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VW:UUTS Chapter 57 – Genius Protoss

Chapter 57 – Genius Protoss
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Du Shi San closely observed Lin Yi Xin’s expression, and when he realized that her expression started to change, he immediately bolted out of the door. Since young, I had never seen him move so fast before.

Sun Qing Qing smiled like a flower and said, “Lu Chen, I say, are you and and your friend from the University of Science and Technology (USTC) too?”


I nodded, “But we graduated half a year ago.”

“Oh, I see.”

I shot Lin Yi Xin a glance and found that she was looking at me. She was scowling and glaring at me with knives. I immediately turned around and talked with Sun Qing Qing, “Qing Qing, isn’t today’s weather beautiful…”

Sun Qing Qing: “…”

At this time, Ghost Valley hold a glass of beer and walked over, smiling, “The two of you, did you know? When my boss, Broken Spear, was still in USTC, he was not your ordinary student. Do you still remember the WCG event that was held in Shanghai three years ago? Chaos Illumination represented Korea and defeated the Three Great Overlords of Starcraft China. However, in the end, he was defeated by a student! Hahaha, that student was actually Boss Broken Spear, who was nicknamed the Genius Protoss — Night_chen!”
(Shiro: WCG – World Cyber Games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Cyber_Games
Protoss: http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Protoss)

Sun Qing Qing’s jaws opened wide, utterly shocked.

Lin Yi Xin’s expressions also changed. She slowly stood up, her beautiful pair of eyes looking straight at me, filled with complicated expression.

“You… You are that legendary Genius Protoss, USTC’s School Team’s leader, Night_chen?” Lin Yi Xin bit her cherry lips as she asked.

My heart was shaken a little. Should I confess? It must be known that when my name was resounding through the gaming world, Lin Yi Xin was still around 18. Yep, a powerful Starcraft Emperor like me must have been her idol. She might even throw herself into my embrace when she knew my identity. Maybe I could have a warm bed tonight…

My heart rate shot up at that instant.

“Yeah, but that’s all in the past…” I shook my hands nonchalantly.

Lin Yi Xin’s gaze seemed to blurred a little, but it suddenly lighten up again, filled with killing intent this time, as if she wanted to attack me with her [Moon Iris].

My heart immediately screamed, ‘Not good!’

In the next moment, Lin Yi Xin suddenly stood up and pounced towards me, her soft and tender hands started to choke my neck as she gritted her teeth and said, “So Night_chen is you! Lu Chen, you bastard! I’m gonna kill youuuu!!!”


The pitiful chair was overturned as I was pushed over near a beautifully carved window. Lin Yi Xin was all huddled in my embrace like a little Persian cat. Of course, she was an extremely aggressive and violent little cat.

I was completely innocent, “Yiyi, what the heck are you doing?!”

Lin Yi Xin bared her fangs, “You still dared to talk?!”


I must as well stop speaking, anyway, I could enjoy her sweet scent and warm body a little more. It was summer, having Lin Yi Xin’s curvaceous body in my embrace, having her softness crushed onto my chest, that kind of ecstasy definitely could make a person go insane. Especially when Lin Yi Xin moved her body slightly, I almost crumbled in ecstasy. But as an upright youth, I reached out towards Lin Yi Xin’s butt and pulled her skirt down, preventing her to expose her panties to the world when her skirt flipped up.

Aih, I’m really too kindhearted.

Before three seconds passed, Lin Yi Xin suddenly realized. Wouldn’t this punishment gave him advantage instead?

Immediately, Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful face turned red. After giving me another punch with a huff, she retreated and gracefully sat back down.

I sat back up as I tried to stifle a certain kind of impulse and frowned, “What happened actually? Why would Yi Yi be so violent?”

Sun Qing Qing sipped a cup of tea as she smiled, “Lu Chen, do you remember what happened after you defeated Chaos Illumination?”

I shook my head.

