noodle six yuan more expensive than others? “

I didn’t raise my head, “I don’t know, maybe they are charging you fees for crossing the bridge? “

“Pfft! “

All the patrons nearby also spurted out their food.


As I was eating, I suddenly felt that I’m at the losing end. “ Yi Yi, I thought you were going to treat me a meal at the Oasis Dream? Why did it become a bowl of cheap rice noodles… “

Lin Yi Xin told me earnestly, “We must learn to be more frugal. “

“You… You drive Mercedes and you are telling me to be frugal? It will you cost two bowls of rice noodles just by stepping on the accelerator!”

Lin Yi Xin smiled, “So you think I’m rich? I’m telling you, although this car is mine, I’m so poor that I almost have to beg on the streets. It’s even worse now after you cheated me of my gold…“

“Okay, you can continue pretending to be poor… “

Lin Yi Xin pursed her lips and changed the topic, “Lu Chen, you know something? The Li Le that we have beaten up just now is also a player in the Floating Ice City, and he is planning to set up a powerful guild together with his hooligan friends.”

“They are just street thugs.“ I replied calmly.

Lin Yi Xin smiled slightly, “Yeah, although they’re thugs, we still have to take preemptive measures. Li Le has nothing but money .”

I nodded and flashed a confident grin, “Rest assured! Although my assets and family background pales in comparison to his in real life, I am still able to toy with him in the game!”

“Yeah! “


It was ten at night.

As the black Mercedes came to a halt under my block, I got off and turned to thank Lin Yi Xin.

Lin Yi Xin rolled down the windows and poke her beautiful face out, ”Aren’t you gonna invite me up?“

I smiled widely, “Then don’t think about going back home tonight.“

Startled, she stuck out her tongue and smiled, “Nevermind then, I’m going off!“

After starting the car, Lin Yi Xin drove off in a flash. Looks like someone is worried that she can’t get home tonight.

When I walked up the stairs and into my studio, Du Shi San and Ghost Valley were already asleep. They left a note on the table saying “Boss Fallen Hero, rest early and wake up at 6 tomorrow. We have an event the next day! “

As the handwriting were nice and neat, I was very certain that it was by Ghost Valley. I had known Du Shi San for years and his calligraphy skills in Year 4 in University was akin to that of a kindergarten child. That handwriting could never be his.

As I held onto the note, I couldn’t help but smile. What a nice feeling it was to have brothers by your side. During the course of these six months, Du Shi San, followed by Ghost Valley and Lin Yi Xin entered into my life and cleared the loneliness in me.

After bathing, I went to sleep.


I woke up early the following morning. Du Shi San bought fried dough sticks and drank mineral water for breakfast.

“What’s the event today ? It’s so early now.“ I said as I looked at the time. It was only 6:30am.

Ghost Valley said, “A guild contacted us last night. They want us to help in a high level missions. They also wanted guarantee that one of their Level 21 player can level up five levels within 10 hours. They promised us a reward of 100 gold!”

I’m shocked, “10 hours for 100 gold coins? This…isn’t this guild too rich? “

Ghost Valley nodded, “This is why we are going online to complete the mission early.The firepower of Brother B and I are insufficient so we need you to join us, Boss!“

I smiled, “Ok, where are we meeting later? “

“The North gate of the Floating Ice City! “

“Okay! “

After having our breakfast, we went online.


I appeared in the inn of the Floating Ice City where I went to fix my equipments and supplement myself with normal potions. I still had a lot of the level three life potions given by Lin Yi Xin, so they were more than sufficient.

At the same time, a ‘di’ sound came through, reflecting a friend request of someone called ‘Luxurious Indulgence‘. His confident yet extravagant ID triggered an urge in me to punch him in the face.

After adding him under temporary friends (will be deleted after I go offline), he requested for a voice call. After accepting his request, he said, “Hey Fallen Hero, I saw the Blood Skeleton you put up for sale in the auction house. I would like to pay a higher price for it, do you want to discuss about this? “

“Oh, really?”

I walked to the auction house and inquired. The price of the Blood Skeleton had rose to 743 gold . I told him, “The bidding price is now 750 gold , how much are you willing to pay?“

“What? 750 gold…” The guy on the other end was apparently shocked. After some hesitation, he said in a deep voice, “I’m willing to pay 1000 gold for the Blood Skeleton, how does that sound?“
(Shiro: That sounds dumb)

”No problem, come and bid up the price to 1000 gold. I will seal the deal immediately after confirming!“


I think ‘Luxurious Indulgence’ was afraid that others would offer a higher price. After all, Blood Skeleton was really a pet of high quality. Its defense and growth were all five stars, which was stronger than other pets like Bees and Praying Mantis.

After ten minutes, the bidding price had gone up to 1000 gold coins. I confirmed the deal forthwith.


