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VW:UUTS Chapter 56 – Little Rabbit

Chapter 56 – Little Rabbit
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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At 11.30 afternoon, I slowly woke up.

I walked into the common bathroom to wash my face and saw Ghost Valley and Du Shi San sitting on the sofa in the living room, drinking some water. The summer weather was very hot, you would have to drink a lot of water to replenish those that you lost. Hence, the two comrades had gulped down a huge bottle of water with an unbelievable speed, as if they had turned into camels.

“Later I won’t eat lunch with you guys.” I wore a light and cooling shirt and looked outside to the scorching sun as I spoke.

Ghost Valley nodded, “Then Brother B and I will eat some packed lunches from below.”

Du Shi San asked, “Lu Chen, where are you going for lunch?”

“Oh, there’s a meeting…”

“Who are you treating to lunch?”

“Lin Yi Xin is the one treating me.”


Du Shi San immediately stood up, his face overjoyed, “We are sworn brothers who share both our burdens and happiness. You must bring me and Little Ghost along.”

I asked helplessly, “Are you thinking of flirting with Lin Yi Xin?”

Du Shi San was a little shy, “I only wanted to eat good food once in awhile…”

I laughed out, “You can go if you want, but I could guarantee that Lin Yi Xin wouldn’t treat you. You think about it yourself.”

“Then I’ll also go!”

“Up to you then…”


Ten minutes later, the three of us were walking down the road under the scorching sun. The sun burnt my skin to the point that my body felt hot all over, like I was roasted. I clenched my fist as I punched into the empty air. I felt that the strength in my arms were full of power, as if my body had went through strengthening. It was just that the sensation of the sun burning me alive was really hard to endure.

Seeing that I was punching the air and drenched in sweat, Ghost Valley couldn’t help but to praise me, “You’ve got skills…”

Du Shi San laughed out, “Seems like brother, you are a person who knows his goods. The move that Lu Chen had executed just now was the legendary ‘Dog Paddle Technique’ that was rumoured to be the secret arts from the world of martial arts…”

Ghost Valley laughed out loud before changing the topic and said, “Yesterday, Crimson Tablet and Rainy Clouds looked at me as if they wanted to eat me alive. Mad Dragon Guild will probably hate the Crimson Mercenaries to the core, but in the end, they both still bought the Level 4 Food Items from us. Why is that so?”

I laughed a little, “Very easy. Mad Dragon would do something big in the near future!”

“What thing?” Ghost Valley and Du Shi San asked at the same time.

I replied with a resounding voice, enunciating each syllables, “He-ro’s Or-der!”

Ghost Valley’s eyes immediately popped out, “They are getting the certificate to create a guild? The Hero’s Order?”


I nodded and said, “So far, until now, there’s not yet a single guild established of yet. This was because the players’ level was still too low. Another reason was that no one managed to get a Hero’s Order yet!”

Shi San asked, “Hero’s Order, how could you get those?”

Ghost Valley explained, “Hero’s Order is a high quality item that only a Level 60 BOSS and above would drop. It is also dropped at an extremely low percentage. Right now, there aren’t even Level 40 players around. It will be very difficult to fight a level 60 BOSS. Even if you raid the BOSS with a great number of players, the player’s damage output might not even be as high as the BOSS’ regeneration abilities!”

Du Shi San felt relieved as he laughed out, “Then, the Mad Dragon Guild must be a foolish bunch of people who wanted to fight against a Level 60 BOSS at this time!”

“That might not be the case.” I shook my head and said, “It would definitely be difficult to set a new guild, but at least the Mad Dragon Guild had the people and the resources to use. With regards to this point, we are nothing compared to the Mad Dragon Guild. If Descent of the Dragon really managed to get the first Hero’s Order, the Mad Dragon Guild will probably take over Floating Ice City.”

Ghost Valley chuckled and said, “I heard a piece of information just now. Descent of the Dragon’s real name is Lu Chao, he is the heir to some rich corporation in Shanghai. Cough, his father is called Lu Gang…”

Du Shi San and I looked at each other in dismay as we both shouted, “Dammit!”


Not long afterwards, the three of us reached the opposite side of the University. The famous Hunan Cuisine Restaurant was not far from there. Freedom Residence, that was quite a nice name. There was a variety of food in the Freedom Residence. I thought Lin Yi Xin would have reserved a seat, otherwise, we would have to wait until 2 pm to get our lunch.

