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VW:UUTS Chapter 62 – Blood Skeleton

Chapter 62 – Blood Skeleton
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, want2eat
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“This, is mine…”

I grabbed a sealing card and said to Lin Yi Xin.

Lin Yi Xin immediately struck her sword on the stone behind her and smiled, “Then all the best to you. If you missed the sealing 5 times, the level 1 Blood Skeleton would become Level 2, you know!”

I nodded, the Blood Skeleton was a high quality defense pet. If I could really catch it, then it would really make our Blood Mercenaries a lot of money!


The first sealing card flew into the air. It turned into a hexagonal magic circle and revolved on top of the Blood Skeleton rapidly. The magic light shone brightly, absorbing the Blood Skeleton into the sealing space.


This Level 1 Blood Skeleton hissed lightly, it was obvious that it wouldn’t submit just like that.


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have four more tries to seal the target!

I gritted my teeth and continued.


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have three more tries to seal the target!


System Announcement: Sealing failed. You have two more tries to seal the target!

In that moment, my face become pale. Could it be that this cute Blood Skeleton was not destined to be mine?

Lin Yi Xin raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Your luck is really bad. How about you let me try sealing it once? if I succeed in sealing it then I’ll give it to you.”

“No need, I’ll do it myself!”

I threw my sealing card again, and a flaming magic circle once again appeared on top of the Blood Skeleton, revolving rapidly. This time, the Blood Skeleton disappeared from our eyes!


System announcement: Congratulations, you have succeeded in taming a Level 1 Blood Skeleton!


I did it!

I had almost cheered and jumped out loud. The Blood Skeleton that was sealed within the Demon Sealing Stone looked at its surrounding. I waved my hand and its status immediately came into my view —

[Blood Skeleton]
Level: 1
Attack: 7
Defense: 9
Health: 10
Agility: 8
Growth —
Health: ★★★★★
Agility: ★★☆


What a good pet! Its defense and health both had 5 stars of growth. Awesome! Furthermore, its attack was half a star higher than Lin Yi Xin’s Green Skeleton, while its agility higher by one whole star. It’s so powerful!

Lin Yi Xin lowered her body in front of me and looked at the Red Skeleton, smiling, “Congrats, you have acquired at least RMB 50,000 at your hands. You shouldn’t sell this Blood Skeleton for less than 500 gold!”

I nodded, “Your Green Skeleton would also be worth not less than 400 gold.”

Lin Yi Xin smiled lightly, “Let’s go. We can both eat supper after submitting our quest. It has gotten quite late.”


After killing a few more skeletons, I saw that the time was already 8 pm at night. Lin Yi Xin and I reached the valley entrance and found that NPC Soldier to submit our quest.

The Soldier respectfully replied us with a serious tone, “Two young adventurers, the news of your heroic deeds will definitely spread all over the continent. Come now and receive your rightful rewards!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [Blood In the Air]. You have acquired 12,000 experience and +450 fame!



A golden light shone as i finally rose to level 39 while Lin Yi Xin stayed at Level 40.

“Let’s go and return to Floating Ice City. We can announce the sale of the pets!”

I took out a return scroll and nodded towards Lin Yi Xin. Both of us returned back to the city.

“Where are we going to announce it?” I asked.

Lin Yi Xin reached out and pointed to the south and said, “Let’s go to the auction house in the Floating Ice City and put our beasts to sale. There are many beastmasters who sell their pets there.”


As we quickly get to the auction house, I paid a 2 gold auctioning fee and put the Blood Skeleton which was trapped within the Demon Stone to sale. In the beasts auction category, there are 17 other pets on sale. 4 of them was Green Praying Mantis and 7 Golden Bees, all with a BN value of 20 points below. They were all average. Beastmasters would also keep the better quality pets to train on his own. After all, the most important thing for this game was to strengthen your own character.

I placed the price of the Blood Skeleton at 400 gold minimum. As for the rest, the players could fight to buy it within a time limit of 10 hours. Then, the highest price bidder would receive the Blood Skeleton.

At the moment where I put up my Blood Skeleton for auction, a sweet-sounding bell immediately rang out throughout the Floating Ice City-


System Announcement (Trade): Player Fallen Hero had put on a [Blood Skeleton] for sale. Attack 3.5 Stars, Defense 5 Stars, Health 5 stars, Agility 2.5 stars, BN value 34 points, minimum bid 400 gold. We welcome all players to join in the bidding!


Lin Yi Xin couldn’t help but broke into laughter and said, “Apparently the Blood Skeleton is really high-class goods, so high that it has actually triggered the System’s Auction announcement channel. You know that only goods which have reached a certain stage after assessment will appear in the system announcement, right~”

I nodded, feeling extremely pleased as it was a rare event that the system provided free announcements for a player to sell his goods.

As Lin Yi Xin put her Green Skeleton up for sale,a system bell rang immediately too.


System Announcement (Trade): Player Wind Fantasy has put up a [Green Skeleton] for sale. Attack 3 Stars, Defense 5 Stars, Health 4.5 stars, Agility 1.5 stars, BN value 36 points, minimum bid 300 gold. We welcome all players to join in the bidding!

Sure enough, the value of these two skeletons was enough to impress the system. Although 5% of the profits of goods sold would go to the auction house, it could maximize the price competition for the goods. Thinking about it that way, the players would actually yield more profits, especially when there was system announcements.

