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VW:UUTS Chapter 29 – Lin Yi Xin

Chapter 29 – Lin Yi Xin
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Brian, The poor guy
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

In that moment, I was immediately petrified.

What kind of girl was this? A pair of exquisite, beautiful eyes, clear and calm like a lake. Such a pure and pristine pair of eyes was looking at me. The purity made me think that she wouldn’t be able to see even if there was dirt or danger directly in front of her. However, those bewitching eyes also showed the girl’s wisdom and astuteness. They were really an intoxicating sight to behold.

Who would ever guessed that Wind Fantasy was actually a girl, and not only that, a beauty that could make you choke at that!?

“Can I see your appearance now?”

Wind Fantasy looked straight at me. Her beautiful pair of eyes still bearing reproach. We had killed each other n times, what kind of fate was this?

I shook my head, “No need to see. I’m an undead, I don’t look like a normal person.”

“Take off your damn cloak, and stop spouting nonsense!” Her tone was hostile and unaccepting.

I helplessly nodded my head, then slowly took off the my cloak’s hood. Immediately, a “skinny-to-the-bones” face appeared in front of her.

Wind Fantasy immediately jumped in shock, but she controlled her fear almost instantaneously and asked, “You don’t look like this in reality, right?”

“Nope, I am a little more handsome than this.”

“Humph. Remember, tomorrow 3 pm at Yin Shan Cafe first floor. Seating area near the right side.”

“Do you look like your in-game character in reality?” I asked back. It’s something that mattered a lot to me. In my life, I had only met in-game friends in reality twice. The first one was He Yi, and I got the shock of my life. Since this was the second time, I wanted to avoid getting shocked.

Wind Fantasy pursed her lips, then revealed a little smile, “This…actually I adjusted my character’s look a little, so you might be disappointed to see me in reality. But it definitely won’t be very shocking…”

“Alright, let’s meet tomorrow afternoon.”

Waving her hands, Wind Fantasy went back to Floating Ice City, and I turned around and went inside my tomb.

I took off my helmet. Playing continuously for n number of hours, I was exhausted to the bone. I cooked a cup of instant noodles and went to sleep straight away after eating it.

The next day, it was already 1pm by the time I woke up. Du Shi San was bathing in the bathroom, humming various types of vulgar songs.

I crawled over to the bathroom, thinking of bathing first.

When Du Shi San came out, we went out to eat.

Sitting on the restaurant’s table, Shi San asked, “Are you going to rush to level 30 in the afternoon?”

“Nope, I’m meeting someone.”

“Someone?” Shi San was suddenly interested, “A girl?”

I nodded

“Who? Is it He Yi? You must bring me along, haha!”

“Stop it, it’s not He Yi. It’s Wind Fantasy.”

“What- the first ranked player on the Player Ranking Board…turns out to be a…girl?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. My next sentence was like a bucket of cold water that extinguished Shi San’s fire of interest, “But she said she wasn’t some beauty in real life, and asked me to prepare myself.”

Shi San understood clearly. Patting my shoulders, he asked, “What time are you guys meeting?”

“3 pm.”

“Ok. I will give you a call at 3.10 pm and say that our house is on fire. You can escape and take refuge at any time.”

A smile blossomed in my face. This brother was indeed considerate, and had a lot of experience!

A little after 2pm, I went to the post office, and sent the bank card that He Yi gave me in a package and mailed it to my dad. The sun shone down upon me along the way. That kind of burning sensation was so painful that dying seemed like a better choice. I didn’t know how much longer I could live. There were a few hundred thousands yuan inside this card. I decided to give these to my dad for his retirement, and told him the password was my birthday.

My heart felt deeply guilty, but I had no other choice.

I sat under the small bridge for quite a while, thinking about a lot of things. Not long after, it was almost 3pm. I should set off now!

The distance from my house to the University of Science was not that far. Strictly saying, it was actually very close. This was because just one year ago, I was a student from the University of Science. After I graduated, I rented a small apartment near the area.

Coming back to my alma mater brought about a feeling of nostalgia.

At the Yin Shan teahouse. It was a small, elegant tea house that had just opened. The decorations were of a high quality, suitable for couples to flirt with each other. Of course, the flirting was not the groaning kind.

