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VW:UUTS Chapter 12 – Iron Bear

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Chapter 12 – Iron Bear
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango, Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Thank you sponsors! Enjoy the chapter everyone~

Damn! Is that the Floating Ice City’s first ranker?

My eyes glinted with killing intent.

Visitors always come with bad intentions. Ghost Valley looked at the surroundings, then glared at the place I was hiding and hollered, “Brat, come out now!”

Indeed, the saying “Those with good intentions will not come, but those with bad intents will.” was indeed true. This Ghost Valley had come for me.

There was no reason to retreat. Following a “sha sha” sound, I came out from the bushes and glared coldly at Ghost Valley. I laughed rather sinisterly, “Brother, what do you want?”

“Cheh! Who’s your brother?”

Ghost Valley stared at me coldly, looking extremely arrogant as he said dismissively, “Tsk tsk… A level 14 dared to train in this place, aren’t you too ambitious?”

I waved my hands and laughed, “So so, I guess.”

“Are you Floating Ice City’s third?” Ghost Valley coldly asked.

I followed through quickly, “You are the one who said that. But I wouldn’t be satisfied with just third.”

“Aren’t you an arrogant one!”

Ghost Valley raised his long spear and shouted at me, “This Frozen Mound is only large enough for one Undead Player. Come, let’s duel, the loser shall be kicked away from this Frozen Mound!”

I shook my head and said, “Time is precious. I don’t have time to waste for PK.”

“What did you say?”

Ghost Valley was furious beyond belief as he shouted, “Is this the attitude that a strong person should have? Looks like you, brat, are only a noob who don’t have the courage to fight a single battle!”

I raised my brows immediately and coldly replied, “Oh really? Then let’s give it a go, I’ll finish you in a minute!”

“Haha, don’t be too boastful now!”

Ghost Valley laughed out loud, brandished his spear and charged forward. A red glow enveloped his spear as he executed the Magic Knight’s first skill – [Flaming Thrust]!

“Sha sha…”

Grass flew in the air as I suddenly shifted my feet to another position. My body turned a whole circle like a swing, avoiding Ghost Valley’s [Flaming Thrust] attack. A beautiful “MISS” sign appeared, making him froze in astonishment!

“Damn…” Ghost Valley opened his mouth wide, “Avoiding with footwork? How…How could this be?”

I didn’t speak at all, my Green Forest Blade glowed with a green light as it went down fast like lightning –

“[Death Blade]!”

With a “peng”, Ghost Valley was pushed back a few steps, blood dripping from his body.


Indeed, the Magic Knight profession really lived up to its name by having the most defense and health. Otherwise, I could probably kill him with one attack.

“I don’t believe I couldn’t defeat you!”

Ghost Valley turned out to be an extremely stubborn person as he dashed to attack me again. This time, he adopted the strategy of attacking me from the side. His long spear split the wind as it flew towards me, it was extremely hard to avoid!

Since the opponent was using a normal attack that did not require a cooldown time, I couldn’t avoid that attack at all, having the disadvantage of a 0.7 seconds delay. I could only grit my teeth as I received his attack.

Of course, I’m not someone who would keep quiet when beaten. In the moment that Ghost Valley had executed his attack, I had also charged forward with my blade towards him. I’m going to give it my all!



The two of us exchanged our blades, but it was Ghost Valley’s loss. His defense was so much more inferior to mine. His armor looked like a white-tiered equipment that has no added attribute. It should have a defense of around 7 points.

“Eh…” Ghost Valley sucked in a sharp breath as he saw that there wasn’t even 10 points left in his health. He looked at me disbelievingly, “This…How could this have happened?”

I laughed coldly, and inflicted my last attack.

“You can still stay at Frozen Mound. This is a big training ground, it should be enough for two people to train in. But you must not disturb me by all means, otherwise, I will kill you straight away every time I see you!”