System Announcement: Congratulations, your pet Blood Skeleton has been purchased by player ‘Luxurious Indulgence’ for 1000 gold. After deducting 5% of the gold earned, the remaining 950 gold will be transferred to your account! “


I checked my inventory and found that the 950 gold had already been transferred into my inventory. What a windfall, haha!

After logging into the official gold trading platform, I spilt the 900 gold into 9 portions and sold one gold for 90RMB. As the exchange rate for gold was depreciating, I had to get rid of them quickly before they continue to devalue. After all, the value of RMB was far more stable than that of the game’s gold.

The deal was done! Now I would just have to wait for the money to roll into my bank account!

Just then, Du Shi San and Ghost Valley all arrived at the Floating Ice City and added me into the team. A ‘di’ sound followed through again.

System Announcement: Player ‘Master Le’ has joined your team!

Master Le? I was a little incredulous, why did this ID sound so familiar?

Upon reaching the bridge at the North gate of the Floating Ice City, I was initially shocked, but was thrilled afterwards. Standing together with Du Shi San and Ghost Valley was the Level 21 player named ‘Master Le’. He was a Beast cladded in black-tier armour with bulging muscles, but his face was fair and clean. He was what I would call handsome.

This player, ‘Master Le’, was none other than Li Le, whose face I had splashed wine onto, who was then KO-ed by Lin Yi Xin with one kick yesterday night.

In the modern world, only those who were out of their mind would name themselves “Master Le”.

I rejoiced secretly. The world was such a small place, the business offer accepted by our company, Crimson Mercenaries, was actually from Li Le. Time to slaughter this guy with more money than sense!

I walked with big steps towards them and Ghost Valley waved at me immediately. “Haha our boss, Fallen Hero, is here!”

Li Le turned and noticed that I was walking towards him, clad in black armour and dark green cloak. He couldn’t see my face, and could only see my ID, ‘Fallen Hero’. However, my ID, ‘Fallen Hero’ was already a renowned one in the Floating Ice City as I was constantly on the top three in the Ranking Board. Who wouldn’t have heard of my name before?

Li Le nodded, ”Hello, Fallen Hero!”

I nodded in recognition, ”Let’s set off, mark out all the places for our quest!”

“Yes! “

Ghost Valley completed it with dexterity. The place that Li Le wanted to train was actually the Spirit Valley, where the Blood Skeletons and Green Skeletons were rampant, and where level 46 monsters lurked. If Ghost Valley and I weren’t here with him, he would be killed instantly.

“You all will only have to kill 1000 Blood Skeleton and Green Skeleton. In addition, the cards that appear from the monsters will belong to me!“ Li Le said coldly, appearing to be particularly arrogant.

Ghost Valley and Du Shi San frowned, it was clear that they were annoyed.

I held onto the hilt of the sword and replied coldly, “According to the rules, the cards will go to the player won’t contributed the most. Our job as Crimson Mercenaries is just to help to train you to level 26 in ten hours, hope that you can abide by the rules!“

Stunned by my unrelenting statement, he nodded, “Then whatever you want… You can keep the cards and I’ll get the experience…”

I sneered. He could only bully the weak but feared the strong. Apparently he knew that he couldn’t match up to me in the game, and therefore he dared not argue further.

“Let’s go!“ Li Le urged.

However, Du Shi San interjected, “Wait, there’s one more person! “

Though a little dubious, I didn’t probe further.

A few minutes later, a beautiful figure appeared. It was actually a good looking, graceful and sexy priest. Who could it be other than Mu Rong Ming Yue?

Damn, when did Ming Yue and Shi San get so close?

Mu Rong Ming Yue walked towards us and what she said cleared my doubts, “Ten hours of healing, one gold for each hour, don’t go back on your words! “

It appeared that Du Shi San had invited her to come. Given that Mu Rong Ming Yue is a high level priest, a remuneration of one gold per hour was very low, but I guessed that she came along anyway because she could level up faster when she trained with us.

So here goes a five men party with four warriors and one priest. This was a classic example of a highly skilled team.


As I led the party through the Frozen Forest, Ghost Valley was in charge of protecting Li Le while Du Shi San followed behind. As Ghost Valley was a Magic Knight, he was very suitable as meat shield to protect others.

Mu Rong Ming Yue was holding a staff as she walked briskly next to me.

I looked at her and smiled, “Hi little priest, you’d be safer if you walked behind. Let the warriors walk in front you, will ya? “

Mu Rong Ming Yue smiled and said, “It’s fine, those monsters don’t really care about me! “

Mu Rong Ming Yue then turned her head and looked at me deeply, “Fallen, how much did you sell you Blood Skeleton for last night?”

“1000 gold.” I didn’t intend to hide, but I asked, “Why are you calling me Fallen? Everyone else calls me Broken Spear.“

“Ha, I like Fallen better ~”

Mu Rong Ming Yue smiled slightly. Under the moonlight , she looked charming in an indescribable way.

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