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VW:UUTS Chapter 58 – Marquis Zi Yi

Chapter 58 – Marquis Zi Yi
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Passing through the small path in the forest, the moonlight shone upon our path like sprinkles of snow, reflecting the shadows of the tree leaves. I carried my Weeping Fireblade and walked with assured steps. Lin Yi Xin walk by my side, her snow-white legs clad inside her boots, stepping on my shadows.

The mountain winds blew, faintly carrying the sounds of wolf howling and tigers roaring.

In a flash, Lin Yi Xin’s Flame Blade immediately floated into the air. Its speed was not slow, this pet’s attack power was actually really strong. It did not seem to be any weaker than my Mysterious Wasp.

“I think in near future, [Mad Dragon] would organize a large group of people to fight against a Level 60 BOSS.” I muttered.

Lin Yi Xin chuckled softly, “Let them do whatever they want~”

“Do you really want to see Mad Dragon’s influence becoming bigger in Floating Ice City?” I turned around and looked at her.

Lin Yi Xin also looked at me and smiled, “Is your IQ that low? Why don’t you think about this. The one who doesn’t want the Mad Dragon Guild’s influence to grow bigger in Floating Ice City the most was actually not us, but the God’s Destroyer Guild. Domineering Heaven Blade would definitely not just stand by and watch.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” I nodded, changing the topic, “Yiyi, how many experts have you won over right now?”


Lin Yi Xin closed her eyes as she counted, then she opened her eyes and smiled, “Three. Qing Qing, Amethyst River and Life-stealing Sword. You?”

“Two. Shi San and Ghost Valley…”

“…” Lin Yi Xin tilted her head to look at me, as if she was seeing something very funny.

“What kind of look is that?” I had goosebumps from the way she looked at me.

Lin Yi Xin snorted a laugh, “For Crimson Mercenaries… I can rate you 9/10, Ghost Valley 4/10, and as for that Outstanding Expert… I think even 1/10 is too high for him…”

I nodded, “Your rating is quite accurate…”



As we continued to walk, suddenly, we saw shadows of people in front. A five-man party appeared. There was a Level 33 Warrior called Marquis Zi Yi who was wearing a blue armour. It should be an elite-ranked equipment. It seemed like we shouldn’t underestimate this person’s abilities. There was also a Level 32 Magic Knight called Reversed Shadow, and a Level 30 Mage called Far-away Visitor. Furthermore, there was also a priest and a tactician, both levelled 29.

This five man party’s abilities were strong and solid, at least that Marquis Zi Yi and Reversed Shadow were experts that were hard to come by!

My gaze froze as I softly said, “Careful, they might not come with good intentions!”

“Why?” Lin Yi Xin asked.

I smiled slightly, “Yiyi, you are quite skillful, but you don’t have enough experience. Look at them. They have 1 warrior and 1 magic knight right at the front, a priest and a mage at the rear and a tactician right behind. This is obviously a battle formation. If they are only passing us by, would they adopt such a rigorous battle formation?”

Lin Yi Xin nodded, her beautiful purple irises flashed with a faint killing intent as the corner of her mouth curled up into a mesmerizing smile, “Then, no matter what the enemy plots against us, we must strike them back with equivalent force. You go first, and I’ll wait for an opportunity to kill the mage and the priest. That mage is level 32, he would be very troublesome!”


I walked forward with great strides as I raised my hands suddenly, my Weeping Fireblade igniting on fire. Enveloped in a red light, I imbued the [Undead Strength] onto my blade.

Reversed Shadow readied his spear and unleash a [Flame Strike] without a second word!

I swung my sword, and with a “Ding!”, our spear and sword clashed. A shock jolted my whole body as I lost 100 health from a scrape of his spear. This magic knight’s attack was really strong!

“[Death Blade]!”

Taking advantage of the situation, I swung my Weeping Fireblade down to Reversed Shadow’s shoulders, inflicting 487 damage. It was a pity that Reversed Shadow’s health was at least 800 and above. With half of his health left, he hurriedly retreated.

Right at this moment, a cold wind suddenly blew as Marquis Zi Yi charged over. He carried a sharp sword and was about to pierce through my abdomen. Although I could see his attack clearly, his attack was very quick, executed in less than 0.5 seconds. It completely gave me no chance of dodging the attack at all!

“Pu Chi!”


What a strong attack!

And at the same time, Far-away Visitor suddenly chanted an incantation. A fire dragon flew up from the ground and shot towards me. It was Level 20 mage skill – [Fire Dragon’s Roar]!

In an instant, I received the baptism of the fire dragon on my whole body. My health decreased drastically – 301!

So frightening! I had completely underestimated the opponent’s’ strength!

Marquiz Zi Yi’s attack was unexpectedly sharp, after his initial attack, he immediately moved in a zigzag direction and stabbed me on my other side. Flexible like a worm, he initiated the second attack!

With many years of PK experience, I had practiced this situation many times. My practices paid off as I judged his attack in advance. Before Marquis Zi Yi started to charge towards me, I had already started moving. When Marquis Zi Yi thrusted his sword, I had already moved back half a step and turned my body smoothly like flowing water as I swung my sword on Marquis Zi Yi’s back.



Sparks of fire splashed out as Marquis Zi Yi’s expressions changed with my attack. His health was around 650. As long as I could attack him one more time, he would immediately be killed!

My second attack had already shot out, this was all part of my plans. However, the thing that went out of my expectation was the holy light that descended from the sky onto Marquis Zi Yi’s head.


Damn, in-between-attacks heal? This priest was really skillful!

The mage Far-away Visitor had already started his second [Flame Dragon’s Roar] spell. My head felt numb at once, one-versus-five was really hard. I was about to die within 5 seconds!

