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VW:UUTS Chapter 35 – Little Liar

Chapter 35 – Little Liar
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: The poor guy
TLCed By: Shiroyukineko

Lin Yi Xin’s appearance was like a stone that had been dropped into a calm lake. It immediately set off a wave of ripples. The surrounding players showed an extremely surprised expression; it was obvious that Lin Yi Xin’s beauty had already reached the level where it could be fatal to onlookers. Even though she did not smile, the surrounding male players were already drunk at her sight like a fool. There were even some players who were wiping their drools as they ogled at Lin Yi Xin’s ample breasts hidden beneath her armour.

I turned around, grabbed my dagger and stood up. I still couldn’t believe what she said and asked, “You wanted this dagger?”

“Yeah, can’t I?”

Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful eyes observed my expression before her gaze shifted to the Moon Blade, as if my appeal was far lower than a dagger’s.

Alright, I admit. A school flower like Lin Yi Xin who had so many pursuers would have seen handsome guys as much as fishes in the ocean. It was normal for her not to take interest in someone like me.

“Sure, why not?”

I nodded and said, “It’s just that, this dagger’s price is extremely high. Can you afford it?”

Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful eyes lighted up like a beam of light as she couldn’t help but smile, “Did I say I would buy this dagger?”

“You are not buying?”

I dragged my hand down my face, “If you are not buying, then why did you even come here asking for it. I’m really busy, you know…”

“Really?” Lin Yi Xin glared at me as she stuck out her chest with pride, saying, “I’m not buying, but I can exchange it with something that is more or less equally expensive!”


I was a little interested, and I couldn’t help but smile as I asked, “What are you going to exchange it with?”

Lin Yi Xin shot a glance at me and replied, “Follow me!”

Not afraid of her killing me to rob my item, I followed her along. When Lin Yi Xin turned around, her white cape fluttered in the wind, revealing a pair of snow white legs. Her beauty was simply breath-taking!

I put a hand on my chest as I warned myself to be careful while dealing with these kinds of beautiful girls. Otherwise, I would probably lose all my life’s savings. I still need the money from selling this dagger for my expenses, I shouldn’t let it be easily taken away by beauties.

Lin Yi Xin passed through a small forest inside the city. I couldn’t help but think that her name that was floating above her person was as beautiful as the real person. Wind Fantasy, lv. 31. Not so long ago, she was a famous figure that no one in Floating Ice City dared to approach.

Arriving in a secluded place, Lin Yi Xin finally stopped and turned around to look at me. Suddenly, she raised her hands and showed me something on her palm, saying, “See, don’t you think this thing worth more than your Moon Blade?”

In her snow-white, soft palms, there was an impressive-looking ring. It was enveloped in a crimson red colour, and a picture of a crimson shield was carved on the ring. It was clear that it was a high quality item!

Lin Yi Xin hooked her fingers, and immediately a bunch of numbers flew up. A screen suddenly appeared floating in the air like a slide show. It was the ring’s attributes –

[Crimson Guard Ring] (rune-tier)

Strength: +18

Additional Attribute: Increase the attack of Dark-attribute players by 3%

Required level:30

My body immediately petrified into a stone. This, this is rune-tier? Where did this beautiful girl get a rune-tier equipment? Even after the Golden-scaled Python King wasted my whole day and took my utmost effort to kill, it only dropped an iron-tier weapon. Yet she had actually managed to get a rune-tier equipment, which was a tier above the iron-tier?

“You… This ring of yours, where did you swindle it from?” I couldn’t stop myself and asked.

“Humph!” Lin Yi Xin rolled her beautiful eyes, “What do you mean by swindle? The way you say things is really unpleasant. I only managed to get this ring after spending 2 hours cautiously and conscientiously killing a difficult and troublesome BOSS. Irritatingly, it only added the physical attack of dark-attribute players, so it was completely useless for me.”

I nodded as I swallowed my saliva. That 3% additional attack, in the current stage and even in the later stage, a ring that can add 3% additional attack could even be called a Godly ring. Furthermore, accessory equipments were already hard to drop. An accessory with a special attribute like this was even harder to drop; it was almost as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn.