I moved my Green Forest Blade and swept it past Ghost Valley’s neck. His eyes opened wide with shock as he slowly fell to the ground, his soul released from his body.

He dropped two small health potions. I picked them up and looked at Ghost Valley’s corpse. My heart felt calm despite having killed another. Everyone should take responsibility of their own actions. This was a lesson for Ghost Valley’s arrogance.


Continuing to level, I killed four more Green Skeleton before finally getting the 20th Skeleton Finger. I could finish my quest now!

I was about to happily go back to Frozen Mound when Ghost Valley’s corpse suddenly stood back up. His soul had returned and he revived. However, his level went down to level 17.

Coldly looking at me, Ghost Valley showed a dissatisfied expression as he said, “Next time. I will win our next duel!”

I nodded and laughed, “I’ll welcome a duel with you anytime. Oh right, I’m staying at the left side of District 1, b1 tomb in the graveyard outside Frozen Mound. You are welcome to visit if you have time!”

Ghost Valley froze, “I lived at b2…”

Oh, so we were neighbours.

I couldn’t help but laughed out, “We should keep in touch more in the future!”


Ghost Valley nodded, and I could see now that although he may be proud and aloof, it was not to an unreasonable degree. In fact, he could even be considered a talent. At the very least, since the opening of the server, he had been training and levelling non-stop. This person’s endurance and courage could be considered to be amongst the Floating Ice City’s top three!

Actually, there would be a group of people who trained a crazy amount of time in every game. After mixing within the Virtual Reality community for so many years, I was not surprised to see such a crazy player any more.

Going back to Frozen Mound, I looked for the Sentinel Skeleton Leader Falk and handed 20 Skeleton Fingers to him. He immediately received the quest items and patted on my shoulder, laughing out loud, “Hahaha, you are really a blessing for us, Little Skeleton. You have proven your courage and skills once again. Come and receive your reward that belonged rightfully to you!”


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have finished the quest [Green Skeleton]. You received 2200 experience points, +21 Fame and also the Quest Reward: [Green Bone Fan]!


My eyes lighted up as I saw the equipment reward! I hurriedly open my inventory. Indeed, a fan glowing in green was quietly lying in the corner of my inventory. I immediately took it out and the fan’s item properties was displayed right in front of me –

[Green Bone Fan] (Black-tier)
Attack: 15-24
Stamina: +2
Tactics: +1
Required Level : 15


Holding the fan, I was a little speechless. Fans were Tactical Weapons, hence they would usually fare less in their attack power. However, this fan had actually had such a high attack power, even more than my Green Forest Blade. It was such a waste.

Other than adding one point to Stamina, this fan also added 1 point to Tactics. What a powerful weapon!

Having read through the <Heaven’s End>’s website, I knew that Tactics could be used in a party. When a player created a party, the Party Leader would be able to make use of their Tactical Skills, for example – [War Dance], a skill that increases the party’s attack strength by 5%. However, the Party Leader would need their Tactics Attribute to be more than 20 points. Tactical Skills were also known as Commander Skills. When a player’s level was high enough, Tactical Skills would be a deciding factor to determine whether he could be a Commander in a war or a battle. Every strong parties would need a strong Commander as their leader.

Furthermore, amongst <Heaven’s End> professions, a Tactician would be the primary users of Tactical Skills, because Tacticians would have a one point growth in Tactics every time they level up. This was incomparable to other professions. A level 20 Tactician would have 20 Tactics points. Even without any equipment, they would be able to utilise [War Dance], Iron Wall (Increases the party’s defense by 5%) and other Tactical Skills.

Seems like this Green Bone Fan’s worth would only be realised in a Tacticians’ hands!

I immediately threw the Green Bone Fan into my inventory. If I had time later, I should go to Floating Ice City and sell this Green Bone Fan. Only then would I have some money to buy potions.

