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VW:UUTS Chapter 61 – Fruit of Pregnancy

Chapter 61 – Fruit of Pregnancy
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“It’s Level 1, Level 1!”

Lin Yi Xin couldn’t help but be excited, her beautiful shoulders trembling as her eyes shone with delight and expectation.

I quickly took out a sealing card and smiled, “Yiyi, it’s time for us to see whose luck is better! Let’s compete and see who could seal this Green Skeleton first!”


Lin Yi Xin held the Demon Sealing Stone in one hand and a Sealing Card on the other. Seems like she was quite prepared. Furthermore, since she had just sold me one Demon Sealing Stone, I had acquired the right to seal another pet.

Setting the Demon Sealing Stone as my pet’s medium, I released my Sealing Card with a whoosh. The Sealing Card spinned in the sky mysteriously, turning into a hexagon magic circle around the Green Skeleton’s head.

Lin Yi Xin’s Sealing Card had also flew out, overlapping against my own. It was indeed a luck battle!

The hexagonal magic circle spinned quickly as that level 1 Green Skeleton’s body turned smaller, bigger, smaller and bigger again. It was obvious that it was about to be sealed but it struggled out of of the sealing, repeating this cycle over and over.

Suddenly, my heart jumped. Did I succeed?

That Level 1 Green Skeleton had disappeared. Did I really succeed in one try?!

However, when I looked at my Demon Sealing Stone, it was actually empty!

I turned around and saw Lin Yi Xin’s dainty mouth splitting open in surprise, looking at the Demon Sealing Stone in her hands, dumbstruck. Inside the transparent crystal stone, I could see the Green Skeleton that had turned much smaller, looking at its surrounding from within!


I gritted my teeth. Forget about the amazing specs that heavens had given this girl, they had actually given her plenty of luck. What am I even living for now?

“Quick, let me see the Green Skeleton’s status!” I urged.

Only then did Lin Yi Xin woke up from her delight. She nodded and waved her hands. Immediately, the pet within the Demon Sealing Stone appeared —

[Green Skeleton]
Level: 1
Attack: 7
Defense: 10
Health: 10
Agility: 9

Attack: ★★★


My God, it actually had 5 stars defense. No wonder it was so difficult to kill him. Its health growth was also 4.5 stars. Wasn’t this Green Skeleton too durable?

“It has BN 36, it is a high quality pet!” Lin Yi Xin chuckled.

I nodded, “Then are you planning to train this Green Skeleton? But you’ll have to release the Flame Blade first.”

Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful eyes flashed with wisdom and spirit as she smiled lightly, “THere’s no need to. You see, this Green Skeleton’s defense and health is indeed very strong. However, its attack is only 3 stars, which is not even comparable to Green Praying Mantis and Wildfire Greedy Wolf. Furthermore, its agility is 1.5 stars, that’s really very low. We would have to thank the heavens and the earth if it could attack once in every 3 seconds. In the early stage of the game, those who uses this kind of pet must be either an idiot or have too much money in their hands.”

Her analysis was extremely accurate. I nodded and smiled, “Then let’s go back and try to sell it. Let’s slaughter a rich customer!”


Lin Yi Xin looked down at my empty Demon Sealing Stone and smiled, “Lu Chen, if our luck is high enough and we meet another level 1 monster, I will give it up and let you seal it alone.”

“Okay, thanks!”

“Heehee, no problem~”


We continued to kill monsters. The valley was filled with poisonous plants, and it became Lin Yi Xin’s garden of eden. She had learnt to pick herbs, and currently, her [Herbs] skill had already reached level 4. This Spirit Valley contained a lot of precious herbs, which was all plucked clean and placed into her inventory.

“Lu Chen, protect me. I want to pick this Seven Stars Flower…”


“Lu Chen, come help me pick these Four Leaves Lotus…””

“Dammit, I can’t!”

“What, why are you so useless…”

“Damn you…”

After a few minutes, Lin Yi Xin brought me to a place filled with lush greeneries and said, “There, this is the legendary Level 4 Herb, Ember Woods!”

“Ember Woods? What’s is this thing?” I was kind of amazed.

Lin Yi Xin smiled and picked the herbs as she explained, “Ember Woods is recorded under the books of Magical Scriptures. In the south, there is Flaming Mountain, and one of the plants in this mountain is called the Ember Woods, whose fire will not be extinguished even with strong winds blowing at it. This is that plant. There wouldn’t be any ashes once it was ignited in fire. Strange, isn’t it?”

I nodded, “Burn one for me to see!”

“You have fire?” She smiled as she looked at me.

I glanced at her as she was picking those herbs. Her snowy peaks that were bound by her armour was an extremely beautiful sight to behold.

Yeah, he did have the fire of desire, but he didn’t have real fire.

Seeing that I was staring at her, Lin Yi Xin blushed as she shouted annoyedly, “I’m hungry, get me something to eat!”

I stared blankly for a moment, “Food? I didn’t buy any. There are some bread from the Floating Ice City that could replenish hunger. Didn’t you bring any?”

“I never bring one with me before, I always got them from PK-ing other players…”

“What the heck!”

I looked at my own hunger. There was still 35 points, I would probably be given a warning at most three hours later. I have to quickly find something to eat. Lin Yi Xin was also in the same state as me.

Lin Yi Xin finished picking her herbs and looked at the forest in front of her. She smiled, “There are some fruits in the mountains. They say there is a fruit in the mountain that is sweeter and tastier than any other fruits around, perfect for quenching thirst…”

I added to her sentence, “And it is called fruit of pregnancy, one will get pregnant after eating it.”

“Go and die!”