Sun Qing Qing immediately replied, “Who is Chaos illumination? He was the Korean Emperor of Starcraft! One month after you defeated him, Chaos Illumination had managed to find your address and brought an internationally winning team Fire Fox to Suzhou. At that time, you have already graduated and left the school team. Chaos Illumination only needed one day to completely decimate the USTC’s Team, ‘Night’. At that time, Yi Yi was the main force of the school team, so…”

I looked at Lin Yi Xin and suddenly felt a pang of compassion for her. Chaos Illumination came to Su Zhou, with Lin Yi Xin’s jack of all trades’ skill, she would definitely be completely annihilated.

Sun Qing Qing said, “Yi Yi didn’t want to admit her lost at that time, as a result, she was defeated ten times straight. She even made me lose 2 weeks worth of my breakfast money. Aih, I really don’t want to remember those times anymore…”

“Ah, I see…”

I muttered irresolutely and laughed awkwardly, “It’s really a case of ‘I did not kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren die because of me…’”
(Shiro: Basically it’s a famous quote said by Wang Dao (WD), some kind of Chinese noble during 322 AD. WD had a cousin A, who wanted to overthrow the Emperor B. WD didn’t want to get involved so he asked for Emperor B’s mercy. Then there’s this guy called Bo Ren who is WD’s friend. WD asked for his help, but he tried to help WD in secret and pretended otherwise on the outside. WD didn’t know BR was helping him so he thought BR had betrayed him. Later, cousin A really managed to overthrow Emperor B, and wanted to kill everyone related to him, including BR. Counsin A asked WD if he wanted to save BR but he didn’t say anything, so cousin A killed BR. Afterwards, WD found out that BR had tried to help him before and lamented that quote. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Dao)

Lin Yi Xin’s eyes shot towards me as she shouted, “You still dare to speak! Leaving the team right after defeating Chaos Illumination, you really left us a lot of mess to deal with! I… I really want to burn you alive!”

I laughed out loud, “Haha, how about this, I’d treat you to this meal, take it as my apology to you!”

Lin Yi Xin considered a while before nodding, “Alright then,”

Rubbing my wallet, I secretly cursed myself for ordering so many food just now.


On our way home.

“Lin Yi Xin wanted to burn Boss Broken Spear alive…” Ghost Valley muttered.

Du Shi San said, “Little Ghost, you are really slow. You shouldn’t believe a girl’s words. I, on the other hand, feel that Miss Lin has actually taken a liking to our Lu Chen. At least, she liked Lu Chen’s in-game skills.”

Saying that, Du Shi San was a little shaken as he patted my shoulders, smiling, “Lu Chen, if we can get closer to Miss Lin, our Crimson Mercenaries can join Lin Yi Xin’s future guild. Wouldn’t that be pretty good!”

I shook my head determinedly and replied him seriously, “Shi San, that’s impossible.”

“Wh- Why?” Du Shi San couldn’t understand.

I look at him and emphasised each words, “Crimson Mercenaries is an independent guild. Even if we are to join a guild, there would only be one other guild that would be worthy for us to join — Ancient Sword Dreams!”

“Uhh…” Du Shi San stared at me foolishly.

Ghost Valley clenched his fist and said, “Lu Chen, I support you! I know what happened during . Gentlemen die for those who appreciate them. If one day you want to go back to Ancient Sword Dream, I will be willing to follow you and join Ancient Sword Dream!”

I laughed out and said, “Thanks!”

Du Shi San continued, “This, you should take time to consider it carefully. Right now, Ancient Sword Dreams have not even been established yet. It’s still far in the future. Furthermore, Ancient Sword Dream’s core team are only made up of Blazing Sun and Mu Rong Ming Yue. With their standards, they wouldn’t be able to establish a guild in the Floating Ice City.”

I didn’t say anything. Du Shi San was right, but as long as i live, humph, I would definitely make the name Ancient Sword Dreams resound throughout the Floating Ice City.

Even if I couldn’t meet He Yi face to face with my current body condition nor join Ancient Sword Dream, Crimson Mercenaries and I would continue to protect her regardless of anything. We would definitely help Ancient Sword Dreams to establish their footing in Floating Ice City.


Returning to our studio, we went online!


It was a little dark when I opened my eyes, that was because I was inside my grave.

