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VW:UUTS Chapter 48 – Unparalleled

Chapter 48 – Unparalleled
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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I ran straight towards the Floating Ice City. There were quite a few players teaming up as a party outside the city. When I came, a lot of people started to raise their eyebrows at me. It was obvious that a few people had wanted to attack me, so I displayed my name clearly. Indeed, the name ‘Fallen Hero’ was extremely intimidating. As the third ranked player in the Floating Ice City Player Ranking Board, a lot of people who had wanted to kill me, who had a red name, flinched back.

Arriving at the Floating Ice City East Gate Bridge, I saw Xu Yang and Mu Rong Ming Yue who had already waited for a long time at a far distance. Xu Yang still wore the same heroic looking armor and carried the same sword, while Mu Rong Ming Yue had changed into a white-coloured robe. She looked pure and white like snow, however, the sultry smile on her expression and impressive-looking body had destroyed her pure image. Anyone with discerning eyes would be able to tell with one look that this girl was extremely difficult to deal with. It would be better not to provoke her.

“He’s here. Fallen Hero Brother!” Xu Yang smiled as he welcomed me.

I nodded lightly and replied with the coarse voice of an Undead, “I still have two comrades coming. Please wait a few more minutes, they would arrive in a few moments!”


Xu Yang’s gaze measured my equipments up and down, before he sighed, “Fallen Hero Brother, your armor… why did it glow so differently from others? What tier is that? It couldn’t be bronze-tier or iron-tier, right?”

I chuckled and answered without trying to conceal anything, “Yeah, it’s rune-tier. Spirit Wind Cloud Armour, 48 defense and +11 strength. Not bad right?”

Xu Yang nodded, “Haha, it’s really OP!”

When I told him my equipment’s attributes truthfully, I would be able to gain his trust. Furthermore, this was Xu Yang. i wouldn’t be afraid of him seeing me in the wrong way as Xu Yang was not that kind of person. In my memory, my impression towards this sincere and loyal figure was only: first, he was extremely outspoken and straightforward. Second, he was loyal towards He Yi. With regards to this second point, he was similar to me. Even up until the end, we didn’t give up on He Yi and Ancient Sword Dream.

At this moment, Mu Rong Ming Yue walked closer and welcomed me. Suddenly, the corners of her mouth curved up as she revealed a meaningful smile that I couldn’t see through. She spoke lightly, “Fallen Hero, I heard that you destroyed the [God Destroyer] guild’s Domineering Clan in the Poison Wasp Forest, is that true?”

I nodded without replying.

Mu Rong Ming Yue continued, “Ah, how did you have the courage to fight against 5 expert players from the Player Ranking Board?”

I couldn’t help but smile, my voice was coarse as I said, “ Actually, to fight against the Domineering Clan, those Player Ranking Board experts, you would need more than just courage.”

“Oh? What else would you need?” Mu Rong Ming Yue smiled and asked.

I replied in a low voice, “Lines… Everyone will have their own lines and boundaries. The Domineering Clan had crossed my line, so even if I have to fight them to death, I would definitely not let them off.”


Mu Rong Ming Yue chuckled softly but didn’t ask further. Instead, she turned around and asked Xu Yang, “Xu Yang, I remembered that your corpse was guarded by the Domineering Clan for one whole day and night. If Fallen Hero had really slaughtered the Domineering Clan, wouldn’t that meant he had helped you to take revenge on them?”

Xu Yang laughed loudly, “Thank you, Fallen Hero Brother!”

I replied straightforwardly, “That thanks wasn’t sincere at all! We are the pioneers of the Crimson Mercenaries who put money above everything else. Rather than thanking me with your mouth, why don’t you thank me with your gold!”

Mu Rong Ming Yue chuckled again as she took out a dazzling gold coin from her robes and said, “Here you are. Are you willing to take it?”

I reached my bony hands out and immediately caught the gold in my grasp. Hugging the piece of gold tight in my hands, I smiled slightly, “If Mu Rong beauty is willing to give it to me, of course I am willing to receive it!”

Mu Rong Ming Yue froze and stared at me blankly, “I really can’t understand you…”

I laughed. It’s good if you can’t understand me, I am most worried about you seeing through me. If that really happened, I really could not hide my identity anymore.

One question kept nagging in my mind, and I have thought to ask her a thousand times, or even ten thousand times, ‘Ming Yue, He Yi… Boss, has she entered the game yet?’

However, I couldn’t ask her. If I ever asked this question, the troubles and consequences that came after it was something I wouldn’t be able to take.

Alas, Xu Yang had actually helped me to ask the question, “Ming Yue, didn’t Boss say she will enter the game today? When is she coming online exactly?”

Ming Yue laughed lightly, “What are you so anxious about? She had some meetings to attend during the day, so she only has time to go online around 8 pm. It’s okay, she would also still be at Level 0 when she comes online, and she would still be in the newbie village. We’ll look for her later and help her to level so that she could quickly rise to level 10 and be able to go to Floating Ice City!”


Xu Yang propped his sword on his shoulders and laughed out, “I’m dying of anticipation. Boss finally joined . I finally feel like I have found my pillar. I’m super charged now!”

Mu Rong Ming Yue’s eyes dropped a little as she said with teary eyes, “It was a pity that Lian Xin went to study overseas, and Lu Chen… Aih, who would know that Ancient Sword Dream will end up this way…”

As she said that, Mu Rong Ming Yue glanced at me secretly.

I immediately turned around and observed the water under the bridge. Gritting my teeth, I started reminiscing about what happened at back then in my mind. He Yi’s mesmerizing smiling face had said to the four of us, “Do you know why I named our guild ‘Ancient Sword Dream’? I meant for us to use our lives to protect our dreams and battle spirit!”

