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VW:UUTS Chapter 45 – Mysterious Wasp

Chapter 45 – Mysterious Wasp
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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It was a hidden map!

I was overjoyed; this was my first reaction when I discovered that I have entered into a BOSS monster’s nest.

As expecting, the Queen Wasp had indeed lived in a secluded, dark place like this Queen Wasp’s Nest.

Looking upwards, there was only a single ray of light shining from above. This hole was extremely deep, and it was also hidden within the thick bushes. It was all thanks to the Domineering Clan pursuing me here, otherwise I couldn’t have possibly found such an obscure place.

My health automatically healed, and suddenly, a sound rung–


System Announcement: Congratulations, your skill, [Undead Regeneration] has levelled up to level 3!

Very good. This skill would keep getting experience when I lost health. I didn’t think that it would rise to level 3 so quickly. If it’s like this, since I could heal 0.3% of my maximum health every second, with a total of 750 HP, I would heal around 2.25 HP every second. This would be the skill that made me a real undead that would never die!

It was extremely clear that fast regeneration of health was one of the advantages of my profession.

Grasping my sword after my HP was full again, I went deeper into the Queen Wasp’s Nest!

The two rocky sides wall was filled with small, countless holes. One could even see small wasp larvaes wriggling inside these holes. The sight simply made my hair stood on its ends. All these larvaes would turn into Wasps when they finished their incubation, and flew to the Wasp Forest to kill for preys. Right now, I was actually right inside their nest.


Suddenly, a familiar sound resounded from the from. A Wasp was coming over!

At the same time, two Poisonous Wasps on patrol flew over to me. I was deeply shocked. These Poisonous Wasps looked different from the normal Wasps outside. Their heads were big and round as a soccer ball, and they had poisonous whiskers, looking as if they were some ferocious tigers. In reality, their names were actually called Hornets, Lv. 37, an extremely high levelled poisonous wasp.

I grabbed my sword tight and didn’t hesitate at all as I charged forward. The one who strikes first would gain more advantage!

My sword flashed as [Vindicate] drew a big MISS, but I followed through with an extremely powerful Level 3 [Death Blade]!


Oh my gosh, not even half of the Hornet’s health was shaved off. This level 37 monster was simply too powerful!


Two sharp and loud echoing sounds resounded as the hornets immediately became aggressive towards me. My chest felt hot instantly. I had not only been poisoned, my health had been greatly reduced!


This was going to be the death of me! I must quickly end this battle!

My Weeping Fireblade was enveloped in a thick, crimson coloured as my Level 3 [Undead Strength] gave me an additional 15% attack on living organisms. My Crimson Guard Ring on my finger also increased 3% of the attack for darkness attributed players. “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.” I continued to slash three more times. Every single slash caused more than 400 points, sharp beyond compare!


The Hornets fill health should be around 3000 points, and after my whirlwind of attacks, it was immediately left with a crippling health. However, even in the brink of death it managed to shave 200 points of my health!


I had to drink a level 2 health potion and regain 400 points of health. A normal health potion would not be able to withstand these attacks. Seems like the potions that Lin Yi Xin and Clearwater created were extremely useful. In the future, I should maintain a friendly relationship with them.


With the thrust of my sword, the first Hornet finally died. Next, I carefully fought the other one, but it was obvious that I could kill it easily. With Level 2 Health Potion, normal health potion and Undead Regeneration, all different kinds of support, I could almost maintain 75% health most of the same time and killed the Level 37 Hornets easily.


As my sword flashes, the second Hornet cried out miserably and died. It even dropped a Large Magic Stone. When I picked it up, I found that its quality was 91. That was a really high quality magic stone, it could probably be sold for 18 silver.

Looking at my experience, I was already level 32 at 97%. Killing the two Hornets had increased my experience by 3%, it was simply very nice! Seems like I could level up once or twice if I train in this Queen Wasp’s Nest today. Of course, it would be best if I could kill the BOSS. This was also a thought that I kept thinking in my mind. The BOSS’s experience and item drop wouldn’t be on the same level as the Hornets.

