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VW:UUTS Chapter 4 – Big-Eared Rabbits

Chapter 4 – Big-Eared Rabbits
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: Lol I couldn’t stop myself to read the next chapter :X

My first thought was: Yeah, gotta kill him now. Maybe he could drop that staff, it looked not bad.

I did just as I said!

I fumbled a little, flexing my fist, preparing to launch an attack on the necromancer. But at this moment, I realised that the fist I was flexing was actually bones!


I stopped abruptly and looked down to my lower body. Goose bumps appeared in my arms as I saw an eerie skeleton body hidden beneath my tattered clothes!

I’m so dead. I quickly reached out my hands and flipped open my trousers. Seeing the view in front of me, my head suddenly felt heavy. It’s over! My little…my little brother was gone, there was only a piece of eerie white bones left, gorgeously displayed in front of my eyes.

“Hey you rotten worm, you are finally awake!”

The necromancer looked at me as he chuckled, “Since you are awake, take your sword and go on a journey, win your battles and bring glory to the Undead Legion!”


System Announcement: [Scattered Corpse Newbie Village]’s Village Head had given you a new set of newbie equipments. They include – Rusty Sword and Garment filled with Holes!


“Ding dong”, the equipments entered my inventory. Opening my inventory window, there were indeed a Rusty Sword and a Garment filled with Holes in my inventory. The Rusty Sword was a traditional newbie sword with an attack power 0-1. As for the Garment filled with Holes, it had a defense of 1 point.

Equipping the two equipments, I opened my character status. Oh was there an end to my grievances! I had thought that an Undead Swordsman was a cool profession, but that thought had completely perished now!

ID: Lost Hero
Job: Undead Swordsman (On Probation)
Level: 0
Health: 100
Attack: 1-2
Defense: 1
Magic: 0
Fame: 0
Luck: 0

(TLN: LOL all the 0s xD)


Perfect! My starting attack was 1-1 and my defense was a big, beautiful zero! Luckily there was this Garment filled with Holes that added 1 point to my defense. Otherwise I could even die an honourable death, pecked by a passing chicken!

The server had only opened for 5 minutes at the most, and there were a lot of players logging in. It was the time to seize every moment, yet I could only stand here, helpless, as flies flew around into and out of my skull. The village [Scattered Corpse] I belong to was also a newbie village, but it was different from normal villages. It was because I was assigned to play the “Villain” role!

Undead, as the name implies, were spirits that roamed at night. There were skeletons like me, ghosts, demons, witches and other evil spirits in the village. Anyway, it was all the jokers that caused trouble to the human, barbarians and devil villages day and night, lusting after their lives.

As a gorgeous small skeleton soldier, I strode forward like a lion, my steps mighty as a dragon as I walked around the Scattered Corpse Necropolis. In the village corner, I found a half rotting barbarian under a short, withered tree. He should belong to the Undead Faction. He looked worried and forlorn as he scratched his head, peeling his rotten flesh and hair.

Four letters floated on top of his head: “Scattered Corpse Village Guard”.

I took a step forward, and used a low, dignified tone to speak, “Bro, is there anything I can help you with!”

The barbarian looked up at me and said, “Small Skeleton, a human scout has already discovered us, Scattered Corpse Village is not our heaven any more. We have to dispatch a huge army of our abandoned souls undead to attack the human villages. But before that, you’ll have to go outside the village. There are a lot of annoying Big-Eared rabbit causing disturbance to our kins.”


System Announcement: You received the quest [Kill the Larged-Eared Rabbit]! (Quest Level: F-)

Quest Description: Kill 20 Big-Eared rabbit, collect 5 rabbit furs, and give it to the Scattered Corpse Village Guard. You will then receive a reward!


Abandoned Souls Undead? I was a little ** listening to it. With that said, then I, this undead swordsman, had not belong to any faction yet. I do not belong to the Silver Moon Alliance nor the Undead Legion, then would I belong to the Neutral faction? Maybe I do. It was better this way, I could invite less trouble and train more!

(TLN: ** is in the raws)

OK, let’s go out now!