“Haha, so, do you want this ring?” Lin Yi Xin tilted her head prettily and looked at me, unconsciously revealing her beauty that made my heart tremble. I immediately whispered to myself in my heart, “Don’t look at her, don’t look at her. She is a sly fox, your heart won’t ever recover if you fall for her!”

Hence, I assumed the air of an aloof person and said, “The ring? It was just a mere ring, how could it be as useful as a weapon? Humph, I don’t want it, there are a lot of people who wanted this weapon of mine!”

Lin Yi Xin was so angry that she started stomping her feet, “You! Don’t you know that this ring’s attribute growth would be so much stronger than your dagger!”

I replied, “This ring’s requirement is simply too weird; it is only useful to dark-attribute players. It would probably not be able to sell for a lot of money when I sell it second-hand. Don’t talk about attribute growth with me. Furthermore, there aren’t that many dark-attribute players to begin with…”

Lin Yi Xin gritted her teeth, looking at me as she growled in anger, “Then what do you want?”

I laughed, “I can exchange my Moon Blade with your Crimson Guard Ring, but you’ll have to pay me some gold. Otherwise, there’s no deal here…”


Lin Yi Xin revealed an aura of killing intent, “You…you bully people too much!”

“Don’t be angry, you’ll get wrinkles,” I joked lightheartedly.


Lin Yi Xin gritted her teeth as hesitation started to shroud her beautiful face. In the end, she couldn’t bear to give up on that Moon Blade, and asked, “Alright, how much do you need me to add on?”

Seeing that the beautiful girl had compromised on the deal, I was secretly very happy. I raised two fingers to her.

“2 gold?”

Lin Yi Xin revealed a beautiful smile and cheered, “Deal, let’s trade!”

“Heck!” I glared at her, “Can you not jump to conclusions? It’s 20 gold, who told you it’s 2 gold?”

“20 gold?”

Lin Yi Xin was extremely shocked. She couldn’t help but to puff her chest out and shouted angrily, “Are you a robber? Humph, you should just kill me instead! That’s not right… you…”

She entered into a confused mode again.

It was actually quite refreshing to see the figure of an ultimate beauty in confusion. I smiled quietly as I watched her, as Lin Yi Xin’s beautiful face changed into various kinds of cute expressions. There was reluctance, unresigned, and also annoyance.

Finally, she looked up and said, “I only have 17 gold with me. I don’t have any more than that, so I can only give you 15 gold. You should leave me with some money to buy potions, right?”

I nodded happily, “No problem, I’ll give you a 5 gold discount. I’ll take it as building a friendship with you!”

Lin Yi Xin gritted her teeth again, looking at me furiously. It was as if she was extremely displeased with me, this ‘friend’ of hers. She had actually already prepared to cut all relations with me.

We then proceeded to the trade. I placed my Moon Blade while Lin Yi Xin placed her Crimson Guard Ring and 12 gold.

I immediately cancelled the trade, glaring at her, “15 gold, don’t joke around!”

Lin Yi Xin looked at me full of grievance and unresignment. Her doe-eyes were a little red, making me feel a little guilt and pity towards her.

I understood clearly in my heart that this girl was an extremely tough opponent. I could never be soft-hearted!

Lin Yi Xin initiated a new trade again full of unresignment in her face. She placed the Crimson Guard Ring and also 15… Damn it! 15 copper?!

I glared at her until my eyes almost popped out of their sockets, as I cancelled the trade once again.

“15 gold, don’t put 15 silver or 15 copper again! As a decent person, you should be honest…” I advised her patiently.

Lin Yi Xin nodded, and we traded once again. This time, she had placed 15 gold.

Trade complete!

I wore the Crimson Guard Ring happily, perfectly satisfied. What a nice feeling! This rune-tier equipment had added 18 strength just like that, it was really powerful. Furthermore, there were still an additional 3% physical attack. It was indeed unmatchable!

