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VW:UUTS Chapter 52 – I’ll heal, you’ll grind

Chapter 52 – I’ll heal, you’ll grind
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“EVE, you are finally here!”

From a little path in the forest, Mu Rong Ming Yue ran over lightly holding a staff in her hands. She gave a big smile to He Yi and said, “Xu Yang, that beast, and I have already levelled up to level 30, yet you are still level 0!”

He Yi looked at the rusty sword in her hands and said, “Ming Yue, do you have any weapons for beginners? This sword’s attack is only 0-1 points, it’s really trash…”


Mu Rong Ming Yue took out a black spear from her inventory and said, “Here, it’s a black-tier weapon but it can only be used at level 5. Its attack is 5-12, do you want it?”

He Yi glanced at the spear then shook her head, “No.”

“Why?” Mu Rong Ming Yue was bewildered.

He Yi’s mouth curve into a smile, “Lu Chen said before that in any game, swords are the master of weapons. It is agile and can be used in different ways, have strong penetrating powers and defensive abilities. Although my profession is a Magic Knight, I have decided beforehand to use a sword instead.”

“Lu Chen…”

Mu Rong Ming Yue froze and said,”Eve, don’t be like this… You can’t go on being unable to forget about him. We still have to continue with our lives, don’t we?”
`  何艺点头,嘴角上扬,露出一抹甜美的笑意:“确实要继续生活下去,但是没有必要忘记陆尘,不是吗?”
He Yi nodded, the corner of her mouth curving upwards, revealing a pleasant smile, “We would indeed need to continue with our lives, but there was no need for us to forget Lu Chen, don’t you think so?

“Uhh, that…” Mu Rong Ming Yue was a little speechless.

He Yi turned her snow-white, beautiful face upwards and looked at the sky that was filled with the moonlight. She smiled wryly, “That brat had said before that he would accompany me until the end, he would watch me till the end!”


Mu Rong Ming Yue inspected the surrounding forest and called out, “Lu Chen, are you here, brat? If you are, come out then, we all really missed you!”

No one replied.

He Yi scolded her, “That’s enough, you wretched girl, don’t speak nonsense. Let’s go and help me level up, I’ll heal and you’ll grind exp!”

Mu Rong Ming Yue looked helpless, “What? Who are you going to heal… I’m the priest here, you know!”

He Yi laughed out, “That… Sorry, I said wrongly. I’ll attack, you’ll grind exp”


Mu Rong Ming Yue: “Wait for a moment, Xu Yang will come in five more minutes, his exp grinding would be much faster than mine.”

He Yi nodded.


Leaves rustled as a black figure disappeared into the darkness.

I carried my sword and advanced forward. Before long, I arrived at the Wild Pheasant Ridge. I summoned my Mysterious Wasp out and started to kill. One by one, pheasants fell under my sharp Weeping Fireblade. The Mysterious Wasp’s level also increased significantly.

In three hours, my inventory became full of chicken meat. Following that, with a golden pillar of light, my Mysterious Wasp had finally levelled up to Level 30. Looking at its attributes, it was really powerful —

[Mysterious Wasp]
Level: 30
Attack: 342
Defense: 225
Health: 1024
Agility: 505

Growth —
Attack: ★★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★☆
Health: ★★★★
Agility: ★★★★★☆

What the fuck, even my own attack was only 273 points. Mysterious Wasp was indeed a BOSS monster pet, its six stars attack was no joke. Not only has it reached 342 points on its attack, its defense was even a frightening 225 point – 60 points even higher than mine. Its health had also went over 1000, it was completely a high attack, high defense, high health killing machine!

Moreover, the Mysterious Wasp was still level 30, there was still plenty of potential to grow!

A smile appeared on my mouth. After possessing the Mysterious Wasp, I was like a tiger who had grown wings. My levelling speed had at least become twice faster with the Mysterious Wasp help!

Since my Mysterious Wasp had finally grown up, I didn’t have to hide it anymore. I brought it back to the Floating Ice City just like it was.

After tidying up some stuff, I started to create Level 3 Mana Food Item, Green Pepper Meatballs!

Set by set of Green Pepper Meatballs appeared in my inventory. Suddenly, a bell resounded —


System Announcement: Congratulations, your Cooking Skill has levelled up to level 4!


Alright! I had finally levelled to level 4. I can finally make level 4 food items!

Opening my cooking window, the materials needed for level 4 food items appeared in front of me: Cold Sliced Chicken, You need: Chicken x 20, Salt x 10, Green Peppers x 15 & Garlic x 10. Restore: 400 mana. I still have quite a lot of chicken meat left and I could buy some salt later. I would only need to gather some gingers later on.

I remembered that time when I did the Hunter Huang Huo’s quest, I had to pick some gingers too. However, there was obviously too little ginger in that area. I would need to look for find another location to gather materials.

As I continued to research some materials, I found some results later on. Gingers mostly grew at the Butterfly Forest, and in this Butterfly Forest training map, there was one kind of Magical Pet “Purple Butterfly”. This was a kind of pet with 3.5 stars of magical attack. In the Floating Ice City region, only Butterfly Forest would spawn a level 1 Purple Butterfly.

There were a lot of Beastmasters in the forums who were complaining that the Butterfly Forest had been seized, dominated by none other than the God’s Destroyer Guild core group, the Domineering Clan. Two days ago, Domineering Heaven’s Blade had ordered three groups of Domineering Clan members, of around 15 members in total to seize the Butterfly Forest. These people were all level 30 and above fighting type players. Ordinary players would absolutely not be able to contend against them. In the end, the Butterfly Forest were seized just like that. However, so far, until now, apparently none of the Domineering Clan members were able to seal a level 1 Purple Butterfly.

