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VW:UUTS Chapter 54 – Mysterious Wasp’s sharp attack

Chapter 54 – Mysterious Wasp’s sharp attack
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Hey~ sry, there’d be no uuts release for two weeks from 7/3-20/3 as I’ll be quite busy with schoolwork during those weeks. Check release schedule for more info.

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“Catch up with them, quick! You must not let them

Domineering War God’s voice resounded, as the shadows of players in the forest started scattering about. It was obvious that these people were drawn here by Lin Yi Xin. Domineering War God was carrying a heavy sword as he led the group of players in front, bellowing loudly, “Wind Fantasy is obviously trying to go against our God Destroyer Guild. Dammit, we must kill her today and guard her corpse for half a year!”

In the night, I looked down and saw the Fruit Goddess had already kept her dagger, grabbing onto my arms tightly instead in an attempt to get me involved. The purple irises in her eyes shone with a peculiar expression, deep like a purple gem.

“You really have no principles!” Lin Yi Xin glared at me, unsatisfied, “Hasn’t Crimson Mercenaries fallen out with the Domineering Clan? Why don’t you settle your dispute with them here?”

I glanced at her and exhaled slowly, “Dammit, don’t you see how many people are there? There’s at least 20 people. There are already 7-8 archers and mages alone. Every single long-ranged attack is enough to kill you!”

“Agh, then what do you say we do?”


At this time, Domineering War God’s figure was already extremely close. Leaves rustled as their killing intents burst out.

I hurriedly rolled Lin Yi Xin’s body and mine’s into the nearby shrubs. Lin Yi Xin cried out “wu wu” but did not dare to retort. This time our enemies were much stronger than us. One moment of carelessness would immediately result in death.

I searched my mind as the other players walked past us. There was indeed more than a dozen of players, there was even a tactician who was buffing the whole group with [War Dance] and [Iron Wall]. Domineering Clan’s player’s attack and defense had all increased by 5%. This was not a joke, especially for those archers. under the effects of the [War Dance], their killing potential was shocking!


It was only when Lin Yi Xin struggled with all her might, that I realized that my whole body was pinning hers on the ground. The pitiful Fruit Knife Goddess could only struggle silently, as her exquisite breastplate was trampled miserably under me. Those snow-white mountain ranges were squashed even more, to the point that their shapes had distorted. The sight really shook my heart.

I looked down a little and was dumbstruck, as pink feelings blossomed.

Lin Yi Xin gritted her teeth as she struggled to sit up. She couldn’t help but to send me a flying punch.



Damnit, I was bleeding. This violent beauty was really off-limits!

“You still dared to look?”

Lin Yi Xin glared at me, her purple eyes filled with embarrassment and fury as she raised her sharp sword and said, “I really want to kill you with one slash…”

I immediately put up my hands and said, “Dammit, I was trying to save you! Why are you so worked up!”


Lin Yi Xin turned her head, afraid that I would see her blushing face. But she had also silently agreed to my reasoning, and stopped trying to retaliate, for fear that she and I would be shot into hedgehogs.

Seeing that there were a few Domineering Clan players up in front, Lin Yi Xin gritted her teeth and said, “Dammit. Must we just let these bastards go? They had actually…they had actually killed Qing Qing…”

I smiled slightly, “Of course we won’t let them go! Don’t forget, our Crimson Mercenaries principle is to stand up for what is right, rob the rich and give to the poor…”

“Alright then, we’ll act together and mount a sneak attack. We’ll defeat all those people!” Lin Yi Xin grasped her fists as she smiled at me, completely forgetting about the me mounting a sneak attack on her just now.

I shot a glance at her supreme beauty and suddenly laughed out, “Beauty Lin, you seemed to forget that I am one of the founder of Crimson Mercenaries. When we, the Crimson Mercenaries do our work, we never do it for free. I can help you to kill those Domineering Clan members, but I will need to receive some fees…”

“Receive fees?” Lin Yi Xin looked at me full of killing intent, thoroughly annoyed, “Bastard Lu Chen, Little Cheater, you still dared to be so shameless?”

