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VW:UUTS Chapter 60 – Demon Trapping Stone

Chapter 60 – Demon Trapping Stone
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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After waiting for a long while, finally, a ‘di’ sound resounded —

System Announcement: Your friend Wind Fantasy has logged online!

The tent beside me shook as Lin Yi Xin came out from within, anger all written all over her face.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked.

When Lin Yi Xin looked at me, it seemed as if her mood became better immediately. She smiled, “Lu Chen, how about we skip dinner and play until 9? Afterwards I can treat you to supper. Deal?”


I squinted at her, “Is this a trap?”

“How could that be?” Lin Yi Xin smiled even wider, “I’m just treating you like a normal person. Don’t you treat your friends sometimes?”

“I do…” I chuckled, “I often treated Du Shi San to meals last time, but nowadays I treat him to meals every single day, as if I am his parents providing for him…”

“What, don’t you feel disgusted? I didn’t know that you have such preferences!” Lin Yi Xin shot me a glance.

I spread my hands and said, “Let’s go and continue to level!”



Entering deep into the Spirit Valley, the number of zombies gradually decreased. However, another terrifying undead has replaced those zombies — Chinese Vampires! Of course, the Chinese Vampires in the Spirit Valley were not the kind that wore Qing Dynasty’s official clothings and jumped all around. Rather, it was an Undead who wore ragged clothes and walked stiffly. They did not evolve into skeleton, all of their flesh were still intact. However, their flesh were all rotten, their bodies looked exactly like cotton wadding. They were wailing miserably.

[Chinese Vampire]

Just as I thought, its level was extremely high!


Lin Yi Xin had already turned into a silver flash and charged forward, her beautiful eyes revealing a silver colour. It was [Moon Iris]!


Her dagger accurately stabbed into the Chinese Vampire’s throat. Lin Yi Xin forcefully slashed her dagger and dragged it across the Chinese Vampire’s throat, causing another fatal injury. Then, she changed into her long sword as her [Wind Slaying Sword Skill] whizzed. Looking at these rain of attacks, this level 45 Chinese Vampire would probably be able to attack twice before it fell to its death.

“Pa da!”

A large magic stone dropped. Lin Yi Xin picked it up and asked, “Why didn’t you fight?”

I said, “Do you have grudges against Chinese Vampires? How could you play with its life so brutally?”

“Humph, I’m in a bad mood!”


We continued to advance. The highest level for the Chinese Vampire was 46, so we could still handle it as Lin Yi Xin and I both had expert capabilities. As one can well imagine, the efficiency of training our pets here were also very high. With two people in the party, the experience from the monster become 140% higher than normal, hence it was actually faster than training alone.

Five hours later, I have levelled up to level 38 while Lin Yi Xin to Level 40. We had also completed the number of monster that we were supposed to kill.

As I was about to absorb a Chinese Vampire’s Undead Flame, Lin Yi Xin suddenly patted my shoulders, “Let’s go and submit our guests!”


The two of us walked side by side across the valley. The Mysterious Wasp fluttered about near my shoulders while the Flame Blade followed Lin Yi Xin behind her battle gown. The Flame Blade had already risen to Level 34, hence both of its attack and defense were extremely high. Its health was also beyond reasonable. As one could have expected of Lin Yi Xin’s pet.

On the other hand, my Mysterious Wasp had also risen to level 36, its attributes had increased to the point that it was completely out of the world–

Level: 36
Attack: 405
Defense: 282
Health: 1204
Agility: 585

It could be said that the Mysterious Wasp’s current defense had gone beyond mine. This fact made me suspect that Lin Yi Xin was actually fancying the Mysterious Wasp instead of me. When I asked her, her answer really hurt my heart. She had indeed chosen me because of the Mysterious Wasp alone.

When we reached the entrance of the valley and initiated conversation with the NPC, they immediately treated us with respect. He gravely and sternly said, “You have proved your capabilities. Young yet courageous adventurers, please accept our little rewards!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have completed the quest [Cleaning Spirit Valley]. You received 8500 experience and 150 fame. Your reward is: Dream Magic Stone x1!


My experience bar increased, but I didn’t level up. I was already level 38, hence my levelling speed wasn’t as quick as before. It had already become slow.

Opening my inventory, a Dream Magic Stone that was glowing in soft light appeared. It was really the legendary Dream Magic Stone with a quality of 100. I immediately took out the Dream Magic Stone and chuckled, “This is 1 gold, ya know!”

Lin Yi Xin replied with a “huhuhu” cry, “I didn’t get anything…”

“You are really unlucky…”

“Come on! Your luck is also not that good.”

As we were talking, the NPC Guard suddenly said again with a grave expression, “Our dear respected, strong, young adventure from far away land, I have to tell you one extremely frightening thing. The depths of the Spirit Valley had already been infested with terrifying Undeads. They continued to attack us relentlessly, they must have wanted to charge out of the Spirit Valley to attack the human villages down the mountain. For those innocent civilians, I plead you to accept our request.”

Lin Yi Xin nodded, “Just say it~”

The guard replied, “Please enter the Spirit Valley immediately and kill 500 Blood Skeletons and 500 Green Skeletons. However, do exercise caution in this quest. These two strong Undeads would definitely not let living humans go easily. They are completely ruthless and brutal, you must be carefull!”


System Announcement: Would you like to accept the quest [Blood in the Air]? (Quest Level: C-)

Lin Yi Xin and I smiled towards each other. It was actually a C level quest! Fantastic, such a high levelled quest would definitely give us ample rewards. We might get iron-tier, or even rune-tier equipment! The equipment market in the Floating Ice City was booming right now, an iron-tier equipment would probably fetch 100 gold. If we managed to sell a level 40 rune-tier equipment, we would probably get 500 gold at the very least. That would be equivalent to RMB 50,000!

