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VW:UUTS Chapter 53 – Let’s just die together!

Chapter 53 – Let’s just die together!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The Butterfly Forest was a serene and thick jungle.

I went through the jungle as I closely monitored the changes in the map. The surrounding scenery slowly turned beautiful, with butterflies flying everywhere. I had finally reached the Butterfly Forest.

In the jungle, there were quite a few Domineering Clan Members. There were Domineering Knight God and Domineering Warrior God amongst them, but I did not see Domineering Heaven Blade at all. However, there were a mistake in the information in the forums. There were at least 20 Domineering Clan members in this place. Furthermore, everyone had already changed to their second profession. This was definitely something I wouldn’t be able to handle. They had 5 archers who had already changed to their second profession. A volley of [Chaos Shots] would probably turn me into a hedgehog.

Forget it, I didn’t even have an ocean-deep enmity with the Domineering Clan anyway. I was only here to gather some ginger. PKing for revenge was an irritating affair, it would delay my levelling and earning efficiency.


Hence, I bypassed that jungle and entered the Butterfly Forest from the other side.


A faint flapping sound resounded. Suddenly, I saw a five-coloured, beautiful butterfly floating around. It was about the size of a human’s face. Its level was not low!

Five-coloured Butterfly Lv-40

It was actually a level 40 monster! I decided not to move unless the situation forced me to do so. But I would need to eliminate this butterfly in front of me, because it was blocking my path.

Summoning my Mysterious Wasp, I carried my sword as I swiftly moved forward. My technique cleanly and sharply cut down on the monster as I executed two combos!



Not bad, the five-coloured butterfly only had around 3500 health in total, and I had already shaved off its health with my [Vindicate]. Before I managed to unleash my next attack, Mysterious Wasp had already charged over and pricked the Five-coloured Butterfly’s body with the needle on its bottom twice, its [Combo Attack] skill revealed its prowess!



What a strong attack power, Mysterious Wasp had indeed not let me down!

Brandishing my sword easily, under the perfect symphony of master and pet’s combo, the Lv. 40 Five-coloured Butterfly did not even had the chance to attack before it died. It gave me quite a lot of experience.

I continued to move forward. After walking for around 10 minutes and killing around 7 to 8 Five-coloured Butterflies, I finally came to a lush woodland. There were Lv. 4 ginger all around!

I opened my fingers and unleashed my [Hunting] Skill. Very quickly, a ding resounded —

System Announcement: Congratulations, you have gathered Ginger x3. Your [Hunting] skill gained +4 experience!


Not bad, these level 4 food item had been acquired with no effort at all. This food would be a god that will bless me with wealth!

“Shua shua shua!”

Getting rich all depended on a pair of hard working hands. I gathered all the Ginger in the area swiftly like a typhoon, sweeping my way through the Butterfly Forest. One hour later, not a single Ginger could be found in this Butterfly Forest anymore. On the other hand, my inventory was all full of ginger. There were 50 in each slot, and I had a total of 48 slots filled. This should be enough to make a batch of Level 4 Cold Sliced Chicken.

Just at this moment, a group of people walked over. There were 2 men and 2 women, one of them looked extremely familiar!

A supreme beauty who was wearing a snow-coloured skirt and holding a short dagger walked in front. Who would that be other than Lin Yi Xin? In the whole of Floating Ice City, the only girl who could wield a dagger could only be this Fruit Knife Goddess.

Behind Lin Yi Xin, there was a beautiful, gentle and refined archer. It was none other than Clearwater. She was Lin Yi Xin’s roommate. The other two young men accompanying them were Amethyst River, a level 31 magic knight, and Life-stealing Sword, a level 30 Warrior. They both looked like high-end players.

“Yiyi, are you sure there is a level 1 Purple Butterfly here?” Clearwater asked.

Lin Yi Xin puffed up her chest and replied confidently, “I’m absolutely sure. we have already checked level 1 pets in Floating Ice City earlier, it could only be this place. Qing Qing, you want a pet, so we could only come here to catack al Level 1 Purple Butterfly.”

