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VW:UUTS Chapter 41 – Mu Rong Ming Yue’s invitation

Chapter 41 – Mu Rong Ming Yue’s invitation
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

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Freezing winds blew across the Frozen Mound. In the empty space, 8 players were standing by.

Xu Yang was wearing a red coloured armor and wield a two handed sword in his hands. He stared at his opponents intently as he said, “What did you guys mean by this? I got this armor myself. Aren’t your logic of ‘the one seeing also deserve it’ a little too much?

Behind Xu Yang, there was a beautiful priest who held a staff. She wore a simple grey robe. Although it looked dull, her physique was extremely hot. The mountain ridges on her chest seemed to almost burst her robe apart. Coupled with her shapely butt and slim waist, she was simply the work of the Gods.

This girl was naturally Mu Rong Ming Yue. She looked at the few people in front of her, not showing any signs of fear. Instead, she laughed, “Xu Yang, no need to say anything else. It was obvious that ‘greed’ is written all over their faces. They have just developed wicked intentions when they saw the bronze-ranked armor that you are wearing. Humph, come at us if you want us to drop this armor. We are not afraid of you!”

There were six people facing against Xu Yang and Mu Rong Ming Yue. The leader of the group was a warrior, Shadow Maple. Behind him was an archer that was called Shadow Ocean. There were also knight called Shadow Volcano and a few others. They were all lv25-29 high levelled players. The equipment that could attract their attention could only be at least bronze-ranked or above.

Shadow Maple grasp his sword and walked forward, smiling lightly, “Brother Blazing Sun, we only said that those watching also deserved something. You don’t have to be so worked up. How about this, I’ll give you guys 2 gold as a bonus, and you’ll give that bronze-ranked armor to us. Okay?”

“2 Gold?” Mu Rong Ming Yue couldn’t help but let out a cold laugh, “Why don’t you guys become a robber instead. Bronze-ranked equipments are at least 10 gold. Did you think that we are fools?”

Shadow Ocean raised his bow suddenly, aiming straight at Mu Rong Ming Yue, chuckling slowly, “This beauty over here. I have all along hated to deal with women. However, since you are so insensitive, don’t blame us few brothers for not being courteous to you. After we killed you guys, we will guard your corpse. Humph, I don’t believe that you would not drop that armor!”

Mu Rong Ming Yue beautiful looking face looked cold and hostile. She grabbed her staff and gritted her teeth, but she had no way to deal with these few hoodlum players in front of her. This game was originally a ‘the strong defeats the weak’ game, hence there were no laws to be upheld at all. Rules were decided by the players, and broken by the players. However, there would always be those wolves and foxes that would break the rules.

Shadow Maple suddenly raised his sword. Rays of light enveloped the sword. It was indeed the special warrior’s skill, [Heavy Slash], a killing move that added 10% of physical damage!

Shadow Maple’s target was Mu rong Ming Yue. Xu Yang immediately let out a loud cry as he charged forward. With a loud bang, he knocked Shadow Maple away, his sharp sword brushing across his oppoenent’s shoulder.


His damage was quite good. Shadow Maple was pushed back a few steps as he couldn’t help to give a cold smile, “Isn’t your damage quite good? Brothers, let’s attack together, kill him!”

“Woosh Woosh!”

Shadow Ocean continuously shot two arrows right into Xu Yang’s chest.



Xu Yang had immediately suffered a great damage. His total health was only around 500, how would he be able to survive such an attack?

At this moment, suddenly a pillar of holy light shone down upon him. A healing number coloured in green flew out — 225!

Not bad, Mu Rong Ming Yue’s healing skill was indeed impressive!

Alas, Xu Yang’s health kept dropping very quickly. One priest’s healing wouldn’t be able to keep up with a few high levelled players’ attack.

“Die, Bastard!”

Xu Yang was like a mad lion as he brandished his swords like a dragon bursting out of the sea. However, he was heavily outnumbered, even though he drunk potions and received healing, his health still teetered on the brink of death.


Ghost Valley and Du Shi San was still hiding in the forest at the side. They didn’t make a sound as they stood and watch.

