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VW:UUTS Chapter 28 – Let’s Meet Up!

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Chapter 28 – Let’s Meet Up!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Rango and Brian
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

Under the city walls of Floating Ice City, a level 25 knight, wearing a blue-coloured full body armour stood. He looked at me calmly, wielding a long, glowing blade in his hands. His equips were unconventional. They might even be on par with mine.

A line of words floated on top of his head, Domineering Heaven Blade LV-25.

Seeing this, I couldn’t help but be startled. This Domineering Heaven Blade was definitely not a simple person. There were even two warriors standing guard at his back; a level 26 warrior, Domineering War God and a level 26 Magic Knight, Domineering Knight God. They were the players from the top 10 Player Ranking Board!

Was he the Domineering Clan Leader?

I wrinkled my brows. The identity of this Domineering Heaven Blade was obvious. He was the Domineering Clan Leader, and would be the future Domineering Guild Leader!

“Something wrong, brothers?” I asked, with a lazy smile on my face. Who cares if you own the whole earth, or if you are a super strong player. In my eyes, you are simply just an ordinary person, because my purpose here is only to sell sticky rice.

Domineering Heaven Blade looked at me and suddenly laughed out, “Brother, I saw you selling the mp-replenishing level 2 food item, sticky rice, just now. Is that right?”

“Yeah, do you want to buy it?” I asked.

“Yes, of course!” Domineering Heaven Blade laughed out loud, “I can see that brother, you are indeed a straightforward person. That’s right, soon our clan would probably be doing something, and we would need a lot level 2 mp-replenishing food items. How many sticky rice do you still have with you, brother?”

“100 divided into 10 portions. It should be enough for 10 mages or priests to use.”

“Ah? So many…”

Domineering Heaven Blade’s eyes immediately lighted up, “I am willing to buy everything. Could you give us a discount?”

I nodded, “Then please pay 11 gold!”

“Ah?!” Domineering Heaven Blade was immediately confused.

Of course I would want to squeeze the milk of a fat cow dry. If this Domineering Clan wanted to dominate Floating Ice City, they would probably clash with Ancient Sword Dream in the future. I need to weaken them whenever I can now!

“11 gold ….” Domineering Heaven Blade mumbled weakly, “Then it’s 11, let’s start the deal!”


Opening the trade interface, I placed 10 bundles of sticky rice while Domineering Heaven Blade placed 11 gold on his side. Tsk tsk, he was indeed a rich person, a rich and overbearing person!

The deal was completed.

Domineering Heaven Blade then continued, “This brother, would you be interested in partnering with us?”


I rejected them indifferently, then turned around and went out of Floating Ice City. In a few days time, these kinds of level 2 food item would definitely be an ordinary good, and I would not be willing to compete in training my Cooking Skill with other players.

Domineering Knight God chased me in anger, his spear brandished as he bellowed, “Our boss is talking to you, so aren’t you too arrogant, you brat? Don’t think you are good just because you are ranked second in the player ranking board!”

I had already walked outside the city and my name had turned red. I turned to glare at Domineering Knight God and said icily, “What, are you going to attack me?”


Domineering Knight God was speechless, and Domineering War God suddenly charged forward and shouted, “Stop spouting nonsense. Let’s fight if you want to! Did you think we’d be afraid of you?”

As he said that, Domineering War God suddenly raised his sword and charged straight towards me. His sword was straight and fluid like flowing water. Unexpectedly, this top player belonging to a big organisation was actually quite capable and original.

“Sha sha…”

Unexpectedly, my feet slid away, and my whole body seemed to shift from its original position, cleverly dodging Domineering War God’s attack. I then lightly raised my right hand, a red glow enveloping my palm as I lightly chopped down right on the nape of the Domineering War God’s neck.



My single attack completely broke through his defense!

Domineering War God stared at me in shock, his eyes wide opened as he stared at me, “You…you, this…how could this be?”

At this moment, Domineering Heaven Blade slowly walked towards me from behind. He lightly said without a single trace of anger in his voice, “Third brother, don’t be so reckless. Fallen Hero is our friend, what the heck are you doing!”

“Boss? I…”

Domineering War God couldn’t say anything else as embarrassment filled his face. There were a lot of other Floating Ice City players around, and most of them had already recognised us as they whispered to themselves, pointing at us–

“Did you see it? It’s the top players from the ranking board! That’s Fallen Hero, who had risen up to the second place today, and the others are the Domineering Clan experts!”

“Haha, that’s really interesting. Did you see Domineering War God getting beat up by Fallen Hero with just one attack?”

