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VW:UUTS Chapter 16 – He Yi’s Visit

Chapter 16 – He Yi’s Visit
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffy
Edited By: Surjit
TLC By: Shiro


My mind was in a state of delirium , I felt like I was going to suffocate. This was definitely Livor Mortis!

Leaning my back against the wall, I sat down and stared blankly as I clutched my head with my hands.

What was happening, what was exactly wrong with me? I was obviously alive, so why would I have Livor Mortis? Didn’t this meant that my body was slowly rotting away? This…this was definitely impossible, was this all a dream?


I slapped my cheeks hard.

It was painful, very painful. This was not a dream.

I didn’t dare to close my eyes. The moment my eyes were closed, my mind was flooded with images of livor mortis. Yet, if I opened my eyes, I would see those ugly blotches that would definitely be a frightening sight for others, and my heart froze. My whole body felt like it was about to collapse and break down.


“Lu Chen, Lu Chen! Are you okay?”

After a while, Du Shi San knocked on the door and barged in. Seeing me sitting in the corner staring vacantly into space, he worriedly asked, “What happened?”

I didn’t try to hide anything from him. With a sinking heart I raised my arms and replied, “Shi San, I’m afraid that I’m already…dead!”


Shi San opened his eyes wide as he grabbed my arms and said with a trembling voice, “Lu Chen, don’t scare me, brother. You…What exactly happened to you, how did you end up in such a state? You…surely you are just sick…”

Shi San almost cried out as he saw the rotting flesh on my body. He gritted his teeth as his eyes turned blood-red, “Fuck, how could this have happened…”

I looked helplessly towards the ceiling as I told him the whole story, about being buried alive a few days ago.

After hearing the story, Du Shi San didn’t utter any words and immediately turned around. Then, he came back again with a syringe on his hands. He looked at me directly and said, “Brother, I won’t let you die!”

Saying that, he took out some of my blood sample and said, “I forgot to tell you that my dad is a specialist at a Biological Research Institute. I’m going to take your blood sample to Nanjing for a laboratory test. Rest assured that nothing wrong would happen. I will be back by tonight…”

I nodded and replied disappointedly, “Thanks…but I think I remember you saying that your dad was a banker when you were pursuing Tan Xue before…”

“What the heck, why would you remember such useless stuff? Remember, wait for me to come back!”

Du Shi San charged out of the door, but turned around as he warned me again, “Lu Chen, you definitely cannot die. If you really die, I will be very lonely!”

Then, Du Shi San ran out of the door.

The morning sky was still dark. Such a lazy brat like him had actually got on his car to drive to Nanjing for me, this useless friend.


I went up to a small building’s rooftop and saw that the sky was a little overcast. I looked up to the sky as countless memories resurfaced in my mind, scene by scene.

I slowly slumped to the ground. I gradually calmed my panicked heart as I lay down on the floor. After a long thought, I realized that I didn’t unlock the Undead Swordsman Profession in the game by chance. My body was indeed having problems. Strictly speaking, I might already be dead. At the moment I was buried underground, I could already have been dead. All because of one woman –

He Yi.

I never regretted anything. I clutched a book covered in blue in my right hand, titled “Encouraging Studies”.

This was He Yi’s present for my birthday that was mailed to me. She said this book was really effective in encouraging others. When her team had failed to kill a BOSS monster and was annihilated, she used this book to encourage and improve her team’s morale.

My mouth curved involuntarily; I couldn’t help but smile faintly.

A montage of a beautiful mountain range, tall grasses and birds flying in the gentle, cool breeze surfaced in my mind. He Yi was picking some herbs while I was following behind her, staring blankly at her beautiful silhouette . He Yi was a very independent woman. When she set her mind on a direction, she would resolutely head forward in that direction without the slightest doubt. Others were impressed with this aspect of her. At the same time, He Yi was also a woman full of charm and charisma. She not only possessed a beautiful face and body that could bring down a nation, she had the courage and wisdom to crush those who opposed her. Otherwise, how could a fragile beauty like her become GGS Asia Vice Chairman?

Slowly closing my eyes, I chuckled a little. If I could die just like that, I would go in peace.


