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VW:UUTS Chapter 38 – Red Iron Tablet

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Chapter 38 – Red Iron Tablet
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLCedBy: Shiroyukineko

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“This is the first time we are working together, right?” Lin Yi Xin said.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Can you give me 5 gold discount?”


I treaded on the grasslands, the Crimson Guard Ring on my finger glowed with a red light and the Weeping Fireblade on my hands glowing in a fiery glow. The equipment on my body was indeed awesome.

Turning around and glancing at Lin Yi Xin’s armor, I asked, “This…this armor’s quality must be quite high, right?”


Lin Yi Xin didn’t avoid the topic and laughed, saying, “Level 27 rune-tier, defense +20 and health +9. Not bad right?”

I was petrified on the spot, astonished. I couldn’t help but laugh, “It was indeed pretty good. This armor should be the most powerful armour in the game at the current stage. Rune-tier, tsk tsk, it’s really a godly item. Most of the people had never even seen an iron-tier equipment until now!”

“Hehe, yeah…”

“That… that time when I was PK-ing with you, there was a silver glow on your sword. What kind of ability was that?” I asked.

Lin Yi Xin suddenly stopped and stood under a tree, looking straight at me. A beautiful pair of eyes that seemed to have a magical attraction power seemed to suck me deeper and deeper into its depths, trapping me inside.

“There was also a red light on your sword. What’s that skill?” Lin Yi Xin asked me back.

I sighed and replied candidly, “It was a unique Undead skill, a level 3 Undead skill that adds 15% physical attack to living organisms.”

“Oh, I see. No wonder you inflicted so much damage to me…”

Lin Yi Xin frowned her beautiful brows, then raised her eyebrows as she smiled, “Since you have asked modestly, I would be generous enough to tell you. My skill is [Holy Spirit], it’s a skill that happened to be the opposite of your Undead skills. Level 3 [Holy Spirit] will cause a 15% additional physical attack to Undeads.”

My heart twitched a little. No wonder I lost so miserably last time. This [Holy Spirit] was indeed the natural enemy of the Undeads!

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but look at Lin Yi Xin, the outstanding beauty in front of me. Would she be my second lifelong enemy?

“That, is the [Holy Spirit] an unique skill?” I asked.


“Then, how did you learn it?”

Lin Yi Xin laughed and turned around to face me. She said lightly, “That’s because I am from the magic race, and I am one of the fortunate ones from the magic race. I was born on a glacier. Before I went out of the newbie village to defeat monsters, I slipped and fell into an ice cave. There, I saw an extremely beautiful fairy goddess, received the Radiant Ranger profession and learnt this extremely powerful [Holy Spirit] skill. Would you be satisfied with this answer?”

My mouth dropped open wide and I only managed to close it after a while, “This experience was very weird indeed…it makes me think of the Tian Long Ba Bu story…”

(Shiro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demi-Gods_and_Semi-Devils)


Lin Yi Xin giggled, the sound of her laughter so alluring that it made me drunk in its midst. However, her giggles made me wonder if she was actually telling the truth.

The two of us followed along the path in the Frozen Forest and walked southwards afterwards. I was wearing a dark-coloured armour on my whole body while Lin Yi Xin wore a silver-coloured armour. We had killed all the small monsters who had overestimated themselves and tried to attack us with just one slash from the both of us. There was almost no pressure during the journey at all.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Bluestone Valley. There was a boundless mountain range in front of us that was covered with lush, green forest. Not far from there, there was a valley with moss-covered walls. The moss made it seemed like a blue coloured cliff, which was how it had gotten its name, Bluestone Valley.

I wielded my sword and walked towards the foot of the mountain range as I kept my attention to the plants surrounding me on my two sides.

“What does Dream Grass look like?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen it before.” Lin Yi Xin laughed lightly, her beautiful eyes sweeping across me as she smiled meaningfully, “Lu Chen, you are so simple…”

“Simple? Are you cursing me…?”

“No, you are just really simple…”

“Humph, let’s just find the Dream Grass now!”

I carried my Weeping Fireblade and walked into the Valley. Logically, the Dream Grass should be inside the Valley. Lin Yi Xin followed quickly, her steps like a beautiful butterfly floating amongst flowers, splendid and magnificent.

Not too far away, suddenly, fighting sounds resounded from ahead. I could even see the lights from some skill’s effects!

There was a battle!

I became alert and subconsciously blocked Lin Yi Xin from going further in front. I pulled out my sword as I said, “Seems like there is someone inside already…”

Lin Yi Xin pushed me away lightly and laughed, “I don’t need you to protect me. You should just protect yourself.”

After walking forward for a few minutes, from the depths of the forest, to our surprise, Lin Yi Xin and I found that there was a battle in the open field in front. There were around fifty players that were surrounding a strong BOSS. The BOSS looked like a puppet that was covered with blue stones all over its body, it’s level was extremely high!

[Gigantic Rock Guardian] (D-average BOSS)
Level: 35
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Health: ???
Abilities: ???

“Oh my god! D-ranked BOSS?”

Hiding under the bushes, I couldn’t help but cursed.

