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VW:UUTS Chapter 59 – Wind Slaying

Chapter 59 – Wind Slaying
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Aren’t you quite the charmer~”

On the side of a peaceful river, Lin Yi Xin placed her hands on her back as she jokingly teased me.

The moonlight shone a silver light upon Lin Yi Xin’s snow-white face. Her white cape fluttered in the wind, setting a contrast on her skin, highlighting her outstanding beauty even more.

I was intoxicated in her sight. To her comment, I replied, ”Why do you say that?”

Lin Yi Xin pursed her lips and smiled, “Domineering Heaven Blade wanted to kill you, Descent of the Dragon wanted to kill you, Shadow Chanel wanted to kill you, even that Marquis Zi Yi whom you just met also wanted to kill you. Aren’t all these enough to prove your charm?”

I calmly smiled, “Not really. In this world of martial arts, everyone is my enemy. Hahaha….”

Lin Yi Xin shot me a glance before covering her mouth and laughed, “Let’s just go. We should quickly reach Spirit Valley and train ourselves to level 60. After going through job promotion to silver-ranked swordsman, we’ll be able to get a life-saving skill. That will help you to live a few days more.”



When we reached the Spirit Valley, it was already morning in-game. A ray of sunlight peeked through the horizons, scattering drops of gold onto the forest.

“There, it’s right in front!”

Lin Yi Xin pointed in front. There was indeed a canyon over there, it was just that it was filled with darkness and deathly aura. No wonder, it was called a Spirit Valley after all. There would definitely be something evil in there.

I pinched my fingers together as I frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yi Xin asked.

I replied, “There’s a repulsion of Yin and Yang in this place. The Yin held great importance, while the Yang has been driven out. Hundreds of ghosts roam around this place, it is indeed a terrible place!”

Lin Yi Xin nervously looked around the surroundings, before looking in front at the end. She heaved a sigh of relief as she calmly replied, “So what, psychic, go and enter the valley. What can you do outside of the valley!”

We continued to walk forward. Indeed, a dilapidated camp appeared at the valley entrance. The camp was simple and crude, it was only a few pieces of bamboos put together to form a small shed. Two sentinels surrounded a bonfire that almost died out inside the shed. The shed was filled with smoke, and there was a leftover porcupine’s meat on the table next to them.

Lin Yi Xin walked forward and stood right in front of the NPC soldier, smiling sweetly, “Mister, may I ask how we can be of any assistance?”

One of the soldiers stood up and measured Lin Yi Xin up and down. He also looked at me, but he didn’t realize that I was an Undead. With my Cyan Fire Cloak covering my body, it wasn’t weird that he could not recognize me.

The soldier then sighed and said, “Young adventurer, three to four months before you two came here, we have suffered a few dozens attacks here. Those evil undeads had killed all of our companions. It’s really good that you guys came now. I know that the Silvermoon Alliance would never abandon their warriors even though they are far away!”

As he said that, the soldier continued, “Young swordsmen, please go forth to the Spirit Valley and kill 200 Zombies and 200 Chinese Vampires. When you come back to find me after you have finished this task, I will give you your rightful, generous reward!”


System Announcement: Would you accept the quest [Cleaning Spirit Valley]? (Quest Level: D+)

Lin Yi Xin and I chose ‘accept’ harmoniously. With mission at hand, we set forth on our quest!

Carrying my sword, I walked in front as I summoned the Mysterious Wasp. When Lin Yi Xin saw the Mysterious Wasp’s name, she couldn’t help but to mumble in annoyance, “Lu Chen, chang your Mysterious Wasp’s name. You are not allowed to name it Wind Fantasy…”

“Why?” I replied with a smile.

Lin Yi Xin puffed up her chest and said, “Because I’m the only Wind Fantasy in the world…”


This reason was not a reason at all, but I still changed the Mysterious Wasp name in the end. I changed it to ‘F-22’. This name was actually very eye-catching, it drew Lin Yi Xin’s bell-like laugh.

