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VW:UUTS Chapter 26 – Corrupt Wolf Card

Chapter 26 – Corrupt Wolf Card
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Lol it’s been quite a while since I wrote anything here haha… Well, just wanna say, thanks for all the thanks and support guys! 😀 Hope you enjoyed reading our translations. Oh, if you are interested in joining our small group, check out our recruitment page!

A stone thrown into the ocean could start a tidal wave. As my words ended, a group of menacing warriors, Knights and Magic Knights suddenly appeared. The equipment drop rates in <Heaven’s End> was extremely low, the probability of them being weapons or accessories were even lower. There were a lot of players in their level 20 something still wearing their level 10 white-tiered equipments. Hence their attack was only around 2-7, as low and miserable as it could be.

Brother, sell it to me please. I’ll fork out 70 copper!”

“Brother, give it to me, me. I’ll pay you 3 silvers!”

“No, I want it, 1 silver!”
As the whole group of people started making a ruckus, I raised my Green Forest Blade and shouted, “Those who offered less than 50 silvers don’t have to speak anymore!”

A lot of people suddenly kept quiet at once.

At this moment, a group of people walked over. The one leading was a level 25 Magic Knight, with an ID called Domineering Vagabond. He should be one of the members of the Domineering Clan. His level was fairly high, and the players behind him were all over level 23. It was obviously one of the Clan’s elite team.

“2 Gold.”

Domineering Vagabond offered indifferently. This price almost caused everyone present to shut up. Anyone who could gain 2 Gold in such an early stage of the game must be a madman!

I opened the trade interface and placed the Green Forest Blade on my side, while Domineering Vagabond placed 2 gold coins on his side, and the deal was completed. As such, my current total amount of gold was close to 10 gold. Seemed like I had become a millionaire!

Repairing my equipments and stocking up some health potions, I was devastated. The expenses I incurred in the city was twice more than the normal person’s. I could only endure it in silence, I was a foreigner in this land after all.

Setting off from the city, my name immediately turned red again. An undead player suddenly appeared in front of everyone, it had definitely caused some shock. Of course, I ran away quickly, slipping away from everyone’s gazes like smoke.

I decided to check out the location of level 2 cooking materials. The Level 1 food item, apple jam, could only heal 100 mp. It would be suitable for warriors, magic knights and knights to use their skills. However, for mages, priests and those magic related professions that consumed a lot of mp, it was definitely not enough. If I wanted to strike it rich, I would have to create level 2 food items.

Sticky Rice, Level 2 mp-replenishing food item.
Items needed: Glutinous Rice x 15, Chicken x 5 & Salt x 5.
Restore: 200 mp


That was quite a lot of materials needed. Not only glutinous rice, it also needed chicken and salt. I knew that salt was sold at the main cities, it cost 1 silver for 10 sachet. However, the price was a little expensive, virtually adding the burdens for players that choses the craftsman profession. As for the glutinous rice, after checking the forums, one player had found that in the Wildfire Plains, located in the east of Floating Ice City. As for chicken, I would have to go to a place that had chickens.

After setting an idea on what to do, I decided to go to Wildfire Plains for a stroll. Maybe I could even get a quest. The monsters there were quite high leveled; the highest one was even more than level 30. It was at the level that the current stage of players would never be able to defeat. However, a great swordsman with high defense and explosive attack such as the great me should be able to stand my ground. I decided to test out the waters.

Along the way, I saw a few other players. However, as I get deeper, the strong, mighty level 30 Feral Wolf finally appeared. This caused 99% of the players to retreat. As for me, who had two high-quality bronze-tier equipments on my body, the wolves weren’t a challenge at all. I continued to move forward. My goal was the Wildfire Plains.

After half an hour, the trees in front started to get thinner. The forest was replaced by a lush grassland, blossoming under the scorching hot sun. Overgrown weeds and flowers in full bloom scattered through the plains, covering it with a beautiful colour of red. It almost looked like the plain was on fire. This was the reason that this place was called Wildfire Plains.

Wildfire Plains was originally a neutral area. After walking a short distance, I realized that at the edge of the plains, in between mountains, there was a Silver Moon Alliance camp. I didn’t dare to move nearer, who’d knew if these people would attack me?

