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VW:UUTS Chapter 23 – Wild Bear Hearts

Chapter 23 – Wild Bear Hearts
Translated by: Erza
Edited By: Erza, Surjit, Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

I woke up and checked the time to find that it was already 2:00am. It was indeed an optimal time to grind levels. Most people would be asleep now, thus less competition to kill monsters.

Putting the helmet on, I was soon online again.


Darkness filled my sight, this was the grave’s surroundings.

I clawed my way through the earth, spitting out the dirt in my mouth. It seems that in the future I really should buy a tent, sleeping in this grave isn’t a solution. We, the Undead, were not from the Ancient Tomb Sect and would probably never meet Xiao Long Nu, so sleeping in a grave wouldn’t be of any use.

(Shiro: Ancient Tomb Sect and Xiao Long Nu are based on The Return of the Condor Heroes. Best classic Wuxia novel in my opinion.)

Looking at my stats, I am level 24 with 3% experience, but my rank had gone down to 247th in the Floating Ice City Player Ranking Board. There were really too many grinding maniacs, but the first place was still held by Wind Fantasy at level 28. Seems that he hasn’t logged out for a long time. Second place was level 26, not too far from me. Then from ranks 10-259 players were all around level 24-25. The standards of front-line players were too high.

But it’s not that surprising. A lot of gamers from the Yangtze River Delta Region had always been heroes. Since the era of [Moon Monochrome], there were Lin Fan and Mu Rong Shan Shan, and during the era of [Soul Trial], there were Frivolous Scholar and Seven Starlight. It could even be said that the Jiangsu and Zhejiang province were the cradles for Gamer Kings. And now, the players from Jiangsu and Zhejiang province were all gathered in the newbie villages near Floating Ice City. One could only imagine the tension and clash of the superpowers and guilds in this city. It would probably be the most intense in all other nine Level 2 Main Cities.

(Shiro: Moon Monochrome and Soul Trial are the VRMMORPGs from the first and second novels of Virtual World series)

Walking out of Frozen Mound Alley, I found that my hunger was at 54. That’s not really good, should I look for some food?

Thinking about it, I should go to the forest and search for Xin Ran, right? That small loli would have most probably bought some oat bread for me. That stuff really fills your hunger, it was like a hard biscuit.

Easily eliminating some wandering skeletons, I didn’t forget to absorb their Undead Flame and picked up their drop items. Of course, they only dropped dirty rags, that had no use whatsoever.

Twenty minutes later, when I entered the lush forest, I heard a silvery voice. Ah, I was right, the small lolu Xin Ran had came out to pick mushrooms!

Rushing out of the bush, I was surprised to see two rabbits running cheerfully around her. Harmless to animals and humans, this loli was indeed special. The rabbits clearly weren’t afraid of her. However, as soon as I came, due to my strong undead spirit, I caused the two rabbits to dart away as fast as lightning.

Xin Ran turned around, couldn’t help but be surprised as she giggled: “Big brother, you finally came!”

Walking to her with a smile, I replied: “Ah yes, Xin Ran did you bring me my bread?”

“En, I brought it, I brought it!”

Xin Ran then took out a light brown-coloured bread from her embrace, still emitting her body temperature. After eating it, my stamina immediately soared. Not bad, it was enough for me to last at least 12 hours of gaming.

After eating the bread, I looked down at Xin Ran who was still looking at me with her pair of clear eyes, dark as obsidian.

“Is there something wrong, Xin Ran?”


She nodded her head while pointing to the south and said: “Big brother, I saw a very scary old man over there. It seemed like he was wounded.”


My eyes shined, it was an NPC tip, so there must be a quest. Ha ha, there’s work for me to do!

“Xin Ran, will you accompany me over to take a look?” I asked.

“I can’t, I need to return home. My mother is waiting for me…”

“Oh, then Xin Ran you should go home quickly!”


So that small loli gracefully walked away through the grasses, leaving me a picture of her cute back.

Carrying my Green Forest Blade, I opened my world map and went south. I hadn’t walked very far when a sudden burst of putrid air hit me. Along with a loud roar, a large shadow suddenly rushed over.

