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VW:UUTS Chapter 39 – Spirit Wind Cloud Armor

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Chapter 39 – Spirit Wind Cloud Armor
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, a little bit of shironeppu apprentice, Ignis
Edited By: Shiroyukineko, Ignis
TLC By: Shiroyukineko, Ignis

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Seeing Red Iron Tablet fell right in front of his eyes with one slash of my sword, Descent of the Dragon’s eyes immediately turned green. His face was full of hatred as he loudly bellowed, “Kill him quickly! We shouldn’t let this brat spoil our plans…”

I had no time to even react before a shadow suddenly emerged behind and thrust a spear at me!

“Blazing Thrust!”

My black armour shook upon the impact, with my [Ghost Armour] giving me an extra 5% defense, it resisted some of the damage I had received.

A burning pain seared through my shoulders, the ambushers attack was even stronger than Ghost Valley’s. It must be known that had my [Ghost Armour] skill active.

I turned around and lodged a lightning fast sword attack. The attacker gasped, “Eh, so fast!”


Blood splashed out like falling petals and the man retreated back after taking 317 damage. He was a level 30 Magic Knight, one of the Mad Dragon’s Guild trump card, Rainy Clouds!

“Archers, shoot!”

Rainy Clouds knew the strength of my Weeping Fireblade. He did not forcefully fight, but turned around and ordered the three archers not far behind him to accurately shoot arrows at me together!

“Pa pa pa!”

Three consecutive damage numbers flew up. My defense was far above these archer’s expectations. With the level of their attack power, they might still be able to kill a player with cloth armor, but it would be asking too much to kill a player with heavy armour like me.

Moving as fast as a lightning, “Pa, pa,pa” I trampled on countless grass and leaves as I drew two beautiful Z patterns on the ground in an instant, escaping from the archer’s area of attack. A cyan glow enveloped my Weeping Fireblade as I thrust it straight towards Rainy Clouds head. If this powerful Magic Knight didn’t die, it would be difficult for Lin Yi Xin and I to succeed!

Rainy Clouds suddenly smiled, as if he had a card hidden up his sleeves, and shouted loudly, “[Holy Shield]!”



A golden-coloured shield that was shining brightly rose right in front of Rainy Clouds. My [Death Blade] also cut down, the level 3 [Death Blade] that caused 15% extra damage!



It was, it was actually only inflicting that much damage?

I was stupefied as I saw a line appeared on the Battle Announcement: Your skill [Death Blade] had struck against Rainy Clouds [Holy Shield] skill that reduces 17% of the damage inflicted. You have caused 178 damage to the opponent!

That [Holy Shield] was also broken in an instant. It was obvious that Rainy Clouds did not know that my attack would be that high, so high that it could break his [Holy Shield] in an instant.


Drinking a bottle of health potion, Rainy Clouds immediately retreated hurriedly, sacrificing himself as a bait to lure me away as I continue my attack. This way, the other ten or so archers and mages from Mad Dragon Guild could then kill me easily.

But right at this moment, a beautiful silver figure suddenly rushed out from the forest, fast as lightning. It was Lin Yi Xin, this girl was finally going to attack!

I hurriedly shooting her a glance, and saw that Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful pair of purple eyes was enveloped in a layer of silver light. In that instant, Lin Yi Xin suddenly took out a dagger that was sparkling with a bright light. It was the Moon Blade!

Is this girl crazy? Why would she use a dagger, a weapon that she was not proficient in, during a PK battle? Isn’t this equivalent to seeking death?

However, my estimation was proven wrong!

The dagger in Lin Yi Xin’s hands shone with a silver light as she waved her arms lightly. In that instant, the dagger had already flit across the part below Rainy Clouds’ armpit. A shocking damage number flew out “- 714!”

So…so powerful!

I was stupefied. Rainy Clouds was still a Magic Knight after all. His health should be above 800 points, yet he was instantly killed by Lin Yi Xin as soon as she appeared? This was simply inconceivable!

Lin Yi Xin’s gaze narrowed as she shouted angrily, “Stupid Lu Chen! What are you staring blankly at! Quickly kill steal the BOSS!”

I immediately downed a bottle of health potion, maintaining my health above 50%. There was at least twenty other Mad Dragon’s players. This was not a number that Lin Yi Xin and I could fight easily. Logically speaking, the best policy was to immediately slip away from this place once we finish kill stealing this BOSS!


My Weeping Fireblade swept across an assassin’s neck like a Death God’s scythe. It was an instant kill; my attack damage had completely overshadowed the threshold of what a level 24 assassin could bear.

Lin Yi Xin’s figure drifted elegantly across a path. She had already changed her weapon to a longsword as she drew three big arches across her opponents. She cleanly killed three archers instantly, helping me to clear a lot of threats.

Brandishing my Weeping Fireblade, I flew straight to the BOSS. My target was extremely clear, kill the BOSS, steal the equipments!

Descent of the Dragon understood my intention perfectly and couldn’t help but to shout loudly, “They are here to kill steal the BOSS, quick…quickly block him, the BOSS should still have 1000 health, it’ll be okay as long as we could kill Fallen Hero within 2 rotations!

I couldn’t help laugh. My body brushed across the BOSS’ shoulders as I immediately thrust out my sword!



A huge MISS floated on the Giant’s head, making Lin Yi Xin small mouth gaped open wide. She couldn’t help but shouted furiously, “Waahhh, you are too useless…How could you MISS? Look at my…”

As she said, Lin Yi Xin broke away from two Mad Dragon warriors that she was engaging with and rushed over to kill.

