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VW:UUTS Chapter 21 – Wind Fantasy

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Chapter 21 – Wind Fantasy
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffygirl13
Edited By: Shiroyukineko, Surjit
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

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“Quick, Fallen Hero, this way!”

Ghost Valley rushed towards the Sentinel Guards. If I was not mistaken, there were at least seven level 20 Darkness Alliance NPCs. Maybe they could provide us with some protection.

In the darkness of the night, various shadows flew past. After running for around thirty seconds, I finally saw the glowing light from the simple guard post. The mighty, extraordinary Sentinel Guard Leader Falk guffawed when he saw me and Ghost Valley, “Little Skeletons, what brings the two of you here?”

In the next moment, Guard Leader Falk’s face darkened, “Heavens, how did humans find this place? Guards, ready your weapons and kill them!”

Immediately, all the Sentinel Guards got fired up. Seven level 20 NPC soldiers charged towards the group of people chasing Ghost Valley and me with weapons in their hands.

Including Descent of the Dragon, the 20 people in [Mad Dragon] forged ahead fearlessly. In reality, they really had no need to feel fear; the stats of level 20 NPCs and level 20 monsters weren’t very different. The battle would probably go in the players’ favor.

“Charge! First eliminate the NPCs, then slaughter those two demonic bastards!”

Descent of the Dragon raised his spear, and led the group to charge forward. His spear lit up in blazes, and he suddenly unleashed [Blazing Thrust] that pierced through an NPC soldier’s chest with a bang. With 3 archers behind him shooting the NPC simultaneously as well, the NPC was instantly killed!

“Damn….the volley of arrows shot by the archers is too frightening…” Ghost Valley and I looked at each other in dismay with shock on our faces. There was no way we could’ve imagined these circumstances.

“Shua shua shua!”

The level 10 archers’ precise arrows flashed with cold glints as they sped through the forest. In less than half a minute, 5 NPC Sentinel Guards had fallen down in pools of blood. On the other hand, [Mad Dragon]’s side had suffered almost zero damage!

Descent of the Dragon was extremely proud of these events, and he laughed out loud, “Did you see that? Our firepower is still a force to behold. Continue to kill! I’ve already started recording this battle. When we get back, I’ll upload the video onto the official forums to raise [Mad Dragon]’s popularity. Hahahaha!”
Gritting my teeth, I said in a heavy voice, “Ghost Valley, we shouldn’t just sit here waiting for our deaths. Prepare a surprise attack. We’ll first kill off those 7 archers; I’ll get rid of the 4 on the right, and you can take the 3 on the left!”

Ghost Valley was shocked, “Heck, aren’t you overestimating my abilities?”

“Stop spouting nonsense. At the most, I can only go against 4 people alone. Just do whatever you can. Charge!”

With a bellow, I bent my legs so that my whole body was shaped like a drawn bowstring. Then I suddenly rushed in and appeared next to the archer on my right like a flash of lightning, yelling, “Die!”


My Green Forest Blade brushed past the archer’s neck, inflicting 274 damage, instantly killing the archer!

I swiftly turned around. Before the other archer had even reacted, I had activated [Death Blade], my sword glowing with a bright light. I immediately swung it down on his shoulder. With a miserable cry, he also lost his life.

Quick as lightning, he had managed to kill two people within two seconds. Ghost Valley fought like a mad ghost. Thrusting his spear, he unleashed his [Blazing Thrust]+normal attack combo, then turned around to duel with two other archers.

On the other hand, the two archers wielding longbows that were approaching me, bellowed, “Damn, this bastard is so impudent. Let’s kill him!”

Before they manage to put arrows to their bow, a cold wind suddenly blew past them as I ran towards them quickly. I went as close as less than 20 cm in front of the archers and enjoyed the the look of fear in theirs eyes.

Under the game system, archers couldn’t target or activate their archery skills on anyone within the range of three yards.


This archer was experienced and wise. He immediately switched the long bow in his hands to a short dagger and slashed it towards me. He created a scar on my armour, causing 17 points of damage to me. Isn’t his attack too low?!


I flung my sword overhead, disappearing from my original position as I swung my sword down on the archer. Receiving my attack, he slowly knelt on the ground, blood seeping out from his neck. This archer had a full-agility build, while I was a warrior with a full-strength build. As long as I did not miss my attack, only death awaits him!

“Brats, forward! It’s time to protect our race’s dignity. For more wealth and women, let’s kill!” In the darkness of the night, battle cries resounded as Sentinel Guard Leader Falk shouted his command, leading the two soldiers left from the earlier attacks to fight a skirmish with Descent of the Dragon and the others. These NPCs were too loyal, they had bought us time to prepare for our sneak attack.

I braved the arrows as I downed two bottles of health potions. Finally, I reached the fourth archer. With a swing of my sword a slide of my feet, I finished him with a perfect arch slash. My sword swung down unstoppably for a few more times as I immediately killed him on the spot.

Nice! The whole process didn’t take more than 30 seconds. Looks like my reaction delay was not even 0.7 seconds any more!
On the other hand, Ghost Valley had also disposed of two archers. He was carrying his spear as he chased after the last archer, who didn’t even have 20% of his health left.

“Motherfucker, die!”

Suddenly, while chasing after the archer, Arrogant Mad Dragon appeared out of nowhere, ambushing Ghost Valley as he struck him with a dagger on his back.


My feet moved as fast as an arrow as I charged forward, my sharp and cold sword piercing Arrogant Mad Dragon head ruthlessly as I shouted, “Arrogant Mad Dragon!”