Clearwater nodded, “Yeah, I am an archer, so my physical damage is high enough. I need a pet to add to my magic damage. Otherwise, I will probably die if I meet a monster that I can’t defend against.”

Lin Yi Xin brandished the Moonblade dagger in her hands, creating terrifying shockwaves in the air. She laughed out lightly, “No monster is immune to physical damage in this world. If you can’t break through its defense, that would only mean that your attack was not high enough. The realm that I was aiming after was an attack that could break through every single defense. Heehee~”

Clearwater spat out her tongue and said, “Yiyi, you are still that crazy, violent girl…”

Lin Yi Xin pursed her lips and chuckled a little, not saying anything else.

Right at this moment, four to five people appeared on the opposite side of the forest. Everyone’s names had a ‘Domineering’ prefix. There were two warriors and three archers, everyone was an assembly of physical damage-inflicting players. The leader was none other than one of the Domineering Heaven Blade’s trusted generals, Domineering War God!

Domineering War God raised his sword, blocking Lin Yi Xin and her group’s path, smiling a little, “Apologies, brethrens. Butterfly Forest has already been seized by the Domineering Clan members, please refrain from entering this area. Otherwise, the eye of my sword might accidentally hurt you all.”

Obviously, Domineering War God had not dared to be too domineering when he saw that the intruder was the first-ranked Wind Fantasy. His words were a little more polite. If he met a low-levelled single player instead, his words would probably be, “Domineering Clan’s property, trespassers will be prosecuted. Unrelated people should fuck off, otherwise I will definitely massacre you guys!”

Clearwater froze a little, it was obvious that she didn’t think that the Domineering Clan would be that domineering.

Lin Yi Xin looked at Domineering War God coldly as she continued to play with the dagger in her hands. She smiled indifferently, “There’s no enmities or whatsoever between the Domineering Clan and us, right?”

Domineering War God nodded, “Wind Fantasy, please forgive us. This place has already been occupied by our clan members!”

Lin Yi Xin didn’t buy it, and said, “My friend wants to catch a level 1 Purple Butterfly. We’ll leave once we caught it, we will not disturb you occupying this place.”

“You…” Domineering War God was a little speechless.

At this time, an archer standing behind Domineering War God suddenly eyed the snowy peaks on Lin Yi Xin’s chest, chuckling full of indecent expression on his face, “You can enter and catch a Level 1 Purple Butterfly if you want, but… heheh, can you let us few brothers to grope them for a bit?”

Although Domineering War God was a good fighter, he couldn’t supervise his subordinates well. The other Domineering Clan members had also revealed a vulgar smile. Lin YI Xin and Clearwater were both extreme beauties after all. Lin Yi Xin especially, with such a supreme beauty that had the power to cause the downfall of a kingdom and make any male players’ blood boil, men simply couldn’t get their hands off her.

Lin Yi Xin’s snow white face immediately turned cold, thick killing intent surged on her purple eyes. She said coldly, “Domineering Heaven Blade would probably not blame me if I kill you now!”

“What did you say?”

The archer didn’t have a chance to react before Lin Yi Xin flew towards him suddenly, her purple eyes emitting a flash of silver light — [Moon Iris]!

Similar to my [Vindicate], her [Moon Iris] had the ability to greatly decrease her enemies’ defense. However, she could only use a dagger to unleash this attack!

“Pu Chi!”

In a flash, the dagger on Lin Yi Xin’s hands had already pierced into the archer’s chest. A large damage number flew out — 1289!

What a strong attack! No wonder she was first-ranked in the Player Ranking Board!


The archer cried out miserably as he slowly fell to the ground, dying just like that. At the same time, Lin Yi Xin’s name had turned red.


Domineering War God was furious. He never thought that Wind Fantasy would dare to kill his subordinate under his own nose. The Domineering Clan in Floating Ice City was an undefeatable existence, no other group had ever tried to go against the Domineering Clan before. However, the “Fruit Knife Goddess” had actually dared to do so today. She had easily killed an archer who had already advanced on the second-level job with a fruit knife.

Domineering War God’s eyes turned red as he glared at Lin Yi Xin, roaring loudly, “Wind Fantasy, you are deliberately trying to make an enemy out of the Domineering Clan members, is it?!”