I climbed out of my grave and breathed in the fresh air outside. I couldn’t help but to laugh out and followed those kungfu masters in movies, shouting out towards the forest, “People of my past, don’t be sad by my passing! If I’m still alive, you all will not be alive!”

After I shouted that, my heart felt really refreshed.

However, right at this moment, a familiar sounding voice resounded from within a tent that had been set up on the edge of the forest. A beautiful figure came out from the tent, her graceful amour enveloping her curvaceous body. She carried a sword and a small dagger on her waist. Her long black hair flowed down like a waterfall, as her purple-colored eyes looked at me, shocking me.

It was Lin Yi Xin indeed. Turned out that she had chosen Frozen Mound as a logging-out place. How dare she do that? She’s really too arrogant and condescending!

I took out a card from my inventory and immediately threw it forward.


The card flew in the air and become a beautiful Magic Circle that enveloped Lin Yi Xin’s whole body. A Hexagon Magic Circle appeared and revolve around Lin Yi Xin’s feet.


Lin Yi Xin’s mouth gasped in surprise as she looked at the Magic Circle underneath her feet, utterly bewildered. After a few seconds, she realized that this Magic Circle was the effect of using the Sealing Card!

Lin Yi Xin’s face immediately become red, just like an overripe apple in autumn. She glared at me and shouted, “Lu Chen, you want to die? You had actually used a Sealing Card on me, did you think I’m a Level 1 pet?”

I burst into laughter as Lin Yi Xin managed to guess my intentions. Truthfully, I really wanted to seal her and bring her along everywhere, helping me to kill monsters. She would also make a beautiful pet that was pleasing to my eyes. If only I could do that, I would be so happy.

“Yiyi, you came to Frozen Mound to find me, right?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Lin Yi Xin nodded but did not say anything.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Lin Yi Xin blinked her eyes and said, “Would you be interested in exploring a new map with me?”

I nodded, “Are the monsters in that map high-levelled?”

“Very high-levelled!”

“No problem. Anyway I also wanted to level. Also…” I hesitated a while and smiled, “Also, if we train together, we can build a deeper relationship between us, right?”


Lin Yi Xin smiled slightly, revealing two white fangs. Those were special traits of the Magic Race. Although they were fangs, they looked adorable. However, I still felt a slight chill. Although Lin Yi Xin was as beautiful as an angel, when she go berserk, she was no different from a little demon. I must act with caution or else I would risk being sold to slavery or cheated in money. If it were Du Shi San or Ghost Valley these probabilities would probably happen.

Du Shi San had zero defense on beautiful women while Ghost Valley’s reaction speed was a little slow. In Du Shi San’s words, Ghost Valley was a little bit “er”. Ghost Valley was a genius in grinding, but there was a difference between a grinder and a genius. However, it was still beneficial

I asked, “Yiyi, what map is that? Can you share it?”


Lin Yi Xin invited me to a party and then waved her hands lightly. Immediately a brown-coloured, ancient-looking map appeared in front of me. Lin Yi Xin tapped on the map quickly, causing blue ripples to appear. The area she pointed to was an area that was far away from Floating Ice City, called “Specter Valley”. It was almost as if it was a place for undead-type monsters.

“Cough cough…” I paused, before I said, “Yiyi, I am an undead, I don’t have an added attack bonus on undead-type monsters. What have you exactly taken fancy of me, to ask me to be in your party?”

Lin Yi Xin’s mouth curved up as she looked at me disdainfully, smiling evilly as she said, “Stop being big-headed. It’s not that I have taken a fancy of you, I have taken fancy of your Mysterious Wasp’s combat power. With it there, we would definitely be able to sweep the whole of Specter Valley clean in 24 hours. Quick, go and repair your equipments, and buy some potions. Let’s get ready to go.”

I was rather speechless. So in Lin Yi Xin’s eyes, I was beneath a Mysterious Wasp?

After I finished preparing myself for war, we set off together!

The twilight of sunset shone upon us as a little skeleton and a supreme beauty of a war goddess step forth together on a journey. What kind of challenges lay before us?

Who cares, we’ll handle them when they come.

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