As I stepped into the tea house, a lot of girls suddenly stole a glance towards me. Yeah, this ascertained me. After getting up and dressing up a little, I had suddenly become handsome…

“First floor, near the right seating area…”

I mumbled as I walked over. Suddenly, my body froze on the spot. Damn!

There was only one person in the rows of tables on the right side of the tea house. It was a female student, who looked like she weighed almost 120 kgs. She was sitting on a chair that looked like it was howling in pain from the weight. She looked at me sincerely, her gaze pure and innocent, without any ill will…

I gritted my teeth. Damn! Is this what you meant when you said you changed your in-game looks a little? This…This is practically a plastic surgery with a tank slimming your body!

Bitterness filled me as I cursed everyone who lied in this world to die!

I took out my phone. It was 3.02 pm, there was still 8 more minutes. Let me get this done quick!

Pretending to be calm, I smiled as I sat in front of the female student. I raised my head and said, “Little sister, are you having a good afternoon?”

The female student revealed a splendid smile. Her fats jiggled as she replied, “Hey handsome, how are you? Are you alone?”
(Shiro: handsome (shuai ge) and beauty (mei nu) are the common, casual way of talking to strangers in China. I’m not joking. Basically if you go to a store/restaurant in China, the waitress will probably call you shuai ge or mei nu if you are young (even if you look like shit), and lao ban (boss) if you are middle-aged.)

Through our conversation, I felt that the atmosphere was a little wrong. This girl was not Wind Fantasy!

At this moment, a fragrant smell floated to my nose. Beside me, a head of silky hair flowed fluidly like flowing water. When I looked up, I was frozen on the spot. A clear-eyed, white-teethed little beauty stood behind me, looking at me with her hair fluttering lightly. An incomparably beautiful pair of eyes looked at me with ridicule.

I immediately shot up, “What…what’s going on?”

“Are you Fallen Hero?”

She held a cup of afternoon tea in her hands as she looked at me, then looked at the female student in front of me, then suddenly she burst out laughing. That bewitching sound of laughter was like the clear autumn waters, “You have quite a unique taste, don’t you?”

I was a little ashamed and awkward, but I didn’t know what to say. I wished a hole could swallow me whole.

She laughed out again, then pointed at the seats beside her. “Come and sit. Do you want to drink anything?”

I shook my head. I shouldn’t drink, I need to save money. Since I gave dad my card, I was only left with around RMB2000. I still need to provide for Shi San, that good-for-nothing.

She nodded and said, “Then, let’s talk. How do we solve this problem between us?”

“It’s very simple. We don’t hurt each other in future.” I spoke flatly.

“Don’t hurt each other?” She revealed a reproaching look and said, “You destroyed the quest that I had prepared for more than 10 hours, and you still want us to not hurt each other?”

“Ah?” I was slightly shocked, “Destroyed your quest?”


Wind Fantasy nodded, “When I killed that Sentinel Skeleton Leader, he would have resurrected again. I had to kill him again within 10 hours, and it had to have been within 10 minutes of his resurrection, otherwise my quest would fail. However…you and Ghost Valley, had actually destroyed this plan of mine!”

“Just because of this, you guarded Ghost Valley’s corpse the whole night?”

“Yeah.” She nodded seriously, her beautiful, bright eyes looking sincere.

I gritted my teeth as my body started to tremble. I shouldn’t become enemies with this girl, otherwise I would probably suffer in the future.

At just this very moment, a silver-bell-like laughter suddenly rang out from the tea house entrance. Three beautiful girls had entered and were striding towards Wind Fantasy. Straight away, one of them said, “Yiyi, you skipped afternoon class and instead came here for…a date?”

She instantly looked towards me. A “misunderstanding” could clearly be seen in her expression.

Wind Fantasy looked a little anxious as she immediately explained, “Qing Qing, no! That… I… that…”

It seemed like her tongue had become tangled up into a knot. In an instant, she had become unable to explain properly.

I laughed softly at her predicament and then asked, “Beauties, what’s Yiyi’s full name?”

