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VW:UUTS Chapter 19 – Lady Xin Ran

Chapter 19 – Lady Xin Ran
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited By: Surjit
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

“Pa ta….”

A soft sound echoed as the Briar Skeleton collapsed slowly, dropping an extremely putrid Skeleton Finger at the same time. It was the quest item that I needed.

Picking up the Skeleton Finger and throwing it into my inventory. I checked the amount again and I had 40 indeed!

Sweeping a short glance at my experince bar, I realized I was level 20 with 45% experience. I had been online continuously for 12 hours, this levelling rate was still not that bad.

“Phew! Now there’s only the last BOSS…”

I looked at the Undead Knight Cyan Rain from afar. It was time to go back to get reinforcements and defeat this BOSS!

But it was at this moment, my head started to feel dizzy and my sight blurred. In the next instant, I fell right on the ground, as a bell rung right in my ears –


System Announcement: Your satiety has fallen below 20. Please consume some food, otherwise there will be unforeseen consequences.

A red light blinked on my interface, it was like Ultraman when his powers was low. It was only then did I realize that I had neglected one thing: food!

Bread, meat slices and other simple foods that replenished satiety were available with the street peddler in the Floating Ice City. It was a pity that it was not available in Frozen Mound. The Undeads’ foods were simple, they only feed on corpses!

That’s right, the Undead Race had a natural skill – Devouring Corpses! While Devouring Corpses, not only could you replenish your strength and satiety, you could also replenish your health. This was the Undead’s natural ability.

My statistics dropped by 50%. My attack, defense and health was in the slumps. There was a Corpse Pond not far from there, where many rotten corpses floated around. The floating bodies looked like white bun.


Brows furrowed, I almost puked. Dammit, I won’t use this Devouring Corpse ability even if they beat me to death!

Dragging my weak body, I walked out of the graveyard. Not far, there was a resting place. A few low leveled NPCs were farming near the resting place. As long as I kill one of the NPCs and eat them up, it would be enough to last me for twenty four hours, preventing me from getting hungry.

“I won’t do it!”

I gritted my teeth and continued walking forward. Not far from there, a “ka cha ka cha” sound resounded. Looking over, I could only see an Undead player who was wearing a black armour gnawing on a person’s corpse. It was no other than the Ghost Valley that brat!

“How does it taste?”

I moved nearer to him and asked.

Ghost Valley wiped his blood-soaked mouth, smiled and replied with a calm voice, “It tastes quite good. It had not been dead for more than 24 hours, so its flesh is still soft and tender. Wanna eat together?”

“Go away, I won’t eat it!”

I frowned as I leave, but Ghost Valley chuckled mischievously as he replied, “Humph, you absolutely won’t be able to become a high leveled expert. Your heart is too soft, hahahah!”

I immediately turned around and glared at Ghost Valley. My killing intent rose as I replied him, “My heart isn’t soft. It’s the limit I won’t cross, my limit!”

“Humph, do as you please. Don’t die of starvation, otherwise I won’t even have a rival!”

Ghost Valley chuckled amusedly as he continued eating with an “Itadakimasu.”

Walking unsteadily, I forced myself to drag my body towards Frozen Mound. The worse thing was that my satiety decreased at a much faster pace. 5 points decreased in just 10 minutes, I almost had no energy left to walk!


My whole body collapsed to the ground as drops of rain started filling the sky. One blast after another blast of angry lightning split the dark sky as thick clouds completely hid the sky from view. It was like a Demon God pledging his curse on the world.

I gasped for breath as I stared at the grass, my face filled with humiliation. Suddenly, unexpectedly, I tore a bunch of grass on the ground, biting on them ferociously.

The taste was unbearable, a bitter flavour spread across my mouth-


System Announcement: You have consumed grass (quality: 1). You have recovered 0.1 satiety points!

Damn! Only 0.1 point? Are you joking with me?

I’m going to ‘moo’ soon.

My mind turned completely blank as my body floated in my consciousness.

It was at this moment that I suddenly heard a voice. It was like a ray of moonlight shining upon the darkness-

“Big brother, are you okay?”

