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VW:UUTS Chapter 40 – Clearwater

Chapter 40 – Clearwater
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

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Quickly equipping the Beast Face Wind Cloud Helmet, a black-coloured iron helmet immediately appeared on my head, making me looking extremely tyrannical and murderous all of a sudden. Furthermore, this helmet had covered my entire face. As a skeleton, I still need to take note of my appearance. Hence I was extremely thankful as I could finally stop using my eyes that were black empty sockets to look at others.

Looking at my status, I saw that my defense had increased to 128 and my attack to 258. So powerful!

I raised my brows as I looked at the beautiful girl sitting on the rock. I asked with a laugh, “Beauty Lin, what about you? What equipment did you get?”

Lin Yi Xin pursed her lips and said, “Don’t rub salt on my wound…”

“What exactly did you get?” I pursued.

Lin Yi Xin glared at me, feeling a little wronged as she replied, “It’s a level 32 iron-tier leather wristguard and a level 28 black-tier wand…”


“Are you seeking death? The way you laugh really deserve a beating!”

Lin Yi Xin brandished her sharp swords and charged at me. I immediately turned and dodged it. The two of us then ran across the mountain as we continued to find other profit-making methods.

On the other end of the valley, Descent of the Dragon wield his long spear as he shouted furiously, “Fuck Fallen Hero… Fuck Wind Fantasy… I will never forgive you guys!”

“Have the Mad Dragon people gone away?” I looked at the clear blue sky as I asked inadvertently.

In the thicket not far from me, a blue coloured flower that looked like a small star swayed in the wind. A sweet, beautiful voice resounded from there, “Who knows, you can go there and check…”

“I don’t think I should. It’s not good to PK.”


Lin Yi Xin walked out, holding a small blue coloured grass on her hands as she quietly laughed, “I didn’t expect there would be Dream Grass here. What a nice surprise…”

I shot her a glance and said, “Little Cheater…”

“You are the Little Cheater. You cheat me of my 15 gold, my living expenses…” Lin Yi Xin retorted spiritedly.

I didn’t retort back. Actually, that 15 gold was a little too much. I had gotten a rune-tier equipment while she only gotten a iron-tier, yet she still have to pay me a 15 gold commission fee. The only who could do such a thing would only be me. Furthermore, it was towards such a beauty like Lin Yi Xin.

“How many Dream Grass have you picked? How many do you need?” I asked.

“The more the better, but I only managed to pick 40 sets…” Lin Yi Xin wiped the sweat on her forehead as she looked elsewhere. Seems like her Herb Picking Skill had also increased by a lot.

“It’s already over four hours…” I reminded her. “As full-fledged Crimson Mercenary filled with honor, I don’t really like working overtime…”

Lin Yi Xin threw me a glance and said, “I’ll pay you 3 gold for each hour you worked overtime, will that be okay?”

“Ok, boss, you are such a nice person~”

“You really deserve a beating…”

Lin Yi Xin pursed her lips as she said, “When I was picking herbs just now, I found that there is Green Pepper in this valley. Didn’t you learn the Hunting Skill?”

My eyes lighted up, “Really?”

“Why would I lie to you!”

Hence, I immediately advanced into the forest. However, what greeted me turned out to be a Wild Bear that was baring its teeth against me! Damn it, I was tricked by this beautiful girl again…

Quickly dealing with the Wild Bear, I walked towards its corpse and looked around. Suddenly I found a lush, green plant. There was really…really Green Peppers growing here?!

Didn’t the official website say that Green Pepper only grew at the Frostwind Canyon?

I don’t care anymore, I should just pick them up first!

A few minutes later, I had a few dozens of sets of Green Peppers in my inventory. However, when I walked out of the forest, Lin Yi Xin had already disappeared. She had wielded her sharp sword and seeked for herbs across the whole mountain. This girl was really agile.

The Green Pepper in Bluestone Valley was not as bountiful as the Frostwind Canyon. However, having someone to pay me while I train my Hunting Skill here was a rare occurrence, so I happily travelled the whole place easily. I was already level 32 anyway, I didn’t wish to level up that fast. Skills were the most important, yet levelling up would not increase the skill’s experience at all. The current me cared more about my earning capabilities, and the faster I level my Cooking Skill to level 4, the faster I would be able to create level 4 Magical Food Items. That was my real, true capability!

As I cruised the valley, suddenly Ghost Valley sent me a message, “Boss Broken Spear, someone asked for our service. It’s a mission to kill a level 32 Quest Monster with a commission of 1 gold. Would you like to accept it?

I replied, “Can you kill the level 32 Quest Monster? If you can then accept it, I can’t return now.”

A few seconds later, Ghost Valley replied, “No problem, Brother B and I would definitely be able to kill it with both of our efforts combined. Although Quest Monsters are normally stronger than ordinary monsters, I am still a strong level 27 player after all!

“Yeah, go. Work hard, it’s for our Crimson Mercenary’s honor!”

I motivated him a little, and at the same time, felt pleasantly surprised in secret. This Ghost Valley must be a genius in levelling. He managed to reach level 27 in such a short time, that was really too powerful!

If Crimson Mercenaries could have such an expert player like him, why would we worry about not getting famous in the future?

In a blink of an eye, three hours had passed. Lin Yi Xin finally came out leisurely, as her skirt blew in the wind. She laughed towards me, giving off an extremely attractive aura. She was barely 21 years old. I bet in a few years, when she had more charm than she had today, she would definitely be a goddess that would bring countries down with her.

“Done with your work?” I asked.

