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VW:UUTS Chapter 51 – BN69

Chapter 51 – BN69
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Under the shocked, unbelieving gazes of the crowd, Descent of the Dragon paid RMB100,000 for a level 1 pet in one shot. What kind of extravagance was this?

Even if that Greedy Wolf was a high-quality pet, it only had 4 stars in growth attack. At later stage of the game, there might be pets with 5 stars, 6 stars or even 7 stars attack. This Greedy Wolf would only be powerful in the earlier stage of the game, at later stage, it would definitely be overtaken by other pets. But Descent of the Dragon had actually paid so much money for that kind of pet. There were only two kinds of possibilities for his actions: one, he had too much money, or two, he had been kicked in the head when he was small.

In reality, Descent of the Dragon was actually really rich. He could actually ask someone to go offline and transfer the money and complete the trade before ten minutes even passed. That Level 1 Greedy Wolf had become Descent of the Dragon’s pet. Fortunately that Beastmaster was an honest person. If it were me, I would receive the money and then go offline immediately, not giving the goods and run away instead.


Descent of the Dragon was extremely happy after acquiring the high-quality pet Greedy Wolf. His gaze suddenly fell on us, Lin Yi Xin and I. His eyebrows frowned as he said, “Wind Fantasy, why would you be with that kind of person?”

Lin Yi Xin didn’t reply, she only patted her dagger on my shoulders and asked with a chuckle, “Hey, why are you always stalking me?”

I almost vomited blood as I said, “I didn’t stalk you. It’s all heaven’s will, destiny, fate, do you understand…?


Lin Yi Xin looked at me with a disgusted expression.

Descent of the Dragon looked at Lin Yi Xin at this time, his gaze filled with a bewitched expression. It was obvious that this beautiful Lin Yi Xin had shot her deadly love arrow to Descent of the Dragon.

“Wind Fantasy beauty, do you… have a pet?” Descent of the Dragon fawned upon Lin Yi Xin.

Lin Yi Xin pouted and asked me instead, “What do you think should I eat tonight?”

“Why the heck are you asking me? We aren’t even going to eat together…” I continued to vomit blood.

Descent of the Dragon pointed at the Greedy Wolf and said, “Wind Fantasy beauty, if you don’t have a pet currently, do you want me to give you instead? This Greedy Wolf had a very high BN value, it can help you to level.”

Finally, I couldn’t endure it anymore and asked Lin Yi Xin, “Hey, didn’t we steal Mad Dragon’s BOSS previously? Why does this person seem to be very close to you?”

A cold gaze flashed across Lin Yi Xin’s eyes as she huffed, “You are the one close to him, your whole family are close to him…”

I pouted, “What the heck…”

Lin Yi Xin swept me a glance then looked at Descent of the Dragon expressionlessly as she said, “I already have a pet, [Flame Blade], BN34. Your Greedy Wolf is trash in my eyes. Also, stay away from me, the further the better. I still haven’t paid you back for that matter when Mad Dragon Guild PK-ed my friend, Clearwater!”

I just remembered that when Lin Yi Xin and I stole that BOSS previously, she didn’t reveal her face. But currently, Lin Yi Xin didn’t wear her cloak anymore, so her absolute beauty had shocked the whole of Floating Ice City, inviting wastrels like Descent of the Dragon to all fawn upon her like starved dogs.

Saying that, Lin Yi Xin gave me a glare and said in a low voice, “Skeleton, take out your Mysterious Wasp and give him a shock. Tell that brat that some things can’t be bought with money!”

I nodded and swept my Weeping Fireblade once. A Pentagon Magic Circle appeared in the air as the Mysterious Wasp was summoned. It buzzed as it flapped its wings. Its golden body glowed radiantly as the needle on its bottom glinted coldly like a dagger. Anyone would be able to tell that this Poisonous Wasp was not an ordinary one.

Sure enough, Descent of the Dragon became frozen, “This… What is this pet?”