I slowly lifted my head, only to see a young girl wearing a purple-coloured long skirt, standing underneath a tree. She had a round, big sapphire eyes framed in a fine, oval face. She carried a basket on her arms that was filled with mushrooms. Oh, so it was a loli-picking mushroom. Damn, that’s wrong, it’s mushroom-picking loli.


I could only groan out in a weak voice, unable to continue. If my satiety went down right to the bottom, I would only die at the most. It’s nothing much if I dropped down one level, I only needed to grind harder for a few more hours.

“You…” The little loli looked at me, and suddenly revealed an angel-like smile, “This big brother, are you hungry?”

I nodded my head repeatedly.

The little loli immediately picked up her long skirt, revealing a pair of snow white thighs. When my eyes were about to turn greer, she had actually took out a loaf of bread from her personal bag kept inside her skirt and dropped the bread right in front of me. Chuckling slowly, she said, “There, this is an oat bread that my mom baked. It’s very delicious, you’re welcome to eat it!”

Because of that, i was really embarrassed with the thoughts I had just now. Quick as lightning, i grabbed the bread!

Oat Bread (quality 100): level 1 cooked food. You have recovered 75 Satiety Points!

What a marvellous stuff!
As I frantically chewed on the oat bread in my mouth, although it had become moist, it still carried the young girl’s scent. Legend said that there was a kind of tea leaves that would be dried inside a young girl’s chest straight after picking. It was a widespread phenomenon in Anhui. Those leaves were called XXX (Damn I forgot the name). And right now, this oat bread had that a scent similar to that tea leaves. The fragrant was enough to bewitch just about anyone.

In an instant, I recovered a huge part of my strength. Although the level of this oat bread was not that high, but my level was also not high, hence it was enough to replenish a big portion of my strength!

I jumped up, my body all fired up now, as I smiled towards the little loli, “Little girl, what is your name?”

“I’m Xin Ran!” she replied in a sweet voice.

Actually it was a useless thing to ask, as I had already seen her name floating on top of her head: Lady Xin Ran LV-15. This was a naive girl that had not been tarnished by anyone, otherwise she wouldn’t lend a helping hand to me, who was the enemy of the Human Race, a skeleton of the Undead Race.

I continued, “Xin Ran, why are you here? This is a place where a lot of Undeads appear, what will you do if something wrong happened?”

Xin Ran blinked her eyes and said, “My mother’s eyes had gone blind. According to the witch doctor in my town, my mother’s eyes can be healed with a freshly picked mushroom on a rainy day. That’s why, I…”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. Are you going to come here everyday in the future?”


I revealed a smile and moved away from Xin Ran a little, afraid that she would be scared by my appearance. Then, I asked, “Xin Ran, in the future I will come to find you here everyday. Could you bring me a piece of bread?”

Xin Ran nodded, “Okay, big brother, do you like the bread that my mom baked?”

“Yeah yeah!”

“Ahh…Okay, Xin Ran will remember that!”

I was rather speechless. Such a foolish young girl, she didn’t even want anything in return?

Thinking of that, I took out a silver from my inventory and shot it towards Xin Ran. Like a curved baseball ball, the silver fell perfectly right into Xin Ran’s basket.

“Bring that home to buy some flour. I can’t eat those bread for free.”

“Yeah, alright! Then, big brother, I will go home first. Mom will be worried about me if I went out too long.”


Xin Ran carried the basket and hopped across the grassland. She looked like a beautiful butterfly, disappeaering quickly from my view. Aih, it was really a pure maiden that was hard to come by!

My stamina recovered, I strode towards Frozen Mound and went to the Undead Camp to find the Undead Swordsmaster Su Lun. Choosing the option “Learn Skills”, a list of available skills for level 20 were immediately listed right in front of me-

[Summon Undead]: Summons an undead that will not be stronger than the summoner as a monster slave.

[Earth Evasion]: Enter the ground to hide. Movement speed will decrease by 90% and concealment could be easily broken.

Every single skill would need 20 silves to be learnt. Since I had become a millionaire with 92 silvers, I immediately learnt both of the skills.

