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VW:UUTS Chapter 20 – Weeping Fireblade

Chapter 20 – Weeping Fireblade
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Shiroyukineko
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: 21 tomorrow/sat, sry… this chapter took me the whole day (with various distractions)


To the Undead Race, the graveyard’s Corpse Pond was a sumptuous feast equivalent to a high class entertainment.

I stood at the corner of the Corpse Pond, reaching out my hand. With a glow, I activated my [Summon Undead] ability. In an instant, a small, shrivelled skeleton crawled out of the Corpse Pond. It stopped at my side, trembling with fear, looking ready to submit to my orders and be a perfect subordinate.

[Monster Slave] (Beginner)

Level: 5
Attack: 15-50
Defense: 20
Health: 150
Special Characteristics: Will disappear if its master logged off.


Little skeleton bowed respectfully to me, but I, unfortunately, could only see the see the word “Trash” on its forehead. With a defense of 20, attack of 50 and health of 150, could it even survive a punch?

I shook my head helplessly. At this moment, suddenly, the Undead Knight Cyan Rain discovered us, his enemies. Raising his sword, he charged forward, roaring loudly, “Lowly undead, go back to hell!”

Su Lun also shouted loudly as he charged forward with his sword!


Through the sounds of metal clanging with each other, the two powerful BOSS and NPC met in the middle. It looked like Su Lun, the great swordmaster, had the upperhand. He pushed Cyan Rain far back with just an attack from his sword!

Cyan Rain roared angrily as he slided around ten metres back. Just as he was preparing to charge forward once again, a flash of bronze light appeared from his back!



I unleashed a [Death Blade] heavily down on him. Cyan Rain froze for a second, as his health decreased by a significant amount. This was a boss monster, I wouldn’t want to miss out an opportunity to get valuable experience and drops!

“Are you seeking death?!”

Cyan Rain turned his sword around, sharp and fast like the wind!


His sword broke my defense. Blood spurting out, a high damage number appeared on top of my head – 321!

What a bastard! He almost killed me with one attack!

At this moment, my monster slave, the little skeleton, charged forward. It increased its worth in my eyes as it defended me against the BOSS’s next attack. In just a moment, it was chopped to eight pieces of bones.

I hurriedly drank a health potion, while Su Lun charged forward once again, engaging Cyan Rain in a death match. The two bosses fought against each other. In the end, Su Lun gained the advantage, depleting Cyan Rain’s health to a critical point. And at this moment, my health had went back full. I charged forward once again!

A thread of blood glowed upon my blade, as my [Undead Strength] concentrated on it. Unfortunately [Undead Strength] could only work with living organisms. It did not have any effect on a monster of the Undead Race like Cyan Rain.


Another sword slashed, shaving off 200 points from the BOSS’s health. This time I had learnt my lesson. I immediately retreated and let Master Su Lun blocked his attack. When the BOSS missed, I attacked him once again. Raising my sword, [Death Blade] once again penetrated Cyan Rain’ face.


Wailing a miserable cry, Cyan Rain collapsed to the ground and died!

I quickly charged forward with a speed much faster than Su Lun. Sweeping my gaze across, I immediately shoved all of the spoils of war into my inventory.

There were three Large Magic Stone of quality 97, 98, 94 respectively. They were of high quality, so they must be able to fetch a high price.

Furthermore, this Undead Leader had also dropped two piece of equipment. One was a sword that glowed a blood-red colour, and the other was a cyan coloured cloak. The latter made me extremely happy, because a cloak provided an option for the wearer to cover his or her face. As long as I wanted it, I could cover my face from others, preventing them from finding out that I was a skeleton.

Both of my hands were trembling, excited beyond words as I opened my equipment inventory. i checked out the blood-red coloured sword first. When the sword’s item window appeared in front of me, I was so happy that I thought I was going insane!

[Weeping Fireblade] (Bronze-tier equipment)
Strength: +8
Required Level: 25


Bronze-tiered equipment, it was actually a bronze-tiered equipment! Hahaha, I am going to be big!

What a powerful weapon, it had 40 attack damage! It also added 8 points to strength. This must be one of the most deadly weapons in the current stage of the game. My current Green Forest Blade only had an attack point of 18, it was equivalent to a vegetable knife when compared to the Weeping Fireblade. However, even Green Forest Blade had caused people’s jealousy, if others knew that I had this Weeping Fireblade in my hands, wouldn’t there be chaos?

