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VW:UUTS Chapter 63 – Young Masters Club

Chapter 63 – Young Masters Club
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Lin Yi Xin and I sat on opposite ends of the table as we stared at each other.

“Do you want to say something?“

However, I turned my head as the stares coming from Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful doe eyes caused me extreme discomfort. It felt like all my thoughts were exposed.

Lin Yi Xin remained silent as she reached for her clutch and took out a black rectangular gift box. It seemed to be crafted finely out of ebony.

“What’s this?“

“A gift for you.“

Lin Yi Xin raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled, “How is it? I’m a good friend right?“

“It’s for me?“

I stretched my arms to reach for the box as I shifted it in front of me. “Can I open it?“ I asked.

“Yeah, anything you wish~~” Lin Yi Xin ordered a glass of fruit juice as she bites on the straw with her mouth casually.

I looked at the box and unwrapped it. As I opened the lid, a silver phone lying quietly on silk came into my view. It looked very posh!


“Do you like me, Yi Yi? “ I said in a serious tone.

“Me? Liking you? “Lin Yi Xin laughed, “Who do you think you are?“

“Then why are you giving me this phone? It must be very expensive.”

Lin Yi Xin nodded, “Yeah, Nokia white gold tablet TC72, limited edition. It is made with pure gold embellished with diamonds, as you can see on the tablet.“

My eyes widened, “How much does it cost?“

“ Hm…“ Lin Yi Xin said in a serious tone, “It costs at least 200 thousand RMB.“

I raised the phone, and upon realizing that it is quite heavy, I quipped, “This brick can cause a hole through my pocket, only the fool Shi San will use this…”

Lin Yi Xin can’t help laughing, “ Yes yes, only the fool Shi San will buy this kind of phone! “

At the same moment, a questioning “hm” came from a distance. It was from a handsome lad, known as Master Le, celebrating his birthday.

Master Le saw us and was visibly agitated. With a wine glass in one hand, he walked straight towards us. Throwing Lin Yi Xin a gentlemanly smile, he said, “ Wow you are here, Yi Yi. I thought you said you weren’t going to attend my…“

Lin Yi Xin quickly interrupted his speech, and said indifferently, “Li Le, who are you to call me Yi Yi?! Moreover, I am not here to attend your birthday party, I am just here to have supper with him. “

Startled, Le Li then threw glances at me and the white gold phone in my hand.

“Well done, Lin Yi Xin my friend!“ Li Le smiled out of the blue, a tinge of jealousy rising in his eyes, “I gave this TC72 to you, how could you… possibly give it to someone like this?“

He looked at me with obvious despise and contempt, as if looking at a pile of trash.

Ahem, this snobbish guy, so what if I’m clad in Semir and wearing shoes with artificial leather?

Taking it lightly, Lin Yi Xin replied, “Li Le, you told me I could do whatever I want with this phone when you gave it to me, and I told you clearly this morning that I don’t care about anything that you are giving to me. So if you insist on giving this TC72 to me, I’ll have to give it to someone else.”

“But… It… It costs 240 thousand… “
(Shiro: USD$35k… crazy ass)

Li Le then widened his eyes and glared at me, “Little brat, if you are sensible enough, return the phone to her. You don’t deserve to use such a phone.”

I smiled and stood upright in front of him. As I am taller, I looked at Le Li lightly and said, “Yeah, TC72 is just a flashy model serving no pragmatic functions, I feel that i don’t deserve to use such a lousy phone too. I will just continue using my counterfeit phone that can serve various functions, at least it’s better than TC72!”

As I was speaking, I slide the expensive phone into my pocket.

Li Le watched in anger, “Then why are you still holding on to it?“

“I want to give it to someone else, is there a problem?” I smiled as I looked at Li Le. It was apparent that he didn’t expect to see that I am indifferent.

“You! “

Li Le didn’t rebut further. With face twisted with anger and resentment, he returned to where he was with his entourage.

Not long after, I complained, “Their serving speed is really slow… “

Lin Yi Xin nodded in agreement.

At the same time, a sudden cry came from a waitress serving Li Le’s table. I saw clearly that it was one of Li Le’s friend with dyed red hair who touched the waitress’ bottom. As she was relatively young in her twenties, she did not dare to flare up although she was visibly angry.

Being drunk bolstered their guts as one of them pushed the waitress into the arms of another, and they started rummaging her body.

“What… What are you all doing?? “

The waitress cried loudly and quickly broke free. However it happened to be that Li Le and his friends were out of their mind. Thinking that the waitress looked pretty, the red haired guy actually chased after her while the others cheered loudly, “Feng, get her, get her! We’ll be watching!“
(Shiro: Alright, technically they called him Young Master Feng, but i think it’s stupid so let’s just make do with Feng)

I frowned, how could these rich people be so outrageous? There were a lot of other patrons in the Oasis Dream, they weren’t the only ones.

At the same instant, Lin Yi Xin had already stood up and kicked the chair towards the red haired guy’s leg. He fell flat onto the ground and blood oozed out from his nose as he struggled to get up.

I was rejoicing secretly. Lin Yi Xin’s heroic deed would definitely bring us some glory.

“Lin Yi Xin, mind your own business! “ Li Le rushed forth and shouted.

Lin Yi Xin raised her eyebrows and did not relent, “Li Le, you all are a bunch of scums. Right, Lu Chen?“

I nodded, “Yeah, they are, more or less… “

Provoked, Li Le clenched his fist and raised the wine glass in his hand, intending to splash the wine at my face.

However, I still reacted faster. I raised a plate, used it to block the wine and repelled it back to him

“Pa! “

I repelled back the whole splash of wine, and they splashed across Li Le’s face and clothes. A dark red colour developed on Li Le’s white top instantly.

