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VW:UUTS Chapter 50 – Extravagance

Chapter 50 – Extravagance
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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I turned around and saw a level 27 warrior calling towards me. He had a burly built, just like a bear that had accidentally wandered off the forest. His name was Lace Skirt Exhibition. This name was even scarier than the person himself.

Lace Skirt Exhibition walked forward and smiled, “Brother, I heard that you were selling a level 3 wolf skin just now? That’s really not easy. The game had just opened for a week and you have already been able to acquire a level 3 wolf skin. Could you perhaps… let me see the goods?”

Obviously, he didn’t quite believe that I had a level 3 wolfskin.

I took out a piece of Hell Wind Wolf Skin with 85 quality and showed it to him. The properties of the wolf skin floated to the air, vividly shown in front of him.

Lace Skirt Exhibition was immediately frozen, “What? You really have it!”


I nodded, then asked, “How many do you need?”

Lace Skirt Exhibition swept his glance around the surrounding people, before saying in a low voice, “I’ll buy everything that you have. Truthfully speaking, brother, I might be the highest-levelled tailor in the whole of Floating Ice City. My tailoring skill is already level 3, I can create a level 25 black-tier leather and metal armor. But I couldn’t manage to create them because I lack the level 3 material, wolfskin. I had asked my friend to kill the high-levelled Greedy Wolf, but he only managed to get 5 pieces after hunting the whole day. That was not enough for even one leather armor!”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Level 25 black-tier leather armor, what a guy. That was already a high-levelled item in this early stage of the game. He could probably sell it for at least 5 gold each. If I allowed him to buy it at a discount, wouldn’t he be making a huge profit then?

Hence, I took out a hundred pieces of level 3 wolfskin from my inventory and smiled, “I still have a lot more. Name a price, how much are you willing to pay for a piece?”

Lace Skirt Exhibition replied with a low voice and said, “Brother, let me explain for a while. I have actually set up a studio made up of 11 people. We didn’t have other goals, we only wanted to become the first studio for tailoring in Floating Ice City. However, we have only set up this studio not too long ago, and all my brothers are not rich at all. As for the price, of course we hope for the lowest!”

I nodded, “Name a price then. How much are you willing to pay for a piece of level 3 wolfskin? As long as the price was not unreasonable, I will sell it to you.”

“Alright! Right now I can only offer — 5 silvers per piece!”

When he named the price, I was immediately frozen. Wasn’t that way behind the price I was expecting?

“5 Silvers is too low.” I frowned. “When I sold it to the Domineering Clan, it was at least 30 silvers a piece. That price is simply too low, sorry!”

“Eh, wait a moment!”

Lace Skirt Exhibition stopped me, his expression a little hesitant. After quite a while, he finally gritted his teeth and said, “Forget it. How about becoming friends? I’ll give you a reliable price. Level 3 leathers, 20 silvers per piece. You can add me as friend and we can keep a long-term business relation with this price!

I took a moment to think. My [Corpse Pillage] would be able to acquire a lot of leather usually, so I would need to have a steady market. It’s not bad to work together with this person.

I quickly add Lace Skirt Exhibition as my friend and took out all 457 pieces of leather from my inventory and said, “I have a total of 457 leather, so total will be 91.4 gold. Since this is our first deal, I’ll give you a discount. You can buy it for a total of 90 gold!”


Lace Skirt Exhibition quickly took out 90 gold for the trade. Seems like this Tailoring Studio’s abilities were not that bad. They had definitely sold many low-levelled leather armour to earn so much money. This line of work seems to earn quite a lot.

In an instant, 90 gold had appeared in my inventory. The amount of gold I had right now had increased to more than a 100 gold already.


Proud of my success, I wandered around the Floating Ice City square for a while and discovered there were two level 30 Beastmasters selling pets. The two of them seemed to fight for customers, their fight was extremely fierce.

Surveying the Floating Ice City, I discovered that there was even more players who had reached level 30 and above. The tenth player of the Player Ranking Board was already a level 32 player, and based on the statistics in the Floating Ice City, there were already more than thousands of players that were level 30 and above. For a level 30 player, one of the targets they must meet was to get a pet. With their pets helping in their fights, they would definitely be more useful than high-quality equipments.

Hence, the market for pets had begun to be more popular!

The two Beastmasters shouted so loudly that their spit splurted out everytime they open their mouth —

“Level 1 Green Praying Mantis, 3.5 stars in attack with BN value of 18. Selling for only 40 gold. High ranking players, please come over and see!”

“Level 1 Wasp, 4.5 stars in attack growth. This is definitely a high-quality item, with BN value of 18 points. It’s only selling for 150 gold, whoever want it can come over and see. I only managed to catch it after searching for the whole day. Whoever wants it must act quickly!”

The two Beastmasters laid different kind of pets in front of them, one of them selling a line of Praying Mantis while the other selling a line of Wasps. They had three Praying Mantis and three Wasps respectively. The three Praying Mantis had a BN value of 12, 15 and 18, while the Wasps had a BN value of 11, 14 and 19 respectively. From the attributes, the Wasps would worth more; but it was more expensive. 150 gold, even I wouldn’t be able to pay for that much.

I shook my head slowly. Forget it, I had actually wanted to get Wasp pet for Ghost Valley to train, but I didn’t have enough money right now. Next time, maybe!

Just as I was about to turn and leave, I suddenly discovered that a biting cold flame had appeared right behind me. That… that was actually a fiery sword that was floating in the air. Furthermore, there was a pair of fire-red eyes on the sword, it was as if… What the hell? Was it a pet?

In that moment, I immediately understood something.