Feeling excited, I put back the Weeping Fireblade into my inventory. Its required level was 25, but I was only level 22 after killing the BOSS. I still need three more levels. I will work hard to gain three levels in two days to equip the Weeping Fireblade and increase my power by multiple folds!

Still feeling ecstatic, I checked out the item properties of the cloak. In the next moment, I did a somersault once again-

[Cyan Fire Cloak] (Bronze-tier equipment)

Defense: 22
Stamina: +7
Additional Attribute: Increases the wearer’s evasion by 0.5%.
Required level: 25


Damn! It was another bronze-tiered equipment. This time, I really did strike it rich! Its defense reached a frightening 22 points; furthermore, it adds 7 points to stamina, and also had a special additional attribute, increasing 0.5% evasion rate! Although it wasn’t that high, it was still an additional attribute. These two equipments would really make anyone dance with joy!

Constraining my excitement with all my might, I kept the two equipments back into my inventory. Then I spoke to Su Lun to complete the quest!


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have finished the quest [Undead Knight – Cyan Rain]. You have received 4000 experience points and 100 fame!


A golden light glowed again as I rose another level. I had reached level 23, only two levels left before I could equip the bronze-tiered equipments. Next, I opened the Floating Ice City Player Ranking Board once again-

1. Wind Fantasy LV-26 Occupation: Radiant Ranger
2. Domineering Mage lvl 24 Occupation: Mage
3. Domineering Knight lvl 24 Occupation: Magic Knight
4. Domineering Archer lvl 24 Occupation: Archer
5. Domineering Warrior lvl 24 Occupation: Warrior
6. Blazing Sun lvl 23 Occupation: Warrior
7. Ghost Valley lvl 23 Occupation: Death Knight
8. Fallen Hero lvl 23 Occupation: Undead Swordsman
9. Descent of the Dragon lvl 21 Occupation: Magic Knight
10. Clearwater lvl 21 Occupation: Archer

Easy peasy! The Ranking Board was just like an escalator to me, I could just go up the escalator any time if I want to, haha!

The Great Swordmaster Su Lun patted my shoulders and gave me a praising look, “Little one, you are very strong, much stronger than any other newborn undead I’ve known!”

I nodded my agreement. At this time, could it be that Ghost Valley was sneezing?

Su Lun sheathed his sword and started walking back to Frozen Mound, while I followed him from behind. I planned to check if there were new quests available from Sentinel Guard Leader Falk. The levelling up speed from killing monsters alone couldn’t be compared to killing monsters and doing quests at the same time.

Going back to Frozen Mound, I sold the magic stones. My total gold suddenly rose by a large amount! Finally, I had 1 gold and 41 silvers of wealth!

A strong feeling of excitement suddenly welled in my heart. I went over to the Undead Storage NPC and set up a personal storage, in exchange of 5 silvers. Then, I stored my Weeping Fireblade and Cyan Fire Cloak all inside. If I accidentally died and dropped the while hunting outside, I would probably cry tears of blood.

After repairing my equipments, bought some health potions and finished my preparation, I started my levelling to 25!

I ran outside excitedly. Suddenly, someone crawled out of the Corpse Pond, wielding a spear, looking extremely disheveled as he crawled out. It was none other than Ghost Valley, his health bar showing not even 30% of his health left.
Was Ghost Valley attacked by someone?

I couldn’t help but froze as I hurriedly took out my sword, shouting, “What’s the situation?”

Ghost Valley gritted his teeth as he crawled out. Gulping down a bottle of health potion, he shouted, “There is a group of people from the Floating Ice City that suddenly proclaimed to purge all of the Undead players in Frozen Mound. Damn, here they come….”


The thick bushes of the forest split open as one person charged out, wielding a spear. A line of words floated on top of his forehead, ‘Descent of the Dragon’!

[Mad Dragon]!

I narrowed my eyes. It was a good thing they came. [Mad Dragon]members were simply too reckless and mad. With their trashy skills, how could they have the qualifications to purge Frozen Mound?

Although Ghost Valley didn’t count as my friend, but [Mad Dragon] was my enemy, I had to help him in this situation!

“It’s you!?”

Descent of the Dragon roared furiously as he saw me. Two warriors came out from his back, wielding white coloured sword as they charged forward. A flicker of light started to glow from their swords, it was the warrior’s level 10 skill, [Heavy Slash]!

