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VW:UUTS Chapter 34 – Moon Blade

Chapter 34 – Moon Blade
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

Unable to hold back the violent joy that was bubbling in my heart, I flew forward quickly and grabbed the dagger and skillbook from the ground. The Golden Python King was a high levelled BOSS, wouldn’t its equipment and item drops be awesome?

The dagger that was glowing in a silver light had a magnificent, sharp blade. There was a moon sign on the handle of the dagger, and it looked extremely beautiful. When I looked at the weapon’s stats, I was utterly dumbstruck-

[Moon Blade] (Iron-tier)
Physical Attack: 40-75
Strength: +9
Additional Attribute: Increase the user’s physical skill by 1%
Required Level: 30

Iron-tier, it turns out to be iron-tier!

This dagger was indeed a high quality item, an absolutely high quality item!

Ever since I played <Heaven’s End>, I had never seen an equipment stronger than this one. Its attack was an amazing 75 points, it was almost double of the Weeping Fireblade!

Unfortunately, my profession right now was a swordsman. If I used daggers instead of swords, I wouldn’t get the bonus attributes for swords. My attack potential and speed had declined by 35%. On the contrary, it wasn’t worth it to use the dagger.

Forget it, such a high quality dagger, I should just sell it when I got back to the city. It should be able to sell for an extremely high price!

Throwing the Moon Blade into my inventory, I took the other war prize, a purple skill book. The book was shining in a purple glow, seemingly as if a powerful strength was hidden inside-

[Vindicate]: Execute a fake attack on a target. The first attack wouldn’t be able to cause any damage, but the next attack would ignore 50% of the target’s defense and increase your attack by 35%. Required Level: 30, Required profession: close combat professions.

That moment, I became petrified on the spot.


The first attack was a feign and the second didn’t leave any mercy, ignoring 50% defense and increasing 35% attack. This second attack could even be called the God of all attacks!


A flash of lights burst out, and [Vindicate] suddenly appeared in one of my skill slots. The effects at level 1 was to ignore 50% defense and increase 35% physical attack. When the level rise, the effects should increase even more. This skill would definitely be my trump card in the future when I’m PK-ing. It would increase my odds of success when fighting against strong opponents like Domineering Heaven Blade.

I should try it on some monsters first.

I shot a glance to the surrounding area. Not far from me, there was an unlucky level 35 python that I had spotted.

Charging forward quickly, I ran like a straight arrow towards the monster. My Weeping Fireblade drew a purple light across the air, landing right on the python’s head!



It was a MISS as expected. The python was immediately locked in as my [Vindicate] target, and my next attack landed down like a roaring thunder. A green glow enveloped my Weeping Fireblade as I unleashed my strongest attack skill – [Death Blade]!

“Pu Chi!”

My sharp sword penetrate deeply into the monster’s body, and a shocking damage number flew out–


With just one quick attack, it was an instant kill!

I looked at the monster’s corpse and couldn’t help but laugh aloud. Powerful killing move, this [Vindicate] was definitely a powerful killing move! I should increase it quickly to level 3, the effect should even be more powerful than this current one!

This time, I definitely had obtained a large haul. Not only did I get an iron-tier dagger, I had also learnt an extremely domineering skillbook. Today’s profits was really amazing!

Happily, I walked over to the Golden-scaled Python King’s body and extended my hands towards its corpse, saying, “Corpse Pillage!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have found Giant Python Scales x25!

25 Giant Python Scales appeared on my inventory. It was a level 3 metal armour material. Its quality was all a full 100. This should definitely be an extremely good armor material. Using this material to create metal armors or leather armors would probably add a lot of additional attributes, just like how there was an additional attribute of 1% increase in physical attack in the Moon Blade dagger. Don’t belittle this small 1% increase, these kinds of attributes would decide the standards of whether an equipment is good or bad in the later stage of the game. A weapon without an additional attribute wouldn’t interest anyone’s eyes even if their physical attack was high.

The BOSS’s corpse quickly disappeared, but a brightly shining crystal stone was instead left in its place. Damn, I actually forgot to get the magic stone. The stone dropped from a BOSS must definitely be of a high quality!

Three stones lie on the grass. I bent my body and picked them up, and the stones shone brightly in my hands. A magical feeling seem to seep into my hands –

Dream Magic Stone: Level 3 Magic Stone, contains powerful magic power, quality: 97
Dream Magic Stone: Level 3 Magic Stone, contains powerful magic power, quality: 100
Dream Magic Stone: Level 3 Magic Stone, contains powerful magic power, quality: 99

I was a little dumbstruck when I saw these. What high quality Magic Stones! Items dropped by kings were indeed different. These three stones all had qualities that could be sold for more than 5 gold each, that was for sure!

