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VW:UUTS Chapter 31 – Promise

Chapter 31 – Promise
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

The girl’s face was filled with respect, “Awesome! Brother, when Xin Ran grows up, she wants to be an outstanding priest. Will you take me out of this village to see the world?”

I nodded, “Yeah, no problem!”

When he finished his words, suddenly a beautiful sound of bell resounded —


System Announcement: You have received a quest – [Promise]! (Quest level: SSS upper)

Quest Description: Fulfil your promise and help young lady Xin Ran to be an outstanding Silver Moon Alliance’s magician.

My whole body turned into stone. How could this be? It was just a small promise, but it turned out to be an SSS-ranked quest. It was the quest of the utmost difficulty, almost equivalent to a godly quest?! Could it be the game system made a mistake? It definitely did, dammit, those game programmers definitely drunk two carts of beer before coding this game!

But anyway this SSS-ranked mission’s reward would definitely be huge. Yeah, let’s just wait and see. The growth of an NPC in game was extremely fast, maybe Xin Ran would be an adult in just a few weeks time. Then she would be able to go to Floating Ice City to report with the Church University over there, and start her brand new fantasy journey of a priest.

As for me, what role should I play now?

Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but laugh a little and told the little girl, “Xin Ran, next time when you go to the Grand Church to proclaim your priest’s oath to enter the Church University, you must definitely tell me if anyone tried to bully you. I’ll teach them a lesson for you!”

A giggle burst out from Xin ran’s mouth, as she smiled prettily like an angel, “Brother, we have a promise!”


After a while more, Xin Ran rambled on about the things happening in her village. How there was one hunter who was bitten by a wild boar, how there were five tone-deaf wandering minstrel who came to their village. In any case, there wasn’t anything that might trigger a quest, it was only a side story in the storyline.

Although spending the time with the pure-hearted and innocent Xin Ran made me feel very comfortable, I am still a gamer by profession. I did not play this game to chit chat with a loli NPC, so we said our farewells.

I went to the Wild Pheasants Ridge for a while and swept away countless turkeys there, acquiring more than n number of chicken meats. Then, after I went back to the Floating Ice City to store my inventory, I made a detour to the far away Wildfire Plains. After searching for quite a while, I finally found the valley that I found the previous day, where there were many glutinous rice plants. Relying on the space provided by the Army Pouch, I picked every single glutinous rice that was there before finally returning back to the Floating Ice City.
“Shi San, come over here. Help me buy salt please!”

I sent a message to my good brother. Not long after, the ‘Outstanding Expert’ Du Shi San rushed to my side after completing his task. He had bought a whole inventory full of salt for me.

Starting my cooking process, a magical sticky riceball magically appeared in my hands. Du Shi San sighed in awe at the beautiful sticky rice and said, “Lu Chen, this sticky rice’s price would be so much more expensive than the pancake rolls selling on those street stalls…”

I gave him a glare, “What joke are you making? This is a food that can replenish mana!”

“…” This brat’s gaze was actually pointing towards the beautiful girls tending to the street stalls in the Floating Ice City Plaza. He completely didn’t think it was worth it to listen to me.

“Tsk tsk, that priestess is really not bad, her boobs should produce a lot of milk!” Shi San drooled on, looking at the beautiful girls in the far distance as he mumbled on.

I glanced towards the priestess he had mentioned, and my heart twitched suddenly — That…that was Mu Rong Ming Yue!

Mu Rong Ming Yue was one of the main members of Ancient Sword Dream Guild. She was the second of the four great generals under He Yi, the “Sun Moon Star Dust”. I never thought that I would see her here.
(Shiro: Yue means Moon, taken from Mu Rong Ming Yue.)

Bathing in the moonlight, Mu Rong Ming Yue wore a simple grey western gown. Seems like it was a white-tiered equipment, but the simple clothes couldn’t hide Mu Rong Ming Yue’s beauty. Her kind, virtuous expression was enough to make one intoxicated. She also had a pure, innocent beauty; but the most important aspect was the high mountain ridges on her chest that was practically as high as the Everest. It seemed like it was on the verge of spilling out of the western gown. The feeling of seeing those boobs that looked like they were about to burst out from the gown anytime was simply suffocating!

Shi San continued drooling as he ogled at her, looking like he was almost suffocated. Shi San only revealed this kind of expression three times before. The first one was when he first saw the natural, unrestrained and magnificent He Yi. The second time was when he saw the quiet and refined, bright-eyed and white-teethed Lin Yi Xin. And now, the third time, right, it was when he saw the amply endowed, shocking beauty Mu Rong Ming Yue.

I glared at Shi San and said in a low voice, “What the heck! Get a hold of yourself more, will you? Damn you, stop being so obvious, I don’t want Ming Yue-jie to recognise me!”


Shi San wiped off his drool and asked, “Lu Chen, I want to chase after Mu Rong Ming Yue!”

I strictly rejected him, “Stop, you don’t even stand a chance!”


“Because… Damn, how would I know? In any case, no means no. Didn’t you say that you wanted to pursue He Yi previously? How could you change your target so soon?!”

She San helplessly replied, “I read the newspaper afterwards and found out that He Yi was the Vice President of the Asia Region in GGS Corporation… She might even be promoted to President in the near future. Her status is simply too high above mine. I am not a toad who wish to eat swan meat, I still have some self-awareness in me…”

Saying that, Shi San’s eyes seemed to glow as he stared at me, “Lu Chen, what relation did you actually have with the great beauty Lin Yi Xin?”

“No relationship at all.”

