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VW:UUTS Chapter 49 – Chanel

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Chapter 49 – Chanel
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Sorry for the delayed UUTS chapter guys. I suddenly have something on tomorrow, so I might need to delay UUTS Chapter 50 to Sunday. Sorry!

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Shadow Maple charged forward, brandishing his sword as dense, fire-red colour enveloped his blade. It was the warrior’s level 30 skill – [Sudden Kill]!

I met his attack head and withstood it with my armor. On the other hand, I swung Weeping Fireblade to his back and drew a beautiful arch!


My blade hit the back of Shadow Maple’s head accurately. As a result of attacking his weak point, I had caused a 421 damage!

When Shadow Maple was startled by my attack, I had already turned around and quickly pierced my sword into his chest, fast as lightning. With a ‘Pu Chi’ sound, blood splurted out and this Shadow Clan’s master had already been instantly killed under my sword. His body fell slowly to the ground, turning into a corpse that awaits resurrection.

Seeing this, Shadow Volcano became enraged and brandished his sword as he charged over. Brilliant light enveloped his blade, seemed like he had used a knight’s level 20 skill – [Towing Blade Beheader]!


Dusts shifted beneath my feet as I leapt a few steps backwards. Shadow Volcano missed his initial judgement of my position, and he was at once at a dilemma on whether he should unleash his attack. If he unleashed it, he would definitely MISSed. His whole body froze in an instant.

I wanted to laugh when I watched him. This guy’s control was simply too bad. One must always leave a margin when attacking. How could he not understand such a simple principle?

Like the wind, I suddenly appeared right in front of Shadow Volcano. A pair of undead eyes glared furiously at him. Immediately, Shadow Volcano had goosebumps all over his body, “You…What do you want?!”



I didn’t reply, instead, I immediately unleashed [Vindicate] and one normal attack upon him, instantly killing him. Looking at Shadow Volcano’s corpse collapsing to the ground, I couldn’t help but be surprised. A level 3 [Vindicate]’s ability was simply too powerful, it was definitely my trump card for PK-ing others!

Just at this moment, there was a sudden pain in my chest. “Pa pa pa” arrows suddenly shot at my chest, four archers from the Shadow Clan pulled their bows simultaneously, shooting their arrows at me accurately. A chain of damage numbers flew out from my head–





Each damage wasn’t that high alone, but together, they were quite deadly. In just a moment, I almost became a hedgehog being shot by these arrows. The worst thing, however, was the hot Fire Dragon that suddenly shot out from the ground, engulfing my whole body in an instant. Burning sensation seared my whole body as my health fell fiercely non-stop!


Damn! They had a high-levelled mage, a strong high-levelled mage!

I hurriedly took out a level 2 health potion and gulped it down. At the same time, from the corner of my eye, I saw that a female mage wearing a black robe was chanting a spell. A ball of fire flickered on the tip of her staff. What a high-levelled mage!

Shadow Chanel LV-32

Profession: Bronze Magician

She was actually a level 32 mage. Seems like that staff was at least an iron-tier. It could even be rune-tier, otherwise it would be impossible to cause me so much damage with a level 3 [Fire Dragon] skill.

“Mu Rong Ming Yue!”

I hurriedly retreated and shouted at the same time. Mu Rong Ming Yue was a healer after all, she immediately raise her hands and healed me!


Tsk tsk, not bad. Sister Ming Yue was indeed a magnificent healer. Such a strong heal, she would probably be one of the best healers in Floating Ice City.

Although I had received healing, it was obvious that it was quite unrealistic to fight against so many people alone. Especially that Shadow Chanel who had such a strong magic attack. The moment I made a mistake, I would probably be annihilated.

Shadow Chanel’s attack undoubtedly increased the morale of the Shadow Clan members. Shadow Ocean raise his longbow and shouted, “Chanel, give this brat another [Fire Dragon]. Archers, attack him altogether. I don’t believe with our battle power, we couldn’t kill this Undead Swordsman. Dammit, they only have one priest. Humph, it’s that Mu Rong Ming Yue of Ancient Sword Dream! We’ll first kill Fallen Hero, the Mu Rong Ming Yue!”

Instead of retreating, I advanced forward, my sword slashing onto the chest of a mage, who had suddenly charged towards me. This young mage lack experience, he didn’t even know that a mage shouldn’t go too near their opponents. His eyes were wide opened, staring at my Weeping Fireblade piercing through his heart. With a splash of blood, he immediately collapsed and died!

Shadow Chanel bit her lips and shouted, “Die, [Ice Rain]!”


A rain of icicles appeared suddenly from the sky. This was a level 30 mage’s most powerful skill, an aoe skill at the early stage!




Three continuous attacks. It was obvious that her [Ice Rain] was not at a really high level and did not have a very high damage. It was much more efficient to use the single target [Fire Dragon] instead.

I decided to risk my life. Charging straight towards Shadow Chanel, I shouted loudly, “[Death Blade]!”

Green light flashes as my strongest attack fell down on her!

Who would know that Shadow Chanel revealed a disdainful smile instead. She stomped her feet on the ground, and suddenly a golden shield appeared and surrounded her body. It was a level 30 mage’s protection skill–[Mage Shield]!


My [Death Blade] weakly struck at the Mage Shield, unable to break the shield. However, its toughness had also been reduced by half. After all, my attack strength was still the real thing.

I strike the Mage Shield again with my sword and it suddenly broke with a loud ‘Pa’!

Shadow Chanel froze and hurriedly tried to retreat. At the same time, she unleashed an [Icicle] attack.


My body became frozen and my movement speed decreased by a whole lot. Arrows once again darted into my chest. My health decreased rapidly.

I immediately tried to retreat. Since I had failed to kill the opponent’s high levelled mage, it would be quite impossible to kill this bunch of people alone.