“Fallen Hero was clearly looking down on Domineering War God. Had he used his weapon instead, Domineering War God would definitely have died!”

“Ha, Domineering Clan finally found their match!”

The crowd started to chatter noisily, and Domineering War God’s expression darkened even more.

Domineering Heaven Blade immediately rounded up the scene and laughed out loud, “It was only a small misunderstanding, a friendly spar. Brother Fallen Hero’s skills are indeed top-notch, like a Great Master’s!”

I nodded and smiled, “You were going easy on me.”

Then, I turned around and left. Through the whole scene, nobody saw my real appearance, they only saw me as someone wearing a Cyan coloured cloak.

Quickly leaving the dangerous area, as I entered the Frozen Forest, I couldn’t help but be relieved. Fortunately there was no one who tried to incite killing a red-named player, otherwise I would be in grave danger.

Next, I should go back to Frozen Mound and take a few quest from Sentinel Skeleton Leader Falk. I should rush to level 30 quickly and get a pet!

I didn’t even bother to kill the monsters on the way, running straight towards Frozen Mound.

Alas, I realized the atmosphere was a little different, when I entered Frozen Mound. Normally, there would be a few skeletons walking around aimlessly in the surrounding, but there wasn’t any now. Even… Even Ghost Valley was nowhere to be found!


Following a path on the icy road, I walked towards the Corpse Pond. Suddenly, a “di” sounded; someone sent me a message —

Ghost Valley, “Careful! Wind Fantasy has come…”

I froze and quickly looked around. Then, I saw Ghost Valley’s corpse lying on the ground and Wind Fantasy, wearing a white cloak covering his whole body, standing right by his side. He was playing with a little green dagger in his hands.

“Ah? Didn’t Wind Fantasy use a sword?”

I quietly thought, why did he use dagger now?

But one thing was certain, Ghost Valley was in a miserable state. His corpse showed that his level had dropped to level 17. How many times was he killed by Wind Fantasy, that he dropped from one of the top players of the ranking board to level 17?

What a shame. Ghost Valley really had a strong pride; he didn’t even try to message me after getting beaten up so much.

Suddenly, Wind Fantasy discovered me. As he turned around and locked gazes with me. Under that white coloured cloak, a cold pair of eyes almost made me shiver from head to toe.


Changing to a long sword, he immediately pointed it at me, as if he was saying, “You, you finally came back. I waited for you for a long time.”

There was nothing else to say. Kill!

I immediately pulled out a skeleton from the Corpse Pond, my [Summon Undead] skill activated successfully. I ordered the little skeleton to charge forward, while I also charged forward in one fluid movement.

“Ji ji!”

The little skeleton was brave beyond compare. Wind Fantasy flew towards me as fast as lightning, a silver glow enveloping his sword. It almost looked like the red glow of my [Undead Strength] skill that enveloped my sword too.



A shocking amount of damage flew out, my little skeleton died in a single attack!

I tried to maintain my calm and changed the direction of my body. I made a short zigzag before suddenly pouncing on my opponent. My Weeping Fireblade spewed fire as a green light was emitted from it — [Death Blade]!


I didn’t know when, but Wind Fantasy had already equipped his dagger on his left hand. He blocked my attack with an accurate position, hence he only received around 50% of the damage. His movements were quick and violent, he was suddenly waving his sword at me in a blink of an eye. He attacked me from an extremely tricky angle that I couldn’t dodge. I could only receive his attack.



His sword pierced right through my chest. He’s too ruthless!

In the same way, I took an advantage and shoved my sword towards his neck. With a woosh, a 311 damage number flew out. Pulling my sword and shoving it again, I unleashed a normal attack again. In just a moment, the opponent’s health went down to less than 20%!

Seeing that things weren’t going well, Wind Fantasy hurriedly retreated, while I pursued him quickly!

It was at this moment, the situation suddenly changed —

Wind Fantasy took out a blue-coloured card from his pocket. It suddenly flew out and burst into countless snowflakes in the air. A thick layer of ice immediately formed on the ground!

“Not good!”

I thought inwardly, it was a skill card!


Three icicles suddenly burst forth underneath my legs. A sharp pain followed as I fell to the ground, in one swift moment!


Battle Announcement: Player Wind Fantasy has used Snow Card!

I dropped back down to level 26, my spirit released from my body.

I didn’t hesitate at all and quickly ran back to my corpse and resurrect!


Once again, I charged towards my opponent, raising my sword against Wind Fantasy. “Keng!” our swords clashed, but right at this moment, I suddenly opened my palm. A red coloured card immediately flew out!