Lin Yi Xin pulled out her sword with a loud clang, looking at Domineering War God coldly, “What would you do if I said yes?”

As for myself, who was hiding under the thick bushes, I couldn’t help but to cheer for Wind Fantasy secretly. Wind Fantasy, who had a personality to meet clashes head on, had a quality that I really liked.


A fight immediately broke out. Lin Yi Xin swept her sword across, fast like a lightning, striking two mages’ necks. They were also instantly killed by her high attack. Her sword angle, strength and control was all just enough to kill, this supreme beauty was simply too strong!

Lin Yi Xin was already undefeatable on her own since the beginning. The two companies behind her, on the other hand, didn’t have much strength compared to her. After some rustling of leaves, ten over Domineering Clan players suddenly leapt out. Domineering War God raised his hands and bellowed, “[Chaos Shots], kill this reckless fellow no!”

“Shua shua shua!”

Five archers who had advanced to second job immediately unleashed their level 30 skill — [Chaos Shots]!

Arrows rained down from the sky. Every single archer had shot around 3-5 arrows aiming at different targets.

Clearwater immediately retreated a few steps back. Grasping her bow, she immediately shot a [Precise Shot]!

“Pu Chi!”

It was a fatal shot. One of the archers on the other side fell to the ground. However, Clearwater had also been shot with five arrows. Although the damage by [Chaos Shots] were not that high, around 100 points or so, after a volley of [Chaos Shots], Clearwater couldn’t stand the attacks with her weak archer body. She fell to the ground and became a corpse immediately.

In front of Clearwater, Amethyst River and Life-stealing Sword had also died in pools of blood. In the early stage of the game, magic knights and warriors wouldn’t be able to withstand archer’s physical attack without high-levelled armours.

“Shua shua shua!”

Lin Yi Xin killed 7 Domineering players continuously before turning her head and asked in confusion, “Eh, where are the others?”

Of course, she didn’t notice that “the others” had all died!


Facing against the first-ranked expert Wind Fantasy, Domineering War God didn’t show any mercy. He pointed towards her with his sword and bellowed, “Brothers, let’s go and kill her together! Humph, what’s so great about being the first-ranked of the Player Ranking Board? Wouldn’t she be killed by us in the end?”

Arrows flew across the sky, leaving a trail of long silver cold light.

Lin Yi Xin’s purple eyes revealed an expression of surprise. She knew that she couldn’t withstood those attacks, hence she immediately entered into the thick forest, killing a level 30 Domineering Clan’s bard before escaping the place.

As she ran forward, suddenly, with a bump and a Lin Yi Xin’s cry of surprise, she fell onto the ground. Turned out that she had accidentally tripped, blocked by my legs.

Lin Yi Xin sat on the bushes, her pair of mesmerizing purple eyes looked at me in surprise. Suddenly, she shouted out furiously, raining her fists down on me, “Bad Lu Chen, why didn’t you help me when you see me being bullied by others!”

I spread out my hands and said, “Clearwater and the others died too quickly, I didn’t even have time to attack..”

Lin Yi Xin gritted her teeth, “The Domineering Clan is really abominable!”

At this time, Domineering War God brought along a bunch of archers to chase after Lin Yi Xin. Who would knew how many Domineering Clan members were actually hiding in this Butterfly Forest. Just by the numbers of archers present here would be enough to cast fear in everyone’s hearts.

“They are coming…”

Lin Yi Xin looked at the stars around and quietly said something.

I suddenly stood up, my sword raised up. A glow of red light appeared, glittering especially splendidly.

“Ah, are you going to help me block their attacks?”

Lin Yi Xin looked at me full of smiles.

I looked at her, my expression full of righteousness as I shouted out, “Look at my skill — [Earth Evasion]!


“Bas…. Bastard Lu Chen!”

Lin Yi Xin quickly charged towards me and interrupted my [Earth Evasion] casting. She grabbed my arms and dragged me out as she muttered, “You brat with a courage as brave as a mice, let’s just die together!”

Dammit, aren’t she loyal to her friends…

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