As for Lin Yi Xin, she immediately glared at me full of killing intention, “Bastard Lu Chen, why the heck did you name your Mysterious Wasp this?! Do you want to die?”

I ignored the berserk beauty beside me and replied Descent of the Dragon instead, “Mysterious Wasp, 6 stars attack, 4.5 stars defense, 4 stars health, 5.5 stars agility and BN69!”

“Wh…what?” Descent of the Dragon’s eyes had almost popped out of their sockets. “BN 69? How… How is that possible? You asshole, you must be lying!”

I laughed coldly and brushed my fingers lightly. Immediately, the screenshot of the attributes of the Mysterious Wasp at Level 1 appeared in the air. Not only Descent of the Dragon, even the other players watching at the side, including Lin Yi Xin, all dropped their jaws. Having a BN value of 69 from the beginning was simply too powerful. This Mysterious Wasp must be undefeatable in the whole of Floating Ice City.

Descent of the Dragon’s eyes were immediately filled with greed, “This Mysterious Wasp, how much is it?”

“It’s not for sale!” Lin Yi Xin helped me to reply, “Don’t think that you are extraordinary just because you have a little bit of money. Humph, this Mysterious Wasp, he would never sell it to you even if you paid one hundred million!”

Descent of the Dragon mumbled, “Will you sell it for one hundred million?”

I asked, “Do you have one hundred million?”

Lin Yi Xin was so angry that she gritted her teeth and pinched my arms as hard as she could, “Bastard, can’t you be a bit righteous?”

“It’s one hundred million. If I could really sell it, we can split it into half…”

“You are the one who said that, okay. Sorry, that person over there, are you willing to buy it for one hundred million?”


In the end, although Descent of the Dragon was a second generation conglomerate, he didn’t have that amount of money. Finally, he left the city with some of his loyal followers to train.

I went to the storehouse and created two Level 3 mana replenishing food for myself to eat. When I went back to the square, I discovered that Lin Yi Xin had not left yet. She sat on a stall in the square cross-legged, laying a few black-tier equipments for sale. There was also a Level 25 white bow. It didn’t have extra attributes but it had a high attack.

Seems like she was quite organized and virtuous, this point of hers was quite commendable.

I walked forward and lowered my body, looking at her.

Lin Yi Xin glared back at me, “What are you looking at, brat?”

I chuckled a little and said, “Do you still have potions?”

“Yes.” Lin Yi Xin’s eyes glinted with a hint of craftiness and said, “But the potions that we are refining now are already Level 3 potions. It can heal 600 health immediately with 60 seconds cooldown. It’s very expensive, you know~”

“How much?”

“50 silvers 1 bottle!”

“Dammit, that’s too much of a rip-off!” I gritted my teeth.

Lin Yi Xin chuckled mischievously, “It’s okay if you don’t buy~”

I thought about it again, and then I thought, forget it. I had even seen people selling Level 2 potions for 30 silvers each outside. Selling these Level 3 potions for 50 silvers each wasn’t really a rip-off.

Hence, I took out 20 gold and said, “There, give me 40 bottles!”

“Boss, you are so generous!”

Lin Yi Xin praised me and traded the goods with me. She had so much potions in her inventory, wasn’t she afraid of people PK-ing her to loot her goods? Skilled players really had a lot of guts.

I repaired my equipment and continued my levelling. My target was Wildfire Plains, I plan to kill the Wildfire Greed Wolves to train my Mysterious Wasp and level it up to level 30 within 24 hours. With level 30 stats, it could probably be able to participate in battles. Other than that, I would need to gather some glutinous rice to create Level 3 Food and train my Cooking ability to Level 4. Only then will I be able to create the godly Level 4 Food!

I continued to train until 6 pm, when Du Shi San and Ghost Valley started to pester me to have dinner with them.

I searched for a graveyard at the fringe of the Wildfire Plains. Squeezing myself into a graveyard that had no owner to rest, I then went offline.


At the studio’s living room, Du Shi San and Ghost Valley was trembling with excitement.

“How’s today?” I asked.

