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VW:UUTS Chapter 2 – Sudden Change

Chapter 2 – Sudden Change
Translated by: Shroyukineko
TLN: Whew, finally done. Some unexpected developments though o.O


A sharp breaking sound screeched nearby. Fresh blood flowed out endlessly from a woman who was lying on the road, drenched in blood. There was an accident!


He Yi frowned, and she abruptly slowed down her car.

“Help, help my wife, she was hit by a car, please…” a 50 year old middle aged man bent over his wife’s body, crying, “Please take her to the hospital…”


He Yi stopped her car instantly and said, “Lu Chen, let’s save her first!”


As I was getting off the car, I saw a jet black car suddenly raced along the small road towards us, driving through the fence in high speed!

Not good, this…This seemed like a murder plot!

In just a moment before the car collided with us, as I couldn’t react fast enough, I could only use my body to shield He Yi. He Yi’s beautiful oval face was shocked with alarm, “No…”


A thundering slam sounded in the next moment. He Yi’s black car was pushed out of the road. My brain was completely blank. With such a tremendous collision, He Yi laid limp on the driver side, drops of blood trickled down her snow-white forehead.

I shook my dizziness out with all my might. In the midst of smoke, two fierce looking guys suddenly dashed in, swearing and cursing, “See if the female one is already dead!”

It was indeed a premeditated murder!

I hurriedly tried to move. My arms and legs did not suffer much injuries, but I felt a little pain on my back.

I tried to support the unconscious He Yi out of the car.

“Dammit, there is still another brat, let’s go quickly!”

The two men dashed towards us, both of them carrying metal rods in their hands. They didn’t even offer us an explanation before they started to attack.


A metal rod swung against my back heavily and an unbearable amount of pain bolted through my body.

I couldn’t care about anything much. This place was not a residential place and very little cars actually passed by. He Yi and I had fallen into someone’s perfectly planned murderous plot.

My legs flew across one of the burly guys’ stomach. He immediately bent over with his hands on his stomach, screaming in pain.

I hurriedly carried He Yi in my arms and ran towards the main road. I could only hope that someone would pass by.

Another sharp pain jolted across my shoulders. Drops of fresh blood appeared in the chest area on my white shirt. He Yi was still unconscious, her eyes closed shut, her long eyelashes looked sad but beautiful.

“This time I had to protect her properly. I shouldn’t let any harm get to her, even if i have to throw away my life!” In this moment, I could only urge myself over and over again.

Stumbling towards the main road, luckily heaven still had eyes; a private car was speeding along towards us.

I hurriedly stood in the middle of the road and blocked the car. Behind me, the two guys swung their metal rods angrily and ran towards us.

“Open the car door!”

I shouted out loud, but the middle aged man driving the car had looked like he didn’t want to be involved, as he refused to open the door.

“You better motherf**king open the door now!” I banged my fist hard at the car window, causing the window to suddenly split open. He was thus forced to open the door out of shock.

Quickly pushing He Yi inside the car, I shouted, “Quickly send her to a hospital!”

The middle aged man could only nod, but his eyes shone with shock and fear as the two burly guys had caught up with us.

It was too late for me to run away. I turned my body and protected the car as it drove away.

“Dammit, this brat dared to spoil our mission, kill him!”

The burly guy’s face was full of scars. He laughed maliciously as he charged towards me.

I didn’t struggle so much, as I had suffered heavy injuries from the previous plight. My whole body loses strength as I slowly fell to the ground.


I suffered a hit on the back of my brain and felt a burning pain. The earth felt like it had turned upside down as my whole body fell heavily on the cold, hard asphalt.


It was pitch black, and everything was blurry.

Am I dead?

I asked, but nobody replied.

I kneeled in the darkness, suddenly feeling despaired. My mother’s last words replayed in my ears, “Lu Chen, you have to take good care of yourself…”

“Mom, I’m sorry that I didn’t fulfil your last wish…”

“Mom, I’m so scared…”

I cried unceasingly yet I couldn’t open my mouth or make any sort of noise. My whole body was trapped in an endless fear and despair.

Suddenly, I heard a voice beside me-

“We don’t know anything about this brat, what do we do?”


Late at night, in a tranquil abandoned village near the mountains, a freshly dug earth burst out from the ground.


Suddenly, a voice sounded, and a piece of arm burst out from the ground.

Looking at my mud covered arms, I almost couldn’t believe it. I was actually still alive after being buried alive for so long, how could that be?

Turning my body in shock, I looked at the hole I was buried in. I was probably buried 20 cm deep and the ground was very soft. With those conditions, there was probably enough air for me to breathe, which explained why I didn’t die.


Letting out a string of curses, a sharp pain burst from the back of my head. The blunt injury that made me unconscious and had almost sent me to the path of the dead was quite heavy. But I could still escape death, it was really good luck in the midst of misfortune.