Quests in <Heaven’s End> were as little as hairs on a bald head. Surveying this newbie village, there was only this quest available.

Carrying the Rusty Sword and exiting the village, there was a wide open forest area. Indeed, there were a few black Big-Eared Rabbits walking outside the village. The Big-Eared Rabbit’s level ranged between 1-3, which were rather difficult for a level 0 like me to deal with.

In a further distance, there were a few Iron Mice scampering about the lush, green grasses. These mice did not attack players and were of level 1, they were the main targets for newbies. They were easy targets even for a newbie who just started the game. Logically speaking, with my 3 seconds delay, I should practice with these mice first.

However, I frowned, “F**k, Big-Eared Rabbit it is, I’m not going to lose to you!”

Towing the Rusty Sword in my hand, I quietly approached a Big-Eared rabbit, closely observing its exceptionally agile movements. Its attacking speed should be very fast, probably around 1.4 seconds per attack. I could probably withstand a level 1 Big-Eared Rabbit attack power, but a level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit would probably make me despair.

However, there was a level 1 Big-Eared Rabbit in front of me. Very good, let it be the target of my Treasured Sword! Ugh, forget it, this Rusty Sword….

Following my usual habit, I charged towards the Big-Eared Rabbit. Within a distance of around 10 yards, I started swinging my sword!

Advanced Judgement!

That’s right, an expert player would need to be equipped with power, but I knew my own limitations. Since every order I made with my brain would only be transmitted 3 seconds later, I maintained a good habit of thinking of the next move in advance. With that, even under a “brain-dead” situation, I could still squeeze myself into <Soul Trial> top 100 expert player rankings!


A shocking thing happened and made me pale. My Rusty Sword had hacked through an empty air and a big MISS floated out. This attack had unexpectedly missed.

It was not because my aim was bad, but it was because I slashed my sword when I was a full 7 metres away from the Big-Eared Rabbit. How could I possibly hit it?

Alas, this attack of mine attracted the Big-Eared Rabbit’s attention. It let out a loud “Ji ji” sound and charged towards me. Its powerful hind legs suddenly leapt, splashing cows manure into my face!


Damage numbers flew out. Indeed, with my 100 health, I could still counter it.

“Sha sha!”

Quickly retreating back, I swung my sword to counter!



My 1-2 attack could only cause that much damage, but the Big-Eared Rabbit had only 30 health, so it should die within 3 slashes of my sword, no problem.

“Shua shua shua!”

My sword slashed in the air three times, the Rusty Sword moving as fast as lightning as it continuously attacked the Big-Eared rabbit 3 times. My legs didn’t stop moving as I continuously retreated backwards. My well-thought positions evaded the Big-Eared Rabbit’s attacks, and finally I slashed the last time.

“Ji ji…”

Squeaking miserably, the Big-Eared Rabbit’s legs were broken as it fell to the ground. It said its last words, “Damn you Undead! My legs….my beautiful legs that could run 100 metres in 3.7 seconds!”

The monster didn’t drop any kind of equipments or loots, but I looked up to the sky and laughed out, “Oh heavens, did you see? I… Fallen Dust is back!”

In the surroundings, a few Big-Eared rabbits eating grasses looked at me, like they were looking at a crazy person.

But I only crazily rejoiced on my own, that attack just now had let me find my old self back. Why did I say so? This was because my 3 seconds delay had unexpectedly been cut short by a lot. Based on my last test, my reaction time right now is 1 second. This was a limitation that I could definitely live with. If it was only a 1 second delay, although I would not be able to face the top players, I could at least rise in the ranks of expert players!

My extreme joy suddenly turned into sorrow as my laughter attracted the three Big-Eared Rabbits’s aggro. One of them is level 3. This one had inflicted 41 points of damage to me with a single bite!


In just a wink, I was annihilated. Let’s all clap in commemoration of my first death on <Heaven’s End>!