Going along the edges of the plains, I walked for another 10 minutes. Suddenly, my eyes lighted up as I found a humble Undead Alliance camp up ahead!

An Item Store, a Repair Store and a Skeleton Soldier. These constituted the whole of the Undead Alliance Camp. It was practically simple and crude!

I walked forth and swept my glance over the skeleton soldier. It was the normal kind of skeleton, very skinny and frail. It was a skeleton that was way inferior to me, an undead who had skin and flesh on my body.

“Oh? This little skeleton who had come a long way, is there anything I can help you with?” The soldier looked at me and guffawed loudly, “It’s extremely dangerous around here, you must be careful. Our enemies are lurking all around!”

I nodded but did not say anything.

The soldier sat on top of a skull and said, “Recently, the monsters in that Wildfire Plains had become more and more violent. Our Undead Camp was actually attacked three times in three days. Young skeleton, could you help us clear those wild beasts?”

Here comes the quest! I already had a feeling that this will happen beforehand. I quickly nodded my agreement.


System Announcement: You have accepted the quest [Clearing Wild Beasts]! (Quest Level: E, middle class)

Quest Description: In the southern part of the Wildfire Plains up ahead, you would find a lot of Corrupt Wolves with unruly natures. Kill 100 of these Corrupt Wolves and collect 40 Corrupt Wolves Tooth. Give them to the Undead Soldier Da Yi and you will then receive ample rewards!

The quest level was not low, E middle class. Looks like the monsters up ahead were definitely not low-leveled. The number of kills I have to do was also not little. Looks like today will be a long day of prolonged war.

Brandishing my Weeping Fireblade, I step forth into the plains. The fire that enveloped my blade crackled as it started to burn brighter. My bronze-tiered weapon looked dazzling as expected.

Overgrown bushes surrounded me. Seemed like a great fire engulfed the southern part of Wildfire Plains half a year ago, making it a deserted place. Wild beasts’ skeletons scattered everywhere around, as wolves’ howl resounded around me.

“Sha sha…”

I shot a glance to the slight rustling and found two large wolves with a fiery red head staring at me. Their eyes were blood red, and when they bared their fangs, they looked sharp and numerous. Their drool dripped down from their fangs to the ground.

[Wildfire Corrupt Wolf] (normal monster)
Level: 32

What a monster! It was actually level 32. This quest’s difficulty was indeed too much!

I cautiously turned my body, and the two Corrupt wolves suddenly let out a loud roar and charged towards me, quickly and violently!

“Cha cha!”

Sharp fangs gnawed at the armor on my shoulders, inciting a pain that shot right through my bones. Even the bronze-tiered Cyan Fire Cloak couldn’t defend against a level 32 monster’s attack. The difference in the levels were too high.



What a high damage number!

I shouted a gasp of surprise as I quickly slided to the right. At the same time, a green light, suffused with a tinge of red, enveloped my Weeping Fireblade. I brought my sword down hard as I hacked on of the Corrupt Wolf’s head. Furthermore, I quickly unleashed my second attack, [Death Blade] and normal attack combo. The powerful attack immediately drained half of the Corrupt Wolf’s health.



My [Undead Strength] had also leveled up. The additional 10% damage really helped a lot, it was even more powerful when combined with my other skills. Actually, with my innate skill, I should be killing the living organisms here. Then I would be able to kill faster and earn more. Although the beasts’ attacks were quite painful, but the profit gained made this totally worth it!

Continuing to slide my feet in random motion, I surrounded the Corrupt Wolf, preventing it from escaping. However, the other Corrupt Wolf followed me at my tails. This was the tactic for killing two monsters at the same time. Focus your assault on one of the monsters and run around with that monster as the centre. This way, the other monster would probably wasted over 50% of its attack!


It was yet another attack, and finally the first Corrupt Wolf collapsed on the ground with a loud howl. My gaze froze as I saw my exp bar shot up. Nice fellow, what ample experience you have showered me with!