“5 gold per person, deal?”

I gave her a price. 5 gold per head off the wanted list was definitely cheap, on the basis that these Domineering Clan Members were all high-levelled players. Even if I charged 20 gold per person, it wouldn’t be too much. I had to face against the risk of offending the God Destroyer Guild after all.

Lin Yi Xin thought about it for a while before saying, “That’s too expensive. how about 3 gold per head? You only need to kill 8 of them, I’ll pay you 21 gold!”

I glared at her face for a while before I finally sighed, “Your maths is quite good…”

Lin Yi Xin nodded, “Thanks for the compliment, let’s go!”

I carried my Weeping Fireblade and summoned my level 31 Mysterious Wasp. Then, I whispered to Lin Yi Xin, “Hey, summon your pet too. We’ll ambush them from behind, and we would need to kill 5 of their archers and 4 mages in 5 seconds. Beauty Lin, do you have the confidence to do so?”

Lin Yi Xin spread all of her five fingers, and a red magic circle floated in front of her. In the next moment, a level 27 Fireblade appeared. She smiled lightly, “Leave the 3 archers and 2 mages to me, you kill of the other 4!”

“OK, are you ready?”


With a blow of the biting cold wind, blades of grasses scattered about.

The two people’s figures flashed like lightning through the night. Lin Yi Xin and I split in two directions, but we act synchronously as we kill into the bunch of Domineering Clan members from the back.

I didn’t conceal myself as I shot straight towards the nearest archer. My Weeping Fireblade shot out as two slashes appeared at the back of that archer.



One [Death Blade] and one normal attack had instantly killed the archer. My attack was not only for show, after all. Other than archers who had increased 5 points on stamina every time he level up, no archers should be able to block against my attack.

“Shua shua!”

My Mysterious Wasp soundlessly flew towards another archer’s back and unleashed its skill. When that archer realized that he had been attacked, his health had already went down to zero. He slowly collapsed onto the grassland.

My feet moved in a zigzag motion as my sharp sword slashed through a level 31 mage’s neck. He wanted to cry out, but he couldn’t. His throat could only tremble, no sound could came out of his throat.

Reversing my body, I shot straight towards another archer. He was shocked momentarily and had yet to react when my two combo attack slashed onto him!



My [Vindicate] and normal attack combo was also extremely sharp and incisive!

In 5 seconds, I managed to kill four opponents. I glanced towards Lin Yi Xin, whose dagger was cutting across the air sharply. She then changed her weapon to a sword in a flash. Dancing beautifully like a butterfly within the crowd, her simple sneak attack from behind had also killed three opponents like me. Her Fireblade floated in the air, thrusting furiously as a mage slowly fell under its attack. Tsk, this Fireblade pet’s strength after leveling was indeed good.


“Wind Fantasy, she…she’s at the back!”

Finally, someone managed to yell out. Domineering Clan members had only realized they were being ambushed when 8 cold corpses had fallen to the ground

Domineering war God hurriedly turned around and returned, but realized that one of his group had all been bleakly decimated. A sharp sword that was ignited in a fiery light was shooting right towards his chest.

“Fallen Hero, you…how could it be you!” Domineering War God was unable to restrain his anger as he led a few magic knights and warriors, charging towards us altogether.

Lin Yi Xin chuckled lightly, “Mages and archers have all been settled, we can attack at ease now!”

I couldn’t help but smiled back. Working together with such a strong and beautiful partner like Lin Yi Xin was practically a kind of enjoyment in playing this game.

Raising my Weeping Fireblade, I did my job and charged in front, my long sword violently thrusting forward. My [Death Blade] and normal attack combo had completely broke a Domineering Clan member’s defense, killing him swiftly without any problems!

Domineering War God was both furious and anxious. He unleashed his [Sudden Kill] skill right towards me.

However, right at this time, a Mysterious cyan green bee shot towards him, pricking his body twice. Domineering War God’s healthy immediately plummeted by a whole chunk!