Looking at my status, it had now changed. My physical attack had reached a shocking 132-246 points. I could probably plan to conquer the whole of Floating Ice City with my current attack right now. One reason for my high attack was the high attack growth rate of an Undead Swordsman, and another reason was that my equipments were top-notch.

Lin Yi Xin still held a sharp sword in her hands, but she had placed the Moon blade dagger on her waist. She looked at me and said lightly, “Little Liar…”

I was speechless.

Lin Yi Xin turned around as she waved her hands with her back to me. She disappeared into the city, seems like she was going to get her class advancement.

Right, class advancement!

I hurriedly bought two return scrolls as I quickly ran out of the city towards the Frozen Mound.

In the cold and icy Frozen Mound, my teacher, the majestic Undead Swordsman Su Lun was looking up at the stars above, as if he was observing them.

I walked forward and said, “Teacher, I’d like to have my class advancement!”

Su Lun looked down at me and laughed, “Little skeleton, you have indeed became strong. Alright, give me 10 gold and I will let you have your class advancement!”


I couldn’t help but be shocked. 10 gold? Other players in the Floating Ice City only needed to complete a simple quest to have their class advancement. Why do I need to pay 10 gold?

But I had no other choice. I couldn’t not give him the money, I had to have my class advancement no matter what, right?

Class advancement was a very important enhancement. Only high levelled players of a certain profession could learn strong class skills. Furthermore, only by having a class advancement that one could train their class skills to lv.4 and higher!

Looking at my inventory, I already had 142 gold. After extorting 15 gold from Lin Beauty, I had a total of 157 gold. 10 gold was nothing much to me!

I passed him the money!

Su Lun was overjoyed as he reached his hands out to pat me on my head, laughing heartily, “Brat, in the name of Queen Sophie, I am now officially awarding you the honor and glory of being a high levelled Undead Swordsman!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have completed your class advancement quest. You have now been officially promoted to a Bronze Swordsman!

A line of words appeared behind my name. Bronze Swordsman, this was my current profession name. There should be silver, gold and the others above bronze. In any case, I would be more powerful the higher levelled I get.

I continued to talk to Su Lun and found the new skill list window. Indeed, after advancing to a Bronze Swordsman, I could learn three new skills –

[Awaken]: Passive skill. Additional 5% experience received.

[Undead Regeneration]: Passive Skill. Recovers 0.1% health every second.

[Ghost Armour]: Summons Undead Strength to condense into an armour. Adds 5% defense.

Although they were all level 1 skills, they were all extremely OP skills. Especially the [Ghost Armour] and [Undead Regeneration]. One adds to defense, while the other adds to health. They were already so effective at level 1, how awesome would it be when they were at level 10? Furthermore, [Ghost Armour], this skill’s name sounded so cool!

I spent 1 gold for each skill and learned them all without hesitation. Three new skills immediately appeared in my skill window. [Awaken] and [Undead Regeneration] couldn’t be activated since they were passive skills, but [Ghost Armour] was an active skill.

Activating the skill, the moment I waved my hands, a banshee scream could be heard immediately. Terrifying looking Undead Strength surrounded me and wrapped around me. In just a blink of an eye, a formidable, extraordinary armour appeared, covering my whole body. It looked extremely stern and sombre. However, after a few seconds, the armor form started to disappear slowly. It became faintly discernable, as if it was protecting me.


I brandished my Weeping Fireblade. I could clearly feel how my battle power had increased by leaps and bounds!

At this time, a ‘di’ sounded as Du Shi San sent me a message, “Damn! The Landlord just came to ask for our rent, what do we do?”


I replied with a message, “Wait a while, I’ll make the money,”

“Make money?” Shi San asked skeptically.

“Yeah, make money. You should continue to level!”


I took out a return scroll, and returned to the Floating Ice City after pinching it. I stood in the middle of the plaza as I shouted loudly, “Urgent, selling gold now! Exchanging 1 gold for RMB80, any players who needed gold please contact me. I have a total of 150 gold and bills overdue!”

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