Right at this moment, a reassuring sound resounded. The Treant BOSS had died with a loud miserable cry!

Xu Yang raise the Treant’s vine up high as he laughed out, “Brother Fallen Hero, we finished the quest!”

Ghost Valley had already turned into a shadow and immediately launched a sneak attack to the Shadow Clan members. His long spear danced as his deadly attacks immediately slashed at Shadow Ocean. The next moment, his body turned quickly and flew towards the other two people like a whirlwind. Tsk tsk, this brat had become stronger again. He was truly our Crimson Mercenaries’ outstanding general!

Xu Yang brandished his long sword and charged over. As for me, after Mu Rong Ming Yue’s heal, level 2 health potion and level 3 [Undead Regeneration], my health had returned back to full quickly. I picked up my sword and started to kill, my target was still Shadow Maple. This mage posed as a great threat to us. As long as she put her mind to it, she would probably be able to kill Mu Rong MingYue with two of her magic attacks. Fortunately they did not do that.

The Shadow Clan was not a very strong clan, at least they were definitely still far behind from the Domineering Clan. The were also not as numerous in number as the Mad Dragon Guild. Perhaps only this Shadow Chanel that was a little bit stronger. The other players could only be called a second-rate expert, they might not even be counted as experts.

I chased to kill like shadow in the night, leaving no chance for Shadow Chanel to stop chanting her spells. The moment she stopped, she might be instantly killed by me. She had already seen the power of [Vindicate], so she didn’t dare to take risks.

Alas, although I didn’t manage to kill Shadow Chanel, when I broke her [Mage Shield] before, she had immediately been killed by Xu Yang who had rushed over!

In addition, the other people were all killed by Ghost Valley and were running away like a flock of chickens getting chased by a wild dog. Ghost Valley was also more or less a prominent person in the Floating Ice City, there was once a time he was also the first ranked in the Player Ranking Board. This fellow’s strong and unique PK ability was both beautiful and determined. His moves were sharp and clean, much stronger than Shi San and Xu Yang.

After 5 minutes, the Shadow Clan was annihilated, while we only suffered minor injuries. Under Mu Rong Ming Yue’s heal, everyone’s health returned back to maximum.

Xu Yang carried his sword and laughed out loud, “This is really heartening. The Shadow Clan had truly dug their own grave this time. Humph, they wanted to steal equipments before, and now they wanted revenge. Even death couldn’t wipe away their crimes! Haha, that battle just now was really hard to fight!”

I shot him a glance, really wanting to say: “Heartening your head! I was almost dead,” the way I did last time. However, obviously, I didn’t say anything today. Xu Yang and Mu Rong Ming Yue were our employer after all, and we were only working for them. Customers are kings, we would have to uphold our manners at all time.

Mu Rong Ming Yue walked forward and gave me 10 gold. She smiled, “Thank you for everything, really. This is your reward, but forgive us if it’s too little. We look forward to working with you again in the future~”

I received the gold and nodded, not saying anything much.

Mu Rong Ming Yue was actually quite a rich lady. Why did I say so? It’s because she was He Yi’s personal assistant. As the personal assistant to He Yi, who was the Vice President of the Asia Region of GGS Corporation, Mu Rong Ming Yue was obviously quite wealthy.

Receiving the money, I smiled, “Then let’s meet again another time!”


As I said that, I sent a look to Ghost Valley and Du Shi San, before leading the two of them out of the forest and walked towards the Floating Ice City.

Mu Rong Ming Yue shouted to us from the back, “Eh, why didn’t you guys use return scrolls instead?”

I turned around, my voice was deep and low as I smiled, “We are saving money..”

Mu Rong Ming Yue froze and she stopped her words, not saying anything.


Ghost Valley walked beside me and said, “Boss Broken Spear, I think our feud with the Shadow Clan has already been drawn. What do you have in mind in the future? We are only three people, we couldn’t possibly fight against so many people from their clan. They would definitely try to give us troubles in the future!”

I looked at him and said sincerely, “Little Ghost, you cannot simply look at things from the surface. Although we are lacking in numbers, we are united at heart. Although the Shadow Clan has a lot of members, they are divided at heart. Furthermore, their abilities could only be second-rate at the most. They are not that strong to the point that we must worry about them.”

Ghost Valley nodded.

I started again, “Actually, yesterday I had also made an enemy out of the Domineering Clan, who is a part of the God Destroyer Guild…”

“Ah?” Ghost Valley was shocked.

I laughed, “It’s okay, some people are meant to be our enemies, it’s impossible to be avoided!’


Ghost Valley nodded and clenched his fist tight. “No matter what happened, we three brothers must be united. I believe that the Domineering Clan would not even be able to destroy our Crimson Mercenaries!”

“Hey, that’s a given!”


We walked back to Floating Ice City, and arrived when it was just in time for lunch, at 11.30 pm. There were a lot of people in the square, each of them shouting to sell their goods loudly —

“Finding members to hunt at Poison Wasp Forest, Level 30 and above, we need one more person!”

“Buying bulk amounts of materials for Sticky Rice, 5 silvers for each set. Come if you have some…”

“Buying all Level 2 Wolfskin, 1 silver per piece!”


I walked to the middle of the square and shouted loudly, “Selling level 3 material for leather armours, Hell Wind Wolves’ Fur. Those who wants it contact me quickly, priority will be given to those who buy in bulk!”

Unexpectedly, nobody replied after I yelled this out. Seems like there weren’t a lot of players who have already trained their leather armor sewing skill to level 3.

I sighed and continued to yell again.

After quite a long while without reply, my heart sunk. Forget it, I should just continue to train!

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, a voice suddenly resounded, “This brother here who is selling wolf’s fur, how much is the level 3 wolves’ fur a piece?”

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