Ghost Valley laughed out, “I levelled up to Level 31, while Brother B is at Level 29 going to be Level 30 soon. Other than that, we had also managed to help a few people to complete missions that are not that time-consuming. Today, Brother B and I had managed to earn 5 gold!”

I nodded, “Not bad, not bad. According to the currency exchange now, 1 gold is equivalent to around RMB80. You guys have earned so much today, you are more or less white collars elites now…”

“Boss Broken Spear, how much have you earned today?”

“100 gold.”


Ghost Valley was immediately frozen and asked, “What the heck did you do that you managed to earn so much? Did you kill someone and loot their equipments?”

“How’s that possible!” I glared at him and asked, “Little Ghost, your profession is an Undead Knight. Do you have the [Corpse Pillage] skill?”


“Do you have [Undead Strength]?”


“Dammit! Then what do you have exactly?”

“[Undead Combo Attack], [Undying Shield]…”

“That’s not bad actually…”

I sighed secretly. Ghost Valley also had an Undead profession like me, but we completely had a different set of skills. He didn’t have [Corpse Pillage], so he wouldn’t be able to get wolf’s leather with 100% chance like me to earn money.


Eating dinner in our usual stall, I downed my drink as I said to them, “Do your jobs properly, we can gather our gold tomorrow and earn our first Crimson Mercenary’s revenue!”


Du Shi San and Ghost Valley drained their cups happily, their faces red from the alcohol.

After eating, at around 7.30pm, I patted my legs as I said, “Let’s go, time to go back!”

Du Shi San took a bbq meat and said, “Let’s not go yet, we haven’t finished eating. Why are you so anxious to go back? Do you have a lover’s secret rendezvous when you get back online?”

I glared at him, “What do you take me as?”

“Haha, I guessed right! Little Ghost, look at him, Lu Chen’s face is red…”

“Just die!”

After I pulled the two fellows back to the studio, I immediately went online.


I appeared on the Wildfire Plains. Looking at the time, it was already 7.45 pm.

I didn’t say anything and immediately went towards Frozen Forest. Passing through the thick forest, I entered into a village near a few boulders of rocks. That was Newbie Village no.1, where 10% of first-time players first appeared.

8.10 pm.

I concealed myself within the forest, looking at the newbies coming in and out of the Newbie Village. However, I couldn’t find the person I wanted to see the most.

I carried my sword and turned around, going to Newbie Village No.2.

I was disappointed when I still didn’t manage to see her.

Until 9.30 pm, when I came to the tenth Newbie Village, I finally saw her.


In a quiet village, beside the dilapidated fences, a newbie human knight player appeared, her right hands carrying a rusty sword while her left hands carried a wooden shield. The simple newbie clothings that she wore couldn’t manage to conceal her beauty. Her snow-white, beautiful face and neck shone under the moonlight like the lusters of gems. Under her shirt, her beautiful chest seemed to bob up and down as she took in deep breaths.

She then looked at the Big-eared Rabbits outside the village and mumbled, “, I’m coming…”

As she said that, she charged towards her first prey. Her rusty sword tore at one Big-eared Rabbit’s forehead, as her name floated right above her head —

Oasis LV-0
Profession: Magic Knight

(Shiro: Okay, He Yi’s ign is 在水一方, which can be translated as ‘across the water’ or ‘at one side of the water’, which is really weird… So if you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna name her oasis instead. Which is kinda not the exact translation, but well. Anyway I tried googling 在水一方, turns out it’s a novel by Chiung Yao. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unforgettable_Character)


He Yi, you finally appeared!

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  1. Hacalyhd says:

    Though Oasis has the best ring I think it lost the meaning of the name.
    Acording to your other possible translations
    ‘across the water’ or ‘at one side of the water’,
    I assume that the name was picked because our MC is (according to her knowledge) dead and thus she used this name to honour him.
    While ‘Across the Water’ as a name sounds not quite as good as ‘Oasis’ it might be a good idea to use it thought, since an Oasis is seen as a place of hope and life, which does not match the meaning behind it.

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