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VW:UUTS Chapter 30 – Blockhead

Chapter 30 – Blockhead
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko, Brian, the poor guy
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

“Lu Chen, you are too insincere!”

On the way home, Du Shi San grumbled on, “Aih, Lin Yi Xin is so beautiful. When she was a freshman, she was a flower bud, but now she had fully blossomed into a beautiful woman. If only I could feel her up a little, no, kiss her a little, I could rest in peace…”

I gave him a disdainful look and grimaced, “So immature! Couldn’t you try to be cooler a little?”

“Did you at least get her phone number?”


“Damn! You are such a blockhead!”
Shi San was so disappointed with me failing to meet up with his expectations. He really wished he could change my personality, because he felt that I was not that sensitive to woman compared to him. However, when he saw Lin Yi Xin in the teahouse just now, he had tried to pose elegantly on the table’s side. That memory was still vivid in my mind.

Shi San was actually a devil in disguise. Legend said that his father was so shocked when he was born that he tried to push him back in into his mother’s womb without hesitation. Shi San could only live because he had crawled out of his mother’s womb himself. And thus, Shi San came into this world and brought calamity to many girls around him.

“Lu Chen, what were you talking about with Lin Beauty?” Shi San asked.

“Working together.”

“Working together in what?”

“How do I know? She was the one who asked.”


At night when I logged in, the Player Ranking Board was not Lin Yi Xin’s and my stage anymore. Being level 25s, we both had dropped out of the top 10. But thinking about it, I was actually a little thankful. Wind Fantasy had always occupied the position of the strongest player all this while; who would ever guessed that she was actually a beauty that could move the heaven and the earth?

In Frozen Mound, I repaired my equipment and bought a few potions. I am a millionaire now, let alone buying one cart of potions, buying two carts of potions are not even a problem to me.

When I reached the sentinel camp, the sentry guard leader NPC had already resurrected, his smile friendly as always. He happily greeted me as soon as he saw me, “Little skeleton, here you are again! Seems like you have gotten stronger in these few days!”

I walked forward to him, “It’s all thanks to your teachings!”
(TLN: MC is using a complicated chinese idiom)

The NPC Leader didn’t understand what I said, but sighed a little and said, “Recently, in the west of Frozen Mound, a bunch of green-coloured creatures appeared. They wreck havoc day and night; they even tried to attack our camp. We must fight back immediately! Young little skeleton, go! Go to the west side of Frozen Mound and find those goblins wearing green-coloured hat. Kill 100 goblins and bring back twenty of their green hats to me!”

Goblins, green-coloured creatures. They were both nimble and strong. In the beginning stages of the game, they should be amongst one of the strongest monsters around. At least, they were much stronger than those Big-eared rabbits.


System Announcement: You have received the quest [Goblin’s Green Hat]! (Quest Level: F, average)

Quest Description: Go to the west side of Frozen Mound, kill 100 goblins and collect twenty of their green hats. Give it to Sentinel Skeleton Leader Falk and you will receive great rewards!

As I accepted the quest, I rejoiced in my heart as I didn’t have to kill skeletons anymore. My [Undead Strength] had already leveled up to Lv. 2, it would be better for me to kill a living creature now.

Opening the map, I threaded through the forest. Before long, I entered into an open area. Not far into the distance, I noticed a small goblin wearing a green hat, carrying a rusty hammer. It was spouting unintelligible language as it ran, wobbling to the right and left, like he was acting in a play.

[Green Hat Goblin] (normal monster)
Level: 33
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Health: ???

Tsk, it was another high leveled monster. I had already dropped to level 25, so the goblin was eight levels higher than me. No wonder the quest difficulty was F average!

I shouldn’t care that much, let’s just try it first!


I charged straight up like a spear, a crimson red glow enveloping my Weeping Fireblade. As I reached the monster, a green light suddenly illuminated my sharp blade. My favourite skill was up — [Death Blade] Lv.2!

My Lv. 2 [Death Blade] struck into the goblin’s forehead ruthlessly. However, there was only a “clang” sound before my sword tip slided away, skewed. My attack did not cause a significant damage.


I calmly and quickly unleash my second attack. I swung my sword from down up, right into the goblin’s face.

“Pu Chi!”


Indeed, I shouldn’t attack the hat in its forehead. It has a high defense there, so it wouldn’t receive much damage.

Thus, I lowered my body and continuously pulled a combo. The goblin cried miserably as it tried to raise its hammer to attack me, but unfortunately its attack speed was too slow. It has only attacked me once before dying from my rain of attacks.

“Pa da!”

I have quite the good luck. The first monster I killed had dropped a hat and a Large Magic Stone with a quality of 76. I made a huge profit! Let’s continue on!

After killing for a while, a familiar figure suddenly appeared. It was Ghost Valley. Seemed like he had woken up early to train, as he was already wearing an equipment for level 20 and above. His levelling efficiency was really high; he had reached level 23 already. It was difficult for his level to fight against a level 33 goblin, however, after dodging multiple times and drinking tons of health potions, he finally won pitifully.