It started raining. Droplets of water from the drizzle fell on my face, so gentle and nice.

Amazingly, I had actually fallen asleep until a hot blazing kind of pain racking my whole body awoke me from my slumber.


Letting out a deep breath, I suddenly sat up and saw an amazing scene right in front of my eyes.

The rain had stopped and the sun was shining down on my body. Those frightening looking blotches seemed to sizzle and evaporate like water, disappearing into thin air. Instead, it was replaced by an agonizing pain, as if my whole body had been thrust into an oven. Such a painful burning sensation was indeed too much for anyone to endure!

I held my fist tight as I saw my black spots disappearing under the sun. There was only one word that could illustrate my feelings right now, a ‘Masochist’.

Not even ten minutes afterwards, the livor mortis had completely disappeared. My skin regained its previous tone and lustre. It was white and spotless, like it was brand new. Those painful sensations had also gone completely, just like a weird disease that had been cured by sunlight.

“Pata pata …”

Rushed steps were heard outside. Du Shi San had returned.

I stood up and came down from the rooftop, bumping right into Du Shi San. He held a small piece of paper in his hands, his face brimming with happiness and smiles, “Lu Chen, the result is out!”

“What’s the situation?” I snatched the paper away from his hands, but realized that everything was in English. I didn’t understand anything at all.

Shi San breathed heavily and replied, “Methamphetamine, your blood was contaminated with a rare type of Methamphetamine poison. It could also be called a virus. The Research team has analyzed the result. This kind of virus has never been seen before but it’s effects were unimaginable. It actually had the ability to revive any cells that was already dead!”

“What?!” I was stunned beyond belief.

Du Shi San nodded, “This was the reason livor mortis appeared on your body. The virus was so strong that it was regenerating your cells faster than the rate of of your cells dying. However, too fast a pace is also not good, because it increases your body’s metabolism. However, my dad and his team have already resolved this problematic property of the virus in this short amount of time. I already know a way to inhibit the virus’ growth.”

“What way?” I asked.

“UV-rays!” Du Shi San replied confidently, “This kind of UV-rays could be harmful to a normal person’s body, but it would help to restore your normal appearance in your case!”

I nodded and suddenly realized why the sunlight had cured my livor mortis. The reason was that there are UV-rays in sunlight!

Du Shi San walked forward and patted my shoulders, laughing, “Brother, don’t be too worried, your body is fine. Furthermore, <Heaven’s end> game helmet also had a little bit of electromagnetic waves radiation, as long as you are playing the game, your body won’t get any worse. Also, such a virus would have the effect of strengthening your body in the long term!”


I slowly froze, and then laughed, “It’s indeed a good ending from a disaster. Would I be able to fly in the sky like superman?”

“That would be unlikely.” Du Shi San laughed out loud, “How could such a good thing happen in this world? What I meant by strengthening was only an increase in the strength of your bones and muscles. With your current standards, If you can knock down a normal person last time, you could probably knock down half a person right now. I think if a random low-levelled monk appeared, he would be able to beat up seven or eight of you…”

“What the heck…” I was at a loss for words. But the dark cloud hanging over my head had now lifted. According to Shi San’s explanations, this virus would not threaten my life, then it’s all good.

“Oh right.” Shi San gulped down his saliva and continued, “Those researchers did some research on the origin of the virus. From the place of accident and the age of the virus, it was determined that this virus came from corpses that had been contaminated with poison. And the place where you had that accident turned out to be an ancient graveyard!”

“Ancient Graveyard?” I couldn’t help but froze, “What is an Ancient Graveyard?”

“It was the Han Warriors, the graveyard of the Wu Clan from the Warring States Period. It was levelled afterwards, but it was said that when Guan Yu was killed, though his severed head was sent to the Wei Kingdom, his body was buried here.”

(TLN: Guan Yu was said to be the strongest man alive in the history of China)

“Are you serious? Why is the story becoming even more ridiculous now?”

