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VW:UUTS Chapter 44 – Queen Wasp’s Nest

Chapter 44 – Queen Wasp’s Nest
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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The frequency of level 1 monsters spawning were definitely not high. The Domineering Clan had rummaged through the Wasp Forest for a few hours, but it seemed like they hadn’t met even a single level 1 Wasp before. Seeing that I had already succeeded sealing a Wasp, their hunter’s heart was immediately awoken. Domineering Knight God and Domineering War God immediately closed in towards me, brandishing their blades.

I, on the other hand, was not afraid. With the little Wasp beside me, I looked at the two of them and smiled, “These two heroes, what brings you two here?”

Domineering Knight God was startled for a while before smiling back, “It’s nothing. Fallen Hero, have you managed to catch a pet?”


I turned and rubbed the Little Wasp’s head, smiling, “Tsk tsk, with a 4.5 stars in attack and agility, it’s indeed a high quality pet. Furthermore, my fortune is quite good, this wasp has a BN value of 35. Haha, not bad right?”

Immediately, Domineering Knight God’s eyes almost turned green, “BN of 35 points? That…isn’t that too strong?”

Domineering War God carried his sword and walked forward, coldly smiling, “Does Fallen Hero has any intention of selling this BN 35 Wasp?”

I quickly nodded my head, “I don’t, I need to train it myself!”


Domineering War God let out a cold smile, “I’m willing to pay 5 gold to buy that wasp. Would you be willing to sell it to us? We can all be friends, and you can count that as giving some face to us, the Domineering Clan and God Destroyer Guild.”

I still shook my head, “I’m not selling! This BN35 Wasp must at least worth 50 gold and above. Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“Since you are the one who said that, don’t blame us for not being courteous!”

Domineering War God pulled out his long sword with a clang, and smiled coldly, “You can either give us the Wasp to us, or die 7 to 8 times here. We, the Domineering Clan, wouldn’t mind guarding your corpse a few days and night, really~ Hehe!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. After exchanging a few sentences, the Domineering Clan’s true character had finally come out!

At this time, Domineering Heaven Blade appeared, bringing along two archers and 1 priest, bellowing loudly, “War God, what are you doing? Didn’t I say that Fallen Hero is our Domineering Clan’s friend!”

Domineering War God bit his teeth growled in a low voice, “Boss, he managed to catch a wasp, it’s a high quality pet with a BN value of 35!”


Domineering Heave Blade immediately darkened, as if he was trying to choose between this ‘friend’ or the BN 35 OP wasp.

In the end, I was pitifully abandoned.

Domineering Heaven Blade lifted his blade and smiled, “Fallen Hero, you see, I am willing to pay 50 gold to buy your Wasp. Would you be willing to sell it?”

I immediately got to the point, “If I don’t agree to it, you would guard my corpse and erase my ID from the Floating Ice City, right?”

“Haha, this…”

Domineering Heaven Blade didn’t continue, so I assumed that he wasn’t denying the accusation. On the other side, Domineering Knight God said, “Boss, don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s just destroy this chap, like how we destroyed Blazing Sun a few days ago. Humph, what top 10 player in the Player Ranking Board? Let’s see if he could still be a player in the Player Ranking Board if we guard his corpse for one whole day and night!”

I froze, and immediately remembered. Two days ago, Xu Yang was indeed a player on the Player Ranking Board, but he suddenly disappeared. So it was all because of these people!

“Blazing Sun? Did he offend you guys?” I asked.

Domineering Knight God laughed coldly, “Blazing Sun, that fellow just can’t see an opportunity when it was presented to him. He wasn’t willing to join us, the God Destroyer Guild, and was instead loyal to some Ancient Sword Dream, a third-rate guild. Humph, since he couldn’t understand his position, he could only die!”

Anger suddenly welled up in my heart. My eyes turned red with anger. Ancient Sword Dream, He Yi, those were the existences that I had missed day and night. How could I let it be ridiculed by others?