Lin Yi Xin stood quietly at my side, speaking softly, “Yeah, D-ranked BOSS. It should be the strongest BOSS at the present stage. Humph, those people had bribed the informant to keep the information from getting out. Did they think that others wouldn’t know about it?”

I observed more closely and discovered that a lot of people who were ganging up to beat this Gigantic Rock Guardian up looked familiar. There were a lot of people whose names started with Mad Dragon!

“Mad Dragon Guild!?” My eyes widened as I muttered, “How could this be…”

Descent of the Dragon was carrying his spear and commanding the battle. The people who were attacking the BOSS were attacking in succession and in an organized manner. They immediately withdraw after attacking once, their movements smooth like flowing water. Their movements looked extremely organized and well-trained. Furthermore, one of the warriors attacking was someone I was familiar with. It was the level 30 warrior, Red Iron Tablet!

I couldn’t be mistaken, these were the people who bought that huge amount of level 3 food items from me. I was deeply regretful, I never thought that Red Iron Tablet was actually one of the Mad Dragon’s member. Otherwise, I would never have sold them the precious food items that would help the Mad Dragon Guild to defeat this BOSS!

Lin Yi Xin suddenly used her sword hilt to beat me lightly. She laughed softly and said, “Hey, should we K.O this BOSS?”

I stared at her, aghast, “There were other people fighting it, did you want to kill steal the BOSS from them?”

“Yeah.” She nodded seriously.

I was righteous and fair, “Stop it. You invited me to pick herbs with you, but did you actually want me to team up with you and kill another person’s BOSS? Humph, such an upright youth like me, why do you think I would team up with you doing such a despicable act?”

Lin Yi Xin’s small mouth gaped widely as she stared at me disbelievingly.

I bit my lips, then suddenly turned the topic around. “I’ll K.O it myself, you can just watch from the sidelines!”

Lin Yi Xin couldn’t help but smile and punched me lightly with her beautiful fists, “Do you want a beating? You are a trash from the beginning, so why are you even pretending? We can team up to kill steal the BOSS’ experience later. If we both teamed up, we should be able to earn a lot.”


I nodded as I gazed at a far distance, smiling, “No matter what, this D-ranked BOSS must not be given to the Mad Dragon’s members. That is a must!”

Lin Yi Xin clenched her sword hilt tightly, fixing her gaze on the BOSS as she laughed lightly, “Prepare your best killing move. We will rush out later when the BOSS is about to die. Don’t you have the [Earth Evasion] ability? You should go out there first, so that we can coordinate from the outside and inside.”


I replied lightly as my whole body turned into a crimson light, disappearing into the earth. I slowly moved towards the BOSS with 10% of my usual speed and contemplated my next plan of actions to ensure that I could kill steal the BOSS experience and equipment. I wouldn’t let Mad Dragon members succeed, and I would also not let Lin Yi Xin to succeed. It was apparent that this girl was not exactly on my side.

When I reached the BOSS’s legs, the Gigantic Rock Guardian had only a thread of health left. However, suddenly, Red Iron Tablet was pushed back by the BOSS’s hands!

Descent of the Dragon bellowed, “Hold! You guys must hold it! Killing this BOSS will be our, Mad Dragon’s first step on becoming the leader of Floating Ice City!”

Unfortunately, Descent of the Dragon’s dream was bound to be destroyed!

The whole group surrounded the BOSS as the fought. Just as they were gonna beat it down, a surprising turn of event suddenly happened–


The Gigantic Rock Guardian roared furiously and its whole body suddenly turned crimson in colour!


System Announcement: Gigantic Rock Guardian had evolved successfully. All of its attributes had risen by 35%. Furthermore, it had also summoned a Stone Armor and is immune to magic for 30 minutes!


The Gigantic Rock Guardian suddenly pounded on the surrounding people violently, turning four Mad Dragon players into meat paste. Following that, it unleashed an electric charge to all four directions with a thundering sound. Over ten close-combat players fell to the ground one by one. There were only two players who managed to escape, one was Red Iron Tablet and the other was Rainy Clouds. They were players who were above lv.30 and had changed to their second class profession!

In the party chat, Lin Yi Xin said, “Let’s not attack first. It’s good that the BOSS had evolved. Let it kill a few more people, heheh, then we wouldn’t need to deal with Descent of the Dragon ourselves.”

I stayed hidden on the ground and said, “I think that’s not really possible. Red Iron Tablet and Rainy Clouds are both strong players that had their name listed on the Player Ranking Board. With those two there, this BOSS would definitely die!”

“Then…” Lin Yi Xin muttered to herself irresolutely, “Then we should deal with Red Iron Tablet and Rainy Clouds first, before we proceed to kill the BOSS. We don’t have to be too courteous, these two are players working under Descent of the Dragon; they were even nicknamed Mad Dragon’s Twin Stars. In the future, they would be our enemies for sure.”


Clenching my Weeping Fireblade tightly, I suddenly leapt out from the ground, as if I was a Death God that had just appeared from hell. My sharp sword glowed with a crimson light as it flew straight towards Red Iron Tablet’s throat.

“How could it… be you?”

Red Iron Tablet looked at me full of hatred as a hole appeared on his throat. His health fell down quickly as a damage number of 412 floated out. He had died instantly.

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