The other girls revealed a shocked expression, “Are you joking? How could you not know of her? You are too dense! She’s our University of Science’s magnificent flower, that never failed to clinch the school’s beauty contest each year, Lin Yi Xin. Oh, and her in-game name is Wind Fantasy…”

I froze. Lin Yi Xin. Seemed like I had really never heard of this name before.

Then, I suddenly realized something. Right before I graduated, Shi San was always mentioning someone to me. He always talked about this girl that was supposedly as beautiful as a fairy, so beautiful that heavens and earth moved for her. Could this be her?

Observing her closer, it was indeed true. Lin Yi Xin’s beauty was indeed beyond compare. If He Yi’s beauty could be described as universally shocking, then Lin Yi Xin’s beauty could be described as heaven and earth moving.

After seeing me frozen, Li Yi Xin responded by saying, “Don’t listen to them spouting nonsense. Who’s a school flower? I am only a geeky girl who likes to get gold.”

I laughed and nodded, “Me too…”

“You are a geeky girl too?”

“Dammit, I am saying I also like to get gold!”

Li Yi Xin covered her mouth as she giggled, “Okay, okay. Let me tell you something seriously.”

“Okay, say it.”

Li Yi Xin sipped on her tea a little, then licked her red lips with her lithe tongue. This intoxicating beauty’s demeanour was truly soothing to the spirit. Then, she smiled towards me, “The thing is… in the future, I would like to create a guild. I want to invite you into the guild!”

I thought about it, then rejected her determinedly. “No thanks.”

“Then forget about it.”

Lin Yi Xin didn’t bother asking me again as she giggled, “Then, can we at least be guild allies?”

“Yeah, that’s possible.” I nodded.

At this moment, Lin Yi Xin’s friend, a girl with a ponytail, asked, “Yiyi, who is this person exactly? Is he a player from <Heaven’s End>?”

Lin Yi Xin nodded, “Yeah, that’s right, Qing Qing.”

This girl called Qing Qing then reached out her hands and smiled towards me, “Hey handsome, how do you do! What’s your in-game name?”

I reached out my hands and shook hers as I said, “Fallen Hero.”


Qing Qing suddenly gaped, “You…so you are the person who is second-ranked on the Player Ranking Board, Fallen Hero? Hoho, I didn’t know that you were actually this handsome in reality. I thought all guy gamers are all dirty, geeky guys!”

I felt so awkward now. Dammit, luckily I spent half an hour dressing up before I left the house.

Lin Yi Xin then said, “Okay, enough already. Anyway we are already friends in game. Let’s be half-friends in the future.”

“Why half?” I asked.

“That’s because I still can’t fully trust you.” She said frankly and straightfowradly, “In Floating Ice City, the current of the struggle for power has moved quickly and violently. We should band together and discern who’s our most threatening enemy.”

“Who? Mad Dragon?”

“Tsk…” Lin Yi Xin snorted disdainfully, “Don’t even mention those sardines anymore. In Floating Ice City, they are not fit to be my opponents yet.”

“The who would you consider?”

“You… and Domineering Heaven Blade.”

I felt a little proud of myself. I continued to ask, “Domineering Clan Leader?”

“That’s right!” Lin Yi Xin smiled as she said, “It’s them. The Domineering Clan is a clan that have their members unite together with different professions. They are extremely strong, so we all should be careful of them~”

It was at this moment, my phone suddenly rang. When I received it, Shi San’s voice resounded, “Lu Chen, not good, our house is on fire! Come back home quickly!”

I looked towards Lin Yi Xin in front of me. Feasting my eyes on such a beautiful girl, who would care if their house was on fire or destroyed in an earthquake. So I replied, “Call 119 yourself!”


I didn’t wait for Shi San to finish and turned off my phone.

Hearing that clearly, Lin Yi Xin looked a little disdainful as she said, “Do you not have confidence in my looks?”

I was a little embarrassed as I answered, “Of course.”

After a few seconds, Shi San called me once again, and I rejected it again.

After a few minutes, an anxious and flustered person suddenly barged into the tea house. It was, in fact, Shi San, who was shouting at me from a distance, “Lu Chen, you brat…”

He stopped halfway before he froze on the spot, as if he was petrified. The reason for this was that he had seen Lin Yi Xin, someone that could only be seen in legends, a matchless beauty that could move the heaven and earth.

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