Du Shi San chuckled mischievously, “For all living things under the earth, there is a thing called karma. There is also Fengshui, supernatural beings, Daoist and Confucian ideals. How could we not believe in this? Just be careful, maybe someday you will wake up to find that your body has been possessed by Guan Yu’s soul, who will brandish a slaughtering knife and go around town challenging crime syndicates. That’d be really interesting, haha…”

Looking at Du Shi san who was laughing like a madman, I was at a loss for words. This brat really had no heart in his body, how could he be in the mood to crack a joke at times like this?

At this moment, along with a loud sound, a black racing car pulled to a stop in the street right below. Du Shi San and I saw it by chance.


The car’s door opened, and an ultimate beauty got down from the car. Immediately, Du Shi San and I were shocked.

I was so shocked because this beauty was actually He Yi, while Du Shi San was shocked because this chick was too spectacular. He charged towards He Yi shouting, drooling as he said, “Damn! I saw this super beautiful chick this morning. Tsk, driving a Lamborghini and an ultimate beauty at that. This…I would not marry anyone but her in this life….”

“Stop right there!”

With a slap of my hand, I slapped him back to the sofa, and said in a serious tone, “Shi San, do you know who she is?”


“He Yi, [Ancient Sword Dream]’s guildmaster, my lady boss. I never thought that she would find this place!”

“Ah?” Du Shi San laughed out once again, “Well done, brother. Your taste is really not bad. This He Yi is really too beautiful and rich too. Not one of the ten girlfriends I’ve dated could stand a chance against her, tsk, you are simply too blessed…”

“Are you joking?” I glared and said, “She can’t know that I’m here….”

“Why not?” Shi San asked in confusion.

I pointed to my chest, “You saw it already, my current body is not that of a ghost or a human. If she knew the truth, wouldn’t she blame herself for the rest of the her life?”

“Wu….” Shi San muttered to himself, “Then what do we do?”

“I’ll hide.”

“Then what am I supposed to say?”

I gritted my teeth, “Just say I’ve already been killed.”


Soon afterwards, He Yi knocked on the door. Her clear, sweet voice rang out, “Excuse me, is there anyone in there?”

Du Shi San hurriedly opened the door. Seeing him, He Yi couldn’t help but froze on the spot, “You…Who are you? Isn’t this Lu Chen’s residence?”

“Lu Chen?” Du Shi San furrowed his brows and said, “I’m Lu Chen’s friend. Why are you looking for him?”

He Yi was a little uneasy as she knitted her beautiful brows. Suddenly she shouted in a commanding tone, “Move over!”

Being the GGS Asia Vice Chairman, she carried a domineering authority in her tone. Du Shi San was immediately frozen as he moved over obediently.

He Yi entered the room. I was hiding in the wardrobe, watching what was happening outside from a crack in the door.

Du Shi San chased after her and said, “Don’t bother looking anymore, Lu Chen is already gone.”

He Yi’s delicate shoulders trembled a little. She turned around to face Du Shi San and her expression was doubtful, “Gone? What does gone mean?”

Du Shi San bit down and said, “Three days ago, someone delivered a message to me that said Lu Chen was meeting with a friend in the game. However, an unexpected mishap occurred, and he died in the graves at Nanjiao. His body has already been cremated. Who exactly are you, and why are you searching for him?”

“How…how could that be?”

He Yi’s pair of beautiful eyes was filled with shock. Her whole person seemed to crumble on the ground, knocking unto the table that’s right behind her. A weak “Wu…wu..” sound came out from her as she cried, clear teardrops dropping on her snow white cheeks. She slowly collapsed to the ground, smearing her stunning legs with dirt .


The “Encouraging Studies” on the table fell right into He Yi’s lap. She hazily looked at the book that she had given to me before with her tear-filled eyes, and couldn’t help but cry even louder.

Shi San was dumbfounded. He stood awkwardly by her side, unsure of whether to comfort her or not.

He Yi’s eyes were red, and her normally bright expression was now grieving and heart-broken. She cried and cried, hugging the “Encouraging Studies” tightly, as if this book was her life’s one, true love.

My eyes smarted as well as I watched. I had to keep my face tilted upwards so that the tears wouldn’t fall down, and the sorrow wouldn’t spread.

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