We accepted at the same time, receiving the C level quest!

Lin Yi Xin nudged my arm with her sword hilt and smiled, “I have a premonition that we are about to get filthy rich. Really, I think we would at least get a rune-tier equipment. We might even get a silver-tier equipment!”

“Rune-tier equipment?” I shot her a glance, “Or silver-tier equipment? Yiyi, are you still dreaming? We are only level 40 something, if we dared to use a silver-tiered equipment and say our greetings in Floating Ice City, I guarantee a whole bunch of strong people would be waiting for you to go out of the city and drop the equipment! Humph, I think it would already be very good if we get an iron-tier equipment…”

Lin Yi Xin looked at me as the corners of her mouth curled up, “You really don’t have any ambition do you?”


The two of us returned back into the Spirit Valley, leaving a trail of Zombies and Chinese Vampires corpses behind us. I quickly left and avoided the new monsters that were spawned. Under the condition that we had a quest to complete, I did not want to waste our time to kill these mobs.

Lin Yi Xin also approved my idea, following by my side without saying anything.

Before long, we had reached the depth of the Spirit Valley. Darkness engulfed all around us, there were also blood smeared all over the ground. They produced squishing sounds when our boots stepped on the ground, as if they were made of flesh. This made us feel really uncomfortable. Of course, Lin Yi Xin was the one who was feeling more uncomfortable. I was more or less accustomed to the eerie atmosphere of the Undead.

“Wait a minute, Yiyi…” I suddenly stood still.


“There’s a situation. A monster appeared!”


“At your right!”

Lin Yi Xin swept a glance and immediately cried out in alarm, “It could still disguise itself? Come out and show yourself!”

Slashing her sword angrily, the whole ground shook as a Skeleton whose whole body was covered in blood appeared. It didn’t wear anything, only holding a bronze sword on its hands. Its two eyes glinted with bloodthirst as it let out a mournful wail and charged towards Lin Yi Xin.

[Blood Skeleton]
Level: 47

Tsk tsk, what a high level. It was a level 47 monster, 9 levels higher than me. If I were to fight it alone, it would have been extremely difficult to win.

I glared at the Blood Skeleton and said, “Yiyi, this skeleton is looking at you with perverted eyes, you know~”

Lin Yi Xin laughed dryly, “That’s okay, he was looking at you first…”

“Heck! It even dared to look at me! Receive your death!”

I charged forward, unleashing [Vindicate]. The Mysterious Wasp and Flame Blade also charged forward. After a slash and a prick from them, the Blood Skeleton’s health decreased very quickly. The Mysterious Wasp’s damage was the highest, especially when its [Combo] attack had already reached Level 3. Sometimes it would attack three times consecutively, and that will inflict at least 1000 damage. Such a high damage really made Lin Yi Xin green with envy. She swore to buy a [Combo] skill book for her Flame Blade when we returned back to Floating Ice City.

As we killed our first Blood Skeleton, our experience bar increased greatly!

It couldn’t be denied that this Blood Skeleton’s health was indeed very high. A Level 47 monster could actually have more than 5000 health. It was simply too powerful. If we could catch it and make it a pet, with its health and defense, it would definitely make a good meat shield.

We continued forward, killing Blood Skeleton one by one. This kind of levelling was definitely pleasant. I liked two kinds of feelings the most, one is looking at my experience bar filling up quickly, and the second was to ogle at Lin Yi Xin’s boobs as they wobble up and down when she was fighting. These feelings were definitely the best.


Half an hour later.

Lin Yi Xin wiped the sweat on her forehead and said, “Lu Chen, how much gold do you have now?”

“51 gold, why?”

“I’ll sell you something good for 10 gold, do you want it?”

Looking at her smiling face, I felt like I was about to fall into a trap. However, I still suppressed my emotions and asked, “What good thing?”


Lin Yi Xin opened her palm, revealing a purple crystal stone on her snow-white hands. The item’s attributes quickly flew up to my view as gold-coloured letters appeared —

[Demon Sealing Stone]: Can be used to seal a level 1 monster, will disappear upon use.

I was unable to take my eyes off the item, “What, what is this?”

Lin Yi Xin laughed, “Stupid~~ Isn’t the use of this item very obvious? This Demon Sealing Stone gave you one chance to seal a level 1 pet. It would be great if you could seal it, then you can sell the Demon Sealing Stone. That way, even though you are not a beastmaster, you could still earn your keep like a beastmaster!”

I immediately agreed without the slightest hesitation, “Sell me one, 10 gold!”


After completing our trade, “Yiyi, where did you find this precious item?”

“Oh, it’s a Radiant Knight’s special privilege. I can exchange 100 fame from my instructor every week for two Demon Sealing Stones. I am kind of short of money nowadays, otherwise I would definitely not sell it to you.”

“Oh okay!”


We continued to kill. After the Blood Skeleton, we met another new species of Undead. It was a rock skeleton whose body was covered in green light. Green Skeleton!

The Green Skeleton and Blood Skeleton both occupied the depths of Spirit Valley. They were the guardians of this place. The Green Skeleton was Level 48, its defense was high beyond comprehension. However, its attack and agility was very normal.

Just as we were killing our way, Lin Yi Xin suddenly froze on the spot. Her beautiful eyes flashed with astonishment as she slowly raised her fingers and pointed at a nearby place, her mouth mumbling, “Lu Chen, look… That, what is that?”

I swept a glance and immediately froze on the spot too. It was a Green Skeleton that had just spawned. This in itself was not strange, but there was a line of words floating above its head —

[Green Skeleton]
Level: 1

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