Firewolf Card, [Inferno]!


Scorching hot fire started around the whole area. Wind Fantasy gave a shocked cry as his body was engulfed in fire, and died. It seemed as if I had resurrected too quickly, so he hadn’t had the time to recover his health.


I plopped down on the ground, picking up a few health potions that Wind Fantasy dropped. He was really lucky; if only he dropped equipment instead.

At this time, Ghost Valley also resurrected. He said determinedly, “Guard his corpse?!”

I nodded, “Guard. Guard it till his corpse turn into bones, guard it till the the world ends!”


Ghost Valley clenched his fist, his fury apparent.

Wind Fantasy’s soul resurrected at a place in Frozen Mound that was a little far from his corpse’s position. However, even after about ten minutes, he still had not resurrected. He must have thought he didn’t have a chance if Ghost Valley and I teamed up against him.

After an hour, Ghost Valley yawned, “Damn it, I’m freaking tired. I think I’ll sleep first…”


I glared at him angrily. Such an ambitionless brat! Somebody killed you until you dropped to level 17, how could you still have the heart to sleep?

However, it seemed that Ghost Valley was indeed very tired. Go to sleep if you want then, I shall guard his corpse on my own!

Ghost Valley crawled into his tomb and went to sleep.

After a while, a shadow suddenly moved. Wind Fantasy had finally resurrected himself!

I immediately charged over, brandishing my sword, unleashing my [Death Blade]!

Immediately, Wind Fantasy died again. Very good, Wind Fantasy finally dropped to level 26, dropping off from his first place position, hahah!

After a while, Wind Fantasy resurrected again, but this time his speed was much faster than mine. Like lightning, he attacked me continuously. It all boils down to my 0.5 reaction delay, dammit, I couldn’t react fast enough and was killed on the spot.

I dropped back to level 25. I was so furious that my brain almost exploded. I immediately resurrected and charged back at Wind Fantasy, unleashing my [Death Blade] and normal attack combo, killing him again on the spot.

And so, we continued to kill each other. The first and second rank of the Player Ranking Board was not even in the top 10 any more.
As I was guarding his corpse, a “di” sounded —

System Announcement: Player Wind Fantasy wanted to add you as friend, accept or reject?

I was astonished at first, but in the end I accepted it.

A few minutes later, he sent me a message–

“Let’s not kill each other anymore, it’s not beneficial for both of us if we both dropped back to level 0.”

I thought for a while and agreed with his words. Then, I replied him, “We can stop killing, but there must be a compensation. You came repeatedly to Frozen Mound; was it to pick a fight with me?”

After a few seconds, Wind Fantasy replied, “No, why would I pick a fight with a nobody like you?”

Furious, I prepared to shout out some curse words to dissipate my anger. However, at this time, Wind Fantasy suddenly sent me another message, “Do you live in Jiang Su? Let’s log off and meet up!”
(Shiro: Jiang Su is a province in China)

I immediately replied, “I live in Su Zhou, you?”
(Shiro: Su Zhou is a city in Jiang Su Province in China)

“Same. Tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock, Yin Shan cafe in front of Suzhou University of Science, first floor.”

And at this moment, Wind Fantasy resurrected. This time, we did not clash our swords.

I snickered, “We can meet up, but you have to let me see how you look, otherwise there’s no place for talk!”

Wind Fantasy looked a little helpless and replied, “Alright!”

I opened my eyes wide, observing him closely.

Wind Fantasy stood under the fir tree, as he slowly raised his hands to take off the hood of his cloak. Immediately, a silky bundle of hair flowed down like a waterfall. In the darkness of the night, a beautiful pair of purple eyes looked at me, filled with hostility.

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  1. Lednacek says:

    this game is completely fked up. it allows you to resurrect right away in the place you died. it allows PK on lower levels without any detriment to player. This game makes no sense at all. They kill each other with one or two attacks. that is just too stupid.

    • Regentas says:

      Not really, in a lot of chinese games the pk system is quite brutal. Not to mention in most game related novels the pk system is also really similar.

  2. xtremeloldude says:

    wait, did the guild leader girl have purple eyes ? or is this just a different girl?

    thanks for the chapter

  3. xtremeloldude says:

    i just came up with a theory about Ghost Valley which would explain some things
    since he’s also an undead it’s safe to assume there’s something going on with his body judging by the condition the mc had to be in to get the undead warrior class. So my guess is that he’s a patient with some sort of disease that keeps him clustered to his hospital bed.
    This would also explain his insane leveling speed since he doesn’t really need to log out that much

    thanks for the chapter

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