Feeling extremely smug for my success, I thought, I am RICH! This time, I had really reaped a huge profit. Right now, it was still the early stage of the game. The price of one gold had been inflated to around RMB100. The gold value of these three stones in my inventory could even be comparable to a white collar employee’s monthly salary!

Hauling off an inventory of good items, I continued to move forward. It could be said that after defeating the Golden-scaled Python King, my abilities had completely risen to a whole new level, especially after gaining the [Vindicate] skill. That skill was practically the ultimate killing skill for PK!

Brushing away the branches of trees in the forest, a bright light suddenly shone in front of me. I finally came out of the Dark Forest!

Not far into the distance, I saw something that started to ignite my greed. On the outskirts of the forest, a large canyon appeared. It was obviously the Frostwind Canyon, the only place that had Green Peppers in the whole domain of Floating Ice City!

Carrying my Weeping Fireblade, I quickly entered the canyon. Avoiding the monsters home to the canyon – level 37 Bloodthirsty Porcupines, I walked towards the edge of the forest in the canyon. A plant as tall as half of a person with an appearance that made me feel overjoyed appeared. What else could it be if it’s not Green Peppers?


I laughed like a maniac as I quickly reached out and activated my Gathering skill in my Hunting Set Skill–


System Announcement: You have gathered Green Peppers x3, your Hunting skill has gained 4 exp!


System Announcement: You have gathered Green Peppers x3, your Hunting skill has gained 4 exp!


System Announcement: You have gathered Green Peppers x3, your Hunting skill has gained 4 exp!

This is really too good to be true! There wasn’t that much Green Peppers in the whole of Frostwind Canyon, it could even be said that it was a rare plant. However, the area that I was located in turned out to be the hidden haven of Green Peppers!!

As I continuously gathered food materials, without realising, four hours had passed. All the Green Peppers in the Frostwind Canyon had almost been completely picked up by me. My hunting Skill had also rose to level 4, 56%. As a pioneer in the Hunting skill, don’t these materials come by easily? If I had waited until thousands of other players to raise their Hunting Skill and come to this place, I would probably not be able to snatch this much Green Peppers; I would only be sitting on the side waiting for the plant to re-grow. That would be an extremely torturing course of events.

Looking at my inventory, it was almost completely full. Other than equipments, stones and other important items, every other slot was stuffed with Green Peppers. There were 50 Green Peppers in one slot, and there were 47 slots in total. It couldn’t be denied that all these Green Peppers were enough for me to use for quite a long time. After all, the level 3 food item only needed 10 green peppers each; the required amount wasn’t that much.

Happily taking out my return scroll, I prepared to return and become a rich person!

Leisurely opening the Floating Ice City’s Player Ranking Board, to my rage, I realised that I didn’t rank first, I was only third —

1. Domineering Heaven Blade lv. 32 Profession: Warrior
2. Wind Fantasy lv.31 profession: Radiant Knight
3. Fallen Hero lv.31 Profession: Undead Swordsman
4. Rainy Clouds Lv.30 Occupation: Magic Knight
5. Red Iron Tablet Lv.30 Occupation: Warrior
6. Domineering Warrior God Lv.30 Occupation: Magic Knight
7. Domineering Mage God lv. 30 Occupation: Mage
8. Domineering Warrior God lv. 29 Occupation: Warrior
9. Domineering Archer God lv. 29 Occupation: Archer
10. Clearwater Lv.29 Occupation: Archer

Gasp! Lin Yi Xin’s levelling pace was really no joke! In just a blink of an eye, she was already level 31, maintaining the same level as me. Seems like she had also met and killed a BOSS within these few hours. Otherwise, the levelling speed of killing ordinary monsters would definitely not be that fast.

Then, I proceeded to use the return scroll!


I suddenly appeared in Floating Ice City. This main city was still as lively as usual. Thousands of players were either trading or forming parties in the city square. All these endless streams of crowd was indeed a huge business potential for merchants!

Arriving at the storehouse, I stored the majority of Green Peppers and took out a few glutinous rice, chicken meat and salt. Summoning the Cooking window, I put in 10 Green Peppers, 20 portions of Glutinous Rice, 10 portion of chicken meat and 15 portions of salt. Then, I started the mixing process–


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have created Green Pepper Meatballs x1. Your gain +5 experience for your cooking skill!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have created Green Pepper Meatballs x1. Your gain +5 experience for your cooking skill!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have created Green Pepper Meatballs x1. Your gain +5 experience for your cooking skill!