I moved my gaze slowly, and a pair of snow-white legs came into my view. Following closely afterwards was an armor that was sparkling with radiant light, graceful and beautiful. Furthermore, the owner of the pair of legs was an extremely beautiful creature, who was currently looking at me with her pair of deep, mesmerizing eyes filled with ridicule.

In Floating Ice City, there was only one girl with this kind of pet and such a perfect timing. It was none other than Wind Fantasy, Lin Yi Xin.

“Eh? What’s this?”

I lowered my body, stepped onto the longsword that was covered with N number of barbs and asked.

Lin Yi Xin replied in a bad mood, “This is Flame Blade, the screenshot that I sent you. This pet is one of a kind, with 4 stars in attack and 4.5 stars in health. It’s a pet with an extremely high health and BN value of 34 points. Not bad right?”

“Yeah, it’s quite good…”

I nodded. Lin Yi Xin’s Flame Blade was already level 17, hence, I released my precious darling Mysterious Wasp. Immediately, the dark, cyan-green Wasp buzzed and flew out in the air. It even stood guard against the Flame Blade, as if it was prepared to battle any time.

My Mysterious Wasp had only just risen to level 24, so it was still quite weak. It was weak to the point that I couldn’t bear to release it during the PK battle just now. In any case, if the level was too low, it would be killed very easily.

Lin Yi Xin’s gaze immediately locked onto the Mysterious Wasp. Her gaze was full of ‘love’ as she smiled, “Oh, so this is the BOSS-level pet, Mysterious Wasp, that you have caught before?”


I nodded and proudly said, “It is a killing machine with 6 stars in attack and 5.5 stars in agility. Not bad, right?

“Humph!” Lin Yi Xin smiled as she looked at me, then tried to ask ,”This Mysterious Wasp, are you selling it?”


“Why? Wasn’t the Crimson Mercenaries a group that was willing to even sell their own bodies?” Lin Yi Xin opened her fresh, doe eyes wide, looking at me innocently as she said words that almost made me storm out of the door.

“We aren’t selling our bodies…” I tried to explain, “We, the Crimson Mercenaries, work in a healthy environment, we are only selling our bodies, not arts… Uh, I mean, we sell art, not our bodies!”

“Okay, okay. I understand, you don’t have to explain…” Lin Yi Xin covered her mouth as she laughed lightly.

I was helpless. I was simply making the matter worse. However, there was one thing I that I was certain, I would never sell the Mysterious Wasp. Such a high-quality pet would be needed for me to conquer the world in the future. How could I sell it in such an early stage of the game?

Under the ice gate of Floating Ice City, Lin Yi Xin and I stood as we chat idly. She asked whether the Crimson Mercenaries would be willing to join her guild, and I asked her if she wanted to buy gold from me. In the end, both of us rejected each other’s offers. Lin Yi Xin’s nickname, the Fruit Knife Goddess, had already become renowned in the Floating Ice City. Just by standing together with her, I had invited a lot of sharp, piercing glares on me. Standing together with a beautiful girl was indeed a pleasure and torture at the same time.

At this time, a group of people riding horses came over, showing off their battle powers. The person standing at the front was Descent of the Dragon. This person must definitely be someone rich, he was already a bronze-tiered knight and was equipped with elite, high-quality equipments that might even be on par with Lin Yi Xin’s and my equipments. Furthermore, it was obvious that these equipments were all bought with real money.


Lin Yi Xin looked at Descent of the Dragon, her gaze carrying a tinge of disdain. She then turned towards me and smiled, “I heard that you became enemies with Domineering Heaven Blade?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, “They bully others too much. Crimson Mercenaries and the Domineering Clan have become mortal enemies. When you have already set up your guild, remember to help us to get revenge, okay?”

“But I’m not even in a bad relationship with Domineering Heaven Blade…” Lin Yi Xin chuckled. It was obvious that she didn’t have any plans on helping us out.

Forget it, I shouldn’t count on this pretty woman.

Under our watchful eyes, Descent of the Dragon walked towards the Beastmasters and asked, “How much is this Wasp with BN value of 18?”

“150 gold!”

“120 gold and I’ll buy!”


Quickly, Descent of the Dragon took one level 1 Wasp and gave it to Arrogant Mad Dragon. He was indeed a rich person, 120 gold would be more than ten thousands of RMB based on the current exchange rate, yet he simply gave it away.

Closely afterwards, Descent of the Dragon looked at the Beastmaster and laughed, “Do you have any other high-quality pets? Don’t be afraid of me not having money to pay for them, take them all out quickly!”

That Beastmaster hesitated for a few seconds before he said, “I still have… one level 1 Greedy Wolf. 4 stars in attack with BN value of 29. This… is very, very expensive, I have been waiting for someone who would be willing to buy it. Would you want to?”

As he said that, a hexagon appeared in front of him and a fiery red wolf cub appeared very quickly. It was indeed a level 1 Greedy Wolf.

Greedy Wolves were originally a pet that was not in any way inferior to Wasps. This Greedy Wolf’s BN value was even 29 points, its quality was almost as high as Lin Yi Xin’s Flame Blade. One could only imagine the price.

When Descent of the Dragon looked at the level 1 Greedy Wolf, his eyes lighted up immediately. He laughed out loud and said, “In this , why would there be any pet that I can’t buy? This level 1 Greedy Wolf has a BN value of 29 right? Alright, I’ll buy it for RMB100,000. I can transfer it to you straight away. Are you willing to sell it?

The Beastmaster’s mouth gaped open wide and was immediately lured by money. He immediately nodded his head, “Yes, yes! My Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Account number is **********!”

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    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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