[Summon Undead]. This skill was naturally very powerful, it had the ability to summon a fighting helper. Regardless of it being summoned to inflict additional damage or to serve as a meat shield, it would still be useful. As for [Earth Evasion], it should be an ability to save one’s life. Of course, if one didn’t mind a slower movement speed, it could also be used to approach monsters in an ambush.

I tried using [Earth Evasion], and immediately my body turned into countless blood red vines that entered the earth in lightning speed. I could watch the situation above the ground, but my movement speed turned extremely slow. It was so slow that if I had used this kind of speed to walk to the Floating Ice City, my hair would probably turn grey before I managed to reach my destination.

However, having the ability to watch different stuffs above ground when I was hidden underground was really powerful. My mind immediately thought of the snow-white thighs in the Floating Ice City. If I used [Earth Evasion] and hid underneath the main entrance of Floating Ice City, I would be able to see girls of all races, the elves, demoness and human, that passed by. Their short skirt fluttered in the wind as their snow white thighs moved gracefully, it would be an entertainment of the highest quality!

Immediately, [Earth Evasion] became a trump card skill in my subconscious mind.

At this time, my instructor, the Undead Swordmaster Su Lun, looked at me disdainfully as he asked, full of contempt, “Stinky brat, what are you doing? How could you use such a superficial skill, the [Earth Evasion] here?”

I immediately cancelled the [Earth Evasion] skill, and my body transformed from the countless blood red vines into a skeleton once again. I then took out 40 Skeleton Fingers and said, “Master, these are the items that I had collected from our enemies. Only the Undead Knight Cyan Rain is waiting for us in the graveyard now.”

Su Lun took the Skeleton Fingers and humphed coldly, “This Cyan Rain was really unafraid of death. He actually dared to enter into my territory. I’m going to let him taste the powerful skills of an Undead Swordmaster! Little Skeleton, follow me along. I’ll teach you a lesson about the Law of Strength!”

I was filled with admiration, “Master, this way!”

I led Su Lun and arrived at the outskirts of the graveyard once again. Through the journey, all the skeletons that had respawned and crossed our paths were immediately killed by Su Lun in an instant. He held a two handed sword that he could swing easily to kill a level 22 Iron Skeleton with one slash. He was simply too powerful!

Very quickly, we arrived at the edge of the graveyard. Undead Knight Cyan Rain was right in the middle of a graveyard garden, holding a sword, looking grave and stern.

My master – Undead Great Swordmaster Su Lun lifted his sword and walked towards the graveyard garden. Hands akimbo, he faced the Undead Leader Cyan Rain and then shouted arrogantly, “Cyan Rain, you degenerate! Come here and accept your death!”

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  1. Hello kitty says:

    I like this story so much better than you lls. LLS began really good but these recent chapters feels so forced and boring to read.

  2. Michael says:

    Lvl 20 swordsman and he only has 1 sword skill… I would have already uninstalled the game and be deleting the setup exe

  3. Jack says:

    He doesn’t deserve to be called a man, how is telling the girl you died then being alive even with a virus which isn’t all that life threatening they even said he could make him healthier if regulated. He should have no aspirations of showing up in front of her again ( yet he still plans to revive the guild) cause death is nothing to make light of, it’s not something you tell someone and then monthes later gob surprise! And expect things to be fine in all fairness she give him a hug and then slam the door in his face never wanting to see him again.

    • Random Dude who rants at those who rant says:

      You do realize that he was rotting in places where the livor mortis set in right… There is no guarantee that there will be sun outside and all that is left are the waves from the VR helmet. Not life threatening??? He is ROTTING ALIVE if not in contact with UV rays how is that not life threatening! How about instead of going berserk over some girls tears you try to think about how a guy who has close to no money no job plus with a disadvantage of time lag in his only source of income and is infected by god knows what… If you were that guy would you have the fucking guts to be so shameless and let a Vice president of a company charismatic kind rich beauty attach herself to you do to guilt? Also if someone wants to throw the “there were better ways to handle the situation” argument i want to remind you that without faults mistakes and drama there would be no developments nor in characters nor in the story…

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