“Sha sha…”

Blades of grasses drifted about as I suddenly disappeared from my initial location. In the next moment, I was already right in front of Domineering Knight God, my Weeping Fireblade glowing with a crimson red colour. My [Undead Strength] were concentrated in my blades as I unleashed a normal attack on Domineering Knight God’s chest armor. I followed with another normal attack, slashing across his neck!



The two attacks had aimed right at the opponent’s weaknesses. Domineering Knight God’s eyes went perfectly round as he died with his eyes still open, looking right at me. He completely never thought that I would so brazenly attack him in front of Domineering Heaven Blade and the other Domineering Clan members.

Slowly pulling out my Weeping Fireblade that was drenched with blood, I said indifferently, “Ancient Sword Dream is not some third-rate guild. Go to hell!”


When Domineering Knight God’s corpse fell onto the grasses, Domineering Heaven Blade and the others finally returned to their senses. Immediately, Domineering War God charged towards me, roaring angrily. He yelled unyieldingly, “Scoundrel, how dare you kill my brother?!”


Domineering War God leapt high up into the sky and unleashed a powerful attack [Sudden Kill], a level 30 Warrior’s special skill. Other than having a powerful attack, it also guarantee a 1 second stun for the target!

I welcomed the opponent who was coming down to me from the air. Smirking, I moved my legs and drew a perfect arch, dodging the opponent’s area of attack in an instant. Then, My Weeping Fireblade quickly shot two attacks. The first attack was [Vindicate], and not 0.5 second later, I unleashed the second attack, [Death Blade]!



Domineering War God was completely dumbstruck, unable to believe what had happened. He had actually been so easily killed in an instant!


Another corpse fell to the ground. The two expert players on the Player Ranking Board was killed by me in an instant.

At the same time, I felt pain from my arm and my back. To my surprise, I saw that my health had dropped to half!


System Announcement: Player Domineering Heaven Blade had used his skill [Towing Blade Beheader], causing a 279 point damage to you!


System Announcement: Player Domineering Heaven Blade had used his skill [Two Combo Beheader], causing a 189 and 201 point damage to you!

This is going to be the death of me! Domineering Heaven Blade, who was an expert player, had a sharp blade indeed. Even after using a rune-tier armor, I couldn’t defend against his attack!

The worst thing was that there was even an arrow coming my way. It was Domineering Archer God’s [Destroying Demon Arrow], a special skill that only a level 30 archer could have. It ignored 50% of the target’s defense, a must-have skill when an archer was fighting against a warrior!

I slid my feet and quickly retreated. At the same time, I quickly took out level 2 health potion and drank it down, recovering 400 health immediately. Thank you, Lin Yi Xin, without your health potion, I would definitely die!


[Destroying Demon Arrow] struck me at my chest, inflicting 227 damage to my health. This archer had completely managed to destroy my defense.

The four Domineering Clan players chased after me altogether. The hardest to handle was obviously Domineering Heaven Blade, who was leading right in front. This person, who was the number one rank in the Player Ranking Board, had a really sharp and powerful attack. I, who was fighting alone against so many enemies, would definitely not be able to win!

I fought, retreated, and finished a normal health potion before turning my body around and entered the forest behind me. I decided to look for an opportunity to execute [Earth Evasion]. This skill needed 1 second of casting time, and with the addition of my 0.5 seconds delay, I would need at least 1.5 seconds to execute it properly. If I couldn’t manage to get 1.5 seconds, I would definitely have a bad ending.

Domineering Heaven Blade brandished his large blade and rushed over, ferociously roaring at the same time, “Fallen Hero, I have wasted my kindness on you! You had actually dared to kill my brothers right in front of me! I will definitely return this grudge!”

I smirked as I glanced at the cool down of [Vindicate]. There was still 15 seconds before the 60 seconds cool down was up. Humph, in 15 seconds, Domineering Heave Blade, let’s see how I will pull you down from the treasured number one spot of the Player Ranking Board!