My attack attracted his attention as my sword went down on him. Arrogant Mad Dragon skills weren’t that bad himself, as he gasped and quickly turned away to retreat, evading my attack on him.

Ghost Valley who received my help, continued to pursue the dying archer.

On the other hand, I pounced on Arrogant Mad Dragon quickly. This time, my speed was unavoidable as my sword glinted a cold flash in the dark night.


Arrogant Mad Dragon quickly dodged to the right. I couldn’t help but crook a smile as my feet slid away, my figure seemingly disappearing from its original position. In the next moment, I had suddenly appeared on Arrogant Mad Dragon’s right. With a perfect arch, I swung my sword twice, fast as lightning, unleashing my [Death Blade]+normal attack combo!



Arrogant Mad Dragon could only stare at the damage numbers. He never thought that my speed could increase so much in a short time. He closed his eyes in helplessness as his corpse collapsed on the edge of the Corpse Pond.
The fight had totally went against Descent of the Dragon’s expectation. He had even recorded the fight. Seeing his subordinates falling one by one powerlessly, he couldn’t help them at all. Facing the Sentinel Guard Leader Falk who turned out to be level 25 gave him a headache, although the NPC’s health was not even 25%.

“Ghost Valley, finish the monk!”

I bellowed loudly as I charged towards the mage. At the same time, I received three [Thunder] spell attacks that caused my whole body to be limp and numb. Fortunately this mage’s equipment was nothing much and their levels were also still low. Otherwise, two volleys of [Thunder] attacks would have killed me on the spot.

Downing one health potion, I raised my sword and charged towards the first mage. The other two mages quickly retreated backwards, but I didn’t care about them at all. I turned my body to finish off Descent of the Dragon.

At this moment, with two miserable cries, the two [Mad Dragon]’s mages met their ends!

“Damn, what’s happening?!”

Ghost Valley’s eyes opened wide, as if he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him.

A cold look flashed across my eyes. “Careful, there’s an expert!”

Shrinking back, Ghost Valley and I both charged at Descent of the Dragon. A nearby tactician and bard screamed as they fell unto the ground, dead. Both had been instantly killed. In the hazy, dim light of the night, we couldn’t even see the appearances of the people that had mounted a sneak attack on us.

“Be careful. Replenish your health first, he’ll rush over and attack!”

I coldly surveyed my surroundings. Descent of the Dragon was currently in a fierce fight with the NPC Leader Falk, unable to stop halfway.


Wind rose, and clouds bubbled up.

The grass waved back and forth as a white robe suddenly swept past it. Sparks flew as an attack was activated. This white clad warrior thrust his bright, silver, sharp sword straight through Ghost Valley’s chest!


With a horizontal pull, another damage number flew out — “404!”
(Shiro: Error – next chapter not found)

Damn, instant kill!

My eyes grew round. I hadn’t imagined that Ghost Valley would be instantly killed by someone!

When I saw this expert’s name, I suddenly understood.

Wind Fantasy!

Floating Ice City’s number one player!
The milky white robe was surrounded by a dense silver light, and I was unable to see his face.


I pulled out my sword and charged forward. So what if he was currently the highest level player?

Wind Fantasy quickly recoiled back, and he turned around to return to where the NPC leader was. Using his sharp sword, he waved it across Falk, immediately depleting a large chunk of Falk’s health. Wind Fantasy’s might was really terrifying, it was no wonder he had been able to rise to become the highest level player.

My feet swiftly moved away, leaving the NPC’s vicinity. I then swept the point of my sword outwards!


Wind Fantasy let out an exclamation of shock. His reaction time was extremely fast, and he lowered his head to dodge. At the same time, the point of his sword swung in a smooth arc, sending an attack towards my waist!

“What a beautiful movement!”

I couldn’t help but inwardly admire the attack. The number of people in Floating Ice City that had movements as skillful as this person’s were just a handful. Even though I only had a 0.5 second delay now, I still wasn’t necessarily his rival.

“Pu! Pu!”

Two sounds rang out in succession. Neither I nor he could dodge each other’s attacks.



There wasn’t much difference in our attacks; the damage was about the same.

However right at that moment, Descent of the Dragon’s cruel face appeared. His spear shot outwards and seemed to swallow me like a viper, [Blazing Thrust]!

I inwardly cried out at my misfortune as my lower back burned in pain. However, it was already too late. Wind Fantasy’s blade flashed like lightning, and I suddenly felt an intense pain in my chest as the last of my health disappeared.


As my body fell the ground, my spirit was released, and my vision turned the color of ash.

The instant I died, a strange scene occurred. Wind Fantasy didn’t thank Descent of the Dragon for his help; instead, he quickly slashed [Mad Dragon]’s guildmaster as fast as the wind and fierce as lightning. He then turned around and slashed at the Sentinel Guard Leader Falk a few times, beheading him. It seemed like he was completing some type of specific mission.

My spirit materialized in the cemetery. I was very close to my body; 2 minutes was enough to reach it. Sitting in empty air next to his body was Ghost Valley’s spirit. He didn’t dare to revive since the white robed Wind Fantasy was lazily leaning against a nearby tree. It didn’t look like he had any intention of leaving.

Damn, a person was guarding both my and Ghost Valley’s bodies?

“Fallen Hero, what do we do?” Ghost Valley messaged me.

I replied through clenched teeth, “We’ll revive together and kill him!”


I checked the time, then said to Ghost Valley with confidence, “Watch my hand as I count to three. On three, we’ll revive at the same time. Keep in mind that we only have 50% health when we revive, so use a potion before you charge!”


Ghost Valley strongly agreed, his body emitting a grave and serious aura.

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