“Yeah, I picked until my inventory is full. How about you?”

“I only managed to get a few dozens of Green Pepper. I planned to cook Stir-fried Potato Strips when I get back later. Do you want to try it?”

“Sure, let’s go back to Floating Ice City!”

Lin Yi Xin took out a return scroll. This was a luxury good that only a person with money could afford. Seems like she was not as poor as she said she was.

I took out a return scroll too, and immediately teleported to Floating Ice City with a bright pillar of light. There were only Lin Yi Xin and I in the large teleportation gate. Sigh, seems like everyone was really quite poor. Return scroll cost 1 gold each, it was simply too expensive in this early stage of the game.

“My… commission fee?” I reached out my hands and said, “7 hours, the total would be 20 gold.”

Lin Yi Xin chuckled and said, “Wait a moment. I don’t have money right now, but I would after I sell my potions.”


I stood blankly at one side as I watched Lin Yi Xin going to her storage and taking out some materials. She called someone afterwards, and not long after, a beautiful archer girl appeared. She wore a beautiful leather armour and carried a long green coloured bow. She chuckled as she approached us, “Hehe, Yi Yi, did you manage to get the Dream Grass already, in such a short time?”

This girl looked a little familiar. A line of words floated on her head —

Clearwater LV.30 Bronze Archer

What a girl, she turned out to be Clearwater, who was ranked number 10 at the Player Ranking Board. It turns out that Lin Yi Xin still had such a powerful friend!

“Handsome, did you forget me already?” Clearwater laughed at me.

“You are…?”

“Humph, forget about it if you can’t recognise me!” She turned around to look at Lin Yi Xin instead, seething with anger.

I suddenly remembered, “Ah, you are… Beauty Lin’s roommate, the one called Qing Qing?”

Clearwater giggled happily, “Finally. Seems like you still have an impression on me. That’s right, I am Yi Yi’s roommate, my name is Sun Qing Qing, nice to meet you~”

I nodded, “Lu Chen, Fallen Hero.”

“I know who you are~”

Not long after, Clearwater started making potions–


System Announcement: Player Clearwater has created Health Potion II, her Potion Making Skill has gained +3 experience!


System Announcement: Player Clearwater has created Health Potion II, her Potion Making Skill has gained +3 experience!


System Announcement: Player Clearwater has created Health Potion II, her Potion Making Skill has gained +3 experience!

Lin Yi Xin held a small red coloured bottle in her hands as she smiled towards me, “Did you see it? It’s a level 2 health potion! Every single one of them could heal 400 HP in just a moment!”

“Nice!” I couldn’t help but to shout in surprise.

Lin Yi Xin asked me with a smile, “Do you want some? It’s 20 silvers each!”

“Give me 20!”

“Aiyo, boss, you are really generous…”


The thing that made me laugh and cry at the same time was that I hadn’t even manage to get my commission and had to pay 4 gold first. However, this level 2 potion was really hard to come by. It was much stronger than the potions that normal NPCs sell. Bringing more of them would make help me to stay alive easier.

After creating around 150 portions of potions, Lin Yi Xin rushed towards the plaza and shouted out, “Selling level 2 Potions that increases 400 HP immediately. Whoever needs it please come and buy, selling for 15 silvers each!”

I followed behind her, and shouted furiously, “Dammit, what the hell? Why did you sell it to me for 20 silvers and only sell it for 15 silvers to others?”

Lin Yi Xin looked at me full of charm, “Who asks you to be so gullible…”


There was a large market for health potions, and Lin Yi Xin manage to sell everything in 5 minutes. Lin Yi Xin turned around happily and gave me 20 gold, saying, “Let’s work together again in the future. Next time, whenever Mad Dragon is fighting a BOSS, we should go and and watch them secretly again. How about that?”

I nodded repeatedly, “Happy to be of your service!”

“However, you are not allowed to receive commission again…” Lin Yi Xin was still regretting her loss of gold.

I nodded again, “No problem.”

“Alright then, I shall log off first.”

Lin Yi Xin went over to one of Floating Ice City’s inn and logged off. Players must go to an inn to log off inside a City, otherwise they would have to set up a camp outside of the city.
Going out of the Floating Ice City, I suddenly had an idea. It’s time for me to catch some pet to play with. I started researching on how to get pets.

As I was researching, suddenly, a “Di” sound come up. It was call request from Du Shi San.

My heart started to thump. Shi San had always used message to contact me, so why did he contact me with a call now?

Accepting the call, Du Shi San’s voice immediately resounded in my ears. “Lu Chen. When Little Ghost and I was helping someone to complete a quest just now, we saw some things, but we don’t know if we should care about it or not…”

“What things?” I asked.

“I saw Mu Rong Ming Yue and Xu Yang…”

“Oh, what happen…to the two of them?”

Shi San replied sombrely, “Xu Yang and Mu Rong Ming Yue are surrounded by people. There are seven people on the other side. The two of them would definitely not be able to resist them. I’d like to ask you, should we, the Crimson Mercenaries, help them?”

“Of course! Add me to your party immediately!!”

In this moment, my blood immediately boils with anger. Although I have left Ancient Sword Dreams, I would never tolerate anyone who bullied Ancient Sword Dream!

In the map, there were two orange dots not far from me. Those were Ghost Valley and Du Shi San’s position. The location was not that far, it should only need around 5 minutes walking time. It was at the Frozen Forest!

Locking in my direction, I immediately ran towards the location. At the same time, I prayed in my heart, “Sister Ming Yue, bear it for a while, don’t die too quickly…”

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