My whole body was in pain as I resurrected in the graveyard. Then, I realised I was naked as a baby. My +1 defense Garment filled with Holes had dropped; I felt a loss as if I had lost my own flesh. Rushing out of the newbie village, I was relieved to see that it had not disappeared yet. I quickly put it back on, and then walked around the edge of the forest to look for more lone Big-Eared rabbits.

Due to my low level, for the time being I had not learned any skills, and could only attack manually.

Luckily, having years of experience in playing games, I had built up an impressive resume with regards to finding the best positions in handling monsters. Although these positions may not completely evade the monsters’ attack, it could lower the damage output of the monsters to the lowest.

“Sha sha…”

Retreating back quickly, I swung my Rusty Sword twice. Another Big-Eared Rabbit gorgeously met its end.

“Pa da!”

A sound rung clearly. It dropped loots! It turned out to be a rabbit fur, the required quest item.

Quickly putting it into my inventory, I continued to look for my next target. At the same time, I was quietly hoping that these monsters would drop a weapon that I could use. This Rusty Sword could still deal with level 1 monsters, but I would not even dare to challenge those level 3 Big-Eared Rabbits. If I stayed this way, my leveling efficiency would not be able to keep up.

After killing for quite a while, the quest of killing 20 Big-Eared Rabbit was done, but I still lacked 1 rabbit fur.

Night has fallen. Drops of water seeped into my clothes, making my bones damp and uncomfortable. I carried my sword and walked around the forest. Unknowingly, I had entered the depths of the forest.


Killing the 24th Big-Eared Rabbit, I leveled up and acquired 5 ability points. I added them all to strength. With that, my attack reached a significant 4-7, I could finally start challenging the level 3 Big-Eared Rabbits!

Happily, I approached a lone level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit quietly from its back, and launched a surprise attack!

“Peng peng!”

The Rusty Sword slashed the Big-Eared Rabbit’s neck twice. It was its weak spot, hence a 50% increase in damage was applied!



Indeed, my attack power had sharply increased after gaining some points!

The level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit’s health was 120. With that attack, I had drained half of its health. I slid 3 yards back quickly and swung my Rusty Sword at the same time!


Very good, it had accurately slashed the Big-Eared Rabbit weak spot.

With a kick from it, the Big-Eared Rabbit took out 41 points from my health. But it only had one chance to attack. Before waiting for the Big-Eared Rabbit’s second attack, my Rusty Sword had already cut across the Big-Eared Rabbit’s neck, giving it a death blow!

“Pa da!”

It was yet another rabbit fur. Perfect, my quest was done! Furthermore, it also dropped a HP potion which will recover 80 Health, a high grade item!

Happily picking up the rabbit fur, I turned around and started to go back to the newbie village. However, I suddenly felt a cold chill behind my back. Turning around sharply, my heartbeat increased dramatically as I saw the monster behind me. Half of it was due to excitement, but half of it was nervousness.

Under a big tree, a large Big-Eared Rabbit covered with a green fur was giving me a death glare. Evidently, this Big-Eared Rabbit was different from the rest!

Chief Big-Eared Rabbit (F- BOSS)

My whole body froze. I had unexpectedly met a BOSS monster!

In <Heaven’s End>, the lowest BOSS level is F and the highest is SSS. Every level of BOSS was sub-divided into low, medium and high. The Chief Big-Eared Rabbit belong to the F- level. Yeah, it was the lowest ranking BOSS. However, with my Rusty Sword, Garment Filled with Holes and level, any logical person would turn around and ran for their lives. Boss monsters were not something that newbies could handle.


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    Fallen Dust = Ling Chen? Shura wrath?
    losing your little bro is suitable punishement for him… leaving a beautiful girl for game

    • shiroyukineko (fake) says:

      no defense, his attack is really low, the only advantige is his reaction speed.
      hope he can become a skull knight or something
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    I wish for more, it’s very interesting. 0 in most of the stats? how could it not be interesting?

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    I love the ironic comedy flavour from his toughts
    Yep, I knew it, he recovered his brain reaction delay, unlike my guess of full temporary recovery(as he is in an ‘undead’ state in his bed) he still did a 2 second recovery which is s major feat!

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