Yeah, I am just going to go to the Butterfly Forest. I’ll go later. Humph, didn’t the Domineering Clan intend to seize the training ground? Then I shall go and socialize with them a little. The Crimson Mercenaries had already become enemies with them anyway. Domineering Heaven Blade had also declared war on the Crimson Mercenaries and Fallen Hero on the forums. It was an unavoidable battle. Furthermore, I was also anticipating my fight with Domineering Heaven Blade and Domineering Knight God. These people were quite skillful. At times, I feel happier when I have rivals to fight against.

I sent a message to Du Shi San, “Come here to Floating Ice City!”

Not long after, Shi San appeared. I gave him 110 sets of Level 3 Food Items and said, “Go, sell it for 40 silvers a set. Don’t accept any bargains. Give the proceeds to me later in the afternoon, I’m going to change it to cash.”


Du Shi San nodded cheerfully. He was also more knowledgeable on this kind of stuff, because during his university, he had a nickname called “Crafty Merchant”. There was once a time he had dragged me along to buy cinema tickets with student’s price and selling it around, he had managed to earn more than 800RMB in one day. However, I heard that almost all those cinema tickets were counterfeited.


Parting with Shi San, I continued to wander around the square. Suddenly, I heard someone shouting, “Selling a book of pet skill, those who need it, please come and buy!

My eyes lighted up as I quickly approached him. There was a level 25 warrior who had set up a stall with only one light green skill book —

[Combo Attack (Pet)]: Unleash a string of combo attacks in a single moment. Consume 10 mana points. Every attack will have 75% off the normal attack’s strength. The higher the level of master, the stronger the attack will be. Level Requirement for Pet: Lv. 30.

Indeed, it was a pet skill book!

In system, pet had the ability to learn their own skills. However, a level 1 pet is a blank slate of paper. There were some probability for the pet to learn some skills during its growth, but there was another way to learn skills, and that was to buy a pet skill book.

[Combo Attack], it seemed like a skill that a battle-type pet would have. It would definitely be very suitable for my Mysterious Wasp!

Hence, I walked forward and asked the little warrior who was selling the book, “Bro, how much is this pet skill book?”

The little warrior looked at me and said, “50 gold!”

“That’s too expensive. We would only need to pay 50 silvers at the most when we learn skills from instructors, so how could you sell this book for 50 gold? Furthermore, it was only a pet skill book. Are you trying to cheat me?!”

“Uhh, then how much do you want to buy it for?” The little warrior had obviously felt guilty. In reality, a pet skill book wouldn’t be priced at 50 gold normally.

I showed him five fingers and smiled, “This amount!”

“5 gold?”

“5 silver!”

“Ah?!” The little warrior’s chin dropped to the ground, “That’s so shady! 5 silvers is definitely impossible!”

I shot him a glance. He was still wearing a low-levelled white-tier leg guard on his leg. Hence, I took out a black-tier leg guard from my inventory and said, “Here, then how about I buy it at 2 gold, with the addition of this black-tier equipment in exchange for your skill book!”

The little warrior’s immediately litted up the moment he saw the black-tier leg guard. After hesitating for a few seconds, he finally nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll trade with you. In any case, I couldn’t use this skill book in the near future. All the Beastmasters are extremely shady, even a trash Wasp could be sold for more than dozens of golds. They are really cheaters!”

I smiled slowly, “Don’t be too anxious. Soon, there would be more Beastmasters rising to level 30. At that time, pets prices would naturally drop. Just get a Wasp with a BN value of more than 15, it will be sufficient for you to train.”


The little warrior opened the trade window. After a few moments, the trade was conflicted. I had gained a pet skill book in exchange for 2 gold and a trash leg-guard, it’s really refreshing! Although this book might not cost 50 gold, it would at least be 10 gold!

Opening my pet window, I clicked on “Learn New Skill”. In the next moment, the skill book had immediately disappeared, and a line of words [Combo Attack] appeared on the Mysterious Wasp’s attribute. Opening the detailed information of the skill, it was indeed an extremely formidable skill —

Combo Attack LV-1: Unleash 2 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 75% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-2: Unleash 2 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 75% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-3: Unleash 2-3 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 80% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-4: Unleash 2-3 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 80% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-5: Unleash 2-4 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 85% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-6: Unleash 2-4 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 85% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-7: Unleash 2-5 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 85% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-8: Unleash 2-5 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 85% of normal attack’s damage.
Combo Attack LV-9: Unleash 3-6 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 90% of normal attack’s damage.
Thunderbolt Attack (Final Mastery): Unleash 4-7 combo attacks on the enemy. Each attack contains 100% of normal attack’s damage.


Formidable! Although the skill might not be very good at the beginning stage, it would become extremely formidable after level. There would be a probability of unleashing 4 continuous attacks, and each damage would be 85% of the normal attack’s damage. This was equivalent to unleashing a damage 3.4 more times than a normal attack. This skill could be counted as a killing move. Furthermore, at level 10, the [Combo Attack] will change name into Thunderbolt Attack, unleashing 4-7 continuous attacks with full damage. So strong – it would be able to unleash a damage 7 times more than a normal attack once used. Fortunately this is a pet skill. If it was player’s skill instead, it would definitely be able to kill any kind of enemies with one single move!

Of course, a Level 10 skill could only be reached by players who are at level 100. I am still level 30 now, there’s still a long way ahead!

With my Mysterious Wasp who was equipped with a skill, it would be much safer now if I wanted to return to Butterfly Forest to hunt or gather some gingers. Even if I was surrounded by the Domineering Clan Members, I would at least be able to put up a fight!

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