I arrived from the back and shouted furiously, “What are you two stinky brats doing instead of attacking? Attack! Destroy the Shadow Clan!”


Ghost Valley almost went out at the same time as myself, while Du Shi San followed shortly.

A blood red glow immediately envelope my Weeping Fireblade. A PK between players were my Undead Skills’ chance to show off. That frightening extra 15% physical damage was extremely sharp and incisive!

“Pu Chi!”

My Weeping Fireblade struck heavily right at Shadow Ocean’s neck. This pitiful archer couldn’t even had the time to react, before he kneeled on the ground and become a cold corpse.


Not bad, after equipping Spirit Wind Cloud Armor and Crimson Guard Ring these two rune-tiered items, my physical damage had risen to an extremely frightening level.

After killing the archer, I turned into a straight arrow as I charged towards the priest on the opposite side. The priest was a male player with delicate features, who had fallen under my Weeping Fireblade with almost no resistance at all.

On the the other side, Ghost Valley bellowed as he used his Flame Thrust to pierce through a mage, just like skewering meat and barbecuing it.

There was only six people in the Shadow Clan, and three of them was almost instantly killed. As for the other three people, they hadn’t even been able to turn their back.

“Who is that?!”

Shadow Maple turned around and shouted furiously. When he saw me, his expression was immediately filled with hatred as he roared, “Fallen Hero, so it turned out to be you, bastard. I haven’t taken revenge on you that time at the Fruit Forest. Go to hell!”


Raging in flames, Shadow Maple unleashed his extremely powerful [Heavy Slash] once again!

I chuckled as I sticked out my chest and let his sharp sword fall onto my Spirit Wind Cloud Armor.



My Spirit Wind Cloud Armor buzzed as it shook, cancelling out a lot of the damage from Shadow Maple’s skill. Furthermore, my own defense had already reached 128 points. With the addition of two rune-tiered armours and 1 iron-tier armor, my defense had shot up to the sky. My health had also reached 750 points. In addition, I still have my undead regeneration skill that allowed me to regenerate. I was a real heavy weighted tanker. How can a mere Shadow Maple get to me?

In the instant the opponent’s slash fall down, my sword also hacked onto his armour. A huge “MISS” flew out.

Shadow Maple couldn’t help but to laugh out loud, “Waht a joke! How could you dared to be the third-ranked level 3 elite player on the Player Ranking Board with this kind of abilities? My evasion rate is actually quite good. What the hell, go to hell brother!”

My lips curled up in the corners, as I revealed a smile.

Shadow Maple froze, not expecting that I would immediately charge forward again. My Weeping Fireblade was enveloped in a green light as I naturally unleashed my strongest skill–

[Vindicate] + [Death Blade]!


My sword slashed through the air, and also slashing through the Shadow Maple’s armour. A large damage number flew out — 1448!


Facing his death, Shadow Maple’s eyes turned big and round, seemingly unable to believe that I could inflict such a huge damage on him. He stared at me, his eyes filled with humiliation.

I raised my leg and loudly stomped on Shadow Maple’s chest, and kickng his corpse away. I didn’t say anything, but immediately whispered in the party chat, “Shi San, Little Ghost, don’t say anything and don’t receive Blazing Sun’s and Mu Rong Ming Yue’s as thanks. We’ll leave straight away leave after we kill them!”

I didn’t dare to talk to Mu Rong Ming Yue. I’m afraid that if I spoke, she would realize who I was.

Ghost Valley cleanly slashed through the other two Shadow Clan players. They dropped a whole ground of potions. Du Shi San and I immediately cautiously take all the potions. Shadow Maple had even dropped a black-tier leg guard. Its stats was quite normal, and would probably be only sold for 10 silvers at most, a trashy good. After sweeping through the whole battlefield, I immediately turned around and started to leave.

Xu Yang and Mu Rong Ming Yue froze on their spot, as if they still couldn’t snap out from the shock of my 1448 damage points. When they snapped out of their daze, I had already taken Ghost Valley and Du Shi San to the outskirts of a dense forest. We had almost disappeared into the forest.