Lin Yi Xin punched me annoyedly as she said, “Let’s go, we’ll kill the skeletons as we go towards the forest to find something to eat. It’ll be so embarrassing if two of the top three players in the Player Ranking Board died out of hunger here…”


We entered into the forest and dealt with a Level 47 Blood Skeleton. It dropped two items, 1 Large Magic Stone and a piece of card!

“Eh? A card…”

I was beyond delighted as I picked up the card. I shared the object description with Lin Yi Xin as we read it together…

[Blood Skeleton Card]: Increase the user’s health by 15% and heal 15 points of the user’s’ health every second. Duration of effect: 30 minutes.


Lin Yi Xin clucked her tongue and smiled, “What an amazing item! This can be used when beating BOSS or PK-ing others!”

I nodded and threw the Blood Skeleton Card into my inventory. It happened that I also had the [Undead Regeneration] skill, a healing skill for myself. With the addition of healing from this Blood Skeleton card, my vitality would increase to a whole new level!

We continued to move forward. Lin Yi Xin took out a dagger and carved at an old tree. She then offer the tree sap that dripped on her dagger to me, smiling, “Last time, I learnt that there are some people who drink tree saps in order to survive in the wild. Come, Lu Chen, I’ll treat you to this…”

I felt sick in the stomach, “I don’t have appetite, help yourself…”

Lin Yi Xin giggled and threw the tree sap away. She would definitely not eat all those stuff.

I raised my head to look around. The forest was filled with lush trees and there were sparrows chirping from the treetops. Hence, I said, “Why don’t we kill some birds and barbecue it?”

Lin Yi Xin glanced at me, “What are you going to kill it with? You have firearms or arrows?”

I shook my head, “Nope.”

“Humph, then we can’t do it…”

“But we can create arrows!”

I waved my sword and cut a section of the tree, making a Y-shaped frame and laughed, “We only need a rubber band to make a super accurate slingshot!”

“Rubber?” Lin Yi Xin was a little at a loss, “Where the heck can we find rubber here?”

I look straight at her shoulders and chest area. My meaning was very clear. There is rubber in a girl’s bra strap, it can be used if she cut it out.

How could the clever Lin Yi Xin not understood my meaning? She immediately stomped her foot in anger, “Don’t even think about it. I’m not wearing it!”

“You are really not wearing it?”

Lin Yi Xin blushed a little, “Just die. If you dared to ask me again I’ll definitely destroy you.”

Right at this time, there was suddenly a rustling sound from the forest. The next moment, a bloodthirsty porcupine rushed out suddenly. This was a level 45 beast, its body was filled with thorns all over. Its flesh was also very hard. It seemed like only this kind of beast could survive in this undead-infested Spirit Valley.

“Dinner is here…”

I quickly rushed over and pulled my sword. [Vindicate] and [Death Blade] fell onto the Bloodthirsty Porcupine’s head. my mysterious wasp had also flew over to help. “Whoosh whoosh whoosh”, it attacked three times. My three times combo attack was indeed powerful!


The Bloodthirsty Porcupine fell onto the ground. I spread my palm and chanted, [Undead Pillage]!”


A porcupine leather filled with needles appeared in my hands. What was left on our the porcupine was lean meat all over. It was much more healthier than pork meat which had been acquired from pigs that were kept indoors.

I started to get busy as I cut a branch and skewer the porcupine meat on. Then, i gathered some branches and prepared to make fire.

Make fire, fire…

I suddenly froze. Dammit, there’s no fire. How are we going to cook it!

At this moment, Lin Yi Xin suddenly said, “Move away, see how good i am!”

As she said that, she moved forward and spread her palms open. A hot flame suddenly appeared as she chanted, “[Fireball]!”


The branches caught fire. I was very curious, “Yiyi, how do learn [Fireball]?”

“You are really dumb…” Lin Yi Xin shot me a glance and smiled, “There is a place to learn normal [Fireball] in Floating Ice City. It is a public skill and not strictly limited to mages only. Priests, warrior and players with other jobs all can learn it, but you can only train to up to level 2.”

“Oh, I see. I should learn it when I get back…”


As I started to roast the meat, although there was no salt, green onion or cumin, the delicious wild porcupine’s smell filled the air a short moment later.

I used my Weeping Fireblade to stir the burning woods as Lin Yi Xin sat beside me. She smiled faintly as she watched the crackling fire, her beautiful eyes filled with hope.

Finally, the meat was cooked. Lin Yi Xin cut a piece of meat with her dagger, tasted it and laughed, “It’s burnt…”

“Yeah, it’ll be more crispy when it’s burnt. Eat more!”


I tore a big piece of meat, threw it into my mouth and chewed it furiously. Of course, I am more of a reserved person, so I covered my mouth with my hands as I chewed, just like Lin Dai Yu. However, it was not because I was bashful, it was because my appearance as an Undead Commander was really inappropriate. Who would be able to imagine a skeleton eating a piece of meat? I didn’t want to scare Lin Yi Xin away. It was difficult to find such a strong and beautiful partner. If I scared her away, it would be difficult to keep up with my current levelling speed.

My hunger slowly filled up. I stood up and said, “Yiyi, don’t you think we are super cool? We ate a whole hog to ourselves!”


Lin Yi Xin looked at me in silence, “Let’s continue to train. We should return and complete our quest after killing a few more Blood Skeletons.”


We entered the training grounds once again. A Blood Skeleton welcomed us immediately, howling at us.



Immediately, Lin Yi Xin and I were petrified. Is today our lucky day?

That little skeleton walked past us, the line of words shown on its head —

[Blood Skeleton]
Level: 1

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