Lin Yi Xin glanced at the time. Without raising her head, she said, “Wait for me at the east entrance of the Technological University half an hour later.“

“Oh? “

“Is there a problem? “

“Nah, it is just that it’s been years since I waited for a girl in front of the school gate… “

Lin Yi Xin can’t help smiling, “ Why? You will feel shy too? “

I glared at her and said, “My stomach will definitely not be shy if you treat me to a meal!“

“What a miser! See you later ~”

“Okay. “

After entering a small inn in the Floating Ice City, I went offline.


It was summer night and I was lucky enough to have air conditioners in every room of my newly rented house. However, upon entering the living room, I was greeted with stacks of empty food packets. Du Shi San and Ghost Valley already had their dinner, but they left me a mess to clear up after.

After clearing and disposing all food packets and rubbish bags, I made my way onto the streets and towards the east entrance of the Technological University with alacrity.

Clad in a Semir top with hands in my pocket, I stood before the east entrance of the Technological University under the night sky. While waiting for the beauty Yi Xin, the guard in the security guards room gave me a death stare, his gaze was akin to those directed at hooligans on the streets.
(Shiro: Semir is a clothing brand in china)

A few students walked out from the school. Some made their way towards the internet cafe, while others brought their girlfriends out for dates. Those good-for-nothing ones carrying thick black leather books had the brim of their caps pushed low. On closer glance, the title printed on the books were ‘Fantasy Classics – Virtual World: The Legendary Thief’. Hmph, pirated books again. The poor author definitely has not received a single cent of remuneration…
(Shiro: Lol)

After a long wait, Lin Yi Xin was still nowhere to be seen. Logically speaking, being the beauty that she was, her appearance would definitely draw attentions, hence I will definitely not miss her.

At this moment, the gorgeous lady Lin Yi Xin appeared. Clad in a beige maxi dress, she made her way towards me slowly through the stone path.

I walked towards her, and asked with concern, ”Are you tired?”

Lin Yi Xin casted me a dubious glance, ”Being so nice all of a sudden, what do you want?”

“Haha, where are we eating? Do you want to take a car?”


Lin Yi Xin went to the roadside and waved her hand. A black car approached and rolled down the windows. A middle aged man nodded to Lin Yi Xin and said something. Lin Yi Xin then waved to me thereafter, ”Come, hop in!”

Incredulous, I tossed a glance at the black car. I recognized its three-pointed-star logo. It was a Mercedes-Benz!

What is Lin Yi Xin’s relationship with this man? Could it be that they are… The more I thought about it,the more confused I become. As I sat beside Lin Yi Xin, she looked at me perplexedly, “What nonsense are you imagining again?”

“Nothing… where are we going?”

“Oasis dream”. Lin Yi Xin leaned against her seat and turned her head to face me, a tinge of slyness shining through her beautiful eyes. “It is the best restaurant in Suzhou, I’ll bring you there to broaden your horizons~ “

I was a little hesitant, “Is it very expensive ?”

“It’s not cheap.”

Lin Yi Xin smiled lightly and closed her eyes, seemingly weary. Her chest moved along with her breath, gripping my gaze.

I raised my head and realized that the chauffeur had been looking at me alertly from the rear mirror. He seemed to care about Lin Yi Xin a lot.

The chauffeur coughed as he drove onto the overpass, “Xin-er, you have yet to introduce your friend to me right?”
(Shiro: Adding -er to a person’s name is a term of endearment, often used by older people on younger relatives)

“Oh,” Lin Yi Xin looked at me and continued, “He is a friend who plays Heaven’s End, you don’t have to know him.”

With a snort, the middle aged man said,” I don’t want to criticise you, but you shouldn’t mix with dodgy people.”

Lin Yi Xin nodded and raised her eyebrows, “Hey, let’s get off the overpass!”

“What do you want?”

“Pass me the car keys, you’ll take the bus home.”


“Is there a problem?”


As the car got off the overpass, it came to a halt at a bus stop. After the middle aged man got off, Lin Yi Xin hopped onto the driver’s seat and tossed me a glance, signaling for me to get off and sit next to her.

The car got onto the overpass again, but this time, there was only Lin Yi Xin and I.

After holding myself back for a long time, I popped the question. “Who’s that man just now?”

Lin Yi Xin turned to face me, smiling, “Not telling you!”


Anxiety was engulfing me, I kept thinking how Lin Yi Xin can be related to the middle-aged man. After a while, I asked again, “ Yi Yi, does this car belong to that middle-aged man? “

“Hey! “

Lin Yi Xin glared at me, and replied in displeasure, “Stop your wild guessing, I’m not what you think, and knowing that is enough for you. “

What’s the model of this car, it looked really cool!

“Oh, it’s Mercedes-Benz’s new series MB-100.”

“MB-100, MB… “


I laughed robotically, “ Actually we don’t have to travel so far for a meal. “

“Ha, really? “

Lin Yi Xin smiled but did not reply. The car entered the carpark swiftly and halted before a refined-looking restaurant. We booked an open air seat at the side of the dining hall .

In the hall, a group of youngsters seemed to be throwing a birthday party. One of them was a dignified-looking guy who was clad in branded clothes. As he held the wine glass in one hand, he embraced a girl wearing heavy makeup with his other arm. People around him addressed him as “Young Master Le”.

Lin Yi Xin casted a casual glance at “Young Master Le”, as she curled her lips and smiled .

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