“Did you also get the Goblin’s Hat Quest?” I asked.

Ghost Valley only nodded. On the other hand, I also did not send him a party invite.

Both of us started to kill goblins in the open space. After a while, I turned around and said, “Ghost Valley, how many times did Wind Fantasy kill you yesterday?”

“11 times I guess, I don’t remember it anymore…”

“Did you hate her?”

Ghost Valley gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, hissing, “I can’t wait to skin him alive and crush his bones!”
(Shiro: she(她 ta) and he(他 ta) sounded the same in Chinese, but they are different characters.)

“She is a girl, you know.” I commented, simply.

Ghost Valley froze, “How did she look?”

“…Go away!”


By night, my inventory was filled with Green Hats. I ran back towards Frozen Mound to report my quest —


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have finished the quest [Goblin’s Green Hats]. You have received 4500 exp and 30 Fame!”


A pillar of light shone down upon me as I rose to level 27. The profit of killing a monster with a big difference in levels was indeed fulfilling. But the consumption of potions were too much, I had finished a whole inventory of potions within three hours of hunting. I can’t go on like this!

Sentinel Skeleton Leader didn’t have any more quests to give me, and my hunger had went down to 37 points. Hence, I went to the Mushroom Forest to find the young lady Xin Ran who was picking up mushrooms. She looked very happy to see me and she quickly ran up to me the moment she saw me. She smiled, “Big brother, you have finally come. I thought you wouldn’t come here again today!”

Saying that, Xin Ran took out an oat bread from her basket and smiled, “Here, this is for you!”

I nodded and received it. My hunger was filled to the brim when I finished it. Yeah, this would be enough for me to last for the next 24 hours.

Then, I took out a Large Magic Stone with Quality of 99 and gave it to the young lady, saying, “Xin Ran, here, this is my gift for you!”


The young lady opened her eyes wide, her clear, bright pair of eyes were filled with shock. She opened her mouth wide, and mumbled, “It’s… it’s a magic stone! The witch in my village said that only strong warriors could kill monsters and take away their magic stones. Big brother, are you a strong, powerful Radiance Warrior?”

“Uhm…” I froze a little, then raised my Weeping Fireblade and rest it on my shoulders, grinning widely, “Yup, I am the strongest Radiance Warrior out there, fighting for justice!”

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  1. Lednacek says:

    it would be nice to get a review on skills and stats of his. i am getting lost here. didnt it say that he could get a type/class upgrade by killing undead monsters? collecting that glowing stuff of them? why wouldnt he want to kill undead?

      • Lednacek says:

        thanks, sadly it does not explain much. I have a question. if he has such a great skill like corpse pillage why does he not use it all the time? the way the MC plays the game sound a bit too noob-ish to me.
        my problem on the game is more of a gameplay issue rather than terms.

        • shiroyukineko says:

          not really sure about that. Author never really mentioned it. But I think it may be because he had no mana – he has to use his mana for [Death Blade] to kill mobs, and it’s difficult to replenish mana in the game. On the other hand, if the objective is to gain items, he will use mana for [Corpse Pillage] instead of [Death Blade] I guess.

        • Lednacek says:

          hard to tell what the objective of his is. he can create mana potion/food himself. he is probably one of the very few who should not be concerned about mana usage. the way the MC plays the game is really hard to know what his goal actually is. He is not powerleveling, he is not going for pvp. for a while i thought he is going to be earning money through the game ( it even stated so ) but somehow he is not exploiting the market value of his food.
          All i can say that he is playing the game either like a complete novice or like a player from a huge guild that has no idea how to play solo, without the huge guild structure supporting him.

        • shiroyukineko says:

          hahah yeah. Actually if you think about it in reality, he’s just level 25 – the author liked to make a big deal of equipments and stuff which is really nothing in the later stage of the game. I guess he’s more of a chill, laidback MC? Rather than rushing through everything

        • Lednacek says:

          could be, but i thought he played the game for some purpose. Most of the VRG story MCs have some purpose rather than just playing for fun. Fame, competition, making money.
          I thought that this MC was going to make money in the game now that he is officially dead.
          He came upon a great money making scheme but doesnt use it. He made hundreds of gold but is happy about a stone tablet worth a couple of silver. And he still didnt change gold into RMB. What is he living of? How is he going to do it?
          The story only started and there are already holes and inconsistencies.

        • shiroyukineko says:

          Well, I don’t think it’s really a great money making scheme. If you think about it in reality, how long do you need to level up your character to lv.25 on an MMORPG? I would probably take 3 days max…and chapter 30 might have come a long way, but in the story itself I don’t think a week has passed. I think he’s focusing on levelling and keeping his gold for the future. I’d say we’ll need to read more to find out haha

        • Lednacek says:

          depends what game you play. some games used to be tough to level up before they succumbed to the american style of f2p=p2w . Starting a new game/server can be tough. If you can buy igame currency with real money.

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