Filled with joy in my heart, I continued to move forward. Very quickly, I met the second Hornet group. Similar to the first one, they were also in pairs. I sacrificed 1 bottle of Level 2 Health Potion to finish them off. Furthermore, they dropped a Large Magic Stone with a quality of 88 this time. The price it could be sold off was 88 multiplied by 0.2, which equals to 17.6 silvers. Since the current market in gold was 1 gold = 100 RMB, this piece of magic stone was equivalent to 17.6RMB. I could buy a plate of cheap pork strips stir-fried with fish balls!

The Queen Wasp’s Nest walled pathway became gloomier as I went deeper. After walking for a full thirty minutes and killed a few more Hornets, my experience had already surged to level 33 at 25%. At this time, the Player Ranking Board rankings had changed again. Domineering Heaven Blade was killed by my sword, helping Lin Yi Xin to clinch the first place again–

1. Wind Fantasy Lv. 35 Occupation: Radiant Ranger

2. Fallen Hero Lv. 33 Occupation: Undead Swordsman

3. Domineering Heaven Blade Lv. 32

4. Rainy Clouds Lv. 29 Occupation: Magic Knight

5. Red Iron Tablet Lv. 31 Occupation: Warrior

6. Domineering Knight God Lv. 31 Occupation: Magic Knight

7. Domineering Mage God Lv. 31 Occupation: Mage

8. Domineering Warrior God Lv. 31 Occupation: Warrior

9. Domineering Archer God Lv. 30 Occupation: Archer

10. Clearwater Lv. 30 Occupation: Archer

I wrongfully became the second rank. However, I secretly praised Lin Yi Xin in my heart. Where was she training in? How could she level up so fast? She level up twice in a blink of an eye, could it be that she killed some kind of BOSS monster?

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to put my thoughts aside. Levels wouldn’t determine an individual’s true strength anyway.

At this moment, there was a “di” sound. A message had come from Lin Yi Xin, “Heehee, Little Cheater, what are you doing?”

“Catching Wasps.” I replied her with a grumbling tone.

Lin Yi Xin: “I’ll let you see something good, but don’t tell it to others, okay?”

“Okay, what is it?”

Very quickly, a pet’s picture appeared on my chat window. It was actually a pet that Lin Yi Xin had caught —

[Flame Blade]
Level: 1
Attack: 10
Defense: 7
Health 10
Agility: 7

Attack: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★☆
Health: ★★★★☆
Agility: ★★★☆

I was dumbstruck seeing this. This… wasn’t this Flame Blade too powerful? The maximum BN value for an attribute was 20, making a total BN value of 80. This Flame Blade had actually scored a high 34 points at this beginning stage of the game. Especially during the early stages of this game, a normal pet’s BN value was only around 15 points. Wasn’t this Flame Blade too overpowering?

I was so envious that even my eyes had turned green. I replied, “What did you want showing this to me…”

Lin Yi Xin should be laughing out loud on the other side. “Heehee, I just want to make you feel bad. If you feel bad, I’ll feel good…”

“Damn you!”

I turned off my chat application. I really couldn’t talk with this overbearing, beautiful girl anymore. If I continued to talk with her, I would probably throw up blood and die!

Seems like I had caused a scar on this girl’s spirit when I cheated 15 gold out of her that time. She still couldn’t let go of the shadow from that incident, haha!

I continued to level, and advanced deeper into the Queen Wasp’s Nest.

Suddenly, a poisonous wasp flew by in front. It was a new type of wasp. It had a golden, translucent wings and a body glowing with a green light. It had sharp looking pincers that glowed with a cold light of poison, and it’s head was actually almost as big as a basketball. It’s also obvious that it had a frightening amount of attack power.

[Reaper Wasp]
Level: 39
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Health: ???

Unfortunately my level was too low to see the monster’s status.There was no other way, I could only lift up my sword and charge forward. Coming here was equivalent to courting death anyway, there was no reason for me to retreat.


I unleashed [Vindicate] and [Death Blade] right at the Reaper Wasp’s head, inflicting a large damage number –1578!