In the next moment, I revealed a fully confident smile. Humph, Lin Yi Xin, just watch carefully!


A sphere of cyan light enveloped my Weeping Fireblade. I unleashed [Death Blade], my strongest skill. Let [Vindicate]’s effects end this strong BOSS’ life!

I leapt high above, my sharp sword drawing a perfect arch downwards slashing at the Gigantic Rock Guardian’s shoulders with a powerful strength. The shoulders made out of rocks immediately scattered around as my sword split the Giant’s body apart!

A huge damage number flew out, making almost everyone present all stupefied with shock. At the current stage, a player was already considered an expert if he could hit a 300 point damage. Unexpectedly, I could even cause almost 2000 damage to the BOSS with just one slash. This was simply too shocking!

In reality, it was extremely simple. I had already trained my [Vindicate] to level 2, which gave the effect of lowering the opponent’s defense by 55% and increasing my attack power to 40%. Furthermore, my attack was a critical attack. Hence, it was extremely normal to cause almost 2000 damage points!


The Giant immediately died on the spot and dropped a few equipments. Its rock head was also thrown into the air! This was a D-ranked BOSS, its equipment drops must not be that simple!

The laws in was extremely ruthless. It wouldn’t decide who the BOSS belonged to, instead, whoever slashed the last attack would get all of the BOSS’ experience. Furthermore, the equipment drop was also not locked on the person who killed it; it was free for anyone to take. This was why you would have to be extremely careful and be prepared for every kind of possibilities when you are killing a BOSS, otherwise, you might even lose everything with just one moment of carelessness.

Lin Yi Xin and I seemingly reached towards the underside of the boss’ corpse at the same time; both of us had flew over together coincidentally. I reached out and managed to grab hold of two items, while Lin Yi Xin had also took away two of the spoils. Furthermore, both of us were bathed in golden light; we had levelled up!


I instantly disappeared, transforming into numerous red beams and entered the ground. This was the supreme escaping skill that I alone possess!

Lin Yi Xin gnashed her teeth in hate: ”Bring me along! This beast of burden ran off really quickly…”

After she said that, Lin Yi Xin put away her spoils into her inventory. Her sword swept at three of the Mad Dragon Guild’s players. Her snow white cape fluttered and her long legs took to air to escape. Oh man! This pretty girl’s escaping skills were not beneath mine!

Seeing that Lin Yi Xin narrowly escaping into the jungle, I was relieved. I remained hidden and slowly made my way into the shrubs, before emerging out from the ground. It just happened that an archer of the Mad Dragon Guild was searching the area with a bow in hand.

My Weeping Fireblade trembled and splitted the air, while the archer fell to the ground. The attack power of this blade was simply too strong.

I also quickly fled, and happened to see Lin Yi Xin when I ran out of the valley’s exit. She was sitting on a large green rock, panting with rage as she glared at me: “Hey! Aren’t you lacking some loyalty? Abandoning a weak girl like me and running away by yourself?”

“You’re weak?”

I shot a glance at her. Lin Yi Xi was leaning atop the rock with a blade in hand, gasping for breath. Her chest proudly expanded and contracted. A pair of soft snowy legs dangled by the side of the rock and lightly swayed. In this moment, her beauty could not be reproduced.

My heart twitched a little as I said: “You have already engaged in shady businesses like murder and theft. Please stop calling yourself weak already ok?”

“Hmph!” Lin Yi Xin objected but asked me: “Hey, what did you manage to snatch just now?”

“I haven’t taken a look at them…”

“Quick look!”


I opened my inventory and there were two new equipment there. One was a sinister looking black breastplate while the other was a helmet that had a faint flow. Not bad, both of them were armor type equipment!

I extended my hand and touched the breastplate, and it attributes appeared. It floated in front of me in a notification box; not only could I see it but Lin Yi Xin could as well.

[Spirit Wind Cloud Armor] (Rune-Tier)
Defence: 48
Stamina: +11
Additional Effect: Increase user’s physical attacks by 2%
Required Level: 32

Damn! What a strong armor!

My eyes opened wide and I was so happy my mouth remained agape. It was actually a rune-tier armor. This trip was truly not a waste. It has a crazily strong defense of 48, while my Black Stone armor has only 9 defense; it was a world of difference. Furthermore, it adds 11 points to stamina, that’s equivalent to increasing 110 health points. Adding on the additional 2% increase in physical attack damage, it could be said that this piece of armor is simply a treasure for warriors!

Lin Yi Xin similarly had her attractive little mouth wide open, and was deeply surprised: ”That’s really not bad at all…”

I quickly equipped the Spirit Wind Cloud Armor. I had happen to hit level 32 after killing the boss and I can equip it now!

In an instant, my attributes raised tremendously. My total health points reached a terrifying 750 points, while my defense was around a good 100 points. Archers that were below level 30 probably have no means to break through my defense.

I happily took out the other equipment; it was the helmet that had a faint luster. The model of the helmet was the form of a fierce beast and was extremely murderous looking–

[Beast Face Wind Cloud Helmet] (Iron-Tier Equipment)
Defense: 28
Strength: +7
Required Level: 30

Tsk Tsk. Iron tiered equipment. It was not bad as well. Defense of 28, increases strength by 7. Although it was way lousier than the rune tiered Spirit Wind Cloud Armor, it was still quite decent. Afterall, I am still wearing nothing on my head. Early in the game, helmets rarely appear. My defense had increased by a total of 28 now!

TL: here’s your name anon-TO “ANON COMMANDER 1”

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