My face darkened as my feet started to move quickly on the ground. Leaves and blades of grasses flew as my figure turned to shadow, moving in a perfect Z three metres back. The two warrior’s Heavy Slash cut into empty air, and both of them could only stared blankly at each other. Surprise filled their faces, “How…How could it be, what skill is that?”


My Green Forest Blade heavily slashed through one of the warrior’s throat. Following a bronze light, my [Death Blade] skill hacked through the other warrior’s head.



Following an “Ah!” sound, the warrior on the left side slowly collapsed to the ground, while the warrior on the right started to retreat back, his health on the brink of death. However, I followed him quickly and killed him with a stab of my sword.

Behind me, Ghost Valley’s voice shouted out, “Fallen Hero, be careful of the assassin’s ambush, their assassin is extremely powerful!”

My heart froze. It’s coming!


A sharp blade tip suddenly burst towards me. It was assassin’s level 10 skill – [Cold Spike]!

In that instant, my body fluttered to the right, light as a feather. The [Cold Spike] attack stabbed into empty air, a big MISS appearing as I successfully evaded the skill.

“What the heck? How could this happen?!”

[Mad Dragon]’s ace assassin, Arrogant Mad Dragon, shouted in surprise as he retreated back as quick as possible. Seemed like he was experienced enough to know that in a PK between an assassin and swordsman, the moment an assassin failed his ambush, he must retreat and look for another opportunity. However, in the early stage of this game, low-leveled assassins did not have various skills such as Stealth, Shadow Ambush etc. If his ambush failed, it would mean his whole attack strategy had failed. If he still did not retreat, the only other option for him is death.

I was about to chase to kill Arrogant Mad Dragon, but suddenly a blazing pain seared through my shoulders. I had been shot with an arrow!

Amongst the thick forest, two archers appeared, one level 17 and the other level 18. Although both wielded a white tiered bow, their attack was not to be belittled. The bow in their hands had additional attributes that added to agility, hence their attack speed was extremely fast. In just a moment, four arrows was already shot towards me.





Damage numbers flooded my view. Although my defense was high, but I wouldn’t be able to last so many attacks at once. After all, my health was limited. At this rate, I could only probably last half a minute.

I quickly turned, running like towards the place where the Sentinel Guards were guarding Frozen Mound. I could only survive with the help of NPCs, as I wouldn’t have known how many [Mad Dragon] members had come to attack us. I could probably fight three vs one, but it was really difficult to do more than that, as it was the limit for this current stage.

“That jerk is running away, chase after him!” Descent of the Dragon swung his spear and started to shout violently.

At the same time, the two archers also chased after me, carrying their bows on their hands. The two players who had additional agility attributes were extremely fast, they chased after me in an instant. Ghost Valley, on the other hand, carried his spear as he ran forward, ten metres ahead of me, shouting as he looked back, “What are we gonna do? Are we going to let these bastards destroy our camp?”


I humphed coldly, gulping down a bottle of health potion to recover my health. Then, I abruptly turned around, my body fast as lightning as I charged towards the archers. My Green Forest Blade swung down quickly as I unleashed my [Death Blade] and normal attack combo!

“Cha cha!”

The sound of my sharp blade slashing the leather armour of one of the archers open sounded especially pleasant in my ears. That archer couldn’t even defend and could only froze in fear as two high damage numbers appeared on his forehead. He immediately collapsed to the ground.

I didn’t even make a sound as I charged towards the other archer. With a slide of my feet, I immediately reached him and unleashed my normal attack+[Death Blade] combo on his chest!



It was another instant KO!


Ghost Valley was so surprised that he couldn’t help but cheer out loud.

Before he could even finish, a blade of dagger suddenly shot towards him like an arrow, splitting the air as it went. It was the assassin’s [Ambush]!



[Cold Spike]’s damage was extremely powerful. Ghost Valley lost a bunch of health in an instant, yet he didn’t hesitate as he thrusted his spear and unleashed [Flaming Thrust]!


His skill was an original skill that was especially targeted for leather armoured players.

With just one attack, he managed to kill the ambushing assassin. However, Ghost Valley’s health was on the brink. He quickly ran towards the Sentinel NPCs.

I followed him along. Descent of the Dragon brought seven archers, five mages, three priests, one bard, one monk and two knights along. Everyone was from the [Mad Dragon] guild. That jerk, with such a formation he could probably conquer a small kingdom. Or at least, that formation was not something that Ghost Valley and I would be able to counter.


Descent of the Dragon waved his hands, and all of his subordinates charged forward at the same time.

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