As we enter into the canyon, a stinky smell wiffed up our noses.


Lin Yi Xin frowned, “What’s that smell? Why is it so smelly?”

I said, “It’s the smell of rotten corpses.”

I was familiar with this kind of scent, I had smelled it when I first became an Undead Swordsman. However, after absorbing huge amount of Undead Flame, I had reached the Bone Spirit Realm, hence the rotting smell from my body had since disappeared. Otherwise, Lin Yi Xin wouldn’t be so willing to travel with me.

In front of us, a low, deafening howl resounded as a shabbily-dressed figure in the valley walked towards us.

“It’s humans~”

Lin Yi Xin was extremely happy. Unfortunately, in the next moment, her pretty face had turned into an expression of horror.

The figure that was walking towards us wasn’t a human, it was a half-rotting corpse. It was one of the lowest levelled of undead monsters. Its face was full of holes, where worms crawled in and out. It was really an appalling scene to behold.

Level: 42

I could see its level. It was 6 levels higher than me and 4 levels higher than Lin Yi Xin. It seemed to be comparatively easy to handle.

“Hey? Go and attack it…”

I shot Lin Yi Xin a glance to signal to her it’s time for her to display her skill. She, who had the holy spirit power would definitely be better in killing undead monsters.

Lin Yi Xin pouted her lips as she lifted her sword and flew past, her sword flashing with a faint silver light. When she reach close to the monster, a milky white wind immediately surrounded her blade!

“Pa pa!”



Two normal attacks had actually caused such a strong damage?!

I kneaded my eyes, immediately opening the battle messages to find–

Battle Announcement: Player Wind Fantasy has executed [Wind Slaying Sword Skill]!

[Wind Slaying Sword Skill]?

I asked in surprise, “Yiyi, is [Wind Slaying] your skill?”


Lin Yi Xin retreated 2 meters back and space out the distance between the monster and herself. She brandished her sword once again, controlling the rhythm of the battle perfectly.

She seemed to know what I was thinking off, smiling as she said, “When I was still a noob, I managed to kill a strong BOSS. It dropped the [Wind Slaying Sword Skill] skill book. This skill added extra damage to normal attacks, and can greatly increase the efficiency of killing monsters. Level 3 [Wind Slaying] can increase my damage by 15%.”

I nodded, “No wonder your levelling speed is so fast.”

“Stop spouting nonsense, come here and help me. This is a level 42 monster, if we fight it together, we can sustain zero damage!”


I carried my sword and brought along Mysterious Wasp. With [Vindicate] and a normal attack, I shaved off 1000 hp from the monster. As the Mysterious Wasp pricked the monster with its needle twice and Lin Yi Xin’s Flame Blade also helped to attack, we have indeed managed to kill a Level 42 Zombie with almost no damage at all. Although the experience was divided into two of us, we could still see a significant increase in our experience bar. This Level 42 monster’s experience was actually quite significant.

“Hua la!”

Good start, the first Zombie we killed had actually dropped a lustrous, shiny looking large magic stone. I picked it up, observed it and said, “91 Quality, how do we split this? Do you want to ROLL it?”

Lin YI Xin didn’t even look at it and said, “Why do we even need to ROLL? This piece of stone is yours, and the next one will be mine. If we continue this cycle, none of us will be at a disadvantage.”

“Yeah, alright!”

Lin Yi Xin’s arrangement was indeed good. If we ROLL it, one of us might have a very bad luck and lose out in getting the magic stones. That way, we wouldn’t feel that it’s fair.

We continued to walk forward. More Zombies started to appear the deeper we walked into the valley. At first, they come in groups of three or four. In the end, they come in a large group, making killing them extremely difficult.


“Pa Cha!”

As her sharp sword cut through a Level 44 Zombie, Lin Yi Xin’s face was a little red as her chest heaved up and down. She said, “I can’t anymore. It’s really difficult to kill them. A Level 44 Zombie caused too much damage to me, let’s make our pets lure a few monsters to us. We can’t continue tanking the damage like this.”