“Fuck! My… my Armani!“ Li Le became even more incensed as he examined his branded shirt in distress.

Just then, Li Le’s scumbag friends all arrived, looking as if they want to murder someone. “Le, who is the one who picked a fight with you? Damn it, is he tired of living? “

These people were all drunk with flustered cheeks. As their muscles were bulging, they look like strong, akin to that of martial arts scholars in the ancient times.

Li Le threw a glass onto the floor suddenly, ”Beat them up!”

My gaze turned cold as I said, “Who are you beating up? I’m here to eat!”

As I was speaking, I turned to look at Lin Yi Xin and said in a low voice, ”Did you bring me here to treat me to a meal or a fight? Can’t believe that I’m dragged into this because of you…”

Lin Yi Xin leaned on me and replied in a low voice similarly,” Li Le has been pestering me for half a year, he is driving me crazy! You are a Crimson Mercenary aren’t you? If you help me beat them up, I will pay you 100 gold… no, i mean 100RMB commission!”
(Shiro: About USD$15)

“Damn, let’s escape first!”

A few of the hooligans charged towards us, swearing and throwing punches. They are all willing to break ribs for their brother.

I sallied forth, kicking the yellow haired one in the face and punched another to the ground. I felt that my arms were full of strength, which was just like what Du Shi San said about the Methamphetamine strengthening my body. Though I wouldn’t be powerful enough to defeat a thousand men, it would be sufficient to beat up these drunkards.

Filled with resentment, Li Le picked up a beer bottle and smashed it onto my head.


I dodged the blow at a surprising speed. Had I not reacted fast enough, I’d be a dead meat by now. Li Le was indeed ruthless.

As he missed me, Li Le pointed to me in anger, “Fuck it you rascal. How could you snatch my girl? You are asking for death! “

Just as he finished his speech, Li Le suddenly fell to the ground. Turned out that Lin Yi Xin had struck a leg kick that KO-ed Li Le in an instant.

“Wow, amazing… “

I made a remark, but Lin Yi Xin whispered sourly, “Fool, aren’t you leaving? Do you want to continue waiting here and get beaten up instead?“

Then, she held onto my hand as we ran out of the restaurant swiftly. The hooligans chased after us closely behind and threw their punches. I quickly grabbed onto Lin Yi Xin’s waist and sheltered her from the punches, letting them rain punches on my back instead!


As we fled from the restaurant, Lin Yi Xin pulled me into the green wall in front of the hotel to hide behind the vines. We could still hear the hooligans’ swearings from afar.

“ Thump… “

I collapsed on the grass below, panting heavily, “Ah I’m exhausted. Do you call that a meal? “

Lin Yi Xin also collapsed on the grass. After watching me quietly for awhile, she suddenly burst out laughing. She rested her head on my chest, shoulders shaking from laughing. The unique scent of a young woman filled my nose.

“Is it so funny?“ I asked, puzzled.

Lin Yi Xin raised her head and nodded her head seriously. All smiles, she said, ”Yeah, you don’t know how satisfying it was when I saw Li Le drenched in wine!“

“You hate him so much? “

“It’s not really hate, but annoyed!“ Lin Yi Xin bit her teeth as she continued, “Li Le is the Number 1 bastard in school. He treats bullying people as a norm and he even spread the rumor that I am his girlfriend half a year ago. He is too much! I have been looking for an opportunity to teach him a lesson, and today I finally did!“

I looked at my shirt, and my back filled with traces of wine splashed across. My back was still aching from the punches I shielded Lin Yi Xin from.

“Hmph! “ I replied coldly.

Sensing my attitude, she pulled at my sleeves carefully and said softly, “Sorry, it is my fault… “

I was fuming , “Damn, this is the first time in three years that I’m being beaten up!“

Lin Yi Xin was also enraged, “Hmph, how does this compare to mine? Li Le the idiot actually said that I am his girl, I…“

As she continued, Lin Yi Xin’s cheek flustered red as she stomped her feet in anger.

I raised my eyebrows, “But how does this concern me? I have been doing a thankless job today! “

Lin Yi Xin looked at me, her beautiful eyes registered with struggles and resignation, and she finally said, “At least… At least I’ll let you kiss me once…”

Wow there’s such a good deal? My heart suddenly rose to 180 bpm.

Lin Yi Xin closed her eyes. Under the dim light, her long lashes trembled slightly and her red lips appeared soft and tender, she seemed to be scared.

I looked at her, unsure whether I should laugh or frown. I really don’t get this girl.

I could hear my own heart pounding as I approached her . This exquisite girl in front of me had her eyes closed, looking as if she is at my disposal. She is visibly nervous as her chest moved up and down rapidly,her clothes almost bursting under the pressure. Boy, she is suffocating me with her beauty.

I leaned closer, feeling uber nervous. Ah, this is my first kiss! I wonder if this is her first too?

Just as I was about to kiss her, she opened her eyes. Damn, she went back on her words!

“Lu Chen, can we not kiss?“ She blinked her eyes and asked pitifully.

“Fuck…“ I almost vomited blood.

She looked at me apologetically, “When I was very young, I told myself that my first kiss has to be with someone I like…“

Her cheeks flustered pink, indicating the genuineness of her words.

Actually I’m secretly very happy that such an alluring lady still had her first kiss with her Great, I have a new goal in life!

“Do you not like me?“ I asked.

Lin Yi Xin glared at me with a straight face, “Which part of you do you think attracts me?“

I thought for a few minutes but couldn’t give an answer to her question, so I let it slide.


“Lu Chen, why don’t we go and have supper together?“ Lin Yi Xin smiled softly.

“Where are we eating? I’m afraid it can’t be the Oasis Dream anymore.”

“Yeah, let’s go have some rice noodles, shall we?“


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