It was a black bear with blood red eyes. It opened his bloody mouth wide and slashed his powerful claws.

【Wild Forest Bear】(normal monster)
Level: 28

A level 28 creature, finally a monster worth killing!

I grasped my Green Forest Blade and concentrated on Undead Strength. Level 1 Undead Strength can increase my critical rate by 5% when killing living targets. Since I could only kill Undead Skeletons in Frozen Mound, this skill had been benched all this while. Since I have met this living beast now, this skill had finally comes in handy.


The sharp blade slashed at the wild bear’s eyes, splattering blood and dealing critical damage, -271 HP!

“Heh, isn’t my attack power impressive?”

I couldn’t help but smile. However, suddenly, the wild bear charged towards me, brandishing its claws and slashed it down my shoulder. A searing pain followed as a shocking damage number appeared in front of me; -154 HP!

Damn it, I only have 410 HP. If this goes on, I would be dead in three strikes!

I quickly dodged away. After the clash just now, I realized that this bear had a slow attack speed, but high attack power. His inertia was also quite bad. With regards to inertia, it was a type of agility based characteristics. To put it plainly, it’s your turning speed!

With a slide of my feet, I immediately flew towards the side of the Wild Bear’s body and slashed it fiercely. When the wild bear turned, I was already behind him ready to attack again. My [Death Blade] raised high up in the sky before I swung it down with all my might!


Phew, critical strike!


System announcement: Congratulations, your skill【Death Blade】has risen to level 2. Damage to targets has now increased to 115%, but critical chance is decreasedby 15%!

Unconsciously, I smiled: “Haha, my skill had risen!”

Following the death of the Wild Forest Bear, there was also another sound.

System announcement: Congratulations, your innate skill 【Undead Strength】has risen to level 2. Any attack on living things will cause an additional 10% damage.

Heh, another skill had risen!

I looked at my skills’ mastery levels: Death Blade (0/2000), Undead Strength (0/2000). Looks like I can no longer obtain mastery points, for level 20 players can only raise their skills to level 2. If I want to raise it to level 10, then I need to be at level 100!

The higher the skill level, the stronger the effect, this is the level advantage. Especially seen in attack skills, such as [Death Blade]. With [Death Blade] at level 10, it could increase my attack by 55%. It was simply too powerful!

After killing the wild bear, I lowered my body and opened my hands wide to activate [Corpse Pillage]. In the next moment –


System announcement: You search items and acquired【Bear Leather (quality: 7)】!

【Bear Leather (quality: 7)】: 2 materials obtained, Tailoring skill required: Level 2!

There was a thick pile of bear leather in my hands. This was something that Tailor Players would need, and it was also a level 2 high-grade material. I should keep this, when I have time, I should sell it in Floating Ice City.

Generally, these materials came from monsters, but the drop rate isn’t very high, only about 2%. Compared to that, the drop rate from my [Corpse Pillage] was so much higher. It’s not a problem if the monsters did not drop items, I could pick it up myself. This powerful skill should really be exploited in the beginning of the game!

Continuing to move forward, there were increasing numbers of Wild Forest Bears in the forest ahead. This forest was a deserted place, players from Floating Ice City would probably take an hour to come here. The average player would be unwilling to spend such a long time walking here to level, it was simply not worthwhile.

Looking at the map, I suddenly realized: Wild Forest, this is where Wild Forest Bears Gather.

I had only walked a few steps when I suddenly heard **. Finally, I found it!

I advanced forward and was surprised to find an old man leaning against a tree. His chest was shredded and his shirt was blood soaked, clearly he was attacked by wild beasts. In the old man’s hand was a short bow, a bamboo basket and a long spear. He was obviously dressed like a hunter.

“Ah……ah, those damn bears, damn……”

I walked up to the elderly man and said, “Senior, is there anything I can help you with?”

It seemed that I scared the old man with my looks, and in his panic he cried: “You…..Are you an Undead?”

That made me realise that humans and undeads belong to different alliances. Knowing that I am an Undead, would he still give me a task?