I continued to move my feet in a zigzag motion, so as to avoid the archer’s attack. In , this fantasy game, long-distance attacks weren’t as easy as aiming at a target. You would have to determine the target’s location. Your attack would only be effective if you could attack the target at the correct location. It would be impossible for an arrow to hit a target in front when you shot the arrow to the back instead.

As a result, with my footwork, more than half of Domineering Archer God’s arrow shot the trees instead. Furthermore, as long as he didn’t use [Breaking Demon Arrow], I wouldn’t need to be afraid of him with my defense.

Although Domineering Heaven Blade was a top-notch expert player, I made him dizzy with my whirls and turns. More than a few times, he had almost knocked against a tree chasing after me. Although his footwork and control might look extremely beautiful from an ordinary player’s perspective, in my eyes, his linking techniques was still lacking. His standards was at least weaker than that of Lin Yi Xin’s.

[Vindicate]’s cool down was almost up. I watched the time limit ending —




Cool down ends!

Abruptly, I turned and move my body in an S-shape. A sharp, cold gaze flashed across my expression as I unleashed two attacks on Domineering Heaven Blade with my Weeping Fireblade!

My [Vindicate] and [Death Blade] combo exploded like a storm, completely not giving a chance for my opponent to dodge!


Domineering Heaven Blade summoned a wind shield that surrounded himself, a skill similar to my [Ghost Armor]. The skill that he summoned was called [Big Dipper’s Qi Protection], a knight’s level 30 special profession skill!

Unfortunately, [Big Dipper’s Qi Protection] still could not block the godly attack after my [Vindicate]!



Domineering Heave Blade gasped. A knight did not have a high health growth in the first place, so Domineering Heave Blade’s health was only around 600 points. How would he be able to withstand this attack?


Domineering Heaven Blade, the boss of Domineering Clan and God Destroyer Guildmaster, finally collapsed to the ground, killed instantly by my sharp sword.

My wrath was actually initially caused by Domineering War God’s words — “Ancient Sword Dream, a third-rate guild.”

That was the name I yearned for day and night, a name that I would willingly use my life to protect with. Even if I would have to let go of this little life, I would never allow anyone to ridicule that name.

In reality, I had narrowly escaped death. Killing Domineering Heaven Blade exposed my body fully to the archer’s aim.

Domineering Archer God’s powerful [Breaking Demon Arrow] shot out towards me ferociously!



In that instant I was shot, I immediately drunk a level 2 health potion. At the same time, my body was sent flying to the bushes nearby, like a kite with its string cut!


Darkness shrouded me. I was extremely shocked. Turned out that there was a large hole behind the bushes. I was actually shot into this hole with Domineering Archer God’s [Breaking Demon Arrow]!


Falling heavily into the hole, I could only see a ray of light from the hole opening. This hole must be at least a hundred meters deep!

“How is it? Did we kill him?” Someone asked.

Domineering Archer God replied, “He would probably die from falling into the hole. Let’s go back and report to boss!”

“Alright. Dammit, that brat is really scary. He fought alone against so many of us, yet it seemed like an easy task for him. Humph, it’s a pity, such a powerful expert was actually rendered useless by us!”

“Tsk, what do you mean by expert? Didn’t he got shot down by my arrow!”

“Haha, Brother Archer God can really shoot with precision. You are practically a reincarnation of Huang Zhong!”
(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huang_Zhong)



Not long afterwards, the two people above left to report back to Domineering Heaven Blade.

I looked around in all directions, and realized that this hole was all made of earth. This was a naturally formed rock structure. There were holes in the walls of the rock, small but great in number. It seemed just like a — Wasp’s Nest?!

I was immediately shocked to my core. This was a Wasp Forest; could this place be the Wasp’s Nest?

I looked at the map, and my heart fell —

Queen Wasp’s Nest!

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