The tactician was activating [War Dance] and [Iron Wall], this was also the deciding factor of victory or defeat. In the early stage of this game, under the situation where most people’s equipments were still horrible, an additional 5% attack and defense would still be important.

At this time, a silver light streaked across the horizon, shooting twice!

“Ca ca!”

Two sounds resounded and the mage Far-away Visitor slowly collapsed as his [Magic Shield] was broken. That priest had also collapsed with a face filled with shock. Before his eyes closed, he caught a sight of a beautiful face.

Lin Yi Xin had finally moved!

As the two mage-type players slowly collapsed, the tactician started to panic. He turned around and hurriedly retreated, but a Mysterious Wasp shot towards him suddenly. As it attacked him twice with its needle, that tactician watched with a shocked and frightened expression as two high damage numbers flew out —



Just any one of this attacks was enough to kill him instantly. A Level 30 Mysterious Wasp was indeed too powerful, its attack power was even above mine.

I grabbed a Level 3 health potion and down it in one go. Immediately, I gained 600 health and completely recovered. I quickly charged towards the magic knight Reversed Shadow. Reversed Shadow immediately summoned his pet, and it was surprisingly a Level 27 Green Praying Mantis. This pet’s attack and defense was extremely strong, but its speed was low. The time lapse between its first and second attack was around 3 seconds!


The Green Praying Mantis’ blades brushed across my chest. There was only a buzzing sound when my black-coloured armour suddenly shone in a bright light. There was a ghost’s howling sound as I activated my [Ghost Armour] skill. As a result, that Green Praying Mantis’ attack only amounted to 100 damage. My original defense was already very high, and with the addition of Level 3 [Ghost Armour] additional defense, that Green Praying Mantis couldn’t break through my defense at all.

I raised my sword and swung it down, striking Reversed Shadow twice. The first attack was my trump card — [Vindicate], while the second attack was the strongest attack of all my current skills — [Death Blade]!



Reversed Shadow’s eyes bulged open as he couldn’t believe that I could actually cause more than 1000 damage on another person. At the current stage in , this damage was indeed rarely seen.

“Pu Tong!”

Reversed Shadow died, leaving Marquis Zi Yi alone.

Facing against Lin Yi Xin’s and my pincer attack, Marquis Zi Yi was extremely calm. He calmly looked at the surrounding and laughed out, “The number one player Wind Fantasy from the Player Ranking Board and the seventh ranked Fallen Hero had actually joined hands together. Seems like my brothers and I had not died unjustifiedly facing against you both!”

I humphed, “Marquis Zi Yi, we haven’t met before, right? Why did you guys launched an attack on us?”

Marquis Zi Yi laughed coldly, “Why do you need to ask so much? Today, my teammates and I did not have sufficient skills compared to our enemies. Humph, if it weren’t for your abnormally strong pets, we would have clinched the victory!”

Lin Yi Xin couldn’t help but to burst into laughter, “Really, do you want me to give you a fair chance? Would you dare going on one-on-one match against me?”

Marquis Zi Yi clenched his teeth, “Wind Fantasy, we don’t have any grudge against you at all. We only wanted to kill Fallen Hero. Why do you have to be such a busybody?”


Lin Yi XIn raised her eyebrows and looked at me, saying, “What grudges do you have between each other?”

“He killed my friend, Shadow Chanel!’

“Shadow Chanel is your friend?” I furrowed my brows as I asked.

“That’s right, so we are mortal enemies from today onwards!” Maquis Zi Yi looked at me furiously, swinging the sword in his hands as he roared, ”Fallen Hero, you are the all-mighty player ranked in the Player Ranking Board. Do you dare to have a one-on-one duel with me?”

This Marquis Zi Yi was really cunning. He knew that Lin Yi Xin’s level was high and she was also very skillful. He had thought I was a pushover and picked me instead…

“Alright, I won’t summon my pet.”

I nodded, lifting my Weeping Fireblade as I laughed out, “Come, Marquis Zi Yi, let me see what you are worth. Could you take revenge on me for your fallen friends and the Shadow Clan?”

“Humph, let’s fight!”

Marquis Zi Yi suddenly charged forward, his whole body straight like an arrow. However, at a distance of 5 yards away from me, he suddenly changed his trajectory and in the next moment, he attacked me from the right, his body enveloped in a red light. It was a Level 30 warrior’s skill — [Sudden Kill]!

I couldn’t help but smiled. This person was indeed skillful!

“Sha! Sha!”

My feet stepped twice on the ground as my body floated a few meters away. My body became as light as leaves blown by the wind, fluttering and flowing, as I drew an S-mark on the ground, dodging away from my opponent’s attack. Just as we brushed across each other, I immediately swung the sword in my hands, inflicting [Vindicate] on Marquis Zi Yi. A large MISS appeared from his head!

Immediately, Marquis Zi Yi froze. He had read the information that my next attack would ignore 60% of his defense and increase my attack by 45%. Just now when I used it on the magic knight Reversed Shadow, he had died in one move. Reversed Shadow was a high-defense magic knight while Marquis Zi Yi was only a warrior. If Reversed Shadow couldn’t survive that attack, he would also not be able to survive it.

Seeing Marquis Zi Yi’s panicked face, I took back my sword that was about to unleash [Death Blade]. I turned my body and said to Lin Yi Xin, “Yiyi, let’s go and train. Let’s not waste anymore time here.”

Lin Yi Xin’s mouth was opened wide, it was obvious that she was stunned by my skillful footwork. She gave me a glance, the expression in her eyes a little bit strange as she said, “Are you really Fallen Dust from ?”

I nodded, “Yeah, let’s go!”


Lin Yi Xin followed behind me and entered the forest obediently, leaving Marquis Zi Yi standing on the ground staring blankly. In the end, he sighed, “Chanel, what kind of enemy have you made?”


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