Looking at the level 3 food item in my hands, I feel that this was definitely an extremely satisfying outcome. After all, it seemed that currently in the Floating Ice City, or even in the whole of China server, I was the only one who could create a level 3 food item!

Healing 300 mp in 60 seconds, this was definitely a compulsory item for high levelled mages. This was because a level 1 mage skill would consume 10 mp, level 2 20mp and level 3 30mp. Furthermore, a level 30 mage would be able to shoot an [Ice Blade] once in every 3 seconds. That would have consumed 600mp in a minute. It would be impossible to maintain their attack without eating a high levelled mp recovery food item. If a mage couldn’t execute his skills, he would be equivalent to trash, and no team needed a trash in their party.

In the current stage, the majority of mages were buying the cheap level 1 food item, Apple Jam, to consume. Only high levelled mages would buy the level 2 or level 3 food items.

After half an hour, 100 portions of Green Pepper Meatball appeared on my inventory. All these were actually gold ingots that were shining brightly!

Opening my Friends Window, I searched for Red Iron Tablet and sent him a message. “100 portions of level 3 mp recovery food items Green Pepper Meatballs, 50 silvers each. That would be 50 gold in total. When you have finished preparing the money, come and find me. I am in the Floating Ice City Eastern Plaza. I will only wait for you for 10 minutes, quick!”

Red Iron Tablet quickly replied, “Please wait for a while, give me 5 minutes!”

After a few minutes, a warrior wearing a set of black-tier equipments in his whole body appeared. It was indeed one of the players in the Player Ranking Board, Red Iron Tablet, a dark horse and an expert player!

“That’s really fast. You finished creating level 3 food items before half a day even passed!” Red Iron Tablet laughed aloud, “Brother Fallen Hero, you must be a studio member too right? It would be impossible to collect all these food materials within such a short time and create so many level 3 food items without a partner!”

I didn’t comment but smiled instead, “Let’s trade!”


Opening the trade interface, I placed 100 portions of Green Pepper Meatballs, while Red Iron Tablet took out 50 gold and used it extravagantly. This trade was simply too advantageous for me!

Once the trade was done, Red Iron Tablet nodded his head and walked away.

Meanwhile, I walked around the city square and stood in the middle of the plaza, shouting, “Selling lv.30 iron-tier dagger with a physical attack of 75 and +9 strength. It’s a must-have godly weapon for training or PK. Any assassin friends who need it please come and buy it, the highest bidder wins!”

Setting up a vendor stall, I placed the Moon Blade in front of me without setting the price.

Immediately, a crowd of people rushed over. Everyone was shocked, “Damn! We haven’t even finished collecting our black-tier equipments, let alone seeing a bronze-tier weapon, and this person had actually gotten an iron-tier weapon?”

I was secretly pleased with myself in my heart. What a joke, I fought a BOSS monster that was over level 35 and it really took a toll on both my body and my mind. I strived to do my utmost to kill the BOSS, so it was actually fair that it dropped this equipment.  

At this moment, a level 29 assassin squatted down and looked at me full of sincerity, “Brother, I will pay 20 gold for this dagger, but you’ll have to wait an hour before I can gather the money. Will you sell it to me?”

20 gold, if you exchange it to RMB, it was RMB2000. The price was high enough, but I still wasn’t satisfied. This iron-tier dagger was simply too powerful, the price I was looking for was at least 50 gold!

In a blink of an eye, a huge number of assassin and archer players drooled as they looked at the Moon Blade. However, none of them tried to offer a price. After all, at the present stage, this weapon belonged to the godly weapon category, hence the price must be really expensive!

“Damn, such a good weapon… If only I had such a dagger, my wife would level up more quickly…”

“Yeah, such a good weapon, it must be really expensive!”

“I reckoned that the price must be at least ten thousand RMB, otherwise the seller wouldn’t want to sell it…”

As the crowd was discussing about the weapon, a sweet voice suddenly resounded from behind me —

“I want this dagger!”

Sitting on the stall, I turned my body and saw an impressively beautiful snow white thighs, covered with an elegant metal armour. With her long robes fluttering in the wind, an extremely beautiful female warrior stood right behind me. She was someone familiar.

Lin Yi Xin, why would she need this dagger?

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