So, preparing myself, I started talking non-stop, snivelling and crying: “Oh, don’t even talk about it. Before, I was living outside Floating Ice City in a small house with a small farm. But that hateful noble casted me out of my home and forced me out of my home. Then, I wandered about and stumbled upon a graveyard. Suddenly, an Undead bit me and turned me into this. But in reality, I am still a pure young man inside……”

As I told the senior of my exaggerated painful history, tears welled in his eyes. He patted my shoulder and earnestly said: “Good boy, whether you are an undead or a human, you have the conscience of a good man. Don’t worry, the Silver Moon Faction will definitely save you!”

I nodded and got down to business: “Senior, what’s going on?”

“Oh, don’t even mention it!” The old man lamented loudly and sobbed: “I was the only hunter in the village. So I came here to hunt some pheasants for the village, to use as rations for the winter. But I didn’t expect that there were so many wild bears gathering in this place. I have already been chased by the bears for three whole days, I’m afraid I will die soon.”

I shook my head with a smile: “Senior, don’t worry. I’ll help you get out of this forest!”

“Ah, really?” The old man’s face lit up and he said: “Well then young man, if you can help get out, then I will give you an unimaginable reward!”

“Ai ya, you are too polite. Who are we…..so what is the reward?”

The old man looked surprised for a moment, and replied: “I am the best hunter around, and also a great cook. Any ingredients that come to me will turn into an amazing dish. If you help me get out, I will teach you two skills – Hunting and Cooking!”
In that moment, my heart jumped up in joy!

In the days before the official opening, I studied the various side professions available. Hunting could help you obtain all sorts of cooking materials, while Cooking could use these materials to make various dishes. This was wonderful, for the system only allowed each player to learn one side profession. Yet this quest allowed me to learn two, I’ve hit the jackpot!

Isn’t this good? Although I didn’t have the amazing luck to win the first prize lottery, at least I still had an unexpected success.

Laughing heartily, I said: “Senior, how should I help you?”

The old man nodded: “I exerted myself too much. I have to replenish my stamina with high grade foods. Go kill those Wild Forest Bears and collect 20 Wild Bear Hearts for me!”


System announcement: You have accepted the task【Wild Bear Hearts】!(Level: E, Average)

Quest Description: Help Hunter Huang Huo recover his stamina. Kill at least 200 Wild Forest Bears and collect 20 Wild Bear Hearts to give to Huang Huo. You will then will receive rich rewards!
Standing up, I entered into the jungle and started my killing spree.

Although Wild Forest Bears have high attack and are tough, I hold the advantage in attack and turning speed. A player’s turning speed depends on the character’s agility (50%) and the individual reactions (50%). My agility isn’t that great, but my combat experience was at the absolute pinnacle.

After seven continuous kills, the quest item was finally dropped. It was a fresh, scarlet heart that was still beating strongly. Furthermore, I obtained 5 Grade 2 bear leather. This was indeed a high drop rate. As long as I use [Corpse Pillage], I could basically get a bear leather with every kill.

I wandering through the jungle alone. I had gotten used to this solitude training these past days. This training style was actually not bad.

In an instant, more than three hours have past. I have killed more than 300 hundred bears, and collected more than 250 bear leather. But I was still missing one bear heart.


The scarlet light from the [Undead Strength] aura could be seen swirling around my blade as I slashed once, and then my [Death Blade] followed, critically wounding and sliciing the bear’s neck!


This double attack was sharp and acute, killing a bear in just one move. With a “pa ta” sound, it dropped a bear heart and a bear leather. Finally mission accomplished!

Inspecting my character stats, I was only a breadth away from level 25. I almost consumed all of my potions, and my equipments’ durability was also quite low. The blade of my Green Forest Blade was also about to break away. But the harvests from this place were quite plentiful. The Wild Forest Bears hunt had dropped a total of 3 large magic stones and 9 small magic stones. My 40 storage spaces had nearly filled up, the drop rate was really too high.

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      The quest is clearly a rare/unique one due to his relationship with the girl and his silver tongue with the old man. It also states the reward is TWO professions, when normally you can only have one. So yes, its a crazy grind for a crazy reward.

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