After levelling up, my attack had increased by 5 points. Seemed like my killing power had also increased greatly.

The Reaper Wasp’s maximum health looked to be around 3300 points. My one attack had shaved off almost half of it’s health. After receiving its counter-attack once, I moved as fast as lightning and slashed at it multiple times. I succeeded in killing it without even using a level 2 health potion. This had saved me quite a few gold.

I saw that my experience increased by a huge margin. A level 39 monster really gave an extravagant amount of experience. This fast paced levelling speed really made me feel very happy.

I could imagine how many people were killing the Lv.20 something Wild Bears in the Floating Ice City. I, on the other hand, had arrived at this hidden BOSS map and was killing a Lv.39 Reaper Wasp instead. This was really the happy life~

I continued to move forward, and the fourth Reaper Wasp that I killed dropped a Large Magic Stone with 99 quality. Today’s profits was definitely bountiful, I think I could earn a lot just by selling all these magic stones!

Right around this time, a “di” resounded. It was a message from Ghost Valley: “Boss Broken Spear, I’d like to ask you about something.”

“Okay, just ask!”

“A small group from the Domineering Clan, three players, needed to kill a level 27 BOSS. They asked for Brother B’s and my help. Before killing the BOSS, we have negotiated to divide the BOSS’s experience equally amongst us. However just as the BOSS was about to die, the other three players had gone back on their words and forced us out of the party so that they could get all the experience to themselves. What do you think we should do?”

I couldn’t help but laugh and replied, “They were the ones who broke the rules. Did you record your negotiations?”


“It’s good then. Before the BOSS was killed, quit the party and kill the BOSS to get the experience. Don’t even give the item drops to them. If they were that good, we don’t need their mercenary fees!”

“Alright, that was what I wanted to do too. It’s good that you agreed!”

I thrust my sword hard at the Reaper Wasp in front of me. Humph, since the moment I set up the Crimson Mercenaries, I have decided that no matter what, I wouldn’t let anyone bully us. There was a saying that “Wolves travelled miles to eat meat, while dogs travelled miles to eat shit.”. Then Crimson Mercenaries were a wolf troop that had iron-like blood in our veins. If others were thinking of giving us shit on our mouth, they could continue to dream on.

Three hours passed, and I continued to kill countless Reaper Wasps. My experience had already rose to Level 33 75%. I had been cooped up inside this Queen Wasp’s Nest for a full 5 hours, before finally arriving at the end of the map. The view in front of me suddenly became a wide panorama, the scenery looked like a palace hall.

Furthermore, the game music had also suddenly became more intense. It was obvious that this was the BOSS’ domain!

I was extremely excited as I carried my sword and walked inside the Wasp Palace Hall. No matter how strong the Queen Wasp is, I would definitely kill it with my Weeping Fireblade. I swear it under my 13 Humanity Traits*!
(*Shiro: Some Chinese philosophy on traits that make a good human)

However, after going through a winding corridor and arriving at the only BOSS inside the Palace Hall, I immediately took back the oath that I made just a few moments ago. Whatever 13 Humanity Traits was thrown to the wind!

In the Palace Hall, a 40 cm long poisonous wasp that was dark green in colour was floating around. Its transparent wings looked as hard as steel, and its whole body was covered with a hard outer shell that shone with glistening gleam. Furthermore, the needle on its bottom looked extremely sharp. It simply freeze one over just by looking at it!

[Mysterious Wasp] (B-medium BOSS)

Description: Mysterious Wasp is a rarely seen poisonous wasp that lived in Heaven’s End Continent. It was once said that it was the pet of a God. It own an extremely high attack and defense power. An adult Mysterious Wasp is a bloodthirsty and brutal wasp, and was considered a symbol of death in the Heaven’s End Continent.

B-levelled BOSS, extremely strong attack and defense power? All these were not important to me. My eyes immediately ignored all these description and was instead glued on top of the words on top of the Mysterious Wasp —

[Mysterious Wasp]
Level: 1

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