Then, I looked up at Sentinel Skeleton Leader Falk. This guy seemed to have something else to say, his face looking grim and worried. He patted my shoulders and said in a low voice, “Little Skeleton, I have to tell you a bad news. Just half a day ago, an outstanding scout from Frozen Mound, Sache, was murdered in the Frozen Alley. I have not seen his corpse yet, but I have heard from the rumours that Sache had died from an Iron Bear attack. I hope that you could go to the Frozen Alley and kill that heinous Iron Bear. Remember to bring its head back to me.”


System Announcement: You have received the quest [Iron Bear]! (Quest Level: F+)

Quest Description: Go to Frozen Alley, kill the Iron Bear and bring its head back to the Sentinel Skeleton Leader Falk.


It was another hunting quest that I cheerfully accepted.

Opening the map, I looked for the location of the Frozen Alley and found that it was the road that led to Floating Ice City from the Frozen Mound. The road was quite dangerous as this was one of the focal territory fought over by the Radiance and Darkness Alliance. There would probably be a lot of dispute here in the future.

I spent 1 silver to repair all of my equipments. The cost of repairing three black-tier equipments was really high!

Selling all of my magic stones and tidying up my inventory, I was ready to journey into the Frozen Alley.

After walking for around for ten minutes, a foul stench whiffed up my nose. Oh my, there was a headless Skeleton Soldier’s corpse right in front of me!

I walked forward and discovered that it was a half-rotting Undead soldier, the secret scout Sache. He was indeed an unlucky chap. Not only was his corpse headless, his chest was broken to pieces and he gave out a strong rotting smell. That Iron Bear had actually eaten bones, wouldn’t it suffer from indigestion? Otherwise, it must be living on a special diet.

Standing up, I looked around at the surroundings and immediately absorbed the Secret Scout Sache’s Undead Flame. His weak tinder flame would at least provide me with plenty of Undead Flame.


My eyes turned sharp as I pulled out my sword and quickly charged into the forest. Indeed, a huge bear was roaming just in front of the tree ahead. Although it wasn’t a BOSS, but its level was extremely high – Thorny Iron Bear – Lv.20!

My heart twitched for a moment, then I swiftly cursed at the Frozen Mound’s Sentinel Skeleton Leader, “Falk!”

I looked at my current level – level 15. Picking a fight with a level 20 monster would be a harsh fight. My equipments were all level 10 or below, after all. I couldn’t ride on my early stage advantages anymore.

However, I could only endure this challenge and pray for Heaven’s protection to defeat this Iron Bear!


My figure swept past, suddenly appearing right behind the Iron Bear as I fiercely pierced my sword into its back!


Amazingly, my Green Forest Blade let out sparks of fire and did not manage to cut through the Iron Bear’s body.


A pathetic number floated up in front as if to ridicule me. Alas, the Iron Bear immediately turned around, angry at being attacked, letting out a loud roar as it charged towards me.

I regretted my actions thoroughly. What an idiot! Iron Bear’s defense would naturally be as hard as an iron, why am I still so stupid and tried to attack it from its back? I’m an idiot!

I hurriedly retreated back, but I still couldn’t avoid one of its attack. My health immediately dropped by 107 points.

I waited for the right moment and thrusted my Green Forest Blade out like a poisonous snake, targeting the Iron Bear’s eyes!

“Pu Chi!”

Fresh blood gushed out, I managed to break its defense by a whole margin!


Tsk, attacking an enemy’s weak point was indeed a refreshing feeling.

My feet slipped away skillfully to the right side as I twisted my sharp sword and fiercely pierced them into the Iron Bear’s mouth. Blood gushed out again immediately as I made a critical attack, 157!

Iron Bear’s full health was at the most one thousand, I was doing quite well!

Grabbing a potion and gulping it down, I immediately moved away from the Iron Bear. This monster’s attack power was extremely high. However, it’s attacking speed was not that fast. Technically, I should be able to defeat it with my footwork control.

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