I looked around for a while. The whole sky was filled with stars. It was already late at night.

My phone was missing, and the back of my shoulders were drenched with blood. Just moving it a little brought about a sharp bout of pain.

Happy that I was alive, I was nevertheless worried about He Yi’s conditions. Was she safely brought to the hospital? Why would those people want to kill her, and, and… there were still so many questions unanswered.

I couldn’t think of so much things any more. I simply had to go home first. My stomach growled hungrily. I didn’t know how long I had starved.

Walking unsteadily towards the main road, I was a little bewildered. When He Yi was in danger, I had actually used my own body to shield her from harm without thinking. What did I do that for?

Shaking my head, only god knows.

Although there were not many public transport around, after waiting around an hour, finally a bus came. That driver looked at me as if he had seen a ghost, “Bro, did you fell into the sewer?”

I nodded and laughed, “More or less, I was really unlucky.”

The road home was bumpy. With my phone gone, luckily I still had He Yi’s card with me. This way, my life in the future could still be secured. Tomorrow night was the opening night of <Heavens End>. With my skills in gaming, although I wouldn’t be able to bring forth storms and rain, I would at least be able to feed myself.

Touching the back of my head, I still feel little bouts of pain. Doubts started to appear in my mind. After suffering such a heavy blunt attack, my skull was perhaps almost cracked open. And then I was buried underground for God knows how long. How do I even survive this whole thing?

Looking back at the village I was buried in, it was a district still in development. It looked like a mass grave, short, low gravestones was laid in great numbers.

Thinking for a long time, I suddenly laughed at myself, “Forget it, let’s just be grateful that I’m still alive. There’s no need to think so much.”


When I returned to my district, the whole sky had turned completely dark. The one-roomed flat I was living in had a rental of RMB2200 per month. Yeah, it was just last month that I almost had to move out due to a lack of credit for my rental. It was only thanks to one of my brother’s generous contribution that I managed to pass through that trial. Of course, the price of borrowing money from that brat was to give him a godly double wielding sword weapon to enjoy. However it was only a few days before <Soul Trial> was going to close, so those equipments were not worth that much in real life.

Walking through the dark stairs, I took out my keys as usual, but then I saw a figure came out from my door.

“Damn! Why are you only back at this time? What have you been doing for these two days that you didn’t even pick up your phone?

I could recognize that person straight away with his voice.

Du Shi San, my closest brother on a so-called good terms. We gave each other our best stuffs. I had been friends with Du Shi San since primary school all the way through college, our relationship was extremely close. Other than girlfriend, we almost shared everything. Between us, we almost have no secrets. Of course, with regards to not sharing girlfriends, that was because I had absolutely, entirely zero girlfriend, while Du Shi San changed his girlfriend more often than a girl change her clothes.

In the flickers of the dark, Du Shi San looked at me and asked surprisedly, “Lu Chen, why do you look so pitiful? Aih, I heard that your account was eliminated by [Chaos Illumination]…Forget it, [Chaos Illumination] became very popular now, in China they had hidden the truth from the public eyes. Your [Ancient Spirit Dreams] really had no chance against them…”

I laughed softly and patted Du Shi San shoulders, “It’s okay, think more positively. [Chaos Illumination]’s success will only last for a limited time, what comes up must come down. Anyway it was only a deleted account, it’s a small matter. Young one, be more optimistic.”

“Optimist your head…” Di Shi San face was filled with helplessness, “I am here to comfort you, not to becomforted by you…”

“Shi San, why are you at my place?” I stared at him. “Tomorrow night is the first day of <Heavens End>, why are you here in my place instead of preparing to stock cash?”

Du Shi San bit a mouthful of melon and showed a shocked expression, “Have you become senile? <Heavens End>  will start tonight at 12 midnight, when did it become tomorrow?”

“It starts on the 10th, right?”

“It’s the 10th…”’

I was frozen for a moment. I met He Yi on the 8th, and today was already the 10th. Could it be that I was unconscious, buried underground for a full day and night? How could that be?!

“Hey, are you alright, bro?”

Du Shi San patted my shoulders and asked, “Why do you looked like a ghost? Today is the 10th, is there something wrong?”

I took a deep breath then chuckled, “I’m okay. Then today should be the grand opening of <Heavens End>, how could you still have time to look for me here?

“Dammit, you heartless brat!” Du Shi San’s saliva flew in all direction. “I couldn’t contact you for so many days, and I was worried that you are already dead, that’s why I came here to see you for myself. Since you are back, I am going to go home. I’d probably reach home before 12, so let’s meet in game! Tell me, what do you plan to call your ID, would it still be Fallen Dust?”

“I’m not sure, i guess not. How about you?