Entering the Freedom Residence, I took out my phone and called Lin Yi Xin.

At this time, a phone ringtone resounded from behind me, “If you want to marry, marry Hui Tai Lang…”
(Shiro: Yes, it’s the same Hui Tai Lang in LLS. It’s a character from a well known children show in China, like China’s version of Barney. This is the music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYRkMUB9d3o)


Turning around, I saw Lin Yi Xin and Clearwater walking inside together. The two of them wore cooling clothes. Sun Qing Qing (Clearwater) wore a yellow t-shirt and a light green skirt. She looked very lively and adorable. Sun Qing Qing immediately entered my list of protected species. This kind of girl must not be defiled by a guy like Shi San.

It was a pity that Sun Qing Qing had entered together with Lin Yi Xin. If two beauties were put together, the result will be disastrous. Sun Qing Qing was already a beauty, but when she walked together with Lin Yi Xin, she immediately looked like an ordinary girl.

My eyes lighted up as I saw Lin Yi Xin wearing a white short-sleeved blouse with a ribbon on her collar. Her chest area was bulging, only God knows how this little girl had developed so well. Her shirt buttons looked like they almost burst out of their seams. She wore a black skirt, revealing a pair of long, white legs. Such a contrast between black and white might not look so special on other girl’s body, but on Lin Yi Xin’s body, they made others sigh in amazement.

Du Shi San looked at Lin Yi Xin, his jaws dropping to the ground like a dried up fish, unable to say any words.

Ghost Valley was somewhat unyielding, he only looked a few times before looking somewhere else.

“Did you arrive earlier?”

Lin Yi Xin smiled, revealing her dimples and said to the waitress on the other side, “Hi, we have reserved table 48.”

“Oh, how many people?”


“Please follow me!”

“Alright, thanks!”

Lin Yi Xin beckoned to me and I followed her upstairs. She and Sun Qing Qing stepped on the stairs, their heels making “Ta, ta, ta” sound as they stepped up. As for me, I only paid attention to her skirt and her pair of beautiful, white thighs. As a breeze flipped her skirt lightly, my heart also flipped along with it.

Du Shi San and Ghost Valley were completely forgotten in one corner, the two people immediately asked if they could be seated together near us. Heavens had mercy on them, there were indeed a few empty tables near us.

Lin Yi Xin’s hadn’t even glanced at Du Shi San and ghost Valley since she entered, as if they did not exist in her eyes.

At level 2, we found a seat near a window. I took the menu and smiled towards the waitress and said, “I want this… Roasted Duck that’s RMB 75 per portion, and this… Snake in Special Sauce that costs RMB 112, and this and that… cheaper ones, this Special Peppered Sliced Fish…”


Lin Yi Xin looked at me, her eyes wide opened. She glared at me furiously, feeling indignant for her wallet. Her expression was somewhat beautiful yet full of killing intent, as if she couldn’t wait to prick me with thousands of arrows.

Sun Qing Qing chuckled, “Brother Lu Chen, seems like you haven’t eaten for a few days…”

I nodded, “Yeah, I just ate something whenever I’m hungry. People whose profession are gamers didn’t have much time to eat!”

Lin Yi Xin bit her lower, cherry red lips and glared at me, “Humph, next time it would be your turn to treat me to a meal. Just wait and see then! Bad Lu Chen, Little Cheater!”

I patted her shoulders as I laughed out. If Lin Yi Xin was not happy, then I would feel happy.

Sun Qing Qing looked at me then looked at Lin Yi Xin. It was as if she saw some kind of clue, she started clicking her tongue and said, “Lu Chen, don’t tease Yi Yi anymore. Let me tell you, after being friends with Yi Yi for two years, I have never seen her treating any guy to a meal before. You are her first, you should feel very proud, you know!”

“What?” I shot Lin Yi Xin, who was glaring at me full of killing intention, a glance and said, “Waitress, can you add an additional jar of juice? Those kind that is RMB 68 per jar…”


Lin Yi Xin almost crumbled, she said miserably to Sun Qing Qing, “Qing Qing, you still have a lot of instant noodles right?”