Downing a health potion, I continued to brandish my Weeping Fireblade on the second Corrupt Wolf. A one-on-one fight was so much easier. Fortunately too, I had enough health potions with me. Furthermore, my defense was quite high at 61 points. If it were another person, encountering two level 32 Corrupt Wolves at the same time would probably be their death sentence.

My sharp sword fell down hard on the monster, simple and straightforward. After receiving a myriad of attacks, that Corrupt Wolf finally fell down miserably on the ground. But I was not much better, I had only 145 health left. If it wasn’t for my quick and deadly attack, the one falling down to the ground miserably would have been me.


The second Corrupt Wolf dropped items!

It dropped a bright and shining Large Magic Stone, a blood red Corrupt Wolf tooth, and a fiery red coloured card.

A Card?!

Right, it was a card!

Picking it up, I was shocked to see–

[Corrupt Wolf Card]: Level 1 card. When in use, your attack speed +5% and movement speed +5%. The effect will last for 30 minutes!

What a fellow, it had really dropped some good items!

I was wild with joy. This meant that I could increase my attack speed for 5% for 30 minutes. Just the right item for me to use in my levelling. Furthermore, it couldn’t be denied that this Corrupt Wolf Card would be extremely effective in a PK. Of course, my purpose in the early stage of the game was to level, get good equips and refrain from PK. This was because the current stage was valuable, only fools like that Mad Dragon guild would attack people blindly.

Clasping the Corrupt Wolf Card in my palms, I chanted,”Corrupt Wolf!”


The card disappeared and turned into a red glow on the back of my name, that was shown on top of my forehead. It morphed into a wolf head figure. Such was the effects of using the Corrupt Wolf Card. Every player could only enjoy one effect from such a card at one time. After a while, I realised that I was really wasteful. Corrupt Wolf Card was a magnificent level 1 card, other players would have only used it to kill BOSSes or PK, yet I had foolishly used it to level.

With the effect of the Corrupt Wolf Card, my levelling speed had become sharper. With the exception of encountering three Corrupt Wolves at the same time, I could defeat the wolves fairly easily.

Time flew past and I had already trained for two hours in a blink of an eye. I had almost finished using up the health potions in my inventory, and my level had rise to level 26 with 89% experience. If nothing went wrong, I should be able to rise to level 27 in half an hour. I couldn’t help but be really proud of myself. I should quickly level to 30 and catch a pet. I couldn’t be relying on that Corrupt Wolf Skeleton behind me. This [Summon Undead] skill was really useless, it could only be used when I’m already high leveled.


My Weeping Fireblade drew a beautiful arc amongst the plains like a meteor, and a miserable cry resounded. Another Corrupt Wolf dropped dead on the ground.


Something dropped!

A Corrupt Wolf Tooth and, an item that made my heart leap with joy — a red coloured card! I swear, this red-coloured card was definitely not RMB!

(Shiro: RMB – Chinese currency. RMB$100, the most used denominator, is red-coloured.)

Quickly picking up the card, its attribute appeared to me in a bright light —

[Fire Wolf Card]: Level 1 card, could be used to activate a skill [Inferno] once.

I involuntarily laughed out. This was a skill card. There were two types of cards in <Heaven’s End>, one was Skill Card and the other was Effect Card. My fortune was not that bad, I hadn’t came to Wildfire Plains long and I had gotten two cards.

A lush valley appeared at the end of the plains. I stepped on the soft grasses as I entered the valley and a surge of fragrant scent floated to my nose. The whole valley was overgrown with wild plants, and…and over there, it was the glutinous rice!

It was a low-lying valley that had sufficient sunlight. There was also ample rain that flowed into a fresh, clear stream of water. All of these physical condition became the best condition for the glutinous rice to grow!

Walking forward, i used my skill on a bunch of glutinous rice. As the rice stalk wobbled, level 2 food material, required level 2 Hunting skill to harvest. It wasn’t a big problem to me. Very quickly, I finished harvesting —


System Announcement: You have acquired Glutinous Rice x3, your Hunting Skill gained +3 exp!


I continued on, for the sake of level 2 mp-replenishing food item, for the sake of gold and… Ahem, forget about it, I should be more civilised.

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