“I’ve already said it before, but you just looked down upon my Mysterious Wasp’s defense…”

“Humph, do it quick!”

I ordered the Mysterious Wasp to fly forward and lure a monster. The monsters were extremely aggressive, 5 Level 44 Zombies had been lured in an instant. It was really difficult!

“Get them, quick!”

I carried my sword and flew forward. I first ordered the Mysterious Wasp to tank three of the Zombies, then killed one with my Weeping Fireblade. Lin Yi Xin also ordered Flame Blade to tank one. It was really a fierce battle, our health decreased rapidly. It had not been half a minute, but my Mysterious Wasp’s health had already decreased by half. These Zombies’ damage was really very high!

“Drink potions, don’t be stingy!” Lin Yi Xin shouted when she saw my health bar.

I quickly downed a Level 3 Health Potion. Heck, I was using a 50 silvers a bottle at this kind of situation!

Unleashing [Vindicate] and [Death Blade], I killed two Zombies. In the end, Mysterious Wasp and I both killed the third one. We finally passed through the dangerous part. As for Lin Yi Xin, she was waving her sword, displaying her [Wind Slaying Sword Skill] sword dance. Her battle form was simply breathtaking.

In a blink of an eye, one hour had passed. There had already been countless of corpses who fell under my sword. We had collected a total of 11 large magic stones, it seemed like higher-levelled monsters were more generous than lower-levelled monsters. I had levelled up to level 37 while Lin Yi Xin had levelled up to level 39, still maintaining the 2 levels gap between us.

I sat under a tree to adjust my status for a while as I waited for Mysterious Wasp to recover its full health. At the same time, we were taking a short break.

“Here, take some potions…”

I turned around and discovered Lin Yi Xin beautifully standing beside me, a level 3 Health Potion in her hands.

“This, what does this mean?” I was a little apprehensive.

“Aren’t you about to run out of food?” Lin Yi Xin said, “Take it, you don’t have to pay me money. Since we are levelling in a party, we don’t have to be so calculative with each other.”

I was extremely touched as I received it. There was a total of 17 bottles, if it was sold at the current market price, it would fetch at least a few thousands RMB. I couldn’t help but to look at Lin Yi Xin again, and discovered that this beautiful girl had actually had a good personality.

Patting my butt, I stood up and walked towards the corpse of one of the Zombies, absorbing its Undead Flame.

Lin Yi Xin frowned slightly and asked, “Eh? What have you been doing? What use would that have?”

I extended my arms and took off my wrist guard. A skin filled with flesh and blood had appeared. A few parts of my body had also grew out some skin. Seemed like I was close to the Bone Spirit Leader’s Realm now. God knows how much Undead Flame I had to absorb to evolve to this state.

“Eh? You have grown some skin?” Lin Yi Xin opened her mouths wide, extremely surprised.

I nodded and laughed, “Yeah. When I have absorbed enough Undead Flames, I would be able to transform into Asura, then I could recover my identity as a human. How’s that? Don’t you want to see my handsome human appearance?”

Lin Yi Xin shot me a glance, her beautiful eyes filled with ridicule as she chuckled, “Even if you recover your human appearance, what has the word handsome got to do with you?”


My god, this girl’s words were really painful!


At this moment, Lin Yi Xin suddenly received a message. Her beautiful face were immediately shrouded with ice.

“What’s wrong?”

“I… need to log off for a while.”

Lin Yi Xin set up a tent before turning around and said to me, “Could you wait for me for around ten minutes?”

“Sure, what’s up? Why are you in such a rush?”

“Don’t ask…”

“Okay, come back quick!”


Lin Yi Xin logged out, only leaving a simple tent behind. I sat down beside the tent and waited for her to log back in. It would be too difficult for me to solo a group of Level 44 monsters. I would probably die in a moment of carelessness. At this time, I really need Lin Yi Xin, the strong lady swordsman by my side.

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