Dream and battle spirit…

Looking at how Xu Yang and I had faced those continuous bloody slaughters and various traps for more than a year, seems like we had definitely fulfilled the ‘battle spirit’ part. However, my dreams were shattered by the God of War, Chaos Illumination, in the end.

Clasping my fist tightly, I swore in my heart. If Chaos Illumination created a Illumination Dragon Guild in , in the future not far from now, I would definitely return all the pain and sufferings multiple fold back to him!


After a few minutes, two other people came towards us. It was naturally Du Shi San and the red-named Ghost Valley.

Xu Yang was a little bit taken aback as he laughed, “Is the Crimson Mercenaries’ trademark red-named players?”

Ghost Valley laughed sinisterly and said, “Burly guy, your flesh must be very hard and difficult to be chewed…”

Xu Yang raised his sword and said, “Sorry that I’m not to your taste!”

Du Shi San and I started laughing out loud. Mu Rong Ming Yue then said, “Let’s go off to work now. That BOSS is located at a low mountain in Frozen Forest. Let’s hurry there now that there are not that many people there!”


The five of us set out from Floating Ice City. Xu Yang then said, “There are four close combat players in the party… Actually, we should bring a tactician so that we can have a [Boost Morale] and [Metal Soldiers] buff…”

I shook my head, “There’s no need to. I don’t think a 5% addition to attack power is really needed. We can all attack together and quickly end that BOSS!”


Entering the Frozen Forest, the five of us became a small party. Furthermore, it was a strong party. Ghost Valley had already risen to level 30 and learnt the Undead Knight’s special abilities, so he should be much stronger now. On the other hand, Xu Yang was also strength-based warrior. Mu Rong Ming Yue’s equipment was also not that bad, so her healing power should be quite sufficient.

When we arrived outside the valley, we found that there were quite a few players training there already. Xu Yang was immediately worried as he said, “Let’s go quickly, the BOSS is just right in front. We shouldn’t let anyone steal it!”

I nodded and pulled out my Weeping Fireblade as I hurried forward. Ghost Valley and Du Shi San also followed me from behind, the three of us forming a triangle as we charged forward.

“We are here!”

In the forest, a Treant BOSS that was wielding a lance appeared, its blood-red eyes looking at us, the bunch of invaders.

Xu Yang was greatly rejoiced, “Not bad, those few people have not found the BOSS yet, otherwise we would really suffer a great loss.”

I glanced at Ghost Valley and said, “Let’s start!”

Ghost Valley rushed forward like lightning, his spear moving at a crazy speed as he pierced the BOSS three times continuously!




In an instant, he drained more than 500 points of the BOSS’ health. Xu Yang immediately opened his eyes wide as he mumbled, “You are so strong, Ghost Valley!”

This was [Undead Combo Hit], an Undead Knight’s special skill. It attacked the enemy three times continuously, and every attack was equivalent to 50% of Ghost Valley’s normal attacks’ damage. As the skill levelled up, its damaging power would also increase greatly.

The Treant was a plant-type monster and had a tree-like body. Its arms were extremely powerful and it was able to swing its vine to a great distance. It belonged to a long-ranged monster that had a high attack, and this boss was also a well-known figure amongst Treants. It was level 32, so it was enough to pose as a life-threatening danger for us players that were below level 40.

Du Shi San also picked up his weapon and charged forward, executing [Heavy Slash], shaving off around 200 points from the BOSS’ health. It was obvious that he was severely lacking compared to Ghost Valley.

I flew forward quickly and swung my sword. My sword flashed past again as I delivered another blow. Green light enveloped my sword as [Death Blade] came coming down slicing the winds!



The first attack that MISSed made Mu Rong Ming Yue gape. It was obvious that she did not expect the top three players in the Player Ranking Board to miss his attack. However, the second attack that causes a crazy high 1500 point damage made Mu Rong Ming Yue’s chin drop down even more. It was obvious that she never thought that someone could actually cause that much damage.

Xu Yang roared loudly as he slashed at the BOSS’ body and unleashed a level 30 warrior’s skill, [Sudden Kill]. This attack had a chance to stun his opponents!

By chance, Xu Yang’s attack had caused the BOSS to be stunned, so Ghost Valley and I had taken advantage of this and attacked it continuously. It had not been even half a minute and the BOSS’ health had already been reduced to half.

Mu Rong Ming Yue raised her magic staff and continuously rained down ray of healing lights upon us to fill our health back to the maximum. It had been a long time since I had last seen her, but Mu Rong Sis was still as efficient in healing as before!

The BOSS killing went very smoothly. But just as it was about to die, a group of people suddenly appeared behind us!

“It’s them again!”

Ghost Valley gritted his teeth. The uninvited guest turned out to be the Shadow Clan, our old enemies!

At normal times, Ghost Valley and I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at these small fries. But we were fighting a BOSS now, if they disrupt our tempo, the one dying might be us ourselves.

Mu Rong Ming Yue was extremely worried, “What do we do?”


I pushed the Treant away with one strike and shouted, “Little Ghost, Shi San, continue to fight and defeat this BOSS, leave these people to me!”

“But, there are almost a dozen of them…” Ghost Valley was a little hesitant. However, this brat wasn’t actually worrying about me, it’s just that his bloodthirsty spirit couldn’t calm down after seeing that there was going to be a PK involved.

I carried my Weeping Fireblade, turned around and walked towards the Shadow Clan members. Behind me, my Cyan Fire Cloak waved in the wind. My expression was grave and stern, making me look like an approaching Death Reaper.

“Humph, watch how unparalleled I am!”

I smirked, full of disdain, as I glared at the Shadow Clan’s members.

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