“I’m also not sure, there are a lot of people who wanted to rush into the game. I actually wanted to name myself Elegant Gentleman, Handsome Knight or something like that, but I think with that name, the chances to rush into the game is slim.”

“Yeah, then you should go back first, we can contact each other again after coming out from the newbie village.”

“Alright, I’ll go first then. I bought you some sliced beef. I had actually wanted to drink a few glasses of beer with you, but you came back too late. Next time, then?”

I stretched my neck and looked, there was indeed a plate of sliced beef on my table inside. There were also two bottles of liquor. I couldn’t help but feel warm inside. I was lucky enough to have such a good brother after being a misfit for so many years.

As Shi San went back, the lamp posts shone on his body and created long shadows. He wasn’t an expert in terms of games, his skills could even be on the level of newbie. While others may leave a legend, he could only leave a shadow.



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  1. thanks says:

    i am really curious… what happened? why they want to kill her?
    is she alright?
    next chapter pls

  2. anonnymiss says:

    This turned out to be insanely long and I seriously am not criticizing anyone, least of all the translator, in any way. Just that I really can’t wrap my mind around the events in this chapter. so disclaimer posted first. 🙂

    Well my feelings are very mixed about this….
    The chars seem interesting so far, story plot definitely heading in a interesting direction, but I cannot get over that:

    1. This guy got hit by a car while shielding that girl with his body BUT she’s knocked out and seriously hurt while he…has a backache??? He’s totally able tostand, lift her up, carry her a distance fast enough to outrun two assassins, and shove her body into a stranger’s car… before he gets beat up. Which ok fine I can forgive that as adrenaline rush strength…

    2. going back to those assassins for a minute… This guy after being hit by a car kicks a “burly” man in the stomach with apparently enough force to make him double over clutching his stomach in extreme pain? I guess I’m just being super nitpicky tonight but you two are the worst assassins ever…..

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    5. This gets me the most…. Somehow our protag survives and instead of going to the hospital he goes home (OK understandable I guess if you’re that broke you wouldn’t want to go to hospitals in China) but he agrees to get on the game with his friend?!? WHAT why is that even a priority?! And u don’t even care to see what happen to that girl except a passing thought if she got to the hospital or not????? And why why why does his friend not notice his current condition….. He most likely has open wounds and dried blood!

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    • mythu says:

      He was burried for a day, but yeah, the degree of supernatural here is high, if you do not have a high degree enough imagination.
      For Example, his friend says nothing when he looks at his ‘sewer rat’ brother appearance, our MC, but there is mentioned he used to be full of mischief in the latter days so looking like a bloody sewer rat was the norm in his life, especially after missing for a few days.
      I love the story. it’s progression and it’s unpredictability. Such a reading adrenaline mood boost <3.
      Even if some impossible things are not properly explained it doesn't mean they are impossible to happen.

  3. anonnymiss says:

    Oopps forgot to say, thanks for your hard work translating!

    (And please forgive the misspellings+ random word insertions…. stupid predictive text)

  4. koog008 says:

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  5. Wytchlord says:

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    I wonder if they’re going the supernatural route in the RL segments? If so, I’d guess that He Yi or her family had remotely resurrected him, but then someone trying to kill her wouldn’t make much sense since she too could just be resurrected. Unless she’s the one that did the resurrecting and its her unique ability. Of course, its also possible that its a hidden talent of the MC that he didn’t know he had. Or that they’re trapped in a game world and don’t realize it, but I’d consider that to be unlikely since it would lead to a deeper story than this author likes to write.

  7. Kain Yusanagi says:

    …So he doesn’t contact the cops, or try to contact anyone else, just goes home…? Wow. Also, this feels like it should have been two chapters. Feels far too rushed to go from happy meeting to attack to dealing with the attack to being buried to digging himself out to getting back home. Bleh, I feel out of breath just re-reading that!

  8. Mugiwara says:

    Few problems :

    1) “I had actually used my own body to shield her from harm without thinking. What did I do that for?”

    Didn’t he previously said that is because “This time I had to protect her properly. I shouldn’t let any harm get to her, even if i have to throw away my life!”

    Wtf with his reaction why i protect her? Isn’t because he previously didn’t protect her? Or it’s just a random sentence? -_-‘

    2) “Touching the back of my head, I still feel little bouts of pain. Doubts
    started to appear in my mind. After suffering such a heavy blunt attack,
    my skull was perhaps almost cracked open.”

    Ok my skull is perhaps cracked open so now i’ll going wait and play the new game~~ Don’t give a sh*t about hospitals.

    3)”Tomorrow night was the opening night of .”

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    “Damn! Why are you only back at this time? What have you been doing for these two days that you didn’t even pick up your phone?”

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    There have also other minor problems but i’m too lazy to write them..

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