“”Wuwu…” Shi San replied, aggrieved, “How could you know so many beauties, Lin Yi Xin, He Yi, and now Mu Rong Ming Yue…”

Saying that, he grabbed my neck and shook it with all his might, turning my head into a rattle drum. He asked aloud as he shook me hard, “Say it quickly, Lin Yi Xin must have been interested in you, right?”

“Interested in your dreams!”

I shoved his hands away and said, “Lin Yi Xin and I only planned to work together in-game, our relationship was not as complicated as you think. The relationship between He Yi and I was merely guildmaster and her subordinate; it had always been that way. As for Ming Yue-jie and I, we are only close in game…”

At this point of time, a clear and sweet voice resounded from behind me–

“Was our relationship that….complicated?”

Turning around, I was so shocked that my soul almost flew out of my body. Unknowingly, Wind Fantasy, also known as Lin Yi Xin, was standing right behind us. She had already put her cloak away; That white cloak she was wearing previously had changed into a cape that rested on her back. This allowed her pitch black hair to flow down flawlessly like waterfall. Her snow-white face was now revealed, igniting desires of several men, and her pair of mesmerizing purple-coloured eyes made it hard for others to keep an eye contact on her. She was simply beautiful beyond compare.

Lin Yi Xin’s equipment was of high quality. She wore a silver-coloured armour, graceful and dignified. Her armour accentuated her beautiful curves, especially the two round mounds on her chest, those shockingly beautiful ridges practically made every single guy’s blood boil with desire. Looking down, below her skirt armour, was a pair of snow white, long legs protected by a metal runic armour, followed by a coffee-brown Barbarian Boots. Only three words could describe the current Lin Yi Xin today: Goddess of War!



I swallowed my saliva, and following me, Shi San also swallowed his saliva. Both of us looked at each other, disdain coloured our expressions.

Lin Yi Xin giggled a little, “Lu Chen, you… Forget it, I’m going to do my quest. See you later!”

Saying that, Lin Yi Xin brushed past me and walked out of the City Gate. She didn’t turn around but raised her hands and waved, saying bye.

Shi San and I were frozen for quite a while. Lin Yi Xin’s beauty was simply too attractive, so much that there were many players staring at her back for a full three minutes with their mouths agape even after she walked away. There were many good things in life that should be chased after, but unfortunately, Wind Fantasy’s name was so renowned in Floating Ice City. Who would dare to chase after such a strong girl? Let’s get back to making rice balls instead.

Before long, a bell resounded in my ears —


System announcement: Congratulations, your cooking skill levelled up by +1!

Phew! Finally, my cooking skill reached level 3, I could now collect the materials for level 3 food item. Even level 2 food items could already be sold for such a high price, let alone level 3 food items. The current average level for players now is not even at lvl. 30 yet, so level 2 food items should be enough for their use. But when others have reached level 30 and thinking of Boss killing or PK-ing, they would need lvl.3 food items.

Right at this time, my heart started to jump wildly suddenly, “thump thump”, as I saw two familiar faces walking towards us!

In the potions store, two players were buying health potions, and the ID on top of their heads could be clearly read–

Burning Sun LV-26 warrior

Mu Rong Ming Yue LV-25 priest

It was indeed Xu Yang and Mu Rong Ming Yue!

I didn’t even dare to breathe as I watched those two brushed past me, hearing their conversation in my ears —

Xu Yang: “Aih, boss only created an account, she had never logged in ever since this game opened a week ago, not even once…”

Mu Rong Ming Yue: “That’s because Lu Chen is gone…”

Xu Yang: “Did you ask the boss when would she finally log in? Ancient Sword Dream is like a guild without a dream whenever she’s not here.”

Mu Rong Ming Yue sighed and replied, “Let’s wait awhile more. I’ve been trying to console Eve everyday for these past few days, and I don’t even know how long it would take… She only just started to be able to walk out from her dark place after losing Lu Chen…”

The two people continued to walk further away, and finally disappeared into the forest.

Du Shi San patted my shoulders, saying, “Bro, be strong!”

I smiled, “I’m alright, shall we sell sticky rice balls?”


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  1. Bijan says:

    I don’t understand the main character at all. What kind of scum bag are you to pretend you are dead? She is suffering. I can’t imagine a positive direction for this to go in the future. What will he say suppose I’m not dead?

    • anonreturns says:

      from my understanding, actually he think it is better to let her think he is dead. Because right now he is in an ambiguous state, he is not alive yet not dead. And this condition won’t last long anyway, in the near future He Yi will know it directly from him.

      • Jeffrey Smith says:

        Umm he isn’t in an any kind of state, he is alive .. period… he had thought he was dead,but was informed that the stuff in his system caused symptoms normally only found in dead people,not that he was actually dead or nearly dead himself ect. .. and he found that out before he decided to ‘play dead’ with He Yi.
        Basically he decided to act like a jerk out of both self esteem issues and class consciousness. His continued silence, ever after hearing the recent problems, is making the MC perhaps a bit too much of a pathetic loser and overwhelming an otherwise somewhat amusing VRMMO story.

        • iguin0509larkan says:

          I will only return to reading this after this shit is solved , i think his decision was absurd and something the author decided to do add something to the novel

  2. Jack says:

    Really, to keep going along after seeing how much she was affected by his lie he is trash among trash and deserves to have really died. Especially how he so easily brushed it aside the girl hasn’t played the game at all even though she was so passionate about it what point is there for him to even want to rise their guild up when the boss doesn’t even want to play after he lied about his death for no good reason( making her not feel guilty cause of the virus is not a good reason since making her feel guilty for his death is 100 times worse).

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