What a tough fellow, he had actually not died after getting attacked by the Mysterious Wasp two combo attacks?

I quickly flew forward. Domineering War God was drinking a bottle of health potion, his face a picture of fear and despair. It was obvious that he never thought that a pet’s attack could be strong to that extent.

Domineering War God’s speciality was his strong health and defense, but the fearsome attacks from the Mysterious Wasp had thoroughly broken his confidence.

I charged forward, raising my sharp sword. Fast like lightning, I slashed twice. The first attack was [Vindicate], which unleashed a natural MISS, and the second slash was a normal attack. However, these attacks actually made Domineering War God felt like crying. A damage that was more than 1200 points was more than enough to kill him instantly.


Domineering War God collapsed, he had even dropped a green helmet

I immediately caught the green helmet and raised it up high, shouting, “Domineering War God’s helmet is here. Who dares to resist us will be killed immediately!”

As a result, everyone resisted us to death.

As they say, ‘Heroes couldn’t beat numerous enemies, two fists couldn’t beat four hands’. Although Lin Yi Xin and I had high-levelled equipments and skills, we still wouldn’t be able to withstand a few warriors surrounded attack. At first we still could kill one or two of them, but afterwards a level 30 priest who had been promoted to his second job came. The battle become extremely hard to fought.


I quickly drank a level 3 health potion and recovered 600 health. I shouted loudly, “Yiyi, let’s go!”

Lin Yi Xin’s sword flashed as she retreated quickly, charging into the forest with me at her side. The two of us left our pets synchronously to block the opponents from chasing after us. The Mysterious Wasp’s and Fireblade’s defense and health were all not bad, the Domineering Clan wouldn’t be able to kill them off in a moment.

Entering the forest, I immediately recalled the Mysterious Wasp. It only had a third of its health left, while Lin Yi Xin’s Fireblade only had a thread of blood left. It would probably die if she recalled it one second later. Pets would drop 3 levels when they die, this rule had really left a lot of people dumbfounded. Hence most of us would try not to let our pets die.


“Ahh…I’m dead tired…”

Lin Yi Xin leaned against a short tree, gasping for breath. Her beautiful hair was slightly dishevelled, as moonlight shone upon her bright eyes and white teeth. Her supreme beauty was revealed, as her mountain ridges bobbed up and down when she breathed. It was a magnificent sight for me to behold This beautiful girl was really an exceptional, extraordinary specimen of a perfect woman, a rare species.

I extended my hands and said, “I killed a total of 14 people, 42 gold. I’ll just count it as 40 gold for you. Boss, thank you for your business!”

Lin Yi Xin shot me a glance and said, “This time, put it on my credit…”

“My little business doesn’t take credits.”

Lin Yi Xin’s killing intent shot through the roof, “I insist to pay on credit!”

I nodded, “Alright, up to you.”

“Actually, I don’t have that much gold…” Lin Yi Xin smiled sweetly as she said, “How about this, since you have helped me to teach those Domineering Clan bastards a lesson, I can treat you to a meal.”

I couldn’t help but to smile lightly, “Alright then…”

Actually, I didn’t have the intention to receive those 40 gold from her. Domineering Clan and the Crimson Mercenaries were already enemies from the beginning, I wasn’t necessary for me to show my weakness. On the contrary, I managed to pull such a strong friend like Lin Yi Xin along. We still have a lot of things to do in Floating Ice City in the future.

Lin Yi Xin nodded, “Tomorrow 11.30 am, wait for me at the Hunan cuisine restaurant, Happy Curie, that’s located beside the university. I’ll bring Qing Qing along to treat you.”

“Alright, can I bring someone with me?”



“You are the one who helped us get our revenge, not other people. Why do you have to bring others along, you think we are having a blind date or something?”

“That… is quite true. Alright, see you tomorrow!”

“Yeah, bye~”

Lin Yi Xin turned around and entered into the forest, bringing Clear Water who had just revived to catch a level 1 Purple Butterfly.

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