“Don’t throw it away, next week I will only be eating instant noodles…”


Sun Qing Qing was speechless. She then quickly said to smooth the tension, “Let’s talk about the situation in the game. Yi Yi is planning to establish a new guild. Lu Chen, you have your Crimson Mercenaries, and since we both had already fallen out with the Domineering Clan, we should collaborate in the future. Otherwise, the Domineering Clan wouldn’t let us live peacefully.”

I nodded, “This matter requires time for consideration. We need to completely defeat the God Destroyer guild using an invulnerable plan!”

Lin Yi Xin raised her beautiful eyebrows and laughed out provocatively, “So you meant that you are so clever that you could think of an invulnerable plan?”

“Yeah, do you want me to teach you?” I drank a sip of tea as I declared confidently.

Lin Yi Xin laughed very sweetly, “Let me test you some very easy questions!”


“How many brothers does Aladdin has?”


I started sweating, “Aladdin is an Indian, how would I know…?”

“Idiot! Aladdin has three brothers, Ala-A, Ala-B, and Ala-C!”
(Shiro: Aladdin in Chinese could also mean Ala-D)

“What the heck? This question is too deceiving…”

Lin Yi Xin covered her mouth and laughed, “Let’s try again. Second Question – What’s Shen Nong’s last words?”
(Shiro: Shen Nong is a Farmer God in Chinese beliefs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shennong)

Me: “…”

Lin Yi Xin laughed even more sweetly. Pinching her chopsticks, she pretended as if she had difficulty breathing as she said, “This grass… this grass, it’s poisonous…”
(Shiro: Taken from wikipedia – Shen Nong eventually died as a result of his researches into the properties of plants by experimenting upon his own body, after, in one of his tests, he ate the yellow flower of a weed that caused his intestines to rupture before he had time to swallow his antidotal tea.)

Me: “Dammit!”

Lin Yi Xin continued on as she laughed, “Let’s continue, third question – At the Battle of Chang Ban, Zhao Yun was killing left and right, brave beyond compare. Then, Li Dian said, “Minister, that general wearing white gown (Shiro: Zhao Yun always wear a white gown) had come to attack again!”, Xiao Hou Dun said, “This is already the seventh time, isn’t he tired of it?”, while Cao Cao said, “This bastard, would he only give up after killing all my men?”. May I ask, at this point, what did Zhao Yun say?”
(Shiro: Battle of Chang Ban is a famous battle between Liu Bei and Cao Cao. At that time, Liu Bei was trying to escape from Cao Cao. Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei are on Liu Bei’s side, while Li Dian and Xia Hou Dun are on Cao Cao side. Zhao Yun stayed behind at Chang Ban to buy time while Zhang Fei helped Liu Bei to escape)

Me: “…”

Lin Yi Xin replied in high spirits, laughing out, “Zhao Yun said, “Zhang Fei that XXX, he made me stay behind to defend the rear, but he broke the Dang Yang bridge with his loud roar, how am I supposed to return back now?”
(Shiro: Cao Cao was frustrated because Zhao Yun had continued to attack his army relentlessly. However, it was actually because Zhao Yun couldn’t go back as the bridge connecting Chang Ban to his camp had been broken down by Zhang Fei’s roar)

I stared dumbstruck. Lin Yi Xin really knew all kinds of knowledge.

“How’s that, do you still think you are clever now?” Lin Yi Xin smiled as she looked at me.

Me: “…”

Sun Qing Qing laughed until her stomach ache, leaning over the table as her shoulders tremble. Only Lin Yi Xin and I were staring at each other, the air between us full of tension and killing intent.

Not long afterwards, the dishes came.

Du Shi San and Ghost Valley sat a table not far from there. Making use of this opportunity, Du Shi San poured out some alcohol and sat beside me. He was an expert in hitting on girls. Looking at the campus scenery outside the window, he smiled at me and said, “Lu CHen, remember those times we were still in campus? Those are really fun times!”

I nodded.

Shi San continued, “Remember on our senior year, we secretly bought a hotpot to school, but there wasn’t any ingredients to add into our hotpot. Just as we were worrying about this, there was a little rabbit hopping on the school dormitory garden. Aih, that’s what we call a delicious meat…”

Shi San licked his lips disgustingly.

Sun Qing Qing’s expression suddenly changed, she turned to Lin Yi Xin and said, “Yi Yi, your little pet rabbit that went missing on our freshman year… Finally, we know what happened to it…”

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