“Hero, please wait…:”

Mu Rong Ming Yue catched up and smiled, “Fallen Hero, you should be the third ranked player on the Player Ranking Board, right? You have saved us this time, and we are extremely grateful to you. I don’t know, would you be interested to join our guild, Ancient Sword Dream?”

I couldn’t help but laughed awkwardly, and cried out in my heart, “Sister Ming Yue, Sisteer Ming Yue, I am actually a member of Ancient Sword Dream from the start. Why do we need to talk about me joining Ancient Sword Dream?”

I gave a signal and Du Shi San immediately turn around, saying modestly, “Beautiful lady, we already have our own guild — Crimson Merceneries. If you are interested, why don’t you join us instead? Crimson Mercenaries currently only have three members, so we need a great beauty such as you in our guild…”

Mu Rong Ming Yue froze as she suddenly laughed, “Hehe, are you teasing me? In any case, thank you so much for your help. If you need our help with regards to any other matter in the future, please just ask us.”

Du Shi San’s gaze fell towards Mu Rong Ming Yue’s powerful weapon on her chest, and immediately gulped down his saliva. He had wanted to ask for an improper request. However, at this time, I sent him a sharp look, making Shi San tremble all over as he immediately shook his head, “Forget it, we are not helping you with the intention to do so. We, the Crimson Mercenaries already had emities with the Shadow Clan in the first place. It is not related to you at all. Saving you guys was just a coincidence.”

Mu Rong Ming Yue stood dumbstruck as Ghost Valley, Du Shi San and I all entered the dense forest and disappeared in an instant.

Xu Yang walked forward and said, “Ming Yue, did you realise…”

“Realise what?” Mu Rong Ming Yue turned around.

Xu Yang’s deep gaze stared towards the outskirts of the dense forest as he said, “Fallen Hero’s PK technique is really similar to a friend’s that I once had…”

Mu Rong Ming Yue’s lovable body trembled slightly, “Fallen Dust…”

“Yeah.” Xu Yang nodded.

Mu Rong Ming Yue bit her red lips and mumbled, “But Lu Chen, he , he already… Aih, how good would it be if he’s still here with us. Eve would also not be so depressed, simply be in a daze for the whole day. She had initially had the chance to be promoted as a Director, but because of that accident, she lost her chance…”

Xu Yang: “…”


In Frozen Mound, the three people walked together side by side.

“Hehe, how’s our profit today?” I asked.

Ghost Valley laughed, “We had accepted three mercenary request, and received a total of 5 gold. Boss Broken Spear, how much do you gain?”

I coughed a little and said, “I earned 16 gold.”

“Wah, we are rich! How about a drink later at night?”

“Haha, I was just about to suggest that!”

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  1. thefallenleo says:

    What the actual fuck? isnt this nigger just ruining Eves life……. like bruh tell her your still alive why the hell would you need to lie about being dead, its not like you cant explain that you have a virus inside of you….. you also made her depressed, she lost her chance to be director, and doesnt player the game so when the hell is he gonna tell her and if he does wont it take awhile for her to catch up e.e. Like Bruh Are you Stupid

    • lUCKY says:

      All this begin with the envy of anoher people for the chance of get the DIRECTOR PLACE Lu chen die in a fail ambrush , and become a zumbi , if she knew he became a zumbi afther try make her safe what youthink she will do?

      • Abdelrahman M. Quadry says:

        did he really become a zombie ? then how the hell did he meet fantasy wind in the library and how the hell is ghost valley didn’t freak out and u know what why the hell does he even need to tell her he had a virus he could simply tell her he was hurt after the incident and had to recuperate

    • Lucky says:

      AAAAAAAAH , Well is donne this is the last chapter of UTTS in Shiroyui page .
      Obs: yes this is a loser cry .

      Excellent work , thank you very much Shiroyukineko

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    So he’s has vulentarily ruined her life. She has been so depressed she doesn’t leave her room and has since missed a golden job opportunity all cause this trash doesn’t have the balls to let her know he’s alive because being super depressed cause someone died is somehow the better option then being alive he has no right to even say he’s apart of ancient dream since he’s single handily destroying it by putting the leader in a unplayable state and him saying he’s dead making their real effective members 2 which isn’t much of a group.

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